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FASHIONABLE ENTERTAINMENT Øf CHESTER. n iDi- li. unique entertainment will be g1*' Chester Music Hall, this (Wednesday) aftjp and evening, on behalf of Lady Lansdo* Fund for the Officers' Branch of the Sol< and Sailors' Families' Association. The will be under the patronage of members 0* leading families in Cheshire and North and, thanks in a great manner to the orgaQl powers of Miss G. Leche, who is dischargi° £ duties of honorary secretary, it promises to' a decisive success. An idea of the which the entertainment has aroused gathered from the fact that the Hall has booked for the afternoon performance, and t is not a single reserve ticket to be had. Many residents in the city and district Jf. will naturally desire to assist such an cause, will be glad to know that seats jja be booked for the evening performance, time should be lost in securing these. *°ang0' convenience of residents in the country ments have been made whereby special J will be run to Whitchurch, Ruabon, and J* ferd late in the evening. Judging, bo!' II o0 from the demand upon the accommodate up some of the hotels, many people have their minds to stay in Chester for the The chief attraction of the performance^ from its patriotic object, which will "ftPP° y ai everybody, lies in the distinguished artists who have kindly given their ol The first part of the programme will c°D tableaux and scenes, in which over thirty and gentlemen will take part. The have been arranged by Mrs. Langford- Mrs. Egerton Leigh, Mrs. Cotton-Jodre 'op^» Mrs. Hornby Lewis. The second part W1^I1 with a concert, the quality of which ygjd* gauged from the fact that Countess Gleichen and Mr. Hedmondt will principal vocalists, while the instrialuoilts lot will be the Misses Marianne and Clara' (harp and violin), and Mdle. 8 II (piano). eJ18; This will be followed by a great IVelolL or a scene historic, after the picture by jjoO* Sidney, in which' Lady Mostyn and Mrs. Brodrick will figure, and a v b** which the Marchioness of Cholmonde J been at much trouble in arrangiQo Will?' dramatis persona in the several scene elude Lord Mostyn, Lord Kenyon, Sir Williams Wynn,Mrs.jAssheton Smith,ot the Marchioness of Cholmondeley, Lady Qt*Y Cholmondeley, Lady Kathleen Cole, Egerton, Lady Magdalen Williams pre^i the Hon. Alice Douglas Pennant, tn twin sons of Sir Philip Grey Egef » many others. Mrs. Cotton-Jodrell of the stage managers, and both heru* will also take part in the scenes. will be under the direction of Dr. J • and Mr. J. T. Hughes. No one, vrbo thoo these brief details will be surprised t is such a keen demand for seats