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CHESTER DAIRY SHOW. 0 GRAND DISPLAY OF CHEESE AND BUTTER. COMPLETE PRIZE LIST. Considerable alarm was occasioned last week by the announcement in the" Courant" that the products of the Cheshire dairies had failed to capture a single prize at the London Dairy Show, and until it was known that the successful exhibitors owed their success to the fact that they were either of Cheshire descent or had married Cheshire lasses, fears were expressed to the effect that the hands of Cheshire dairymaids were losing their cunning. Whatever appre- hensions might have existed on that ground, however, must have been finally set at rest by the splendid display of cheese at the 19th annual show of the Cheshire Dairy Farmers' Associa- tion which opened in the Chester Market Hall yesterday (Tuesday). Owing to the circum- stance that the Association have increased the number of cheese to be shewn in each class, there was quite a record display of cheese. Altogether nearly 2,000 cheese were exhibited, being about 120 more than those shewn last year, but there was a slight falling off in the actual number of entries; and this applied to butter as well as to cheese. The judges had considerable difficulty in arriving at a decision with regard to the class for twelve Cheshire cheese. There was little to choose between three lots, and finally they gave the premier prize to Mr. T. Shaw, of Hatton Heath, whose exhibits were in better condition than those of Mr. Robert Bourne, of Bickerton, and Mr. Joseph Jones, of Dodleston. Generally speaking, the quality of the cheese in the show was high, but the judges considered that there was a good deal of cheese not fit to be sent to an exhibition of this standing. The judges were agreeably surprised to find that the exhibitors in the medium classes had been so successful in the colouring of the cheese. Perhaps the colouring in these classes was better than that in the superior classes, and this is a very satisfactory feature. In criticising the show. it should not be forgotten that the warm weather of September must necessarily have affected the flavour of some of the riper and softer cheese. Mr. R. Davies, of Edge, took first prize in the class for the best eight cheese, and Mr. Dutton, of Hargrave, distinguished himself in the class for six cheese. Mr. W. Garner, of Tattenhall, was deservedly awarded the first prize for four cheese, while Mr. F. D. Pickering, of Handley, most pleased the judges in the class for coloured cheese. It was worthy of note that the uncoloured cheese did not as a whole reach that pitch of whiteness required in Manchester, which is the best dis- trict for white cheese in England. Mr. Joseph Jones, of Dodleston, was placed first here. In the class for farmers who have not won a first or second prize at any show since January, 1894, Mr. T. Shaw, of Hatton Heath, carried off another first, and the judges finally paid him the compliment of awarding him the gold medal for the best lot of Cheshire Cheese in the show. Mr. Shaw is a tenant of the Duke of Westminster, and impartial experts agreed that his cheese in point of quality and flavour would be difficult to beat. In the class for long keep- ing cheese the honours fell to Mr. R. Dutton, Old Marton, Ellesmere. It has often been said-whether justly or unjustly we will not stop to enquire-that Cheshire dairy farmers cannot produce good butter, and in this connection it may be interest- ing to quote the remark of a connoisseur in reply to a query from our repre- sentative as to the quality of the butter If," he said, they all made butter like that shewn to-day we should not want any other." And this opinion it should be said was not confined to one, but was generally expressed. It was satisfactory to find the cottagers class standing out very prominently. One well-known farmer con- sidered, in fact, that the butter in this class was finer than that in any other class, including the class for butter made solely from milk drawn from Channel Island cows. A useful department of the show was the competi- tion for collections of farm produce. There were but three exhibits, ancLthe one for which Mrs. S. Evans, Tattenhall, was responsible was considered to be as near perfection as poss- ible. It was a matter for regret that Mrs. Ducker, of Upton last year's winner- was the only exhibitor of orna- mental butter, and the Association trust that the prizes in this class will elicit some compe- tition next year. The two classes for honey filled well. The secretarial duties were ably discharged by Mr. Robert Challinor, assisted by Mr. L. W. Challinor, and the judges were:— Cheese: Messrs. Jos. Weaver, Liverpool; W. Gunstone, Sheffield; C. Griffiths, Northwich; H. J. Fish, Whitchurch; A. W. Lane, Liverpool; Holt, Rochdale. Honey The Rev. T. J. Evans, Tarvin. Dairy stalls: Mrs. R. Fear nail, Aldford; Mrs. J. Beecroft, Duckington Grange. Butter: Messrs. J. Lightfoot and C. Coppack, Chester. The stewards were:—Cheese: Messrs. T, Brereton, Farndon; J. Jones, Dodleston; R. Fearnall. Aldford; J. Blake, Calveley Hall; C. Willis, lbunbury Heath; N. Turner, Blaken- hall; Rowe Morris, Lache Farm; and H. Densos, Poulton. Butter, dairy produce and Honey: Messrs. Joseph Beecroft, Duckington Grange; E. Langley, Bickley; and B. Dutton, Nantwich. Appended is the PRIZE LIST. CHEESE. Twelve Cheshire cheese, irrespective of weight; made, owned, and exhibited by any farmer resident within the association's district, whose occupation exceeds one hundred and fifty acres. First prize, X14; seoond, £ 10; third, JM fourth, X4; fifth, X2; sixth, JE1: 1, T. Shaw, Hatton Heath; 2, Robt. Bourne, Bickerton, Malpas; 3, Jos. Jones, New Farm, Dodleston; 4, N. Dale, Brassey Green, Tarporley; 5, W. Dutton, Brindley Hall, Nantwich: 6, J. Jackson, Chowley, Handley; r, T. H. Simcock, Moat Farm, Alprabam. Very highly commended T. Blake, junr., Cloy Farm, Bangor-on-Dee; J. Bate, Iddenshall Hall, Tarporley; J. Hulme, Kenwick Lodge, Ellesmere, Salop and R. Dutton, Old Marton, Ellesmere, Salop. Highly commended D. Richards, Belgrave, Pnlford W. B. Sadler, The Lodge Farm, Holt; G. H. Willis, Stoke, Stanney S. Winward, Broughton, Malpas Jos. Houlbrook, Peckforton Hall, Tarporley; A. Fearnall, Ecoleston; and R. Fearnall, Aldford. Commended: P. Dutton, Hoofield, Huxley; R. Cooper, Ridley Hill, Tarporley; Luke Jackson, Broughton Lodge, Malpas W. Evans, Gatesheath Farm, Tattenhall; Richard Bourne, Broxton, Malpas; W. Parker, Rodens Hall, Wrexham; H. Denson, Poulton, Wrexham; and G. Lea, Oscroft, Tarvin. Eight Cheshire cheese, irrespective of weight; made, owned, and exhibited by any farmer resident within the association's district, whose occupation is above one hundred acres, but does not exceed one hundred and fifty acres. First prize, Xio; second, R7; third, £4 j fourth, E3; fifth, X2; sixth, £1: 1, R. Davies, Round House, Edge, Malpas 2, W. Lee, Woodlake Farm, Tattenhall; 3, H. E. Cooper, Bickley, Malpas; 4, J. Feather- I son, Horton, Malpas 5. T. G. Lee, Dragon Farm, Handlev: 6. W. H. Astles. Darnhall. Winaford • r, Aldersey, Handley, Very highly commended: Griffith Williams, Park Eyton, Wrexham; Jos. Hough, Shocklach, Malpas; R. Booth, Fields Farm, Crewe. Highly commended R. Peacock, Hargrave; J. Gregory, Waverton; H. S. Walley, Bickerton Hall, Malpas. Com- mended W. H. Hobson, Wood Farm, Malpas. Six cheese, irrespective of weight; made, owned, and exhibited by any farmer resident within the association's district, whose occupation does not exceed one hundred and not less than fifty acres. First prize, X6; second, R4; third X2; fourth, JE1: 1, J. Dutton, Brereton Park, Hargrave; 2, S. Faulkner, Wrenbury, Frith; 3, Geo. Johnson, Horton Green, Malpas; 4, P. Mottershead, Cod- ding ton, Aldersey; r, J. Jackson, The Elms, Tallarn Green, Malpas. Very highly commended S. Evans, Woodhouse Farm, Tattenhall, and John Williams, Hollin Green, Sound, Nantwich. Highly commended: T. Greenway, Burton, Tarporley; Jos. Williams, Little Heath Farm, Andlem O. W. Johnson, Hatherton, Nantwich. Commended: T. Dale, Lower Farm, Huxley; W. H. Jackson, Clotton, Tarporley; J. T. Jones, Brook Farm, Worthenbury J. Rigby, Ebnal Farm, Malpas. Four Cheese, irrespective of weight, made, owned, and exhibited by any farmer resident within the association's district, whose occupation does not exceed fifty acres. First prize, X4; second, £2; third, 91 1, W. Garner, Tattenhall-lanes, Tattenhall; 2, J. Parry, Oscroft, Tarvin; 3, S. Edwards, Norbury, Whitchurch; r, W. Jones, Poulton, Pulford. Very highly commended: J. Briscall, Aston Jurta Mondrum, Worleston, and J. E. Rathbone, Worthenbury. Highly oommended: E. Arden, Kinnerton. Four coloured cheese of any make, not less than 401b. each; made, owned, and exhibited by any farmer resident within the United Kingdom. First prize, £ 10; second, £ 6 third, £ 4; fourth, £ 3; fifth, £ 2; sixth, £ 1: 1, F. D. Pickering, Pigeon House, Handley, Chester; 2, R. Davies, Round House, Edge, Malpas; 3, Joseph Jones, Now Farm, Dodleston 4, Joseph Hough, Shooklach, Malpas; 5, Mrs. Walley, Frankton, Oswestry; 6, R. Dutton, Old Marton, Ellesmere, Salop; r, B. Dutton, Baddiley, Nantwich. Very highly commended George Dutton, Peckforton, Tarporley; J. Allwood, Churton; N. Dale, Brassey Green, Tarporley; Joseph Noden, The Woodside, Wetten- hall; and W. Jones, Poulton, Pulford. Highly commended: Mrs. J. Lloyd, Doddleston; R. Fearnall, Aldford Richard Bourne, Broxton, Malpas; J. Williams, Hollin Green, Nantwich; J. Lea, Oscroft, Tarvin; and S. B. Dncker, Upton. Commended W. HoulbrodEe, Brooklands, Wetten- hall; Joseph Houlbrooke, Peckforton Hill, Tarporley; T. Shaw, Hatton Heath; li. S. Walley, Bickerton Hall. Malpas C. E. Parton, Haughton, Spurstow, Tarporley and S. Lea, Kinsall Farm, Oswestry. Four uncoloured cheese of any make. not less than 401ba. each; made, owned, and exhibited by any farmer resident within the United Kingdom, First prize, 110; second, £ o; third, L4; fourth. £ 3; fifth, L2; sixth, £1: I, Jos. Jones, Dodles- ton; 2, T. G. Lee, Dragon Farm, Handley; 3, T. Charlesworth, Baddington, Nantwich; 4, Mrs. Peacock, Huxley Hall, Hargrave; 5, G. H. Willis, Stoke, Stanney; 6, J. Jackson, Chowley Oak Farm, Handley r, T. Lea, Oak Bank Jfarm, Tattenhall. Very highly commended: Thos. Blake, Cloy Farm, Bangor-on-Dee; R. Fearnall, Aldford; H. Denson, Poulton, Pulford; W. lit Edwards, The Trench, Ellesmere, Salop. Highly commended: Jos. Hough, Shocklach, Malpas; it. Peaobck, Hargrave P. Dutton, Hoofield, Huxley G. Lea, Oscroft, Tarvin. Commended: J. Williams, Hollin Green, Sound, Nantwich; Mrs. Walley, Frankton, Oswestry; A. Lea, Hankelow, Nantwich; C. F. Hobson, Standon, Eccleshall, Staff. Four Cheshire cheese, coloured or uneoloured, not less than 251b. each, made,' owned, and exhibited by any farmer residing within the associ- ation's district who has never won a first or second prize since January, 1894; first prize X9, second jE4, third JE3, fourth 22, fifth jel: 1, T. Shaw, Hatton Heath; 2, R. Fearnall, Aldford 3, George Dutton, Peckforton, Tarporley; 5, E. Lewis, Churton, Chester. Reserve T. Lea, Oak Bank Farm, Tattenhall. Very highly commended: C. Featherston, Stretton Hall, Malpas; A. Prince, Huxley; J. H. Lee, Pentrecoed, Ellesmere; R. D. Allwood, Dodleston; F. Benson, Aldersey, Handley. Highly oommended J. Minshull, jun., Mollington, Chester; D. Richards, Belgrave, Pul- ford, Wrexham; J. F. Jones, Brook Farm, Worthenbury, Wrexham. Commended F. Lindop, Kinnerton; S. Winward, Broughton, Malpas; J. Allwood, Saighton. Long-keeping class, exhibits to comprise three cheese made prior to June 16th, 1900; first prize X10 10a. (given by Sir Philip H. B. Grey Egerton, Bart.), seoond JE5 5s. (given by George Barbour, Esq., J.P.), third 92 2a. (given by the Cheshire Dairy Farmers' Assoeiation): 1, R. Dutton, Old Marton, Ellesmere, Salop; 2, B. Dutton, Baddiley, Nantwich 3, Robert Davies, Round House, Edge, Malpas; r, R. Dodd, Eaton, Tarporley; vho, Jos. Siddorn, Broxton; h o, H. S. Walley, Bickerton, Malpas, and Messrs. Siddorn Bros., Ox Heys, Tar- porley; c, F. D. Pickering, Pigeon House, Hanaley, and Griffith Williams, Park Eyton, Wrexham. BUTTER. Six half-pounds of fresh butter, slightly salted first prize X3, second 92, third XI, fourth 10s.: 1, T. Henshall, Swanley, Nantwich 2, Mrs. R. John- son, Street Farm, Kelsall; 3, Mrs. T. Roberts, Dodleston; 4, Mrs. W. Shaw, Crewe Hall, Farn- don; r, W. Clarke, Aldford; v h c, W. Lee, Greaves Farm, Oldcastle, Malpas h c, S. Wind- ward, Stamford Heath, and G. H. Willis, Stoke, Stanney; c, Mrs. Jos. Platt, Tilstone, Tarporley, and Mrs. T. Jaokson, Bank Farm,-Isycood Malpas. Six half-pounds of fresh butter without salt. First prize, R3; second, X2; third, ZI; fourth,- 10s.: 1, Miss Jackson, Southley, Tarporley; 2, P. Reede, Swanley, Nantwich; 3, Mrs. R. Johnson, Street Farm, Kelsall; 4, S. Winward, Stamford Heath r, Mrs. W. Shaw, Crewe Hall, Farndon; v h c, Mrs. R. Parker, Pulford, Wrexham; h c, M. L. Sadler, The Lodge Farm, Holt, and Mrs. Jack- son, Bank Farm, Isycoed; c, G. H. Willis, Stoke, Stanney. Two pounds of butter made up in pats of 2ozs. each by a farmer's wife or daughter. First prize, 92 second, 11 third, 10s. 1, Mrs. France, Bun- bury; 2, W. Clarke, Aldford 3, Mrs. Jos. Hough, Calveley, Tarporley; r, P. Reade, Swanley, Nant- wich v h c, Mrs. James Okell, Park Farm, Great Barrow; h c, Mrs. P. Jackson, The Schools, Worleston; c, Mrs. G. Robinson, Baddily, Nant- wich. COTTAGERS' CLASS. Two pounds of butter, made up in half pounds, and exhibited by any cottage tenant whose annual rent does not exceed X20, res,dent within the Association's district, and not keeping more than two cows in milk. First prize, E2; second, £ 110s.; third, CI; fourth, 10il.: 1, Mrs. Jos. Stokes, Tilstone Heath; 2, T. Henahall, Swanley, Nant- wich; 3, Jos. Vernon, Stapleford, Tarvin; 4, Mrs. Thomas, Pulford; r, Mrs. Barnes, Alpraham; v h c, Mrs. Huxley, Hatton Heath h c, Joseph Knight, Gorstell, Chester; o, W. Woodcock, Hollowmore Heath. Two pounds of butter, slightly salted, made up in half pounds, and made from milk drawn exclu- sively from Channel Island cows. Firs; prize, R2; second, Xl; third, 10s.; 1, Mrs. E. France, Bun- bury 2, Mrs. Joe. Stokes, Tilstone H5ath; 3, Mrs T. Jackson, the Schools, Worleston; v h c, Mrs. James Okell. Park FaJm, Great Barrow; c, Mrs. F. Forster, Utkinton. Three pounds of butter, made up in the most ornamental style for table. First prize, £4: 1, S. B. Ducker, Grange Farm, Upton, Chester. FARM PRODUCE. Best collection of dairy and farmyard produce bred, fed, and grown on the premises of the exhibitor, consisting of not less than six varieties of produce. First prize, JE4; second, R3; third, JE2; fourth, Xi 1, Mrs. S. Evans, Wood House Farm, Tattenhall; 2. T. Salmon, Waverton 3, M. L. Sadler, the Lodge Farm, Holt. HONEY. Comb (honey, gathered during 1900. First prize, £ 1; second, 10s.; third, 5s.: 1, E. Maxwell, 13, Claremont-road, Liverpool; 2, Owen Dutton, Wimbolds Trafford; 3, Jos. Dean, The Acres, Upton h c, the Rev. E. Charley, Ince Vicarage; c, F. J. Dutton, Huxley, Chester. Run honey, gathered during 1900 by the exhibi- tor's own bees. First prize, 91 second, 10s. third, 5a.: 1. O. Roberta, Willington Lodge, Tar- porley 2, Mrs. R. Parker, Pulford, Wrexham; 3, F. Hewitt. Holmeston Hall, Tarporley; h c, E. Maxwell, 13, Claremont-road, Liverpool. Maxwell, 13, Claremont-road, Liverpool.




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