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Auction Utarp. Sales by MESSRS. CHURTON. ELPHICK, ROBERTS A RICHARDSON. Dec. 20—At the Arcade Buildings, Brook-street— Furniture, China, Plated Goods, Pictures, &c. Jan., 1900—At the Auction Mart, Foregate-street— Household Furniture and Effects By MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS. Dec. 20—At Upton Mill and Hawthorn Villa, Upton Park—Household Furniture and Effects, &c. Dec. 22-At City-road, Chester-New and Second- hand Cycles, Lamps, Tool Bags, &c. Jan. 2, 1900 -At the Smithfield, Chester-Fat and Store Stock Jan. 3—At the Smithfield, Hooton-Fat and Store Stock Jan. 3-At Tattenhall Road Auction Mart-Fat aud Store Stock By MR. JOHN A. L YO Dec. 20—At the Linen Hall, Chester—Cart Horses and Gears By MESSRS. FRANK LLOYD A SONS. Jan. 23, 24 & 25, 1900-At the North Wales Repository, Wrexham—Horses .$altS bp uctiou. ? This Day (Wednesday). Under Distress for Rent.—Re J. B. Blain & Co. Sale of Household Furniture, China, Plated Goods, Oil Paintings, Mail Cart, Perambulator, and other Effects, at the ARCADE BUILDINGS, BROOK-SIKEET, CHESTER. JL/TESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK & CO. •AjlJL have received instructions to SELL BY Al|pi'ION, on WEDNESDAY, Dec. 20, 18*9, com- m&ieing at 11 o'clock a.m. punctually, the above- mentioned useful HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS, including walnut overmantels, dimpg, writing, card and occasional tables, 10 beqrofcm, dining and drawing-room suites, a hand- sopje carved black oak sideboard, with bevelled mi at back; ditto ditto writing table, about 15 Brussels, tapestry, and other carpets, a quantity of hearthrugs, kitchen dressers, sideboards, fetuiers, fireirons, 18 sets of iron and brass French bedsteads, numerous breakfast, tea, and dinner scijrices, toilet ware, 21 ladies' leather satchels, an as^Qjtnieut of sleeve links and jewellery, five fire. prtfeff safes, ranging from 22 to 30 inches, by S. jy^urner, of Dudley," and other miscellaneous N.B.—Catalogues may be obtained from the Auctioneers, Messrs. CHURTON, ELPHICK, ROBERTS, and RICHARDSON, Chester. AT THE AUCTION MART, FOREGATE. STREET, CHESTER. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK & co. will hold their NEXT SALE of Miscellaneous !f ITU EE and EFFECTS, on the 9th and 10th JANUARY, 1900. THIS DAY (WEDNESDAY), Dec. 20th, 1899. Important ale of Carts, Implements, Gears, &c., at UP TUN MILL, CHESTER, and Household Furniture and Effects at "HAWTHORN VJLLA," UPTON PARK, CHESTER. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS ARE favoured with instructions from Mr. E. Dean (who is retiring from business) to SELL BY AUCTION, AT UPTON MILL: Quantity of old iron, sets of diamond and seed harrows, hay rase by Nicholson, swing and wheel ploughs, mowing machine by Bamlett, 6in. wheel eart wIth cratches and thrippers complete, 4in. Beverley wheel cart with thrippers and boards, spring cart (equal to new), hand cart, light running lurry with thrippers and boards, bread van, hand cart, chaffcutter for steam power, two sets of cart gears, two sets of chain gears, side saddle, Avery's platform weighing machine, Ransome's lawn mower, 15 dozen baskets, 300 measures old white oats, 100 measures old yellow oats, and a mis- cellaneous assortment of effects. AT HAWTHORN VILLA: HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS, comprising timepiece and barometer, on moulded irdn stand; three mahogany single chairs, on fluted legs; mahogany carving chair to match, bagatelle board, with bails aud cues oak gent.'s easy chair, upholstered in leather, and lady's easy chair to match; mahogany stand table, two mahogany hall chairs, single chairs, upholstered in b!ue velvet, plush, and crimson rep; mahogany and otiier rocking and occasional chairs, wakrat chiffonnier, with marble top, mirror back, and mirror doors; ebonised and other stand tables, hall stove, mat, bedeide stand, brass and iron bedsteads, linen, blankets, and a large and varied assortment of the usual kitchen and culinary utensils and effects. Sale comtnencing ttt the Mill at Eleven o'clock prompt, and at Hawthorn Villa at Haft-past Eleven. NOTE.—Hawthorn Villa is to Let; apply to Mr. E. Dean, Acres Farm, Upton. Auction Offices: Grosvenor Buildings, Chester. SHORT NOTICE OF SALE. CYCLES. MESSRS. CUNNAH & ROBERTS have re- IvM ceived instructions from Messrs. Connah and Co., Rhyl (who have disposed of the business of their Chester branch), to SELL BY PUbLIO AUCTION, on the premises, CITY ROAD, CHESTER (next door to the Royalty Theatre), on FRIDAY NEXT, the 22nd inst., the whole of the Stock of NEW AND SECOND-HAND CYCLES, of the boat makers, including Humbers," Rudge-Whitworths," Swifts," Premiers," and together with a large assortment of LAMPS, TO'JL BAGS, and other Cycle Accessories. Sale to commence at Two o'clock punctually. On Viaw Thursday, Dec. 21st, from 2 to 4 o'clock. Particulars of the AUCTIONEERS, Grosvenor Buildings, Chester. CHESTER SMITHFIELD. THE NEXT WEEKLY SALE of FAT and STORE CATTLE will be hold at the above Mart on TUESDAY, January 2nd, 1900. CUNNAH & ROBERTS, Auctioneers. HOOTON SMITHFIELD. THE NEXT SALE will take place on WEDNES- DAY, January 3rd, 1900. CUNNAH & ROBERTS, Auctioneers. TATTENHALL ROAD AUCTION MART. THE NEXT SALE will take place on WEDNES- DAY, January 3rd, 1900. CUNNAH & ROBERTS, Auctioneers. THIS DAY (WEDNESDAY), Dec. 20th. SALE of 2 useful CART HORSES and 3 Sets of GEARS, at the LINEN HALL, CHESTER, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. 1571 JOHN A. LYON, Auctioneer. HORSES. 800 HORSES. NORTH WALES REPOSITORY, WREXHAM. OPENING SALES FOR 1900. TJTRANK LLOYD & SONS invite Entries for- JTJ TUESDAY, Jan. 23rd, Hunters and Harness Horses. WEDNESDAY, Jan. 24th, Cobs and Ponies. TftcRSDAY, Jan. 25th, Heavy and Young Horses. Prize Lists ready. Entries close Jan. 13th. -M" Shipping. .n -F' WHITE STAR LINE. » ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS. LIVERPOOL to NEW YORK, via QUEENSTOWN. Wed- Jan*10 I GEBMANIC ..Wed. Jan. 24 TEUTONIC Wed., Jan. 17 | OCEANIC Wed., Feb. 7 Passage at Low Bates, including Outfit Baltimore11"'6 t0 Y°rk' Boston- Philadelphia, or gilperior accommodation at moderate fares for Saloon and Second Saloon; also through bookings to China, New Zeahud, and Australia. Liverpool,and -i t, LeadeTihall-street Lon'don E O ALLA STXTNIS To CANADA AND THP. UNITED STATES. SAILINGS FROM LIVERPOOL. s b CARTHAGINIAN,for St. John's,Halifax, and Philadelphia.Dec 14 *A BUENOS AYBEAN, for Portland (direct).Dec. 16 e'e PA RIS1AN, for Halifax and Portland Dee. 21 o' rftRPAiV for St. John's, Halifax, and B.S. COKi-Als, roro Philadelphia.Dec. 30 S.s. NUMIDIAN, for Portland (direct) Dec. 30 » Cargo only. Saloon Fares from £ 10, 2nd Cabin £ 7, Steerage £ 5. Through Tickets to all points at special rates. CANADA Handbooks, maps, rates, and 'nil par- ticular^ free on application to ALLAN BEOTHEES & 19, James-street, Liverpool; or to S. H AH BIS, Pepper-street. Chester. TFLDEE, DEMPSTER & CO. -■-J (BEAVER LINE.) ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS. LIVERPOOL TO ST. JOHN, N.B. (VIA HALIFAX) 6 8. LAKE SUPERIOR Dec. 23 tA MONTEREY Dec. 30 To be followed at regular intervals by other steamers of the Line. Lpwest Through Rates to TORONTO, HAMILTON.LONDOS, WIHHIPKO, VANCOUVER, VICTOBIA, CHICAGO, BUFFALO, DsttOiT, and the principal townsin Nzw BRUNSWICK, &C. Superior accommodation at lowest rates for First, Second, and Third Class Passengers. Special terms to Families and Parties intending to emigrate. Apply to ELDER, DEMPSTER & CO., African House, Water-street, Liverpool; Canada House, Bristol; or 4, St. Mary Axe, London, E.C. PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS JL OF THE FOLLOWING CLASSES HOUSES TO BE LET, APARTMENTS WANTED, HOUSES WANTED, APARTMENTS TO BE LET, SITUATIONS WANTED, MISCELLANEOUS WANTS, SITUATIONS VACANT, LOST OR FOUND, ARTICLES TO BE SOLD, BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS, are now inserted in The Chester Courant at the following rates Not Exceeding Twenty Words— ONE INSERTION • 1/- Two INSERTIONS 1/6 THREE INSERTIONS 2/- Not Exceeding Thirty-Five Words— ONE INSERTION 1/6 Two. INSERTIONS 2/6 THREE INSERTIONS 3/- o be let. F 1ST OF RESIDENCES", -*— ISSUED MONTHLY, SENT POST FREE ON APPLICATION TO W. & F. BROWN & CO., CABINET MAKERS & UPHOLSTERERS, EASTGATE ROW, CHESTER. HOUSES TO LET. RIMONT & FION, -? UPHOLSTERERS, FURNITURE MANUFACTURERS. LIST SENT ON APPLICATION. SHOW ROOMS: EASTGATE STREET. WAREHOUSE FOR STORING FOREST HOUSE (in separate rooms*. TO LET, No. 12, Gladstone-road, Cambrian- view.—Apply HENBY S. WHALLET, F.S.I., 3, Hunter-street. rflO LET, No. 6, Queen's Park, Chester. Rent JL £ 50 a year.—Apply to HENRY S. WHALLEY, 3, Hunter-street, Chester. -| O NEWGATE-STREET.—TO BE LET, this AO, excellent DWELLING-HOUSE suitable for medical man or for offices.-For particulars apply at No. 20, next door. 1564 o foe Soft. -# I,, #J' 'J oJ '-F L" LANDAU (New), also small BROUGHAM in excellent condition, and smart DOG-CART.— P. POWELL, Coach Builder, Chester. 1&63 THE Swinton Open and Close Fire KITCHEN JL RANGES and other Ranges and Grates.— IMPS. WOOD & SON, Bridge-street, Cheater. 1479 L > A nett income yearly for £ 150, OVdjVf EQUITY in 7 HOUSES, Bootle; no lodC rents, excellent repairs. Addreaa "BOOTLE," care Lee & Nightingale, Liverpool. 1554 ARGAIN. X300 will PURCHASE EQUITY, JO producing X85 yearly nett, 9176 rentals, Block of Property, Liverpool.-Address "CAPITAL," care Lee & Nightingale, Liverpool. 1555 jt*-| WI will PURCHASE EQUITY in Two cvl' 'v Uhoioe VILLAS, suburbs Liver- pool, producing Z28 nett after all outgoings paid. -Address "EQUITY," care Lee & Nightingale, Liverpool. 1552 RARE Chance EQUITY, Choice PROPERTY (6 Houses, Waterloo, Liverpool); no loss rents, nett income of R50 for outlay of £ 250.— Address PROPERTY," care Lee and Nightingale, Liverpool. 1556 ^iPLENDID Investment, EQUITY, 20 New 1^5 HOUSES, Cheshire, nett income of £ 140 after all payments; price only £ 600.—Address "INVESTMENT," care Lee & Nightingale, Liver- pool. 1553 mARPAULINS, WAGON COVERS, Rick _1_ Sheets in Stock, for sale or hire, guaranteed made from best pure flax canvas, 1a. 4d. per square yard, delivered anywiie-.e.-J. & E. WRIGHT, LTD., Universe Worka, Birmingham; J.& E.WRIGHT, LTD., Stoke-on-Trent. MAIL CARTS, MAIL CARTS, MAIL CARTS.—Strong, Cheap, Mail Carts. New patterns constantly arriving. Our 38/6 Cart is the best value in the provinces. Carts from 12/6. Mail Carts and Bath Chairs for Hire.—A. WENT- WORTH, Central Cycle Works, Cow-lane Bridge, Chester. F> AT POISON.—Amongst the many prepara- _1_V tions now offered for the destruction of Rats, Mice, Moles, etc., Sanford's original Found Dead," specialities are admitted by users to be the best, and are ahead of all competitors.—In boxes, Is. 2d., 2s., and 3s., post free, SANFORD and SON, Sandy. Sold by Chemists. 8TEAM ENGINE? "?f various sizes and designs; Saw Benches, <&c., always in stock andprogress. Also all kinds of Steam Fittings and Steam Users' General Requisites, Lubricating Oils, &c. Iron and Brass Castings. Builders' and Contractors' Iron- work, Ac., to order.—HENRY LANCKLEY & SON,, Engineers, Brook-street, Chester. 'i LADWYN, near Gresford, Denbighahire.- FOR SALE, at reduced price, that attractive Freehold RESIDENTIAL ESTATE, with Mansion and pretty grounds, approached by a carriage drive, with lodge entrance, and containing three reception rooms, 13 bed and dressing rooms, bath room, w.c.'s, pantries, servants' hall, complete offices, cellars, &<J. Stabling for eight horses, with grooms' rooms over, ooach-house, cow-byres, piggeries, 4c. Water laid on. Excellent and productive gardens, greenhouses, two lawn tennis grounds, piece of ornamental water, and some rich old pasturage, in all about 29 acres. Near to rail- way station (with good service to Chester, Liver- pool, &c.), church, and telegraph. Price £ 4,250, including timber and landlord's fixtures. Immediate possession. To be viewed on application to the Gardener at the Lodge.—Apply to General WHITE, Lough Eske Castle, Co. Donegal. IT will Pay You to Notice This. I have a quantity of good GOVERNMENT GOODS, passed out of service for other patterns. S. D. Light Waterproof Sheets, 6ft. by 3ft 2 (j „ 11 6ft. by 6ft 5 0 Heavy, Large, Dark Grey Waterproof Cloth Capes, come well down the waist 2 6 Large, Dark Grey Waterproof Overcoats (any size) 7 6 Government All-leather Headstalls, fit any horse. 2 6 Horses' Nosebags, with Wide Leather strap 1 6 Good All-wool Bugs, 41b. weight, 8ft. by 6ft. 2 6 Waterproof Horses' Loin Cloths, 46in. by 42m 3 0 White Rubber Sheets, Brass Eyeletholes, 46in. by 42in 2 6 Very Strong Leather Leggings, per pair 2 0 Shoulder Bags, large size, with Shoulder Straps 1 0 Horses' Neck Collars, all leather, any size 6 6 Driving Beins, quite new, stout leather, 25ft. long, metal buckles 4 6 Clean White Linen Bed Sheets, lift, by 5ft. 2 6 Carriage or Door Mats, real skin, full size 2 6 Surcingles with rollers 1 6 Soldiers' Bed Cloth Coats, for Mat Making 2 6 Any of the above carriage paid to your home from H. J. GASSON, Government Contractor, Rye. 0Eante^ "1' 'J"J" ,J" WANTED, a BILLIARD MARKER.—Apply BLOSSOMS HOTEL. SMART "reliable MAN WANTED as Canvasser 8 and Collector. Special terms to good man.— Address SMART, Office of this Journal. 1560 I-1 Nttu JubIicatfous. -I'" -I. J- 'T IEIE CHESHIRE SHEAF.9 THIRD SERIES. EDITED BY THE REV. FRANCIS SANDERS, M.A., VICAR OF HOYLAKE; AND WM. FERGUSSON IRVINE, HON. SECRETARY OF THE RECORD SOCIETY. The Firat Volume of the New (Third) Series of the CHESHIRE SHEAF, reprinted after revision from the Chester Courant, together with a full Index of Names and places, is now ready for issue to Subscribers. Price to Subscribers, 6/- nett. Application for oopies to be sent to— MR. WM. FERGUSSON IRVINE, _??? 4, Eaton Road, Birkenhead. ESTABLISHED IN 1835. THE MINING JOURNAL, RAILWAY ? AND COMMERCIAL GAZETTE. THE OLDEST MINING PAP E B. The Subscription to T HE MINING JOUBNAL. including postage, is for:— mg -? ? [r ? 12 months. 6 months. 3 months. The United Kingdom .oo. 24s. 12S. 68. Abroad 28s. i4a. y8i payable in advance. THE MINING JOURNAL can be purchased on Satur. day mornings at all Hallway Bookstalls and Newsagents throughout the United Kingdom for Gd. Editorial and Advertisement Offices: 46, QUEEN VICTORIA STREET, LONDON, E.C. New Edition. Just published, post free, 6 stamps. A TREATISE ON NERVOUS DISEASES and WEAKNESS in MEN, with a description of the most common-sense and Scientific Treatment ever introduced. A. J. LEIGH,92 and 93,GreatRussell-st.,London. public gotices. TRANSVAAL WAR. GOLDIEESJ RELIEF. FUND OPENED at a Public Meeting held at the Town Hall, Chester, on the 30th October, 1899, for the Relief (directly or by supplementing the resources of other agencies) of the necessitous Wives, Widows, and Families of, and persons dependent on, men of all ranks now or hereafter serving in South Africa, and to be primarily applicable to local claims. SUBSCRIPTIONS. £ s. d. Chester and District" Homing" Society 0 12 6 Employees of W. T. Davies & Sons. 1 5 0 Chas. Jones 0 10 6 Proceeds of Saltney Institute Glee Club Concert, per C. B. Cockrill 8 15 9 R. A. T 0 10 0 Madame Marie Anderson 110 James Butcher 0 10 6 Mrs. Marshall, 16, Hough Green 100 By the Finder 0 10 0 St. Peter's Church Offertory, per Rev. F. Tilney Stonex 20 12 11 Albert Denson and Staff 0 14 0 Collection at St. Martin's (Welsh) Church, per Wm. Chas. Roberts 2 3 9 R. S. Lund 0 10 6 G. H. Reynolds 2 2 0 George Day & Co 110 Staff and Employees at George Day and Co's. Cigar Factory 0 17 6 Subscriptions to be paid to Mr. WM. PEERS, Honorary Treasurer, Town Hall. Chester. J. H. LAYBOURNE, Hon. Secretary. Town Hall, Chester, 19th Dec., 1899. T RAN S V A A L WAR. SOLDIERS' AND SAILORS' FAMILIES' ASSOCIATION. WIRRAL DIVISION. SUBSCRIPTIONS RECEIVED IN 1899. £ s. d. Mr. Theodore Rathbone 1 1 0 Miss May Rathbone 1 1 0 C. E. Hope, Esq 110 Per Rev. H. E. Wilson, Concert 0 13 2 Per Miss C. Gostenhofer 1 13 1 Per Mrs. Price, P.O., Eastham 9 0 2 Mrs. Morton. 1 1 0 R. T. Richardson, Esq., half of County Fund subscription 5 0 0 Rev. W. E. Torr, half of County Fund subscription. 2 10 6 Capenhurst Church Collection, one half (the other half to County Fund). 4 10 6 Ledsham Township, per Mr. W. Knowles 3 9 2 Miss King 20 0 0 £ 51 0 71 Subscriptions are much needed for the relief of cases in the above division, and should be sent to MR. R. T. RICHARDSON, Hon. Treasurer, Capenhurst Hall, Chester. 18th December, 1899. TRANSVAAL WAR. Subscriptions to the Soldiers' aud Sailors' Families' Association, received by Mrs. CHARLES THRELFALL. Tarporley, Treasurer to the Eldis- bury Division. £ s. d. Amount already received 79 18 9 Per the Lady Kathleen Cole 5 13 0 Per Mrs. Townshend. 6 0 0 Per Mrs Stock 11 1 0 Per Miss Hall 2 10 0 Per Mrs. Davies- Mr. Lowndes 10 0 Mr. J. Trickett 010 0 Others 2 10 0 Per Mrs. and Miss Threlfall- Mr. Simcox 0 10 0 Others 0 14 0 Collection at Delamere Church 5 13 11 The Lady Enniskillen. 10 0 0 Per Rev. E. Stockdale- Calveley Offertory 3 2 0 Wettenhall Offertory 1 3 8 Mr. R. Boffey 0 10 0 Mrs. Tomlinson 0 10 0 Mr. T. Noden 0 10 0 Others 0 2 0 Per Mrs. Wilbraham- Mr. Robinson. 0 5 0 Mr. Dutton 0 5 0 Mr. Longshaw 0 5 0 Mrs. Hignett. 0 5 0 Others 2 13 11 Per Miss H. Wilbraham- Mr. J. Trickett (2nd donation) 100 Mrs. Cross 10 0 Miss Holland. 0 10 0 Mr. Williamson 0 10 6 Mr. Marsh 0 10 0 Mr. Darbyshire 0 5 0 Mr. Asbrook 0 5 0 Sandiway 1 17 6 Cuddington 2 10 0 Others 1 12 0 X145 12 3 Many of these have already subscribed to other branches of the same Fund. Eett&ers. NOTICE TO BUILDERS. THE Managers of St. Mark's Schools, Connah's JL Quay, invite TENDERS for the erection of an additional CLASS ROOM to the above School. Tenders to be sent in to the Rev. THOS WILLIAMS, St. Mark's Vicarage, Connah's Quay, not later than December 30th, 1899, marked Tenders." Plans and specifications can be seen at the Schools any day after 4 p.m., excepting Mondays and Thursdays. The lowest or any Tender not necessarily accepted. Established 1832. pART and LURRY TARPAULINS, \J LONG and LOIN CLOTHS for Horses, COAL and CORN SACKS, equal in price and quality to any in the kingdom. Ladders, Blocks, Pulleys, Rope of all sizes. Tents suitable for all purposes, Decorations if required. Prompt atten- tion to enquiries either for sale or hire of above.- Apply DAVIES & SONS, Crane-street, Victoria- road, and 4, Coal Exchange, Chester. GREAT SUCCESS OF DOBBIN S^MANURES TO FARMERS, MARKET GARDENERS, ETC. LOOK! LOOK!! LOOK! ])OBBINS'S MANURES, At the Cheshire Agricultural Show, held at Northwioh, on Tuesday, Aug. 28, 1899. COPY OF TELEGRAM. DOBBINS, Chester. CHESHIRE AGRICULTURAL SHOW, NORTHWICH. I have been awarded the following Prizes for Produce grown with your Manures:— First: Swedes, Long Red Mangolds, Globe Man- golds, Carrots, Table Turnips. Second: Brown Onions, White Onions. Third Red Cabbage. WYNNE, Waverton. COPY OF LETTER RECEIVED. Mr. DOBBINS,—Dear Sir,—At the Cheshire Show, at Northwich, I won with Long Red Mangolds, second prize; Globe, third; Onions, first prize. These were grown with the aid of your Compound Manures.—Yours truly, J. PIGGOTT. Prizes won at the Cheshire Agricultural Show, held at Northwich, August, 1899, by Mr. O. Roberts, head gardener to J. Tomkinson, Esq., Willington Hall:—First prize for Twelve Varieties, first prize for Scotch Cabbages, first prize for Onions, first prize for Celery, second prize for Carrots, third prize for Onions, grown with DOBBINS' MANURES. TATTENHALL SHOW, Oct. 4th, 1899. Prizes won by Mr. Wynne, Waverton:—First: Collection of Vegetables, Celery, Carrots, Apples, Long Red Mangolds, and Turnips. Second: White Cabbages and Potatoes. LIVERPOOL FARMERS' SHOW (open to all England). Prizes won :-First: Long Red Mangolds, Golden Tankard Mangolds, Carrots. Third: Long Yellow Mangolds. J. PIGGOTT, Huxley. I was awarded the following prizes: -First: Yellow Tankard Mangolds. Second: Long Yellow-Scarlet Mangolds, Turnips. WYNNE, Waverton. Prizes won at the AGRICULTURAL HALL, LONDON, Oct. 17th, 1899. Awarded First Prize in strong competition for collection of Farm Produce, consisting of Mangolds, Swedes, Turnips, Scotch Cabbage, White Carrots, Red Carrots, Parsnips, Beet, Kale, and Potatoes. O. ROBERTS, (Bailiff to J. Tomkinson, Esq., Willington Hall, Cheshire.) PRICES OF MANURES Per Ton. Compound Manure (guaranteed) R3 0 0 Compound Manure, containing 20 to 30 per cent, more Bone than tne above. 3 15 0 Pure English Raw Bone Meal 5 0 0 It 11 It (extra fine) 6 0 0 All the above in Bags (free), at the Works or on Rails, Saltney, for cash. Telephone, No. 123. Telegrams, "Dobbins, Chester." All communications to be addressed to the Head Office, 14, CANAL SIDE, CHESTER. IMPORTANT NOTICE. THE NEW CENTRAL FISH, GAME & POULTRY STORES, 52, NORTHGATE STREET, CHESTER (DIRECTLY OPPOSITE THE MARKET HALL), FOR TURKEYS, TURKEYS, TURKEYS. FOR GEESE, GEESE, GEESE. FOR PHEASANTS, PHEASANTS, PHEASANTS. FOR HARES, HARES, HARES. SUITABLE FOR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. SPECIAL QUOTATIONS FOR LARGE QUANTITIES. WE GUARANTEE ALL THE ABOVE CHESHIRE FED. THOMPSON, SON & Cl-.EMENCE, THE WELL-KNOWN PROVISION MERCHANTS, PROPRIETORS. CARRIAGES. J. A. LAWTON & CO., SUCCESSORS TO THE LATE WM. HEWITT, NORTHGATE STREET, CHESTER. HIGH-CLASS CARRIAGES. MODERATE PRICES. EVERY DESCRIPTION OF NEW AND SECOND-HAND CARRIAGE IN STOCK FOR TOWN, PARK, ROAD, OR COUNTRY DRIVING. Repairs Executed by First-class Workmen with promptitude at Moderate Charges. ESTIMATES FOR NEW WORK OR REPAIRS OF ANY KIND FURNISHED ON APPLICATION. GENTLEMEN WAITED UPON AT THEIR RESIDENCES BY APPOINTMENT IF DESIRED. DISTANCE NO OBJECT. FOR FURTHER PARTICULARS APPLY J. A. LAWTON & CO., C 0 A C H B U I L D E R S & H A R N E SSM A K ER S, NORTHGATE STREET, CHESTER, Also at 35, Hardman-street, Liverpool; and 14, Baker-street, Portman-square, London, W. 500 GOLD MEDALS FOR GENERAL EXCELLENCE & SUPERIORITY. CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. THOS. WOOD & SON, BRIDGE STREET, CHESTER, HAVE AN ENTIRELY NEW AND MOST SELECT ASSORTMENT OF STERLING SILVER AND ELECTRO-PLATE ARTICLES, Suitable for Christmas, New Year, and Wedding Presents. MODERATE IN PRICE. NOTE- • THOS. WOOD & SON, BRIDGE STREET, CHESTER. CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR'S PRESENTS. LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S FITTED TOILET BAGS, LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S DRESSING CASES, WRITING AND LETTER CASES AND PURSES, PORTMANTEAUS, BAGS, TRUNKS, HAT CASES & FLASKS, AND ALL TRAVELLING REQUISITES, IN ALL QUALITIES AND PRICES, RIDING AND2SHOOTINGIGAITERS. • SHOW ROOMS ABOVE SHOP. SHUTTLEWORTH & SONS, PORTMANTEAU, BAG, AND FOOTBALL MANUFACTURERS, 40, BRIDGE STREET, CHESTER. FARM IMPLEMENTS FOR AUTUMN & WINTER USE. Chaff Cutters, Pulpers, and Grinding Mills in all Sizes. PLOUGHS, HARROWS, AND CULTIVATORS, CARTS, LURRIES, SHANDRIES, AND DAIRY UTENSILS. ALL BY BEST MAKERS AT LOWEST PRICES. LARGEST STOCK TO SELECT FROM. INSPECTION INVITED. DICKSONS, IMPL^T=SE. CHESTER- VMAS NEW YEAR'S PRESENTS. SAVE MONEY GIFTS. „MAS BY PURCHASING AT THE jyEW TEAK'S pSESENTS. PIONEER GlFK- XMAS "TWEW YEAR'S -PRESENTS. COMPLETE JN r FURNISHING STORES, NEWEST AND TT'NORMOUS CHOICEST B0L1> STREET, -^WO-DATE G OODS. L I V E RPOOL. s TOCK. LOWEST PRICES IN THE KINGDOM. All Purchases over 40/- Packed and Delivered Free to any Railway Station in Great Britain. TERMS CASH ONLY. ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUES FREE. CYCLING IN-DOORS. LADIES and GENTLEMEN who intend going in for Cycling in the forthcoming Spring and Summer, should take the opportunity during the cold and wet weather, to master the art in our magnificent Riding School, where each Pupil is Taught separately and privately by a qualified Instructor. „ > THOROUGH TUITION. N.B.—We have been Teaching Cycling for over 15 years. Our.terms are moderate. A. WENTWORTH, CENTRAL CYCLE WORKS & RIDING SCHOOL, COW LANE BRIDGE, CHESTER. Established 1881. Telephone 113. Telegraphic Address- "STABLES." J AMES DUTTON & SONS (T. W. Sinclair's late Coachbuilding Premises) ST. JOHN'S LIVERY STABLES, CHESTER, beg respectfully to inform the Nobility and the Public generally that they have taken over THE ABOVE PREMISES, WHICH WILL BE OPENED on the 26th DECEMBER, 1899. All Orders entrusted to them will receive prompt attention, and will be carried out by experienced workmen. .1M THE ROYAL SHOW. W. & H. WILLIAMS, PURVEYORS TO THE ROYAL FAMILY. 22, FOREGATE STREET, Respectfully invite Public Attention to their MAGNIFICENT DISPLAYS OF HIGHLAND SCOT, HEREFORD SHORT- HORN, AND KERRY BULLOCKS & HEIFERS, AND SOUTHDOWN, CLUN, SHROPSHIRE, LLYN, SCOTCH, CHEVIOT, AND WELSH MOUNTAIN WETHERS, From the Herds and Flocks of Noted Feeders, including HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN, ALSO GRAND CALVES AND PIGS, AND FAT HOUSE LAMBS, All of the well-known unsurpassable quality, as supplied to Customers all over the Kingdom, and to be obtained at this Establishment daily throughout the year. W. & H. WILLIAMS. SEASONABLE SPECIALITIES. JOHN KITTLE & SONS. Beg to announce that they have now a Splendid Select STOCK OF DESSERT FRUITS, MUSCATELS, FRENCH PLUMS, TUNIS DATES, ELVA & CARLSBAD PLUMS. ELEME FIGS, CRYSTALLIZED FRUITS in Fancy Boxes. English Hothouse and Almeria GRAPES. St. Michael Pines, Newtown Pippins, King Pippins, Baldwin, Spies and Russet APPLES, RIPE BANANAS, ORANGES (all selected), Jaffas, Valencia, Sidon, Almeria and Tangerines. CHRISTMAS CRACKERS AND BON BONS, Comprising all the Newest Designs, including Special War Crackers. CHRISTMAS CAKES AND BISCUITS in Fancy Tins. Fancy Boxes of CHOCOLATE (Newest Designs) Daily Supplies of our own make CELEBRATED TOMATO SAUSAGE and SCOTCH HADDOCK. LOCH FYNE KIPPERS. A large stock of Ripe STILTONS, also Leigh. Toasting, Cheshire & other kinds of CHEESE. For further particulars see Special Xmas List just issued. All Goods of the Finest and most Select Quality. JOHN LITTLE & SONS, GROCERS, WINE & SPIRIT MERCHANTS, 1, EASTGATE ROW, CHESTER. CHESTER STEAM LAUNDRY, VICTORIA ROAD (CLOSB BY THE NORTHOATB STATION). All the arrangements are on the most approved modern system for Washing, Ironing, Drying, Packing, &c., and the management most efficient. W. H. LIPSHAM, Secretary & General Manager (Chester Steam Laundry Co., Lt<1.). Inspection is specially invited on any day excepting Mondays and Saturdays. CALVERT'S QARBOLIC REPARATIONS COMPRISE THE BEST DISINFECTANTS, THE BEST SOAPS, THE BEST DENTIFRICES, THE BEST OINTMENT. They have been awarded 100 Medals & Diplomas for Superior Excellence, and can be obtained from most Chemists, Stores, &c. Illustrated List post free on application to F. C. CALVERT & Co., Manchester. A WORD To OUR READERS. If you desire your PRINTING to be Up-to- Date, Smart, Effective, and Low in Price—con- sistent with quality— send a trial order to the Courant Printing Works, The Cross, Chester, and you will not be dis- appointed. We do not profess to do work at lower prices than any other house, but we do promise you the best value for money. THE COURANT PRINTING WORKS, THE CROSS, CHESTER. JJR. JGCOTT'S J>ILLS. THE SAFEST MEDICINE, MILD, BUT EFFECTUAL, CONTAIN THE FINEsr DRUGS THAT CAN BE PROCURED. DR. SCOTT'S pILLS CURE HEADACHE AND SICKNESS, CURE INDIGESTION AND WIND, CURE FLATULENCE AND HEARTBURN, CURE ALL BILIOUS AFFECTIONS. DR. JGCOTT'S pILLS ARE A TONIC PURIFIER, STRENGTHEN THE WHOLE SYSTEM, INDUCE CHEERFULNESS, INVALUABLE AS A FAMILY MEDICINE. D R. J^COTT'S pILLS CUBE LOSS OF APPETITE, CURE DEPBESSION OF SPIRITS, CURE ALL DISORDERS OF THE BLOOD, CURE LASSITUDE AND NERVOUSNESS. JQR GCOTT'S PILLS. Are prepared only by W. LAMBERT, 173, SEYMOUR-PLACE, LONDON, W. Do not be persuaded by anyone to buy any other Medicine instead, but insist upon having the rigM thing, which is wrapped in a square green package, By post for 14 or 84 stomps- GEORGE DAY & CO, CIGAR MANUFACTURERS, HAVANA CIGAR IMPORTERS, EASTGATE STREET. SPECIAL CHRISTMAS SHOW, SEE WINDOWS. SINGLE BOXES OR PARCELS OF CIGARS FOR PRESENTATION. Special Quotations for Quantities* AT THE REMBRANDT GALL IN CASTLE STREET, LIVERPOOl" p J)UNTHORNE & JjR Give special attention to the 19 RESTORATION of OLD PICTURES, PRi11 and DRAWINGS, and the REPAIRING ø,l1d REGUTLDING of FRAMES. ON VIEW: A MODERN PICTURES & WATER COBOV* DRAWINGS..G, CHOICE PROOF ETCHINGS & ENGRAV^ ANTIQUE FURNITURE, ETC.