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The Heart and Tight Lacing.

Time for Courtship.


Time for Courtship. SERVANT GIRLS' PROJECT. A nice point was raised at the recent meet- ing of the newly formed Union of Domestic Servants when a member asked for a ruling on the etiquette of area courtship. No ruling came from the chair, although it was laid down that the domestic servant had as much right to a sweetheart as anyone else. Servants anxious to do the right thing are looking forward eagerly to the union mass meeting in October, when it:is expected that a definite policy will be formulated on a matter which so deeply concerns the affec- tions of its members. Meanwhile a member of the union com- mittee has communicated her views to a Press representative. Servants," she says, have received their followers' on the area steps simply because they had no other opportunities of seeing male acquaintances. One of the objects of the union is to establish fair hours of work, and servants, it is hoped, will be allowed more liberty for healthful recreation than in the past. I Followers,' therefore, will not be abolished, but it will no longer be necessary to make love on the area steps. "The union of servants will not find it necessary to talk to their men friends during work hours." CHILD STRANGLED AT HAVERFORDWEST.—The lO-months.oli daughter of Mrs. Mary Jane Thomas, farm servant, residing near Haverfordwest, was discovered on Tuesday evening at he grandmother's house at Portfiele hanging over the side of the bed with her clothes caught in the rail. She was quite dead, and is supposed to have succumbed to strangulation. TAXES AND CHILDREN.—The seriousness of depopulation has made France anxious to accord to large famalies some encouragement. At the instance of the Prefect of the Seine there will next year be a naw allocation of the tax mobilier. A man with five children who rents a flat costing £ 20 a year now pay seventeen francs an a half annually. Under the new order of things he will not pay anything. COURTED HIS DAUGHTERS.—An elderly and wealthy widower of Bale, who recently advertised for a wife in a local paper, received in reply a bundle of letters and photographs. To his great astonishment his three daughters and a niece were among the number who offered to beeome his wife. He carried on a type-written correspondence with all four, "just to see," he said "what they thought oi themselves." Then he made appoint- ments with them all in the same place and gave them a sound scolding. A curious part of the story is that although the three daughters lived under the same roof, each was unaware of the others' part in the Mail.


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