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0 sleepless & Nerve-worn Business Man's Testimony to Dr. Cassell's Tablets. Vx. Poole, a busi- ness man, of 60, In- firmary-road, Sheffield, JM says: "Dr. Cassell's i TaMete simply worked wonders in me. I had become so s excessively nervous and run-down that I would jump at a. H nt S sound. I had lost. COl. fidence in myself, and the alertness and business activity I hart Mr It'ilrre(Y Pool,- formerly possessed ——————————" were gone. My diges. tion was very feeble, often there waspa,in and wind, and at night I used to wake up with a start and a queer feeling of dread. This had gone on for months, I was getting more and more run- down, when one day I read of similar cases cured by Dr. Caesell's Tablets. I got some and almost at onee I felt better. Naturally I persevered, and now I am as well and fit as any man of my age." Dr. Cassell's Tablets. Dr. Caseell's Tiablets are a genuine and tested remedy g for all fcrms of nerve of bodily weakness in old or I young. Compounded oi nerve-nutrients and tome* oi indisputably proved efficacy, they are the recognised modem tome treatment for NERVOUS BREAKDOWN NERVE PARALYSIS SPINAL PARALYSIS INFANTILE PARALYSIS NEURASTHENIA NERVOUS DEBILITY SLEEPLESSNESS ANÆMIA KIDNEY DISEASE INDIGESTION STOMACH DISORDER MAL-NUTRITION WASTING DISEASES PALPITATION VITAL EXHAUSTION PREMATURE DECAY Specially valuable for Nursing Mothers, end the Critical Periods oi Life. Chemists and stow-' all parts of the wCTld BeU Dr. Cassell's Tablets Pr ■ 1 n:-<i !>"»- ?.' 9 size being the il"- ec??ca.i. A"'t?..? ':m.9 s:Iejni1í1]be scnt CD YDU 00 Tpcpipt of name and addreæ and two I>snnj 'a.mBK for ?sta?e and Mc!dn? Address: Dr. Cass?Us Etd.. Jf¿a¿h:r?xa:nKla:t: Dr. ose11's