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Dinas Powis Parish Council.'

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DISTRICT COUNCIL COMMITTEES. HEALTH. Dr P. J. O'Donnell, the chairman, presided over a meeting of this committee on Thursday evening last at the Council Offices. There were also present Councillors J. A. Hughes, J. Mil- ward, and W. Paterson. INSPECTOR'S REPJRT. Mr S. B. Sommerfield, chief sanitary inspec- tor, reported that during the last month 140 houses were inspected, 70 nuisances were in- spected, and 70 notices served, of which 68 had been complied with. COMMON AND BUSINESS HOUSES. The Council's inspectors had made several inspections in business and common lodging- houses, and all were found in a clean condition. Seventeen visits to premises were made under the Factory and Worshops Act, and in each case all had complied with same. The slaughter- house was inspected and found to be in a clean condition. INFECTIOUS DISEASES. There were three infected houses in the dis- trict, to which 20 extra visits were paid. Four houses were also disinfected throughout. NEW ALLOTMENTS. At the request of this committee a deputation of allotment holders of the district were present to advise the Council re their intending pur- chase of 6i acres of land near Cwm Barry Farm and 11 acres at Pencoitre, Cadoxton, for the purpose of turning them into public allotments. Mr Lee, who appeared on behalf of the Barry residents, thought the land at Barry would be most unsuitable for allotment purposes, as the soil was on rock, and in a dry season the crop would fail. In respect to Cadoxton, it was pointed out that the site was a suitable one. After some discussion it was resolved to defer the matter in order that the deputation might ascertain the views of allotment holders in their respective districts and see how many persons would take up allotments at a rental of 6d per perch. The question of allowing pigstyes on the allotments was also raised, and this was deferred for a report. Mr Lee asked whether it was possible to obtain a reduction in the price per pbrch of the new Beggar's Well allotments from Is to 9d ? The Chairman: There is no possible chance at the present time. JOINT SMALL-POX HOSPITAL. It was reported that the committee had failed as yet to obtain an interview with the repre- sentatives of surrounding authorities on the above question. It was explained that there was no particular hurry at the present time, and the question was deferred SEATS AT THE ISLAND. Mr J. C. Pardoe (surveyor) reported that Mr Forrest had objected to the erection of certain seats at Barry Island. A communication was then read from that gentleman stating that respectable people often failed to obtain a seat, as they were mostly occupied by the rougher element. He objected to erecting seats for "loafers and corner boys."—Mr Hughes was appointed to see Mr Forrest on the matter. RECKLESS DRIVING. Mr Medlin (beach inspector), in his usual monthly report, stated that the brake service to the Island was still of a poor order. The donkeys on the sands were well kept, but he had cautioned one of the drivers for reckless driving. (Laughter.) Mr Milward: This is extraordinary for a donkey. There is generally great difficulty in making them go. LADIES' BATHING-PLACE. Plans were submitted showing proposed alterations to the bathing pool at Barry Island, in order that it might be utilised for a ladies' bathing-place, as the present system was not suitable. After considerable discussion the matter was left in the hands of the chairman and Mr Hughes to see Mr Forrest and draw up a report in readiness for the next meeting. APPLICATION. Mr J. Harvey, of the Three Bells Inn, Cadox- ton, wrote on behalf of the residents of the old village asking that Oddfel lows'-road be lighted. It was decided to place two lamps there. ACCOMMODATION ON BARRY ISLAND. The caretaker of the Barry Island Cloak- room was instructed to draw up a report in reference to increased accommodation for ladies at the cloakroom. THE ESTIMATE. The estimate of expenditure for the ensuing half-year was submitted and considered item by item, and, with few alterations, was adopted. HOSPITAL. THE ALLEGED NEGLECT. Dr E. Treharne, J.P., presided over the monthly meeting of the above committee, held on Thursday afternoon at the Accident Hos- pital, Kingsland-crescent. The vacancy on the committee, caused by the death of Dr P. A. Kelly, was filled by the election of Dr N. J. Northey Bray by the medical practitioners of the town. With reference to the alleged neglect of treatment to a coal trimmer named Close, who was recently injured at the docks, the committee, having heard the evidence of Dr Billups and Messrs George Payne and John Miles, decided that no blame was attached to the matron. FINANCE. A Is 10D RATE FORESHADOWED. The Finance Committee met on Friday after- noon last at the Council Offices. There were present Councillors J. A. Hughes (chairman), and J. L. Davies, the latter being sent for after some delay in ordar to make a quorum. BALANCE. Mr C. B. Brown reported that the balance due to the treasurer, after paying this month's bills, would be £.5,000, the Chairman stating thH t if a loan with the Cardiff Corporation for £7,500 would be carried through they would have £2,000 in band. GLADSTONE-ROAD. It was reported that the portion of Gladstone- road from Weston-square toCourtenay-road was now completed, and the contractor wrote asking for the payment of the retention money (£200). It was agreed to pay this amount. AN OFFER. Mr J. J. David, solicitor, Cardiff, wrote on behalf of a client offering to sell the Metropoli- tan Bank Building, in Vere-street, Cadoxton, at a reduced price, Mr David stating that the building would he most suitable for a reading- T roouj. Mr Hughes: This is a question for the Libraries' Committee f propose that the letter suit to tiieuj for consideration. This course was adopted. THE ESTIMATE. In considering the rstimatp, it WfS decided to recommend the Council to repair the roads and highways, in the same manner as last year, with local stone, for this would reduce the estimate by JE400. This, with about £300 reduction, would make a Is lOd rate sufficient. FREE LIBRARIES. The monthly meeting of the Free Libraries' Committee was held at the Council Chamber on Friday evening last. There were present Messrs D. W. Roberts (chairman), W. Paterson, J. Lowdon, J. O. Davies, J. A. Manaton, and J. A. Hughes. BOOKS ISSUED. The Librarian (Mr J. Rocb) reported that 4,852 books were issued from the Library last month, classified thus: Religion and philosophy 144, history 116, travel 127, economics, &c.,52, science and arts 292, poetry and drama 42, miscellaneous literature 167. juvenile 531, fiction 2,908, magazines 201, and reference 184, this being a weekly average of 970, and fiction 67 per cent. against 74 per cent. of last year. The total number of borrowers now registered is 4,074. ACCOUNTS. The passing of the monthly accounts was the only other business transacted.

Oddfellows' Meeting at Barry.

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