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Football. CHESTER AND DISTRICT LBAGUE. DIV. 1. Goals Teams P W L D F A Pts Greenfield. 8 7 1 0 30 10 14 Flint 8 6 1 2 14 8 12 Boughton 10 6 4 0 26 19 12 Mold Town 8 4 1 3 17 IS 11 Shotton 8 4 3 1 16 17 9 Holywell Victoria. 8 2 6 0 16 21 4 Bagitlt United 9 1 6 2 12 23 4 Queensferry 11 .2 9 0 11 30 4 DIV. 2. Saltney United 16 12 1 2 68 20 26 Chester Unitarians .,16 9 1 6 65 22 24 Mold Alya Swifts.. 13 8 1 4 42 28 20 City Mission 13 8 2 8 65 22 19 Flint Ohuroh Guild eo 14 6 3 6 38 24 17 Oonnah's Quay Ath.. 15 7 6 2 42 28 16 Christhton. 11) 7 7 1 36 57 16 Bagillt St. Mary's 14 4 8 2 21 39 10 Dodleston 15 2 11 2 17 60 6 Little Sutton 12 2 9 1 18 46 5 Broughton St. Mary's 16 0 15 1 16 78 I RBSULTS AT A GtANOK— Chester and District League-Div. 1— ^Greenfield 6 Shottoim .I •Bonghton 4 Bagillt 1 Chester and District League-Div. II- •Saltney United 3 Dodleston 2 •Ohristletoa .,«.. 8 Br'ton St Mary 0 *Mold Aljn Swifts 4 B'gillt St Mary.. 1 Flintshire League- *Holy well. •• 3 Coed Talon 2 Flintshire Charity Onp-Somi-final- Buckley Engineers 3 Holywell 0 (At Shottou). Combinatiou- Chester 4 Denbigh .2 Bangor fí Oonnah's Quay.. 0 Snltuey 2 Bryinbo 0 Naatwich 3 Chirk. 0 Whitoh«nh 3 Tranaiere 1 Druids 3 Middlewich 0 We"t Cheshire League— Mold Town 1 Lingdale 0 North Wales Coast Leagoe-Div. I.— Llanrwst 2 Carnarvon. 1 Colwya Bay. 4 Bangor Res 1 Llandudno 5 P«iineli 0 Holyhead 3 Llanberis 1 Couway .« 2 B1 Festiniog, 2 Noith Wales Coast League-Div. II.— Carnarvon Res. 6 Lland udno Res.. 1 Holyhead Res 4 Glaminfryn oI Pyke Cup-Semi-final- Obanter Castle 2 Hoylake,«,«•< 0 FIXTUEBS FOB SATUBDAY NEXT Chester and District League-Div. 2- B' sillt St Mary. v Br'ton 8t Mary *Flint Ch Guild.. v Ch'istleton *Saltney United.. v City Missiou Flintshire Leagae- -Greenfield. v Holy well ♦Jlolywfell. v Ruthin Orryddyn o.wGreenfield FOOTBALL TIT-BITS. Owg to the resent re-atrangement of fixtures between teams in the district, thereby causing no little coL. (asionp a perusal of the following may bo of ioterest. to readers of these notes, in reference to Div. I matcuea 01 the Cheater and I/istriot League- March 26th— Greenfield v Flint (Referee— £ J B Yates, Chester). Boughton c.««« v Shotton (W F Miller). Holywell v Mold Town (A E Perkins). March 28th—(Easter Monday)— Bagillt. v Flint (W B Yates). Holywell » Greenfield (W a xauiei). The muoh-talked-of mateb-Bagillt v Greerfield iN arranged to take l'lacu at Walwen field, on Saturday, April 9tb, and in view of Greenfield's bold bid for championship honours, the results of the foregoing matches will bit eagerly looked forward to. Holywell were unable to sustain the protest laid by them in reference to their Flintshire Challenge Cup semi-final, v Caergwrle, on Saturday weak. The matter was considered at aoueeting of the Flint- shire League, on Friday latt. Both taama ooncernetl bad tendered a protest on the same baiia of objeetion, being the disgraceful condition of the ground at the time of the matob, but the winners, at the interval, with the score 2-0 in their favour, teluiquished their case. "Saturday, April 2nd, will be looked forward to with interest in football circles, when two local teams will appear in cap-ties. Flint journey to Banger, where they meet Pwllheli in the North Wales Coast Amateur Cup final. The other matoh will excite conaidfcrable enthusiasm in the neighbour hood, when Greenfield and Bonghton appear at Bagillt, in the semi-finof the Chester and District Senior Oup. I The wiunbis play Mold Town in the final. Rolywell ate making good progress in the Flint- shire League. On Saturday, at Ffordd-fer, they were represented by a reserve team, when Coed Talon were visitors. Amongt the homesters, several gave a very promising display, and after a pleasant game, Holywell secured the odd goal in five. F MeNamaia performed the hat triok," scoring all three goals to the oredit of the Vios. Oooupying the inside-right position for the visitors was Edwin Williams (of Bryntord), formerly goal-keeper of Holywell County School XI.—Holywell were repre- sented by—A Nuttall; E Prioe and A Buyle JE Jones, H 0 Wilba. and T Conion; Ll Hughes, F MoNamara, H Evans, W Owens and Higgiabottom. FLINTSHIRE CHARITY OUP SEMI-FINAL Holywell Vies and Buokley Engineers both were visitors to Shotton, on Saturday, where they met as semi-finalists in the Flintshire Charity Cop, The game was in charge of Mr Owen, Caergwrle, as referee. Buckley were represented by a strong side, and inoluded members of the senior team (Liverpool County OomDiiintion League). For Holywell) R Edwards (at bllok) played a sound defensive game. Several chanoes were missed by the Vies, tiltttough the Engineers were admittedly the superior øiae. Buckley were leading by two goals, when close upun time a third point was awarded to them. Tae decision was resented by Holywell, who claimed a free-kick, alleging that the tail was struck into the net. However, the deoision was insisted upon by the referee, and the game resulted-Buckley, 3; Holywell, 0. A protest has been lodged by the Vios The following team represented Holywell J Jones; R Edwards and S Edwards Lt Rioharcs, J E Evane W H Rylands W E Hughes, T Hughes, J MoNamara, J W Williams and Ames. Bagillt United paid the return visit to Boughton, on Saturday, in the Chester and District League. The game was in charge of Mr W. Gtndy, wao made his debnt in the senior division. At toe close of time, the homtsters secured the maximum points, with a win of four goals to one. Saltney United and Dodleston met on Saturday, in a Junior Cup tie, which had been twice postponed owing to the absence of a referee. After a well- contested game, Saltney survived, scoring three goals to their oppoaeats' two. Cocnah's Quay Athletio were visitors to Ohristle- ton, and out of six goals scored during the matoh, the "fishermen" could only lay claim to one. Broughton St Mary's could ofiar but little resist- ance to Chester UnitariaaB, and afte; a poor game, for the second time this season batweea the teams, the Saints were defeated by eight goals to nil. Had it not been for the excellent play of tiae goalkeeper, Bagillt St Katy's would have met with a much heavier defeat on Saturday, when they visited Mold Alya Swifts. As it was, the game resulted in a win of loor goals to one in favoar of the home team.




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