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jV FACTORY TO FIRESIDE. SINGLE ARTICLES M 10,QUEEN STREET WHOLESALE PRICES. B 20% SAVED. C CARDIFF. SEE "WIZfcTZDO^W Mantle Rods 4s 6d to 9s lid r\ Brass Curbs 7s lid to 105s ( Jj Bedsteads Copper and Iron Curbs 7s 6d to 56s a „ » /-> Magnificent Lines in Brass Candle- ZZJ^8 J&A. LL sticks •• 3s 3d to 6s 9d XRAV XODX £ 25. Brass Rail Fenders •• 3s 6d upwards. IN STOCK. Copper and Iron Fireirons 6s 6d upwards. 9 f| S sflB MassiveBrass Rail Fenders, 1 rail. 10s 6d II II I I I I I Brass Bedroom Fenders 3s lid upwards. II I I I I I I Coal Vases, Oak, Brass Mounts 9s 6d upwards. I I U | 1 ■ Wby pay Middle Massive Brass Bedsteads £ to Profits when Brass Fire Doss from ••• 2s lid pair. XfoyxSg?7 Copper Flower Pots ••• 7d to 18s 6d Marvellous Value in Brass front Ashpans. 2s lOd upwards Saved Black and Copper Flower Stands. ••• 2s 6d up 30s fl jS gy buying direct C»ke Stands, Black & Copper lis 6d JW from the Manu- Middle Profits Abolished facturers. Best Assortment in South Wales "ijjjfo Come and judge for yourselves /Ábr Curb Suites lId. IIp to R25 JAMES DAVIES, Merchant Tailor, Breeches Maker, &c., London House, 224, Holton Road (near the Board Schools) rf VXPBKIF.NCEB LONDON SPECIAL SHOW OF SPRTN: j & CUTTER. 431 SUMMER SUITINGS. TWEED suns Q2 2 0 do. INDIGO BLUE SERGE. 2 2 0 MORNING COAT SUITS, from 2 10 0 TROUSERS, from 0 10 6 LADIES' COSTUMES 3 3 0 EYESIGHT TESTING IIOORS9 •«. cc Mr 1 hp only Establishment in South iVlE" R MORGAN WhIps Drvotfd Fn'irely to DUI«l\ICl\ mUIWJilll, (LOND.). EYESIGHT-TESTING and hPEC- QUALIFIED TACLE FITTING. —- A Cartful t. st is made by the OPHTHALMIC OPTICIAN. I Latest ai-d n ost Scie, tific methods, I I" and a candid opu itn. is given as to whether SPFCTACLES are n<e<'ed. Haurs: 9 to 7. CONSULTATIONS n r All ca^es requiring medical atten- Wedqesdays, to 1 pm. FREE. tion are at once referred to ar. Oculibt. PARK PLACE (""T.S, CARDTFF. Dinas Powis Cottagers' Horticultural SOCIETY. THE nth ANNUAL ETLOWER a CHOW ——— WILC BE HELD AT BRYNEITHEN, DINAS POWIS (Kindly lent by D. T. ALEXANDER, EsQ.) ON WEDNESDAY, JULY 30th, 1902. ROBERT FORREST, Esq. J.P., D.L., and 1VIX-fii. Have kindly promised to present the prizes ADMISSION— Entry Forms & Subscribers at 2 p m Non-Subscribers, Is. at 3 p.m. 6d. after 5 p.rn All information from J. B. MOCKFORD, Dinas Powis. G REA.T AMERICAN Twenty years' research has brought to light a guaranteed Cure for Nervous Debility in a]) its tonus, and the P«escri|>tion is in the possession of a Minister who will gladly send it to any xntt'erer, FREE OF C HARGE. It is a sure and speedy cure for all ailments caused through the indiscretions of N'otiiii, Lost Manhood, Loss of Energy, Loss of Vital Power, Seminal A\eaknessi, Dimness of S:«;ht, Impotence, Evil Forebodings, Wasting Decay, Tains in the Loins, and Eruptions on the Face and Body, Loss of Memory, Confusion of Ideas, ralpitationof the lietrt, Fr:1lful Dreams, Emaciation, Fcetid Breath, Low Spirits, Timidity, Varicocele^Spermatorfhtra, Disuses of the Bladder, Weakness of the Genital Organs, and all Disease- Ol lue Lr.imry Organ*. Send stamped add reaped envelope to Rev. JOSEPH HOPE, IT CLOUD, WESTCOUKT HOAO, WOUTWHG, SUSSKX, ENGLAND. rName TBII pa*>erj. 21. G RAVING jyjCK STLIEET, BARRY DOCK JOHN RICHARDS Family and General Butcher. CORNED BEEF. PICKLED TONGUES Customers Waited upon Daily. ALL ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED To. Carpenters' Arms, WHITE HALL. 1 MILE FROM RHOOSE STATION. 3 MILES FROM BARRY. GOOD ^OCOMMOD ATIO N FOR BRAKES, CYCLISTS.J&c. TEAS PROVIDED WINES, SPIRITS, ALES, Ac., of the Best Quality. PROPRIETOR DAVID GIBBON, Late Red Lion Inn, honvilstone. ROPERA HUTK1, EAST MOORS, CARDIFF. WILLIAM MATTHEWS. LATE OF COW AND SNUFFERS, LLANDAFF, oax supply hi- old customers with eer and Spirits of Best Quality. RED LION INN, BONVILSTONE (FIVE MILES FROM BARRY.) Good Accommodation for Brakes and Cyclists. i' E A 8 pROVIDED. E. DEERE, Proprietor. (Lat., < f Cabtle and Park Hotels, Bany.) NATIONAL TELKFHOKK, No. 6. %lr v it ¡fHir" r" }+_ 'i,1 '1' r 1 '¿.4:(¡ "I d,- ,¡ !Ð «¡ yl "H » fW IN SELECTING YOUR Jewellery, Watches, &c., you cannot do better than go to F. J. GREENER, where you will find something suitable at all prices BEST VALUE FOR MONEY. THE LARGEST STOCK IN THE DISTRICT. Come and See the Latest Novelty il! Electric L:ght Clocks and Watch Stands. TRY F. J. GREENER for all Watch Repairs, aud you will have no trouble uith your Wiitch^s a fterwarB. SUriGIOAt- AND RUBBER APPLIANCES Buy r-f the MAKKKS ai.d ^ave 33 pfr cent TRI'ssi s, ELASTIC SIH CKINGS, ABDOMINAL BELTS, SUSPENDERS, ENEMAS, &C. Wri e for illustrated Price List, post frep. to HENRY AND CO., I J, KMUHTNBIUDE GATIIN, ALBERT GATK, f,Ni) N S.. Established 187ti. 1 Cogoniant Cymru yw eu Cwlan a'i Cwetl\er CO The Clory of Wales is er Wool and tyutton. I ct n -+. 'I Cr) \1 I' Ct) I. II II J EDWARDS 5 CARMARTHEN HOUSE, | 'I CARLISLE STREET, Cardiff 5 Also at No. I3 SI ALL, Cardiff Market, Draper&Welsh Flannel Merchant —————————— ALL ORDERS BY POST PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. HOPKIN MORGAN'S CELEBRATED =ICAKE3S^ Require no fanciful names, although being Coronation Year. THE WELL-KNOWN STERLING: Quality of these CAKES THROUGHOUT THE COUNTHY COMMANDS A PUBLIC: SALE. Can be obtained of all Grocers. Ask your Grocer for it. HOPKIN MORGANS Cake Factory, PONTYPRIDD. A FEW REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD FURNISH AT THE Royal Furnishing COMPANY, 90, St. Mary St. & 49, Westgate St., CARDIFF. IT IS THE BEST PLACE IN CARDIFF & DISTRICT TO FURNISH, THE STOCK BEING ENTIRELY NEW AND BEST SELECTED IN THE MARKET. BECAUSE they have a large and up-to-date BECAUSE 'hey have a large and up-to-date sfick always on hand and ready for imme- diate delivery. BECAUSE thry will al"ays givo good value Jj a!lo tieat "Leir customers fairly. BECAUSE tley Keep every kind of Furniture to suit all classes. A LARGE STOCK OF NEWEST PATTERNS OF CARIETS, FLOORCLOTHS, AND LINOLEUMS, &c. 500 BRASS AND IRON BEDSTEADS TO SELECT FROM. TRY OUR CELEBRATED FEATHER BEDS AT 35s. each. Purity and Weight Guaranteed. MAIL CARTS AND PERAMBULATORS IN ENDLESS VARIETY- ALL GOODS DELIVERED FREE IN TOWN OR COUNTRY. OUR ONLY ADDRESSES ARE— 90, ST. MARY ST., AND 49 WESTGATE ST., (TWO DOORS FROM ROYAL HOTEL), CARDIFF. AN INSPECTION INVITED. TtiE yolik HOTEL: CUSTOM HOUSE BRIDGE, CARDIFF Two Minuted Walk front, G. W.R. Station. ALES, WINES, SriiRITS, ANI)' CIGARS OF THE FINEST QUALITY. FIRST CLASS ACCOMMODATION FOR THEATRE PROFESSIONALS, &c. Large Club Rooui aDd Bowling Alley. BEDS. The Stage tind Era taken in. MRS B. D. JENKINS, Proprietress. ';<- FHEE. I pYCLKS !.CYCLES Mar- \J velious Bargains! 2.800 Cyclks, Motor- and Acces- Fories. o largains in Eadie's and B.S.A. Machines. FREE to any address, the mott interesting 50 page Catalogue in the trade. S.cnnd-hand SI N RN';F 30J' 2,000 NEVV Runs, Rini Brake 10s. sories Half PÚce-50 percent, co.'ap r tviai) others. Marvt Houa Bargains; Agents wad, d; trade supplied. Ð(,n't buy before you have seen our 50 page new Illustrated Catalogue, which will be an eye- opener and money maker to all interseti d in the Cyc'e trade. This Catalogue FREE to all. — WARRIK^^7 & Co., WKSTON* SUPKK-MARE. The IN USE 100 YEARS BATH IN BATli. />|.Dr OUBE8 COOT, t,UKt' RHEUMATISM, SCIATICA, LUMBAGO SPRAiNS, STIFFNESS, Bruises, Sore Throats, &o. No Household should be without a Bottle. Of all Chemists, at 1/li. 2/9, « 4/6 each, or direct from Proprietors (Post Free)— Brooke & Co., MAGGS'S 01 Grove Street, BATH. 01 LS cijflisreUaneotts. CM DISPOSAL, GENT'S SAFETY, Coventry, Free Wheel, Rim Brake, Silverplated West- wood Rims, genuine A. B. Velox Tyres, 1902; guaranteed, costly machine, not soiled, sacrifice, jE5 10s lowest; will send on approval; genuine bargain.—K. GILL, Waverly Villa, Beach-re-i, Weston-super-Mare. LADY'S BICYCLE for SALE a Bargain cost 15 gorijcoo will »eM lor £ 4 108.—4, HISos- LAND CRESCENT, Barry Dock. A COUPLE of NEW, MODERN FREEHOLD HOUSES FOR SALE at CROGAN HILL, BARRY DOCK, DOUBLE BAY, containing Front Room, Kitchen, Scullery, usual office at back, Three Bedrooms, Bathroom, w.c. hot and cold throughout healthy spot; Channel and country view for miles round. — Apply JOHN EVANS, Builder, Crogan Hill, Barry Dock. rpHREE FRIENDLY SOCIETIES have £ 120, 1 £ 300, and £ 800 to INVEST on HOUSE PRO- PERTIES (mortgages) in Glamorgan or Mon- mouthshire. Low Interest. Money not called in for several years. Write Mr PHILLIPS, 11, Diana- street, Cardiff. BEFORE deciding on your NEW CYCLE, call at the CYCLE DEPOT,, COURT ROAD, BARRY DOCK Cash or Payments, as desired. HANDBILLS CAREFULLY DISTRIBUTED JUL throughout Town and District byHENRY THOMAS (Blind Harry), 42, Morel Street, Barry Dock. MRS REED, Accoueheuse (Q-C. Hos.) and fully qualified Nurse 14 years Hospital and General Nursing Experience.—215, Holton-road, Barry Dock. -0_ 4' MRS LUCAS, Nurse and Midwife, 10, Cross stieei, Barry Dock. MKS HOWELLS (late of Newport), 41, New land street, Bairy Dock, Experienced Midwife and Nurse; satisfactory recommendations. NURSE CROCKER, Cert. Queen Charlotte's Hospital, London.—227, Hultcu-road, Barry Dock. BILLHEADS, and MEMORANDUMS, for Butchers, Bakers, and General Tradesmen, atk for Prices at the BARRY HERALD Office, Holton-road, Barry Dock. ^TATIONERY for the Home or the Office, quite O up-to-date, at the BARRY HERALD Office, POSTERS, IN COLOURS, any size, New Type, JL Latest Designs, at the BARRY HERALD Office. BOOKS, PAMPHLETS, AND CIRCULARS* Estimates Kiee from BARRY HERALD Office. BOOKBINDING in any style; Magazines, Novels, Work ot Art, Music Illustrated Papers, and Volumes of all sizes bound to any pattern. Parcds of Binding will be sent for on receipt of Postcard at the BARRY HEARLD Office. BARRY HERALD PRINTING W6RKS, Replete with Type and Machinery. Orders attended to immediately. BARRY HERALD FINE-ART PRINTING. JL) Wedding Stationery, Illuminated Addresses, Die-sinking, Lithography, and Engraving. Send for Specimens. OUR MOTTO: — Speed, in Best Style, Coriectly, and at Moderate Prices Punctua- lity."—BARRY HERALD Office. ADVERTISING AGENTS for Colonial, London, Piovinoial, and Trade Papers at Scale Charges. BARRY DOCK TIDE TABLE. The following is the tide table for Barry Dock for the week commencing to-morrow (Saturday) Day. Morn. Aft h. m. ft. in. h. m. ft. in. Friday, July 18. 5.14 31. 8 5.49 32.0 S,tt ii,, i, y 19. 6.12 33. 2 6.33 33. 7 Sunday 20. 6.53 34. 4 7.12 34.9 Monday 21. 7.30 35. 2 7.48 35. 9 Tuesday. 22. 8. 5 35.10 8.22 36. 2 Wednesday 23. 8.39 35.11 8.57 36. 2 Thursday 24. 9.14 35. 8 9.31 35.11 It is a Piincely LUXURY to have a Good Fitting |S SUIT at a. Populai Ptice. ¡¡ 1 The "Capital &Labour" Clothing Stores ARE NOW SHOWING A SUPERB STOCK OF HOLIDAY SUITS, BUSINESS SUITS, SCHOOL SUITS, FOR IMMEDIATE WEAlt OR MADE TO MEASURE. ] INDIGO SERGE SUIT (to measure) 33/9. Perfectly Tflilnrprf* STYLISH TWEED SUIT (to measure) 33/9. „ „ BLACK VICUNA SUIT (to measure) 33/9. t0rre0t My,e> FROCK COAT & VEST (to measure) 33/9. Faultless Fitting.. The "Capital & Labour" Clothing Stores 59 & 61, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF. (NEXT TO ANDREWS' HALL.) The LARGEST Clothing Manufacturers BRANCHES in all parts of London • • in the World. and Provinces. ø- RAILWAY FARES paid to all purchasers of 25/- and upwards. STONE BROS., Funeral Furnishers & Funeral Directors Personal Supervision to all Orders. NAT. TEi.. Barry Dock, No. 37. Cardiff, No. 704. TELEGRAMS :— Stone Bros., Barry Dock; Stone Bros., Cardiff lole) ff OLTON li D. B ARRY DOCK AND 5" WORKING STREET, ( ARDIFF.

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