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South Wales Oslyinistic Methodists.


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One of the most striking and effective of the decorations in the Swansea streets during the Royal visit, was the wool arch erected by Messrs Parry and Rocke (Limited), Woollen Manufacturers, Swansea. It will, doubtless, be in the memory of many, that this firm erected a wool arch for the visit of the present King and Queen, who at the time were Prince and Princess of Wales, on the occasion of the opening of the Prince of Wales Dock, 23 years ago. This was undoubtedly the most novel and attractive arch put up at that time, and remembering this, the corporation of Swansea approached Messrs Parry and Rocke (Limited), and requested them to erect another of those arches last week. Messrs Parry and Rocke (Limited). have established a business which is unique in Wales, as they buy the skins direct from the butchers, and the wool direct from the farmers, they treat this wool in their premises on the Strand, Swansea, right from the time it is pulled off the skins until it is woven in the fabric, and they have established a very large and successful busi- ness. The arch on the present occasion was erected at the corner of Quay-Parade and Wind-street It is a very imposing structure, and measures 40 ft. from the surface of the road to the crown of the arch, and 25 ft. wide, it is com- posed almost entirely of wool, the bulk of it purchased this season from the farmers of Glamorganshire and the adjoining counties. The wool is used in the raw state, the fleeces :Æ. are laid on wire frames, with the bright side of the wool up, and sewn securely on them this forms the ground work, and at a distance it has the appearanc of velvet pile, especially when the sun or the electric light shines on it. On these frames are laid various devices in coiuored wool, the dragon of Wales in bright cardinal, the Prince of Wales's plume in white and gold, the Arms of the Borough of Swansea in purple, amber, and natural sheep's black. The outline of the battlements of the arch is in natural sheep's black, and from the centre of the arch were hung curtains of purple wool, which have a border and fringe of gold. On these curtains the initials E.R. arc worked ing gold letters, in the centre above these is a large croivit worked in purple, amber, etc., between the curtains and the crown is the legend, "God bless our King and Queen," worked in purple letters on a white ground, down the pillars of the arch are the mottoes, "Cymrn am byth," "Support home indus- tries," "Diwydrwydd y Cymry." This arch was profusely lighted by electricity at night, which showed up the wool and the brilliant and beautiful colouring to perfection. The whole thing was one of the most attrac- tive decorations, and as it was symbolical of one of the largest industries of our country, it could not and did not fail to attract the attention of their Majesties. The greatest credit is due to the artist who designed the arch, and the devices on it—Mr Walter Goddard, Swansea. "o.

Llandiio Board of Guardians.

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