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BARRY DOCK POLICE. FRIDAY. Before Colonel GUTHRIE, Dr TREHARNE, and Mr V. TRAYES. REPAYMKNT OF RELIEF. Allen Power, 25, Evans-street, Barry Dock, was ordered to pay 1:2 2s 4d and costs, bring the amount ,c-iv.d from the Guardians by way of relief. Mr D. Edwaids, relieving-officer, Barry, apptared for the prosecution. RCFFIANS ATTACK A CONSTABLE. James Tr vers and Willicm Graham, two ruffi it ly-1 oking fellows, were bought up in custody ch.«rg d «i>h being d'Ul,k ad disorderly and assaulting the police. Police-consiable C. Mendus stated that at 11 p.m. the previous Wed- nesday night he sa" both prisoners outside the %N e,,v, e Arty)s Ho-, el, C,,d,xt,,Ya. They were very drui k, using 1 ad language, and refuser) to go ay when requested. lie then proceeded to take the meu to th., police-st tion, hue they resisted, and became very viol nt. Graham struck him several times in the jaw with his fist, while T, avers pulled a pint bot le out of hi., pocket and struck him a severe How on the back of the head. H ■ then had to obtain assistance to takp the meu to the statinn.-Ricliard E. Watkins said he went to the assistance of the list witntss, who was Ivi-g ill-trea ted by the two men, and held one on the ground until an ther constable arrived.— Another witness, named Willi llTI E. Lewis, also provt d rendering assistance to the police.—The Bench c mp irr.ented the two civi ians upon thedr c >nducr, and sentenced-the accused to 14 days haid labour each. DOG LICENSES. Thomas Barry, George Davies, and Thomas Davies, were churged wiih keeping dogs on their premises and not having taken out Lenses in r spect thereto. In each case a fine of 7s 6d was imp sed. A DEFAULTING SECRETARY. Mr John Ward, general secietary of the Navvies', Bricklayers' Labourers', and G>-n"ral Labourers' Uoion. summon d W. T. Park, late s. cretury (,f the Ha-tings branch of that Lolly, for the rec. very of 1:14 los 5d reoeiveci by him as members' contributions, and also certain books, the property of the Union. Defendant did not appear, and he was ordered to pay El and cos's, and also return the sum of £ 14 15i 5d and all the books and papers. OBSTRUCTIONISTS. Elizabeth Moat w? s fin, d 7s 6d Elizabeth Rjchari s 5s and W alter Bendy 2s 611 for causing ao obstruction in Graving Dock-street, Bariy Dock, by figh ling. Two young fellows, named William Elston and 1 hennas Keohane, were charged ni li a similar offence at Barry, Folice- con-table Thomas stating the defeud lutS were kicking a buudle of lags about the road.—Tne former, who had been previously convicted, was -rdtrel to pay 7s 6d, and the latt,r 58 -Fur l layi g bad on the high > ay ami earning an ,(.ya, ce t • passers-' y, H -nry Attveeb, Willi,iii Pritchard, Frank R.dd, Alfred Of ss, an,i George Evans were each mulcted iu a penjlty of Is. THE BEER. Wil iam Roberts and Frederick Pearce, ap- ppar. d to answer summonses charging them with hei g drunk on licensed premises, viz., tin Witc e 1 H. t'l, Cadoxton, on the 14th ult R >1 erts wab orù, red to pay 5s, and Pea- ce, who had a long lit of previous ci nvictions against him, a- directed 10 enlig ten himself to the extent of 21s, in detault a week's hard labour. For bei g drunk and disorderly on the highway William Putridge and James King were ordeied to pay 7s 6d acii K1 zabeth Jones, John D* lan, Wiliun Gibs n, Wil iam Chappeil, 5s each, and Walter Jonts and Walter Seymour 2s 6ii each. THEFT OF DUNGAREES. Walter Jones, seaman, d guilty to stealing two dungaree jackets, the property f J.me8 Macd na d, 51, I honpson-st eet, Barry D >ck, the previ us fLy. Police-con- able Mendus arrest- d the ma > at the Victoria H Lel with the proper y iii his p,ssession.-Accus(d was sent to gaol for a fortnight with hard libour. ROBBERY AT THE VICTORIA. John Wilbams, describ d as a tatlo(ling artist. was charged with robbery from the person ot George Reed, seaman, in the Vic nrit Hotel, Barry Duck, on Thursday list. John Andrew L, pin stated he saw prisoner rifling the man's pockets and tike out a purse, whicn prosecutor said contained 30i.-Williams was ordered to be sent to gaol for 14 days with hard labour. MONDAY. Before Major-General LEE and Mr W. W. NELL. RECKLESS DRIVING. Thomas Smith, greengrocer, Barry Dock, who was d> fended by Mr A. W. Nicholson, solicitor, Ba ry Dock, was charged with furious driving in H lti n-roa l on the 11th inst. P( l,ce cons,able Ha ris and Police-serg act Hole depose I to seeing d lendant dri\ing down the r,ad a ihe late of about 14 miles an hour, and wh. n requested to sreip whipped the horse ai d drove faster.—For the defence, it was denied that the horse was driven turi' u-ty, and two « itnese were cal ed in supp rt of this statement.—Tne liench believed the case pr ved, however, but eieait I nien ly with the defendant, by dismissing him with a caution. SCHOOL ATTENDANCE ORDERS. Orders were made on M rris Cotton, Abraham C. Williams, John T, Baker, John Winstr me, and Joseph Taylor to send their children rf gularly to school. The latter %as also fined 2s 6d for dis- obeying an order with r> spect to ano her of his .on, and Sidney Parntt was fined 5s for a similar offenc\—The magistrates committed the eleven- yeir-old s n of Thompson Chapman, Cadoxton, to a trtiknr, school, while they adjourned the case of John Warren for a month in order to see whether his boy would attend school more regularly, and if there was not an improvement in the n.eautime he would also be sent to a truant school. A BASSKTT-STKEET QUARREL. Alice Lewis, a married woman, appeared before the magistca es as the result of a summons issued against her by a neighb ur, named cca James, f. r assault. The prosecutrix's evidence was tl the effect that Mrs Lewis threw a plate over the back wall at her and then endeavoured to throw a large tone, bur was prevented by her husband.—This s aternent was, however, somewhat modified after Gen, ral Lee had questioned some of the witnesses, ,A iio stated that in the first place Mrs Jam, a threw a dir'y r.g at the defet dant, and the latter, in throwing it back, knocked a pate, which had I)e,nplac-d on the walL to the ground.—The Bencl" therefore, thought that justices coud be met by binding Mrs Lewis over to keep the peace towards Mrs James and vice-versa. EMBEZZLEMENT. George Pendle, late secretary of the Buralem branch of the Navvies' Union, ho did not appear, was charged with havb g embezzled £ 19 ls Id beloi ging to the Union named. \]r Ward, general secretary of the Union, said the money bad been receiv- d by the defendant as memler., contribution*. He had deca.mped from Bjrslem, and was now working at Crewe tunnel.—Tne Bench imposed a fine of £ 1 and costs, and made an order for the repayment of the money. OF DRUNKEN HABITS. Jame, Stowe'l, de-cril ed as a LOhbler, was sum- mone f r non-paym- nt of 2s 6d due a arr, ars for the maintenance of ids two boys in a truant school. Suporint ndent Giddings said the man was of drunken habits, and his wife and the r. m->inder of fds children were charg abl to the Cardiff Union. D,.f,n i;ii,t had made no attempt to pay the money. —An order was made on SLo%e-I for the payment of the money. NO REINS. A fine of 10s and costs was imposed on Christo- pher Morgan, Cross Farm, LI ntrithyd, who did not app' ar, for driving without reins on the main road at St. Nicholas. THE DRUNKARDS. Fines d 58 were imposed Oil Noah Trenchard, John Murray, George Jones, Edward Cook. Richard Pearse aDd Thomas Mooney for being drunk and disorderly on the highway and 2s 6d on George Mason. David Jones, Thomas Sullivan, and George Elsron were dismissed with a caution, while for bi ing drunk at the Victoria Hotel John Skinuer was Oideied to pay a crowu.