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Barry Education Authority. :o:: — LATE CHIEF ATTENDANCE OFFICER. Vote of Condolence. ANOTHER RELIGIOUS DIFFICULTY Barry Education Authority met on Tues- day evening, under the presidency of Coun cillor W. J. Williams, J.P., when, on the motion of Councillor J. A. Manaton, seconded by the Rev Ben Evans, a vote of condolence was passed with the widowed mother and relatives of the late Mr Win. Williams, formerly chief attendance officer, both gentlemen alluding to the fact that the deceased had done his duty efficiently under great physical difficulty. It was particularly sad that the widowed mother, now 86 years of age, should have buried a fine family of seven sons within a period of 15 years. SAUCY, VERY Councillor Thomas Davies, alluding to the recommendation to connect Gladstone road School by telephone, asked: Why this wire-pulling? Why this telephone for Gladstone road School more than any other ?" Councillor Manaton I am surprised at Mr Thomas Davies' ignorance, especially as a member of this Authority for so many years, that he should not have known that every school in the town, except Gladstone road School, is connected by telephone. I have heard Mr Davies ask some silly ques- tions here, but this is one of the silliest. ("Oh.") Councillor T. Davies (smiling) Thank you very much. I merely ask that is all. MORE SAUCE OVER A COMPLAINT. A report was presented by the sub- committee which had investigated the com- plaint of Mr James Williams re corporal punishment at Hannah street School, stating that James Williams, George Lixton, and F. Ball had been examined, and, in addition four of the assistants and Mr J. E. Rees, denied that he had punished the lad. The sub-committee were unable to arrive at any decision. Councillor Mossford,who, with Councillors D. Lloyd and J. E. Levers, formed the sub- committee, now moved that the whole para- graph be deleted, and this was seconded by Councillor J. D. Watson. Councillor Levers said the sub-committee had really left it for the Couucil to decide. Owing to the conflict of testimony they were unable to do so. A lengthy discussion took place as to what transpired at the investigation. Councillor T. Davies asked in what capa- city was Dr O'Donnell present at the enquiry ? The Chairman He was there because he attended to the boy. Councillor T. Davies: In what capacity did he act ? Was he as doctor or judge, or prosecutor or councillor ? (A laugh). "Per- haps it may amuse some of you," retorted Councillor Davies 4 but I want an answer.' Dr O'Donnell said he was there at the request of the parent of the child, as the doctor who examined the boy, to say that the punishment inflicted upon the boy was too severe. The amendment, on being put, was carried t3 with three dissentients-Dr O'Donnell, and Councillors C. B. Griffiths and McCann. Councillor T. Davies then moved a further amendment to exonerate Mr Rees, the head master, from all blame, and declared that if the latter had beaten the boy, he would have said so. Personally, he failed to see why Dr O'Donnell should attend at this committee. He had had experience of Dr O'Don- nell attending a Licensing Committee meeting at one time or another, when he was not a member of the committee, but it came out that there was an old woman who had applied for a license. Dr O'Donnell I rise to a point of order. The Chairman Mr Davies, please sit down. Dr O'Donnell I know what Mr Davies is referring to. The Chairman: What is your point of order, Dr O'Donnell. Dr O'Donnell: That there was no old woman in the case. (Laughter.) Councillor T. Davies She was a good age, sir, and she owed a debt to Dr O'Donnell which was 12 years old-- Councillor Manaton I rise to a poiot of order. I think, as one who speaks to a motion, his remarks should be relevant to the point at issue. I ask whether this is relevant ? The Chairman No, it is not. I ask you to withdraw that, Mr Davies. Councillor Davies Pardon me, but he attended a committee of which he was not a member. I think that to be relevant. Dr O'Donnell: We will correct Mr Davies' ignorance as he goes along. It is competent for any member to attend any committee of which he is not a member, and also to speak, but he is not allowed to vote. Councillor Mossford seconded this resolu- tion, and said, while he agreed that the boy had been thrashed, no evidence was given as to how the thrashing came about, Dr O'Donnell denied that there was any feeling in the matter between himself and Mr Rees. If there was, it was not on his (Dr O'Donnell's) part. It was in consequence of Mr Rees' letter that someone was behind the father that he moved for an investigation, because he knew very well who that meant. Councillor T. Davies (interrupting) I rise to a point of order. Is it right for Dr O'Donnell to act as prosecutor, doctor, wit- ness, and councillor, as he is doing in this case now ? The Chairman I cannot accept that. Dr O'Donnell: Mr Davies is acting very funny, sir. I have no animus in the matter. I simply want to justify the position I took up. I was charged with instigating this woman to make a charge against Mr Rees. Eventually this amendment was carried. BUSINESS MORALITY. Councillor Manaton said that an account from Messrs Lennox, of Cardiff, for Y,3, had been referred back, and he moved that they refuse to pay it. Mr Lennox had con- tracted to supply certain stationery for 3s, and now charged them 60s. Like other local firms, the contractor had probably made a mistake, and he should be com- pelled to pay for it. Councillor Lee I hope not. Councillor S. R. Jones said he liked to be fair as one local firm had put in the price of 6d for some article which cost a great deal more, and the Council had bought some, and insisted that they should be supplied. The price was put in under the assumption that the Council would not require any. He wanted to treat them all on the same footing. The motion was put and carried that the bill be not paid. ALLEGED INTERFERENCE WITFI PARENTS. Councillor J. A. Manaton said a number of children had been removed from the Gladstone road Schools to St Helen's School in the middle of the school year, which interfered with the interests of the school and the children. Parents had written to say that they were sorry, but a mission priest had told them they must send the children to their school. He was glad that the action was not taken by any local Roman Catholic. It was the inter- ference of an outsider with the free will of the subject. He moved that the matter be referred back to the Education Committee. Dr Sixsmith, who seconded, said he had very little respect for parents who did this at the bidding of anyone. Councillor McCann said it was the first he had heard of the matter. Rev Ben Evans expressed regret that anything should have arisen to disturb the harmony which had now been prevailing for some 'ime between the managers of the Roman C", ,,1:C School and the Local Authority. The motion was unanimously approved. A, AN APPLICATION. The Education Committee reported that an application had been received from Miss Parker, Cadoxton Girls' School, for an in- crease of her salary of 170 per annum, and pointed out that her case differed very much from that of other ex-P.T.'s, inas- much as she had served an apprenticeship of five years, and had never failed to pass her examinations and earn the grant. She was now entitled to take charge of a small school, and she completed her apprentice- ship two years before the present code scholarship came into force. She had served 18 years and 5 months in an infants' school and 2 years at Hannah street Boys' School, and the reports regarding her had been always satisfactory. It was decided to consider this applica- tion when the automatic increases will be before them.


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