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Cloth Factory for Barry ---


Cloth Factory for Barry Employees' Dinner Hour. A special meeting of Barry Public Works Committee on Monday evening, Councillor D. Morgan occupied the chair, and there were also present-Councillor J. A. Mana- ton, Drs P. J. O'Donnell and C. F. Sixsmith, Councillors W. R. Lee and J. Marshall. THE DINNER HOUR. Respecting the arrangements for working hours of the Council's workmen, a deputa- tion attended from the Municipal Employes' Association, consisting ot Mr Rees Llew- ellin and Mr A. E. Church, Barry, and another person. The spokesman referred to the Council's decision with regard to the dinner time, the Council having curtailed it, and therefore allowing the men to start later. He would suggest that an hour was really necessary, and he read the regulations at Bristol, which allowed the men one hour for dinner, and half-an-hour for breakfast, and the men started correspondingly earlier in the winter, but in reply to a question, he admitted that at Bristol workmen were allowed no holidays. Councillor Manaton moved that they continue the same hours as last winter, as it would be unfair to the others in their employ,-Dr O'Donnell seconded. Councillor W. J. Williams suggested a further resolution that if the men wished they could work by the hour, and have their dinner hour, being paid at the rate of about 6d per hour, but the resolution was not 2 pressed. Councillor Manaton's proposition was carried, and on the following evening was confirmed at a special Council meeting. NEW INDUSTRY FOR BARRY. A letter, dated November 12th, was read from the United Welsh Mills Co., The Hayes, Cardiff, enquiring whether there was ny freehold land for sale suitable for the erection of a clothing factory in or around Barry Dock. and also the rates of the town. The Clerk (Mr T. B. Tordoff) said he had replied to them suggesting that their representatives should meet the representa- tives of the Council here to go into the matter, and also the representatives to meet the overseers with regard to rates. They (United Mills Co.) had replied further in- quiring whether there were any freehold sites for sale. That was a question which he (the Clerk) could not answer. The members endorsed the action of the Clerk in the matter, and on the proposition of the Chairman, it was agreed to ask repre- sentatives of the United Welsh Mills Co. to meet the Chairmen of the Council, Health, Public Works, and Education Committees, to discuss the matter. ———— _t!L t —————