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Messrs. W A. DEW & SON. AUCTIONEERS, A (7 LAND SURVEYORS & VALUERS. OFFICES at CAXTON BUILDINGS, BAXGOR, TRINITY SQUARE, LLANDUDNO; and HERALD BUILDINGS, CARNARVON. 29260 Sale by Mr. T. W. Griffith, LLANDUDNO. T. W. CIRIFFITH AUCTIONEER, VALUER. HOUSE and ESTATE AGENT, Town Hall Chambers, Llandudno. Terrains: "Griffith, Auctioneer. Llandudno." Telephone, 0299. FUR <I3HED OR TJNFURISHED HOUSES TO LET OR FOR SALE. LET OR FOR SALE. HOU«E PROPERTY and ESTATES MANAGED. AND RENTS COLLECTED IN LLANDUDNO AND DISTRICT. ARVON VILLA. GLODDAETH-STREET, LLANDUDNO. Important to Parties Furnishing and Others. MR T. W. GRIFFITH is instructed by the F.x- o-uto" of the lat? Mr Richard Owen, De- cCa.>v!. to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION in and upon the above Premises, on MONDAY. June 26th. 1905, the whole of the residue of the Superior and S HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS. briefly cornnrising:-A solid Spanish mahogany Sideboard. 6ft.. with collarette, portable shelves, etc.; an elegant Cheffonier Sideboard, with an ex- tensive mirrored plate back, shaped marble slab surface, mirrored panelling, etc.; solid walnut carved Drawing or Dining-room Suite, upholstered in best tapestry^ saddlebasr squares, with dark green velvet borders; black and gold Overmantels; Treadle Sew- ing Machine in solendid order; Hat. Coat and em- bt,]! -and with 2 mahogany Hall Chairs; very valuable Grandfather's Clock by H. Williams, Car- narvon Weather Glass and Barometer; Timepiece in a miniature solid brass case. representing Big Bon London; noblo and massive Bookcase in mahog- any,' 7ft. by 8ft. high, with 3 glazed panelled cup- boards and 3 under cuoboards. movable shelves, etc.; a ne-st of 6 Drawers, 3ft. 4in. high., in walnut; Brass Kerbs; Dogs and Brasses massive Brass Stair Rods and Eves; very expensive Carpet Squares in Wil- ton, Axminster and Brussels; valuable Skin and other Hearthrugs: Axminster Stair Carpets; Cream Lace Curtains; choice Oil-Paintings; ater-colour Drawings Yascs, etc. A Valuable and Brilliant Toned P [ \NOFORTE bv Tolkien. London, specially manufactured. Elegant Hall Timepiece in thorough going order; noble massive and extensive Dining Table with 5 extra leaves in mahogany; bra-s- mounted Bedsteads with extended foot rails; Wire- woven and Box Mattresses; Hair and Wool YIat- tresses; Knee-hole Dressing Tables and Washstands ■with an extensive Wardrobe and centre-nlirrored plate to match; Chests and Toilet Drawers in Ma- hogany Towel Rails; Chairs, etc.; Step Ladders. A small Collection of Plate, etc. On view Saturdav. June 24th. from 1 to 5 p.m. Sab commence at 1 p.m.. prompt. OitiloEfUPs arc in course of preparation, and mav be obtained of the Auctioneer, at his Offices, Town Hall Chambers, Llandudno. 5 days prior to Sale. Telephone 0299. The Auctioneer would draw spe- cial attention to the fact that all the Carpets. Hearthrugs, etc.. were only recently purchased, and having had no wear are absolutely as good as new. 6 29215 SALES BY Messrs Robert & Rogers Jones, LLANRWST. By Order of the Trustees of the late Samuel Parry. COUNTY OF DENBIGH. I TOWN OF LLANRWST. MESSRS ROBERT and ROGERS JONES have been instructed to OFFER for SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the KING'S HEAD CAFE, LLANRWST, on TUESDAY, July 4th, 1905, at Two o'clock, in the afternoon, subject to conditions to be then produced. the following VALUABLE FREEHOLD AND LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES in Thirtv-four Lots:- Lots 1 to 4 linclusiv).-All those Four Compact. Ncwlv-Buiit Freehold Dwelling-houses and Pre- mises" called "POPLAR GROVE." situate near Plas Issa, and close to Llanrwst Railway Station. Loio 5 to 10 (inclusive).—"CAE ACRA" (Part of), comprising SIX CHOICE FREEHOLD BUILD- ING PLOTS, adjoining Poplar Grove, and contain- ing by admeasurement in all 8114 square yards or thereabouts. Lot 11.—That FREEHOLD PLOT OF BUILD- ING LAND, aclioining Carrington-terrace, and close to the Railwav Bridge, containing 605 square yards. LDs 12 to 17 -All those Six Freehold Dwoi'ing-houses and Premises, called "CARRING- TON-TERRACE." situate near the Railway Sta- tion. and facine Station-road. Lots 18 to 24 "(inclusive).—All those Seven Freehold Dwelling-bouses and Premises. called "SALIS- BURY-TERRACE," close to and adjoining Station- road. Lots 25 to 28 (inclusive).—All those Four Free- hold Dwelling-houses and Premises. called "RAIL- WAY TERRACE, situate in the rear of Carring- ton-terrace. Lots 29 to 32 (in,lu.,ive).-All those Leaaobo'd Dwelling-houses and Premises, called "SALIS- BURY HOUSE," "INIGO POUSE," and "DIN- ORVvTC COTTAGE." all situated in Station-read. Also the WORKSHOP, PREMISES, and GARDEN, adjoining George-street. Lot 33.-Thnsc Valuable and Extensive Freehold Pr<*ri>os called "BANK BUILDINGS," compris- ing the Bank Offices, and numerous other -on modious Rooms ¡l,,d as Offices, etc. also a srwioue Assembly Room, known as' "THE CONCERT HALL," situate in Ancaster-square and Station- road. Lot 34.-Th-,it Freehold HOUSE and SfKJP. V- gvther with the Cottage adjoining, called "THE WALK." situate in Denbigh-street. For further particulars and plans, -inn,v to Messrs Griffith and Allard. Solicitors; Mr P: Mclntyre, Survevor; or of the Auctioneers, all of Llanrwst. 29206 Sale by Mr F. A. Dew, COL WYN JB A Y. By Order of the Trustees of the late Mr SAMUEL PARRY, Deceased. C 0 L W Y N BAY. NORTH WALES. Important; SALE of Highly Valuable and CentraHv Situated FREEHOLD COMMERCIAL PRO- PERTIES in the above thriving Seaside Resort. MR F. A. DEW is instructed as above to SELL r<v '•{• [OM at the IMPERIAL HOTEL, on FRIDAY, the 7th Julv. 1905. at Six for Seven p.m. (subject to certain Conditions of Sale to be then nnd there produced and read), all those High- ly Valuable. Central and FREEHOLD COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES KNOWN AS ST. PAUL'S BUILDINGS, COLWYN BAY, viz. Lot i.—The WESTMINSTER TEMPERANCE HOTEL and SHOP—the Hotel now in the occupa- tion of Mrs Evan- as a Private Hotel, and the Shop in the occupation of Messrs Pusill and Son, Bakers and Confectioners. This Property has a most important frontage to 'Aberge!e-road—the main business thoroi-srhfare. Lot 2.—CARLTON HOUSE and SHOP—now in the occupation of Mr H. J. Edwards, Photographer, and ?ituated adioinine the Westminster Hotet. Lo' 3.-The ADJOINING SHOP and HOFF.- ir the occupation of Messrs Putsiil and Son, Bakers parry. Lot 4.-F()X-FAIR HOUSE and SHOP-ad- joining the last Lot, and now in the occupation of Messrs Jenkinson and Sons. Nurserymen and Greengrocers, as tenant? thereof. Lot 5.—OAK MOUNT HOUSE, situated in Rhnv- road, adjoining the Westminster Hotel, and now in the occupation of Mr Richard Jones, as tenant thf>roo: This Sale comprises one of the most important and ir.creasing'v valuable blocks of Commercial Pro- perties ever submitted for Sale by Public Auction in the town of Co'wyn Bay. Further Pa'-t;"n!ars. Plans, and Conditions of Snip will be published in due course, or information may b" obtained in the meantime of the Auctioneer. IT L'oweliyn Uhntnbers, Colv.vn Bay (Tel. 21), and Cast'e-stre* Conway (Tel. 2x3). or of MESSRS GRIFFITH and ALLARD, I 29169 Solicitors, Llanrwst. Mr. F. J. SARSON, VALUER TO THE COUNTY COUNCIL OF CARNARVONSHIRE. AUCTIONEER and APPRAISER. ESTATE AGENT. ConntT Cbambnrt, I Llandudnf). 109f I Sales by Mr John Pritc hard, I BANGOR. CITY OF BANGOR. Important SALE of Valuable FREEHOLD and LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES, occupying eligible positions, and forming Sound and Safe Invest- ments. MR JOHN PRITCHARD will SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, at the QUEEN'S HEAD CAFE. BANGOR. on WEDNESDAY. June 28th. 1905. at 2.30 p.m.. in such Lot or Lots and subject to such conditions as may be thero and then de- termined upon. Lot 1 to 16.-All those Sixteen Substantially- erected DWELLING-HOUSES, GARDENS, and PREMISES, situate and being Nos. 95 to 125 (odd I si Numbers). CARNARVON-ROAD. WEST END, close to the Railway Station, all in the occupation of a highly respectable class of tenants at moderate rentals, aggregating in the gross £257, and offering to Investors exceptionally safe and sound securities. Tenure leasehold for 89 year, from November 12th. 1382, at ground rents varying from JC1 to £ 1 10s each per annum. Lot 17.—The Excellent FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSE and PREMISES. No. 31. VICTORIA- PLACE. HIGH-STREET, in the occupation of Dr. C. W. Owen. Lot 15. The newlv-erected Detached FREE- HOLD DWELLING-HOUSE and PREMISES (with possession), Nc. 37, FARR AR-RO-AD. late in the occupation of Mr Thomas Williams, deceased. Lot 19.—Bv Order of the Mortgagee: The Pleasantly situate FREEHOLD RESIDENCE, "FRONOLEU." The CRESCENT, UPPER BAN- BOR. in the occupation of Miss Evans. For further particulars as to Lots 1 to 16 apply to W. Thornton Jones. Esq., Solicitor: as to Lot 17. to R. Jones Roberts. Esq., Solicitor; as to Lot 18. to J. Evans Jones, Esq.. Solicitor; as to Lot 19. to J Glynne Jane". Esq.. Solicitor, all of Bangor; and as to the whole to the Auctioneer, Bangor. 29143 jL'N'DER A DEED OF ASSIGNMENT. Re D. and R. T. OWEN. LLANDUDNO. MR JOHN PRITCHARD will SELL by PUB- LIC AUCTION, without reserve, on the Pre- mises LLOYD-STREET. LLANDUDNO, on MON- DAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, and THTJRS- DAY. Julv 3rd. 4th. 5th. and 6th, 1905. at ELEVEN a.m. nrompt, the whole of the Valuable STOCK-IN- TRADE of IRONMONGERY, briefly comprising Ranges, Tiled and Mantel Re,* ter, Gas Heating Stove. Furnishing Ironmongery in all its branches, Builders' Ironmongery. Plated Goods. Cutlery. NATIONAL CASH REGISTER and Totalizer, valuable Double Door Safe by Phillips. Office Furniture, Show Cases, etc., about 1500 lots. On View. SATURDAY. July 1st, TEN a.m. to FOUR n.m. Catalogues three days before the Sale on the Premises, or of the Auctioneer, Bodhvfryd, Bangor. 29153 LLANDEGFAN, ANGLESEY.—FOR SALE by -Lj PRIVATE TREATY, the Freehold Cottage, BRYNYMOR, overlooking the Menai Straits. 10 minutes' walk from the Ferry, commanding pictur- esque views of the Snowdonian Range; three Living and four Bedrooms; Garden, good water supply, and drainage.—John Pritchard, Auctioneer, Bangor. 29233 Sale by Mr H. Parry Jones, HOLYHEAD. THE MARKET YARD, HOLYHEAD. IMPORTANT TO HORSE DEALERS. FARMERS, LIVERY AND BAIT STABLE PRO- PRIETORS, Etc. IMPORTANT TO HORSE DEALERS. FARMERS, LIVERY AND BAIT STABLE PRO- PRIETORS, Etc. MR H. PARRY JONES begs to announce that h- will SELL bv PUBLIC AUCTION, at the MARKET YAKD, as above, on SATURDAY. July 1st. 1905. a Consignment of 12 to 15 IRISH BRED HORSES, various ages. Sale to commence at 2. £ U p.m. prompt. For further particulars, applv to the Auctioneer. Exchange Buildings. Holyhead. 29255 THE SMITHFIELD, LLANGEFNI. IMPORTANT TO BUTCHERS. CATTLE AND SHEEP DEALERS, FARMERS, Etc. MR H. PARRY JONES will hold his NEXT FAT STOCK SALE in the SMITHFIELD as above. on.MONDAY. July 3rd (and not Monday, July 10th, as- previously advertised). Entries frorr. some of the principal Breeders of the County v- ill be included in this Sale. Entries to be sent in on or before THURSDAY. June 22nd. 1905. The next SALE following will take place on MONDAY, July the 24th. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer. Exchange Buildings, Holyhead. 29195 Sale by Mr John Parry Jones, PENRHYNDEUDRAETH. LLEYN-STREET, PWLLHELI, CARNARVON- SHIRE. IMPORTANT SALE OF 5 FREEHOLD HOUSES AND GARDENS. MR JOHN PARRY JONES has been instructed bv Messrs E. J. Griffiths and Dr. S. W. Grif- fiths. to SELL bv PUBLIC AUCTION, at the TOWER HOTEL. "PWLLHELI, on WEDNESDAY, the 12th dav of July. 1905. the FIVE FREEHOLD HOUSES and GARDENS, situated at LLEYN- STREET, PWLLHELI, being Nos. 17, 19, 21, 23, and 25. The annual Rent of each House i- JE6 per annum, with Gardens containing 300 Square Yards at back. The Property will be offered at first in one Lot, and if not so Sold, will be offered in 5 Lots: Lot 17 and 19; Lot 2, 21 and 23; Lot 3, 25. All with Gardens at back. Sale to commence at 2.30 p.m., prompt. For further particulars. apply to the Auctioneer. at Penlan, Penrhyndeudraeth. and Pwllheli; or of Messrs Pieton Jones and Roberts, Solicitors. Pwll- heli. and Mr Watkin W. Jones. Architect, Salem- terrace, Pwllheli. 7291 _n. Sale by Messrs Lucas & Co., LIVERPOOL. HORSE SALE.S. LUCAS'S, HOTHAM-STREET, LIVERPOOL. WEDNESDAYS throughout the year for Cart, Van, and Harness Horses, Carts, Gears, etc. SATURDAYS throughout the year for Hacks, Har- ness Horses, Cobs, Ponies, Carriages, Harness, and Saddlerv. SELECT SALES for Valuable HORSES every alternate THURSDAY. Next SELECT SALE, THURSDAY, July 6th. Entry Forms and all particulars from Lucas's Re- posit.jrv. Limited. Liverpool. Tel. 5816. 100 CARRIAGES and 50 SETS of HARNESS always on Private Sale. SALE BY Messrs E. H. Owen & Son CARNARVON. CARNARVON SMITHFIELD. THE next FAT and STORE CATTLE SALE at the P AVILION FIELD, will be held at 1 p.m.. on"MONDAY. 3rd Julv, 1905. E. H. OWEN and SON, Auctioneers. Carnarvon. A. J. 0LDMAN. v I CTIONZER, VALUER, and F!ST \TK AGENT, MOSTYN-STRKET. Is L 6, N D U D N 0 HELSGRAMS: AN. LLANDUDNO 4. TELEPHONE: No. 118. ESTABLISHED. FEBRUARY. 18S2. All Salas peraonalN ronductpd: prompt Rett's- ,øY1h William Jones and Thomas, SCULPTORS, MONUMENTAL WORKS, High Street & Farrar Read, Bangor, ]V| ARBLE Head-Stones, Tombs, Granite Obelisks. lvJL Slate Hoad-Slones. etc. Also, Carving and Engraving executed fr.0m Memorial Cards. Free Estimates given for Stone-Dressing on Buildings etc. 27811 Carnarvonshire Billposting Company. THF. Billposters for C?.r*arvon, Pwllheii, Nevir, Criccieth. Pcilcnadc-c, Fenvsproes, Xant lie Vale, Clynnng, Llanbpris, Ebenezer, Bedde*!er* Port- etc. Parcels for Pwllheli D'.strict to be addressed !o i6, GAOL STREET, PWLLHELI and for all other places to the Head O'lice, 20, Castle Square, Carnarvon. 374'3 SITUATIONS VACANT. BUTCIIER. -WANTED, a YOUTH, to kill Smalls and make himself useful.—Address, Box 29243, "Chronicle" -Office, Bangor. DRAPERY.WANTED A SMART~YOUNG LADY to take charge of Ladies' Underclothing and Mantle Departments. Address, "Draper." "Chronicle" Office, Bangor. 29165 FLOUR SALESMAN WANTED, to Represent Liverpool Mill; must have established con- nection.—Address, stating age, experience, and dis- trict covered, to Box 29251. "North Wales Chron- icle" Office. Bangor. REGISTRY OFFICE, 120! HIGH STREET, PORTMADOC.—WANTED, COCKS, WAIT- RESSES. HOUSEMAIDS, and GENERAL FWn. V ANTS. Stamp ior reply. Terma. Mrs hlumphreys. 9.8127 ANTE IX a Respectable GENERAL" SER- VANT.—"W. i;Clorianydd" Office, Llan- gefni. ANTED, first week in July. Good GENERAL SERVANT, small family. Washing, Plain Cooking. -Nlrs-Nixon, Bank Place. Bangor. 29208 ANTED. ADVERTISEMENT AGE-NLT, resi "f dent of CarnaHon. Denbigh, Llangollen, Dol- gellev. Llanidloes, or Bangor, to call upon Hotel and Boarding House Proprietors; high Commission offered.—Particulars, Manchester Official A.B.C. Railway Guide, Guardian Chambers, Manchester 29236 WANTED, a GARDENER (HEAD), near Bangor, where Assistant is kept. Must under- stand Vinery, Greenhouse, etc. Wages, 25s per week. —Address, enclosing testimonials, to Box 29256, "Chronicle Office," Bangor. TSTANTED, GENERAL SERVANT, good char- actcr.—Mrs Da vies, Lloyds Bank, Beaumaris. 29262 "^7OUTII WANTED.—Apply on Saturday between 9 a.m. and 12.30 noon, The Bangor Bottling Co.. Plasllwyd-tcrrace. 29246 SITUATIONS WANTED. YOUNG Person SEEKS SITUATION JTs Y HOUSEMAID; would take care of little child; good knowledge of Dressmaking.—Address, Box 29223. "North Wales Chronicle" Office, Bangor. WANTS (Miscellaneous). TYPEWRITING, any kind, Welsh. English, executed neatly, promptly. 8d 1000 words. Duplicates cheap.—Tvpist, 20, King-street, Shrews- bury. 29173 ANTED, Small FURNISHED HOUSE or W APARTMENTS (Sitting-room and 4 Bed- rooms), in Upper Bangor, or near, for August. Rent low.-State full particulars, "L. W. "North Wales Chronicle" Office, Bangor. 29254 FOR SALE. FOR SALE, "THE CHAMMON PIANO," Walnut Case, all the late-»t improvements. ( ur nett Price, J318 18s, or 12s M per month, for three years. The best value. tn the world. The North Wales Music Co., Ltd., Bangor. 27981 OR SALE, a Beautiful WALNUT PIANO (Second-Hand), Full Compass, etc., in perfect order. E12 at 10s per month.—The North Wales Music Co., Ltd., Bangor. 27981 OR SALE. AMERICAN ORGAN. Two full Sets of Reeds, Eight Stops, Two Knee-Swells. Octave Couplers, etc. No worse than new. ;CIO 10s at 7s 6d per month; discount for Cash.—The North Wales Music Co., Ltd.. Bangor 27981 FOR" SALErHARMONIUM(SecoTd-Handj,Fi7s Octaves, Broad Reeds, etc. £ 3 15s nett.— The North Wales Music Co., Ltd., Bangor. ERSEY POTATOES for Wholesale Priceq.- Apply, A. G. Evans, Direct Importer. Bangor. TTO GAS ENGINE, 23 b.h.p., for SALE, in good working order; only reason for disposal; larger Engine just erected.—Apply, Nixon and rvis. Printers. Bangor. 28128 SMART Black PONY, Five year old; height 12.2; perfectly quiet; price. TWENTY GUINEAS. —Apply, Williams, Tyddvn Isaf, Gaerwen. 29230 ^2Tlt LISII PH<ETON on SALE. Excellent con- 0 dition. Suitable for Poriv. Very handy for children^or for adults.—Address," Box 29172, "North Wales Chronicle" Office, Bangor. TO BE SOLD" or LET. the COACH AND HORSES CAFE, situate in Dean-street, Ban- gor.—For further particulars, apply to J. Glynne Jones, Solicitor, Bangor. 29209 TO BE SOLD, Cheap, a SET of Strong OAR-T HARNESS. Owner no further use.—Apply, Britannia House, Gaerwen. 4 WAGGONETTES, one with cover; Victoria; 2 New Ralli Cars; New Lurry for Harness or gepr; Spokes, Shafts, Felloes, Pulleys, Pedestals Tel. 4x4.—Ilk Davies and Sons, Crown-street. Car- narvon. 2921F, CYCLES, &c., FOR SALE. BARGAIN. Gent's High-grade COVENTRY SLt MACHINE perfectly new, not soiled, best tyres and tubes. pfated rims, free wheel, rim brake, gas lamp, and all other accessories; beautiful Machine; sacrifice ;C3 19s 6d, approval willingly.— T Husband, Chargrove House, Ashoombe-road, eston-auDer-Mare. 28245 MISCELLANEOUS. -'T- YJOOT DEALERS, write for Wholesale Price List, 800 Varieties. — Holmes, Warohouse, Nortb- ampton-square. Leicester. 28651 |^ROM OCCLPIER to OWNER bv means of the -B- RENT. A step which can be taken by any Rent Payor.-For method, send Postcard, mentioning this Paper, to Dept. M., 72, Bishopsgat-o-street With- out, E.C. 29255 RINTED DINNER SET. Pieces, 13S 9cl (packed free); Sample, 6d.—J. B. Mellor and Co., Burslem, Staffs. 29155 0 RATS KILLED and found by Mr J. 4\/vy Evans, ot Blaenglyn, Brecon, after using one 1/- box of HARRISON'S "RELIABLE" RAT POISON. Equally good for Mice, Moles, and Beetles. Dog3 and Cats will not touch it. Price 6d. Is. 28 3d, and 3s 8d. Postage 2d.—G. W. HARRISON, Chemist, 113, Broad-street, Reading. Agent for Bangor: Bowen, Chemist-, Llandudno: Winter, Chemist; Holyhead: J. Hughes, Chemist; A'So-ryetwyth: J. P. Thomas. 28335 APARTMENTS TO LET. LLANFAIRPWLL. TO LET, Two SITTING L and Three BEDROOMS. Five minutes' walk from Llanfair Station. Close to Marquis of Angle- sey's Column. — Apply,„ Mrs Black, Tan Dinas, Llanfair P.G., Anglesey. 29156 TO BE LET. TJTOUSE TO LET, 17, GARTH-ROAD, BANGOR. A-* Possession August 12th.—Apply to Bradford House, Bangor. 29234 SHOP and HOUSE to LET, in best position of Pwllheli High-street. Suit Fruiterer or Fish- monger. No opposition. Reason of letting: another Business to attend to. A Bargain.—Address, Box 23240. "North Wales Chronicle" Office, Bangor. O LET. ROSE COTT AG E7^M E N AI BRIDGE, containing two Parlours, Kitchen, three Bed- rooms, two Attics, two large Cellars, with Stable and good Garden.—Address, Box 29235, "Chronicle" Office. Bangor. FURNISHED FARMHOUSES TO LET. u_+u_- HOLYHEAD. ^^TELL-FURNISHED FARMHOUSE: Two Re- ception, one Luggage, four Bedrooms, also splendid Kitchen accommodation; situated in beau- tiful part of Anglesey, near South Stack, and five minutes from sea.—Mrs Williams, Pen-v-bonc, Holyhead. 28834 I SALES BY PRIVATE TREATY. IT^OR DISPOSAL, nrivatelv. Good SADDLERY and HARNESS BUSINESS, with STOCK-IN- TRADE, in best position at Amlwch, Anglesey. No other within 6 miles.— Apjily to Griffiths, Saddler", Amlwc"- 29249 TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY. PARISH OF LLANEUGRAD, ANGLESEY (Near Brynteg P.O., and U miles from B-nlleoh Bay). A COTTAGE and QUILLET, known as BRON- HAUL, containing about a quarter of Acre- Freehold. — For price and particulars apply, Mrs Roberts, Ponciau, Llaneugrad. Brynteg P.O., An- glesey. DANEDD. -1 ELI,TR ymweled a DR. TONES, Craig Owen T (near the Railway Station), Bangor, bob fvdd Liu yn No. 16, Lledwigan-road, Llangefni. Vn Mangor bob dydd, ond dyddiau Mawrth ae fan. Yn Llanerchymedd (efo Mr Williams, Cymrir Rouse) o ddeg tan un, ac Amlwch o dd:m tan Bump, rvda. Mr Hughes, Stntioner, 8. Market-street. Chwefror 14eg, Mawrth 14eor, Ebrill lleg, Mai 9fed, a Mehofin 6ed. Yn Methesda, Uanberis, a Ebonezer, Dydd Mawrth cyntef ar ol Sachvru tal. TELEGRAMS: Wabtski, Telephone: 91. C. & H. WARTSKI, OBIADUBWYR A GEM WYE, Biifeglwys), BANGOR. n Dangosant yn awr y Stoc fwyaf a goreu yn Nghymru o Oriaduron a Gemau am brisiau eithr. iadol o ii-ei. Nodir pob peth a ffigyrau plaen, a rhoddir her i gystadleuaeth. Oriaduron o bob math mewn Aur ac Arian i gyfateb i bob llogell. ARBENIG. Oriadur Lever Seisnig o Arian Pur, "Cases Trymion," JE2 15 Dc. Pris arferol, £ 4 4s Dc. Gwarentir ac fe'i cedwir mewn adgyweiriad AM DDIM am DAIR BLYNEDD. Stoc eithriadol o Fodrwyau Dywedaio yn mhob ar ddull posibl, ac yn cynwys pob math i feini mewn Aur Pur, 0 Ds 6c. Modrwya.u Priodas Lwcus o Guinea .Gold. Prisiau isaf o 15s ac uchod. RHODDIR ANRHEG DEFN- YDDIOL AM DDIM. 1 YSTAFELL GYFRIN. YSTAFELL GYFRIN. Modrwyau Keepers o Aur Pur o 4s 6c. Anfonwch am Gerdyn Bys-Fesur a Detholiadau. Nwyddau Arian a "Plated" cyfaddas fel anrhegion priodasol. Spectols cymhwys am o 2s 6c. Gwneir "Prescriptions" i fyny yn gywir. ( PIONEER 1 I FURNISHING STORES LOTEST PRICES IN THE KINGDOM. 1 j! CASH OR DEFERRED PAYMENTS. | J Call or Send for 9 to 19, BOLD ST., I jf Catalogue and 1 I Terms Free. LIVERPOOL. I jj All Goods over 40/= Delivered Free to any 8 m Railway Station. m PUBLIC NOTICES. DR. WM. LEWIS" CHARITY. GRANTS TO HANDICRAFTSMEN. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Trustees i'< are prenared to receive APPLICATIONS for a GRANT from Young Men who have served an Apprenticeship to a Handicraft Trade. Applica- tions, upon special Forms supplied on application, to be received by me not later than the 12th July next. J. HENRY THOMAS, Secretary. Carnarvon, 14th June, 1905. 29212 PROGRESS • OF THE North Wales Chronicle." FACTS FOR ADVERTISERS. HE NORTH WALES CHRONICLE still retains the premier position' amongst Newspapers in the Northern part of the Principality. Owing to the remarkable demand for advertising space, we are obliged to increase the size of the paper from 8 to 10 and 12 pages as occasion demands. To prove the increasing popularity of the CHRONICLE as an Advertising medijim, we may state that the number of ADVERTISEMENTS received during the months of Jan- uary, February, March and April of the current year, compared with the corresponding period last year, show an Increase of 28 per cent. Still far crreatcr success has attended O the = CIRCULATION of the CHRONICLE during the same period, the figures showing an 0 Increase of 37 per cent. These figures do not require very much explanation. The vigorous JL O policy and the modern methods I recently adopted in the production of the NORTH WALES CHRONICLE, have been attended with gratifying results as the figures given above testify. These improvements have naturally not been accomplished without a considerable expenditure of money, but the Proprietors are resolved to spare no expense in order to keep the NORTH WALES CHRONICLE to the forefront, as a faithful and accurate reflector of the news of the week. Whilst it has for nearly a cen turyl been an ardent and consistent supporter of Conservative and Union- ist principles; and of the Established Church, the NORTH WALES CHRONICLE is, as a matter of fact widely read by ail sects and classes of the community. Its value therefore as an Adverti- sing Medium cannot be over-esti- mated, and we have every confidence in recommending the NORTH WALES CHRONICLE to Advertisers as one of the very best mediums to reach the Public.. The CHRONICLE has an exceedingly large POSTAL CIRCULATION, and num- bers amongst its Subscribers some of the wealthiest and most influential people in the country. TENDERS. TO PAINTERS, Etc. THE Carnarvonshire Education Committee invite JL TENDERS for Painting, etc., of the following Schools:— ABERDARON. BRYNCROES. RHIW. J LLANBEDROC. RHYDYCLAFDY. LLITHFAEN. GARN DOLBENMAEN. LLANLLYFNI. NANTLLE. PENISA'RWAEN. CAEATHRAW. Specifications to be seen at the Schools. Sealed Tenders for each School separately, en- dorsed "Tender for School." to be sent to the Secretary, MR E. R. DAVIES, Education Office. Carnarvon, not later than 9 a.m., SATUR- DAY, July 1st. Tho lowest or any Tender will not necessarily be accepted. ROWLAND LLOYD JONES. County Architect. 14, Market-street. Carnarvon, June 19th. 1905. 7292 SHOWS. Portmadoc Flower Show, AUGUST IJ-h, '1905. I President: R. M. GREAVES, Esq. Vice-Presidents J. A. A. WILLIAMS, Esq., and JONATHAN DAVIES, Esq. T>RIZES in every Branch of Horticulture; also for A Butter dressed Poultry, Jam, Honey, Stock- ings, Hose, Cleanest and Most Neatly kept, \Vorking- man's House, Cleanest and most Neatly written Exercise Books (Boys and Girls), etc.. etc. Schedules Free from the Secretary. R. G. HUMPHREYS, Auctioneer, 7294 Portmadoc. ENTERTAINMENTS, &c. No Visitors to North Wales should fail to see GLYN-Y-WEDDW with its Stately H 11 and Beautiful Galleries. THE DELIGHTFUL GARDENS Are now at their best. Admission to Ground and Gallery, 6d. riOMBINED TICKETS, including "the Marine ■r7! ir?ni Drive of eight miles, Is. Through liekets issued at reduced rates from all Stations on Cambrian Railways. Speeial terms for Schools, -Picnics, etc. Refreshments on the Grounds. ror particulars, apply: S. Andrews and Son ilistate Offie«, Cardiff-road, Pwllheli. EXCURSIONS. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS. ROYAL AGRICULTURAL SHOW at LONDON, JLNE 27cli to 3Cia, 1005. On JUNE "Cth, CHEAP EXCURSION TICKETS will be issued t) n n iv LONDON (Euston). "JGpCLL Pui-tieuisrs at the Station, nr from MR W II. GOL G H, Traffic Superintendent, Oswestry C. S. DENNISS. Secretary and General Manager. Oswestry, June, 1905. 7293 BLINDNESS EYE DISEASES CURED WITHOUT OPERATION BY WtL IAM MEL! OR The Eminent EYE SPECIALIST and Gold Medallist for RESTORING SIGHT to the BLIND. I have already RESTORED SIGHT to upwards of 30,000 people. Many of these were given up by various Eye Hospitals in England before coming to me. I CAN and DO RESTORE SIGHT to many of the BLIND. None need Despair. One Visit only is necessary: remainder of Treatment can be carried out at vour own Home. NO HIGH FEES. NO EXCUSE FOR GOING BLIND. If your eyes are affected in the slightest, give me a trial. Doctors and Oculists may have pronounced your case hopeless: 1, so this is tho chance of a lifetime. Send for my most interesting1 and çon- vincing Book, which wi.11 surprise you. Post Free on mentioning; this paper. My ONLY ADDRESSR WIVE. MELLOR;, 168, Oxford Road, Manchester. Cut this out, and keep it for future reference. 20126

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