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Carmarthen County Police Ccurt. SATUIIOAY.—June 26t]i.-Before Mr Dud- ley AV. Drummond, Hafodneddyn (in the (hair); Mr A. O. Davies, Uplands; Mr J. Li. Thomas, Gibach; and Mr J. LI. Tlumas, Deny. NO LICENSE. J.uiie; .Davies. farm labourer, Glyn Cottage li.angunnor, was charged by P.O. Williams, with keeping a dog on the 17th June without a license. Defendant pleaded "Guilty." The CoiiistaJble &aid that defendant was the owner of a Iblack spaniel dog above the age of six months, and that he would prefer to de- stroy it than take out a license. He had since taken out a license. He was fined s. od. and costs. ) OBSCENE LANGUAGE. John Morris. Nantglas; Edgar Thomas, Cihven; and Morris Davies, Pontleasli, labourers," of Peuygroes, were summoned for using obscene language in Llanarthney on Sunday, the loth inst. The defendants ad- mitted the charge. P.C. Jerikins said that 8.10 p.m., on Sun- day, the loth inst., he heard a disturbance in Llanaithney village, and on preceding to the :;pot. found defndants using obscene language There were a lot of people coming out of chuiroll. (Defendants were under the influ- ence of drink. They left the village, and in consequence of fresli complaints, witness went a:fter them and ,asked them to desist.- They were each fined 7s Gd and costs. TRESPASSING. For trespassing in search of game at Is- coed. Ferryside, on the 12t.h iust., Thomas Alorris, farm labourer, Nantygoitre-issa, Ua.iidefeilog, was summoned by Seigfrid Zaehert, gardener at Iscoed. Complainant said that on the 12th inst., lie was in Iscoed Garden between 9 and 10 o clock in the morning when he heard two shots. He proceeded in the direction, and heard. another shot, and found Thomas Mor- ns with a gun and a rabbit. Defendant said that he had had permission to shoot from Mr Aloses-, who owned the land. Witness told him that the land belonged to Mr Picton, and was let to a, Mr Williams. Mr Picton re- served the game.-Defendant was fined il and costs. Job Da.vies, farm servant, Tresilwood, St. Ishmael1, was also summoned f; r a similar offence. JMJSS Lucy EJenor Rrogden, Iscoed, said that at 20 minutes to 8 in the evening she was at Iscoed, when she heard a shot from the direction of the gorse patch. She pro- ceeded in the direction of the shot and found two men at the bottom of the patch. She went round the lower field, and they were still there. When they saw her they got over the fence on to Nantygoibre field, a,nd hid under the hedge but finding that they to P' ?aT ?ut- Witness went SSe^aidaSked them names. JJne said that his name was Job Davies, in the employ of Mr Rrchaixl Jones, Tresilwood wis s]°m+ f!m l)e,1(,)ng<"d> ajld "'horn he »as shooting the rabbits. The grazing rights AA ere let out, ibut witness reserved the soort- mg rights Mr Jones had bought the Si- ng of a field some distance away. The other man (a farm servant named Collins) n the company of the defendant, said he was :n the employ of Mr John Moses Xantv goitre-rssa so had a right to belLre The men had two dogs AA-ith them. Witness taJked Job Davies to let her see the aun and cartridges, and he did so. The cUn 'was not (loaded, but had been fired. Witness had i>re viously heard a shot in a plantation close by. Some weeks previously defendant was hoot- ing in the game plantation, and she saw him go Avith a gun and one of the do^s in the direction of Bryncoch, ° 6 Cross-examined by defendant: He did hide under the hedge, he was on Nantygoitre- Defendant, on oath suVl H1: svi "is Ibe master told him to go and see the colf<j SJ'S,field ha<1 take the g,m and try to get a rabbit or two. e also told him to take a dog so as to move met olu f°ne another. Witness met Collins, a farm hand at Nantygoitre, on the field. He was looking for slieeo Wi+. ShhST? CoUiiuT aSS him to go Brogden came up he gave his name and address lik-o a gentleman, of Vross-examined by complainant: He Avas walking all the tune, and did not shoot at he had tW dn 3 ?U,r Cartrid £ es> and those lie had that daj. It was on the return jour- ney that he intended shooting on his mas- ter's ground. He heard two shots, and told Miss Brogden so. Defendant did not clean (^i"]--8 SUn' ^le Sin in question cleaned far ? converted ^d not been cleaned tor a year, as anyone who knew any- thing about them would know. Alfred Collins, fa.ran labourer, Na.ntvsroitre !Taf' Richard Jones, farmer, Tresilwood (defendant s master) corroborated. The I'at- ter said that Avhen he bought the grazing nghts, Mr D. H .Thomas (of the the S 0f eerSS+Sl 1 +i!'n0y 'T T,mmas). the auctiom- ra'M,^ l' ri: ';uer'S tJiat thev oould fu 1 ,f -t P V16/11 dmVn" llie T^e was full of rabbits, and it was not AA-orth taking the grazing without that right Witness onlv gave defendant four cartridges. Cross-examined by Miss Broaden • Tim «S tie Shjet • t(> the field, and was used as such Wit- ness did not know that the auctioneer had no authority to give him permission to shoot the rabbits. They all believed him and took his AAord for it. Witness was sorry now. The Chairman asked for an ordnance snr- vey map, which was produced, and the posi- tion of the fields described. saWn tharVM,^Ara maSi,st^te, Miss Brogden said that Mr Mose.s and Mr Jones Avere not tenants under the Agricultural HoTdings Act, 1902. They only took the grazing for the summer. The Chairman said that the Bench were W. fit fa+? ? ?iant AA'ould be given the misled doubt. The case Avould be dis-

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