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St. David's College, Lampeter.

Ordination at St. David's.


I Are the Carmarthenshire…

ICanon Camber Williams and…

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I he, Keligious Revival in…

.The fielig ous Revival at…


.The fielig ous Revival at Ammanford. Never have such scenes been witnessed in the amman Valley as those now daily seen in connection with the revival movement. At Bethel Chapel on Sunday luu members were received into church membership, and at the Baptist Chapel, Bethesda, close by, there have been over 50 converts received since the revival opened. At Gwauncaegurwen the church at Carmel, which seats about a thousand persons has been repeatedly packed on the occasion of prayer meetings, and 120 converts have been made, including many who had never before attended a place of wors ip. In connection with this church the women have been conducting special prayer meetings, and the young people had also been very active holding outdoor meetings. At jBlrynamman the Congregationalists and Methodists have been holding joint prayer meetings, a notable feature being the num- ber of young people who have engaged in public prayer. From Brynamman to Amman ford the whole life of the people has been vitally influenced by the revival. At Gwaun caegurwen a notable change in the daily life of the people is noticeable. The owners of licensed houses at this place say their busi- ness has been reduced by one-third, and that the people who come to take their drink do so more quietly than hitherto. At Garnant young men fond of playing cards have burnt them. In the works, in the train, on the roads incidents occur emphasising the good influence of the movement. Workmen are more regular, kinder to one another, and more respectful to their officials, and perhaps more noticeable than anything else is the dis appearance of bad language. The horses, said a Gellyceidrim haulier, n^ice the differ ence, "the hauliers have become so kind to them. Many employers of labour say the revival has done great good. Inspector Davies, of Amamnford, says things are always quiet at this time of the year, but ho has no doubt that the revival has done much good. Licence holders at Ammanford say their business had been reduced, but more noticeable is the changed conduct of the customers. One said that it was now a pleasure to be in the business. There was no lewd talk. Two ministers who have prominently identified themselves with the work are the Rev. Towyn Jones and the Rev. 1. C. Rees. A novel sight has been the joining of hands by scores of young men and maidens in the gallery at Bethel, and all then testifying that they would publicly proclaim the good God had done for them. Scenes of intense excite ment have also been witnessed when batches of about twenty young women and men have marched up in a body to the big seat, kneel- ing, and then one after another engaging in public prayer. The influence of the move- ment has also been deeply felt at Christ Church (Church of England).



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