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Carmarthenshire County Council Elections. SWEEPING VICTORY FOR THE NATIONAL POLICY. Polling for the Carmarthenshire County Council election took place on Monday. The returns, now complete, show that the poltical constitution of the county council— exclusive of aldermen—has been changed from 39 Radicals and 12 Unionists to 41 and 10 re- spectively, the change being due to the Radical gains at Carmarthen, Llanegwad, and Llandovery, and the Unionist gain at Laugharne. Of the 17 aldermen, 13 are Radicals. Therefore, at present the total members are: — Radiioals 54 Unionists 14 Total membership. 63 On the, 16th inst., nine aldermen (of whom two are Unionists) retire, and if the majority reserve to themselves all the aldermanic seats they will stand as 56 against 12. BETTWS. *W. Jones (R). 527 v T. Jones (R.). 505 Majority 22—No change LLANYBYTHER. *J. Thomas (R). 266 I 1 D. Williams (R.). 234 Majority 32-No changp QUARTERBACH. W. J. Williams (R.). 296 Gwynne Vaughan (R.). 289 Majority 7-No change WESTFA AND GLYN. Rev B Humphreys (R) 293 Rev John Evans (R) 129 Majority 164-No change ABERGWILI. *J. Lloyd (R.). 296 H. W. Pryse (U.) 125 Majority 171—No change CARMARTHEN (W., Lower). J. Lewis (R.). 162 *J. John (U.). 159 Majority. 3-R. gain CARMARTHEN (E., Town). *T. E. Brigstocke (U.). 268 H. W. Tlhomasi (R.). 267 Majority 61—No oheuge CARMARTHEN (E., Upper). 00, *Rev A. F. Mills (R.). 255 D. Davie6 (U.). 135 Majority. 120-No change KIDWELLY. *A. Stephens 296 J. G. Anthony (R.). 254 Majority. 42-No change LAUGHARNE. R. Evans (U) 155 J. D. Morse (R.). 152 Majority. 3-U. gain LLANDOVERY. J. R. James (R.) 196 Capt. W. Jeffreys (U.). 106 Majoritr 88-R. gain LLANEDY. *J. L. Thomas (R.). 280 R. H. Sampson (U.). 219 Majority 61-No change LLANUNNOR. *C. E. Morris (R. 182 D. E. Stephens (U.). 160 Majority. 22—No change LLANEGWAD. D. J. Harries (R.). 237 "Colonel Hughes (U.). 210 Majority. -ii-R. gain PEMBREY (N.). .R,ev J. H. Rees (R.). 272 Dr Williams (R.).174 Rev W. Williams (U.). 129 Majority 143-No change ST. CLEARS. J. Lewis (R). 253 Dr R. L. Thomas (R.). 218 Capt. Powell (I.). 28 Majority 35—No change