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AN IGNOILE FINALE. Of the part played by ex-President Kruger in South African pcitics it cannot be truth- fully said that nothig became him like the leaving of it." A mre ignoble finale to his bombastic regime in lle Transvaal could not be conceived than theacene in which, in the early hours of, Frida. morning, he secretly slunk on board the Dtch warship Gelderland at Lourenoo Marques. It was nothing but a wholesome regard for 1e preservation of his own skin that prompd the once powerful President of the noweluset South African Republic to flee the coitry whose ruin he had so cunningly brought bout. Popular feeling among the Boers has Iterly been manifesting itself with unpleasant gnificance against the conduct of Oom Pil" in deserting his fellow countrymen i the hour of their greatest need, and mil especially in taking along with him hii ill-gotten gold and State papers. Dutch efugees are swarm- ing at the fcortugui port, and it was rumoured that if they t an opportunity they were likely to exact mmary vengeance on the person of their ventble fraud of a leader. With his accustomed* slimness," however, Kruger has given theime slip, and the only eccentric thing on his -t is the omission to leave his chosen peoplererse from Holy Writ to comfort them in ir desolation. That oversight, however, wijrobably be rectified at the first port of calllence a cable couched in appropriate Scripal terms may be despatched to salve t wounded feelings of the disinherited Boers, he exit of the mighty Kruger from the stage ugh politics in South Africa, where he has sited and fretted more than his legitimate pel, lacks almost every element of romance, arobs him of the last remaining vestige of sthy even among his own people. There would have beomething appealing to the dramatic instincomething approach- ing a touch of honoua conduct, had the deposed president remd in his capital and tendered a formal surier to the victorious Lord Roberts. Such a se would, moreover, have saved further useleoodshed by stopping the aggravating guerillarfare which is now harassing both the Botnd our own gallant soldiers. Instead of pig this manly part, however, Kruger deserhis wife, fled pre- cipitately on the approaf the British, made a show of governing thantry from a rail- way carriage, and ultim: consulted his own safety by a selfish, cowr and ignominious retreat to the c with all his movable wealth and secret embarka- tion on board a Dutohip for Europe. Oom Paul's escape t<Continent relieves the British Governmentle expense of pro- viding him with an asylor his remaining years of life, although s exasperating in the extreme to be deprits seems probable, of the chance of administ some appropriate chastisement to the sidous plotter and plunderer, who has wr. such sad havoc with the development olsouthern portion of the African Continentt for his malevo- lent intervention the » of South Africa would be peaceful and serous to-day, the Dutch and the Uitlanders living in amity, the native races enjoying freedom and protection, and the enormous natural resources of the country exploited for the benefit of the whole civilised world. In plaae of that happy picture mankind has witnessed a sanguinary encounter between the two chief white races inhabiting that portion of the globe, entailing endless suffering and misery upon thousands of families on both sides and the arrest of all industrial and commercial progress. And all because a stubborn, cunning, and overweeningly ambitious Dutchman fancied in the fulness of his arrogant pride that he could establish a Dutch Empire in South Africa and sweep the British into the sea! Sympathy in some degree will be extended to the ignorant and misguided Burghers who fought and bled in this lost cause, but none can be experienced for their cruel betrayer who has so cleverly eluded the pursuit of a just vengeance. Interest in his subsequent wanderings on the face of the earth will dwindle rapidly, but the French people will 4be singularly ill-advised if they offer him their hospitality as is rumoured on his impending landing at Marseilles. The French have already suffered by the English boycott of their Exhibition, and if they desire to see their resorts and their wares further tabooed they have only to extend the right-hand of fellowship to the arch-enemy of Great Britain in the person of ex-President Kruger. A few madcap Anglophobes may and doubtless will make a fuss over the distinguished traitor, but that the French as a nation will thus deliber- ately insult us we do not for a moment apprehend. The more rational section of the French public will, we believe, perceive the folly of this latest form of twisting the lion's tail, by which they have nothing what- ever to gain and everything to lose. The voice of sober reason and commonsense has already been raised across the Channel against any demonstration of admiration or affection for the man who has wrecked his country in a fatuous combat with an irresistible Power, and we hope any reception that may be accorded to the blippery fugitive will be confined to the irresponsible section of the French public, and will in no way be countenanced in any official or representative quarter.




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