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Barry Railway New Stock.


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SNAP SHOTS. Mr Andrew Carnegie has promised 9800 to Criccieth conditionally. France has invaded England. The onion men are on their annual pestering tour. Birry Island just "OW has a goodly proportion of visitors, and apartments are at a premium. There are no acknowledgments this week in con- nection with the 20,000 Shilling Fund. Messrs Mordey and Carney (Southampton) have constructed a floating workshop for use in ship- repairing. Councillor J. H. Jose and Mr W. Fowler, Barry Dock, were judges of the foot races at the Cardiff boilermakers' sports on Saturday. The Barry Railway Company traffic receipts suffered to the extent of over E2,000 in consequence of the three stop-days following the Coronation. Heard on Paddington platform Where are you going for your holidays ?" Reply To Wales, where the strikes come from." There will be an adjutant's parade of the local Artillery Volunteers on Friday. Last Saturday there was a big gun practice at Lavernock. Barry Dock Liberal Workmen's Club and Insti- tute intend having their annual outing to Mine- head. To meet the convenience of members there will be Saturday and Wednesday parties. A Barry May Day Show Committee meeting was convened at the Victoria Hotel on Tuesday even- ing, but owing to the fact that many are on holi- days, it could not be held. The Coronation Sports programme had on it ia big letters-" No betting allowed." Notwith- standing this three bookmakers were openly shout- ing out their odds. At Wenvoe last week the Imperialism of the Primrose League meant the engagement of a German (Hungarian) Band No Britishers need apply Mr Sam Woods, tke general secretary of the Trades' Union Congress is to bs opposed for the first time in several years by Mr J. Hodge, Manchester Steel Smelters, and Mr Ben Tillet, London Dockers, who have been both nominated. Bro. A. T. White, V.P. of the United Ancient Order of Druids, Bro. A. W. Harpur, and Bro. Duck (Penmark), were local members present at a banquet in connection with the Loyal Dowlais Lodge at the Lord Wimborne Hotel, Splott, on Wednesday evening. A friendly shooting match between Barry and Newport Rifle Clubs will be shot off on the Way- cock Range on Saturday next. A brake will start for the range at 2.20 p.m. Barry Dock Conservative Club went for an outing on Monday to Clevedon. Old Jupiter Pluvius poured down copious showers of rain, interfering greatly with the .enjoyment of the trip. It is stated that the Japanese Squadron will shortly pay a visit to Cardiff, which is of considera- ble interest to it on account of the Welsh coal industry. Does" Cardiff" in this instance mean Barry. We hope it does. Mr J. A. Lovat Fraser told the local Tory Clubbites at a picnic that the present Government should be continued in office." It's a good job that he is alone in this wish, for what with the education muddle and the bread tax, the country are, like Leeds, crying out for a change. The South Wales Baptist College have done highly successful work. Daring the past three or four years two students have graduated M.A., two B-Sc., six B.A., two have passed the B.D., and twelve the A.T.S. examinations, a record of which any theological college might feel pardonably proud. Mr A. G. Legard, H.&i. Inspector of Schools for Wales, contributes a long letter to the Times on Nature Study. The term nature," he says, is restricted to living things, plants, animals, insects, and their environment, and the term stady" in this instance implies something more than mere passive ebservation. Barry is, like measles, continually breaking out in fresh places. Mr W. C. Howe, Cadoxton, has had an invention—an improved saucepan lid- provisionally protected, and Messrs Gould and Wheeler have registered a design in Class I. During recent years the Congregationalists have lost through death three ministers in the Rhondda Valley district, and the three bore the surname of Morris," viz., the Revs Thomas Morris, of Porth M. C. Morris, of Ton-Yutrad; and W. Isaac Morris, of Pontypridd. Three prominent Glamorgan men have died within the past week, viz., Mr Frank James, Merthyr, Mr Charles Evan Thomas, The Gnoll, Neath, and Alderman Freeman, one of Swansea's most astute public men. The latter by the way is a father-in-law of Mr W. Llewellyn Williams, M.A., B.L. late of the South Wales Star, The Boilermakers' Society won an important case at Newport last week, and secured £300 com- pensation for a widow, whose husband (in a similar way to what was contended by medical gentlemen in a death at Barry a short time ago), had suc- cumbed to tuberculosis due to the injury. Doctors on the opposite side said the tuberculosis was due to excessive drinking, but there was absolutely no evidence forthcoming to show that the deceased man was a soaker." Everybody who is anybody has been, or is at the Wells. Two Barry Councillors—Councillor James Jones and Evan Williams-could have been seen fraternising last Sunday at Llanwrtyd with Mr and Mrs W. J. Bendall, of Swansea, well-known and highly respected people whom Barry cherish fond memories of, Mr and Mrs T. V. Davies, Cadoxton, and a number of others, ss the auction- eer announces too u:ner"ns to particularise." Councillor Evan Williams, of the Victoria Hotel, Barry Dock, who is on a motor tour round the Wells of Wales," got stranded at Llanwrtyd from Saturday to Monday last, having run short oi petrol. On Sunday be made for Tregaron (Cardi- ganshire) in search of oil, and after a most adven- turous trip arrived back safely in a four-wheel phaeton at Llanwrtyd, but minus the liquid. Our Barry Councillor was the object of general sym- pathy from his friends, but on Monday morning he steamed away for Llandrindod, where a supply was promised him. Another striking illustration of the danger of passenger boats "cutting it fine" at Cardiff was afforded on Wednesday night, when the Bonnie Doon took the mud in the Entrance channel, and with her load of passengers bad to wait till 4.30 this (Thursday) morning before being able to get into a berth to discharge ti-em. At Barry such an event would have been impossible. Moral Never go on a sea trip except via Barry Pier. The Man under the Clock often hears some- thing worth noting. Speaking of the bearing of Barry Stocks he thus soliloquises:- Rise of 2! in the dividend, and a bigger rise ahead. Pity poor Bruin the weather's so very warm for him." The strike will put him right." Strike's off. Take that from me. Pleuty of sparring the old business, you know midnight oil and champagne for the New Year. But that's all right! Strike game doesn't pay, and both sides know it. Line of compromise is as clear as daylight. What is it." Tell you, and block it all up Not much. It's enough to say there'll be no stoppage, and that's good enough." If one could only believe it." Bah What is there between them ? Figure it out, without any stuff about masters and men, control of the collieries, and all that sort of piffle. Come down to plaiu figures; put in the ordinary business considarations of give-and-take in any negotiations, and where are we ?"

Echo of the General Election.