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0 Don't sen(Ilo more than more than 50/ 5s. to stut 501 W HY with, $ x 0 mgm A you can -axamine and ward his W orld- test all articles renowned be for t=!Olurttu, Success: be certain of their Yalue. The Bng11ab lAve., £8. 1.0.. Od. Meunfac- ture, and for SeveR years are satisfied with the If 0 y you then complete the watch, purcha-se in nine more monthly payments of 5s. If not, return the watch, and your deposit will be instantly refunded. No "buying a pig in a poke." You are completely satisned or you do not part with a co er. nd for our llllustrat Cats- e 2 S logue of all the Latest Designs. Free and Paid. WANTED.-Young Meu to intro- I I X HfflroS terms and particnlars. A 6 J. a GRAVES, Dept. 235 Division Street, SHEFFIELD. O gS)OOOOCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO# ■ ■ U)IM| The Physician's Cure B BKiL^Br^i BKji@Lii RM for Gout, Rheumatic w 0 fi H 1^ H » k £ I WesLWwm Aw kI llz^^l Gout and Gravel; the P* ^|pi Bk^B Jf? safest and most gentle Medicine for Infants, The Universal Remedy for Acidity of the Stomach, Children, Delicate Fe- Headache, Heartburn, Indigestion, Sour Eructations, males, and the Sick- Bilious Affections. ne" of Preau=oy. F7 DINNEFORDS: AGNESIA Sold Throughout the World. N.B.-ASK FOR DINNEFORD'S MAGNESIA. GOLD MEDALS, 1884-86. Used in the Royal Nurseries. THE BEST FOOD FOR INFANTS. SAVORY & MOORE, LONDON. In Tins, Is., 2s., 6s. and 10s. each. Obtainable everywhere. WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. FOB ALL Bilious and Nervous Disorders, SICK HEADACHE, CONSTIPATION, WIND & PAINS iN STOMACH, IMPAIRED DIGESTION, DISORDERED LIVER, & FEMALE AILMENTS. ANNUAL SALE SIX MILLION BOXES. In Boxes, ls. lid. and 2a. 9d. each, with full directions. The Is. lid. box contains 56 pills. PREPARED ONLY BY THE PROPRIETOR THOS. BEECHAM, St. Helens, Lane. please your dainty eye."— imrwma EXQUISITE MODELS. PKBFBCT FIT. GUARAKTEED WEAR. t'1 No shape but this can THE Y & N DIAGONAL SEAM CORSETS Will not split in the seams nor Made in White, Black, and all the Fashionable Colours and Shades, in Italian Cloth, Satin, and Contil; 4s. lid., &s. lid., 6s. lld^ 7s- lid. per pair, and "Admirably modelled, ex- quisitely neat and strong."— THREE GOLD MEDALS. Sold by the principal Drapers and Ladies' Outfitters. t SAVE HALF YOUR GAS BILLS BY IISINfi < GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. DOUBLE THE LIGHT CAN BB OBTAINED BY THESE BURNERS, WITH HALF THE QUANTITY OF GAS USED IN THE OLD STYLE OF BURNER. PRICE COMPLETE FROM 28. 6D. CAN BE ADAPTED TO ALL POSITIONS. nt Tfc!?l.LiBta o?n))e obtained, and a large selection &SrSS £ i2S& £ ? Bsfl8Cto" — *"• Show Rooms and Offices, CHESTER UNITED GAS COMPANY, CUPPIN STREET. BORWICK'S PURE and free PURE POWDER from Alum. The Best BAKINC POWDER In the World. DR. MACKENZIE'S I ARSENICAL SOAP for a pearly skin and brilliant Complexion. Chemists sell it. 6d. and 1/- tablets. NOTHING ELSE LIKE IT. Sample box with Hints for the Complexion," for P. O. a/6 from S. Harvey, Ld.,London Bdge.S.B DR. MACKENZIE'S ARSENICAL SOAP 1++++++++++++++ ♦ Our Best A f Advertisement f You may not know that 2,463,477 ▼ people are to-day engaged in «$► 4$» advertising our tea. They are A the customers of last week. The T T publicity given to our tea by the recommendation of ladies, ▼ V who are won by its aroma and + 4>| flavour, is more valuable to us + KH than any special advertising we pay for. But we are pleased JT to pay for this publicity, too, T by supplying each lady with to pay for this publicity, too, T V by supplying each lady with < much better tea at the price she pays than she can obtain else- A where-tea that invigorates, nourishes and cheers everyone who drinks it. If you will send < £ ■ <|» to our Agent near you for a A packet of Brooke, Bond's," A T we believe we shall be able to J ▼ count upon you, also, as an V addition to the force of gratified «§» «$► customers forming our best « £ » <A advertisement. Each packet is 7 full weight without the paper, v* 2 and the Nimble Ninepence buys v ▼ Half-a-pound. «|> 30,000Agents sell it at 1/6 per Ib. ♦ ——— 4" Brooke, Bond's Tea



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