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.v- tSdited h NEW SEBIE s • ^•S.A A »,19 ^EV- FRANCIS SANDERS, M.A., ^NO L N FKRGUSSON IRVINE.] ttlat 0C<1^ ^ean^n9s, Historical and Antiquarian to Cheshire, Chester and North Wales, fiotn many scattered fields. Thfs'y°u bow to knit again, tered corn into one mutual Sheaf. Andraniens. Act V., Scene 3, Lies 70. t541] 17t n N ° T E S" 'TH CENTURY LOVE LETTERS. (See Nos. 129, 174 and 361.) The following rather extraordinary letter is Ho' <. °\" a EUrvival of the fittest" (after *11 8truction of a great number of it n Borts, in 1852) at all events, rest in order of date, as will Vi ° 4. correspondence. M'ria Mary's her well^ been sporting, it seems, with of nown aversion to his entanglement in inten *e numerous plots of the times. So she aage 8ermonises him, with suppressed iutrodn v 0r mas^.er stroke was the half-timid ction to his notice of the name of one fnmM °°k—apparently of Norton, where ^taster «« D been about a century. This "~thou v, ,r00^ s^e knew he would not brook • m* £ kt then be a lay recluse Kortrin ,a1rn^ the ruins and modern repairs of letter • 6y (anciently only a Priory). The ^olitj.'f • mostly remarkable perhaps for the »-h^S^t °ne who could not be aged perhaD ^W° an^ twenty. It was quickened, she vv^)3' by her lover's supposed danger; but of ^as conversant with the theology Hftw]ee ^mes (Long slanting strokes at an are °nly punctuation she HojjQ'r' greatly yor letters rejoiced me ^*th Cafn save one shipwrackd and drifting ^hiok ^hither halfe dead in the waving seas, at laafc suddenly eyeth the succours that jy. Awhile agoe utterlie beyond the vision of t>s&l Pe- Wot that I am afeard, like he of the ^ere noe ^ear *s J but at times [it] mQ to think how matters might ensue g°(j,ja, S*eat Babylon to yor ill fortune. Yet for yotn°We^^ fcke unfearing trust I have in him ^&iu6 ^are> nowe & hereafter. For it is in Hot we praye to him in which we have &tiy or 9frhopas nor truste. But liken unto 'ailj us ^er] things, both may att times to th^l the clowdvuesses of life blinde the We the rer watcl'fu11 saviour, ffor godds D "Owsoevr much temper nedeth the in Ptltt relnes on to it, & lett it do nothing ^Qle pi ^ear .watohef'ully the changes till of, and n.s the fruits that you talke of the )Oln in no rawe feaste because i, advia^V^0^?3 of hungre. Itt were !r0se who K ^one you to followe "e placed lesse advantageously note di e verie fewe *othrs that can & on7 from their overseeing place the th eoPdirfcuaities f°r fortunate action. n Partes one may enjoye can not °rQie that perfectaess that is that^eD(3e ('n a«y tbinge) without the t w-nott ;ac<lUaintence with circumstances ho 6r dftrWf VGl1 ^nto him by reason of tHe „ many 0f L ar'^ uncertaneties of the tymes *en cauges 6^ter place than you do faile for whQr„' rat^er than for great partes, yea t re&Son 7 ° bave even all these, yet er0n8ii ° SOtne frailty of temper or trea- n f Ss othrs, or some other calamitie. It Cr6atftr) rQre3 [matters] of this savor that Olivr (& othrs to be read of) but some J>Oo 0 lilatter did holpen the uncrowneing of the £ 'e King. Tis true tis out of the verie mudd 4 _lre of the tyme that a bolde man of partes tae place, tho hee may not pick his way, upwarde to fortune, by his ItOf vision of the wayes that lead unto a \8 raightly, or crookedly as the crooke shepherde). But he who would him when there, must wait upon all £ kriow if such an Ollivrs power can this t6 gotten.f Of all 1 have ever conceive to be the greatest of trial! s ^ey which8 °an Pufct to- are wit> theorinwoulcl presse you to be partener ^^ust to yo 8Uck a(iventurs I will not be so beleeve you would risque wuely fee^ fcjje"*>0.u the caste of a dice, yet I Satne so niadr)6 18 CotninS more for you in a to talk if T ^0vv wonid be for me lromall you'v, not know you bett[er]; & Qot bu+ K aVe 6a^ Uie' iQ wiser soit, you \0t*ld ,iQ J j locking [me] in your lettr. Itt *hal[ t0 fOT.0eiease 1116 much to thinke so, & I fears k ^ryall my mistabeing of you h»plya;esr»«>' (I praje) promoted/ It *1^ K f°r this countrie that there Call it e a martyr for itt (as some hat?16 no': reverentlie), but « all also his martyrs; nor can r the h-a^8 iitlest eviil that what is good £ *aye lSge8t should be evill for the least. I distoaii rgive me dwelling so longly upon vS Writ • ^eam» which aches my verie soull of 6 truely in the for the gentile or jewe, it mattereth so little >!(i orme in which they shewe it, that I Wt 8 800116 be for king as round head, or ^L0tlld ne^.V^e £ fsfc; & to fight for the forme L P^Wde ^r°rtb one arrowe head or a blast Co&r" Yet moste of tho evill of the tymes f ^tejud^ niuch selfE-love of forme that is »> ^ie minde of oneiy the ungodiie fEor ^ove or they that love it .^Ure .S°^liness expelleth tho evills of our ^sh t? 18 t^le ver^es^ °f follie to nurse in 8^8t Wph0 illnesses that doome us to miserie, V Jrit to 8 6 snch a medicine as the true »,6*P6 fr 3?Urge ua of it, without verie much ofto 10 doctors. I do indeed exhorte v thfi Wa;^ not in the temptations )onr de. time! but I doubte not H6 hftv.1-63 & competencie to pleasure hh1 as all other things ¥ *illoUsij; eth us jointlie & sev^llie verj l^6 yest^8^ ^r- Brooke hath againe come cllq Y. I can not tell wherefore; but to of'66 8? aiuch °f him, as he thinkes he f^slp Qji0? JHee seemeth to have a ininde Co hij^ y^^ar father much more than I care £ >a °rt m° Pe mee. It would greatly dis- *0 5>6sburv f' 1 shall goe stay prsently att & ra ^on!? while, where they love us toh llKhfI^ strongly than over. It would WtC^ed i, feua niuch if aught of ill fortune 0r ever so little thrutchea itselfe tw'antg u niy dear one, & myselfe & I dare itt°U fortune would have butt an ill Suir whot> we must not be faithless to tliaf Us. ^.pr.eisence in all or thoughtes should ■^0l. 6houiJ t ^-S tyme of the greatest evill h* Unto us' that we Lave not yet W iiK 8^.a^ no^' if we hut shew we read §0 t^yeino4.1^"1" readiefor it in a right waye, ''Ovvg ° neart,i!y for godds aide to avoid it. will ^vC0,nmend me unto yor prayers & love, tr remaiue stedfaetlie yor true & d lüvejng- ffmind *,&*>»*«» MABt eon01 Sep5r.1653" ijQj. u directed :—" These ffor—Mr. at the Strande — in — fov «aste." ftt6 °rgot to „ a r,at;ay 'honestly!" How dependent ^ln ^8 f«u, i8 ,or a party's fortunes, then, Naders that convenieuce can only fef treason against my Lord Pro- Post must have be«n little espionage fr i1 ^mes which argues consider- ^lu. Pipino.c, 0?1 J'han iu modern France—after t>ho Marseillaise." t?1D more letters she puts )i /^Pliah tiii ,m°re the reverence—but we i! lu capitals—and are not the bit [542l*c «he Wa_ „ ^aRRJ Verse to seeing him. AQE RCGISTERS OF ST. OSWALD'S, 'h'1'h, CHESTER, Pa-vif? yerley °f Olave's p. Elizabeth At May 28 ? £ • and Mtrgrat Parry both of ,>ell tj .X1 July 24 of of STeseen p. and Mrs. anfl Alice Holmes July 18 of of STeseen p. and Mrs. <iW^Vi^idCTkwhi°k July 24 ^St^woj^JW?.°barte July 17 Jr^M156 Elizabetk Loyde both of Ali* AA»°/i4 Called' ffent" of St- iter's p. and tle m^arri?<^Cadiaan bJth of i V handing « setifaket W^land f Plase Sept. 1 »)v, elde 0f rr3Ii(i Ellen Frodsham Nov. 1 t °»Has *■ noraton p, and Elece Gr<een >0Nbh xv^ton RT1/q tt Nov. 30 DS^ting^Hennah Cotton Dee 23 ^atoQo £ n^and MaryJoue JaQ w 1Ui^a 0 gton and Elizabeth Frad- ^9%81) endsiflck and Dorothy H^irfinch WdQl); a ^bergant, and ITftpy jLcksS Jar, 31 William Johnson of Heswell p. and Elizabeth Wilberaham of Dodelson p. Feb. 3 Evan Lewis of Dodleson p. and Anne Carter Feb. 17 1694. Robert Robison and Martha Davis April 30 Mr Edmond Warington and Mrs. Hannah Lee May 3 John Peekcoek and Elizabeth Prince May 21 William Meredith and Sara Jones May 28 Richard Harrisen of Bakford p and Elizabeth Bostock June 1 Thomas Jones and Mary Robinson July 1 George Johnson of Barrow p. and Martha Warmingham <^n?- ?2 Edward Wheler and Alece Eles Sept. 10 Thomas Ratliff and Jame Tomason Oct. 29 John Barrow of Bumbuery p. and Alece Nilde Nov. 27 Richard Smith of Morley in Barrow p. and Margrat Low of Gilen Sutton p. Dec. 8 John Bennitt of Nesson p. and Anne Pimlow of Brumbrow p. Dec. 13 Edward Hickcock and Mary Crane Dec. 25 Randle Twist of Marbery p. and Mary Jones of Bangor p. Jan.2 John Denson and Martha Parteridg both of Tarvin p. Jan. 5 Charles Baker and Brigitt Rothwell both of Criselton p. Jan. 6 Mr. William Wettnall of Renbury and Mrs Anne Panne both of Whitchurch Jan. 9 Nicolous Dicons and Elizabeth Basfild Feb. 15 William Carter, smith, of Barrow p. and Margrat Goulding Feb. 20 Reeoes Jones and Elizabeth Harris Feb. 24

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