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Election Notes.

Newcastle- Emlyn Explosion.


ITHE ICarmarthen Mtthlg

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Don't Break Down.

Rid of his Wife,

A Vision of Paradise.


----='------.---'j Death of…

Local Deaths. -

A Pathetic Result of the Revival.


A Pathetic Result of the Revival. r .r.o-n. rrA TTtW TTANTVTiLY MAN RriMUV^ LLA CARMARTHEN ASYLUM. A painful impression has been created ^at Manellv by the removal to the Cai marine i Asylum on Friday last of a man whose mind has been unhinged, it is believed, by the reli- «rious revival. He was well known m the town, and had been a prominent member of Calfaria Baptist Chapel His behaviour had been strange of late, and he first attracted notice at a prayer meeting held at a chapel last week. During this meeting he rose to his feet and prayed that the minister mi^ be saved and that deacons giveri to drink mieht also find salvation. No little indig- nation was aroused £ .t the meeting by his utterances, and some of the deacons approa- ched him with a view to getting him to with- draw what he had said. He again rose and said they all knew his character since he was a child. He was not going to work any more as God had told him to go to preach the Word. 1 Another day he went to tneiocai iiu- works, where he ^as engaged, and going into the manager's office, asked the manager it he was saved. The manager was too suipnsed to make a reply, and his visitor fell upon his knees, and prayed that all the might be saved. After that he proceeded to the outer office, and inquired as to the spiritual welfare of the clerical staii. then left, saying that he was not going to work, as God had commanded him not to. He also described how he had been praying all night up till four o'clock in the morning, so that his wife might see the Spirit as he had seen it. He said that it was impossible for him to sleep until she had had the vision, and it came at four o'clock. During the last few days he had been act- ing more strangely than ever, and on l»m-s- day he was mentally examined, the pathetic sequel being his removal to Carmarthen on Friday.


jDeath of Jimmy Michael.

A Good Square Meal.

\Revival at Ammanford.


fPennillion i Lloyd George,…

Y Groes.

Pauper Objects to Service.

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