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I IL b _lw Up to the times in evry feature, the standard of Dlodern perfectiou, the IMPROVED WINNER OF THE MEDAL AMERICAN HAY TEDDER. WORLD'S CHAMPION AT THE AMERICAN HAY TEDDER. PORTABLE HORSE RAKE, MELBOURNE CENTENNIAL Awarded over 3,000 Prizes. EXHIBITION 1889 This is the only Tedder with Forks outside the wheels, and the hay is thus left in far better condition This Mower has a new Patent Lever for cutting than when tedded by the old style machine. laid hay, and with all the latest improvements. BEWARE OF INFERIOR IMITATIONS. speciality tor wales. W. T. has the largest stock of Mowing Machines, Haymakers, Horse Rakes, and other harvesting Machinery, in Wales. Prices very moderate. Chief Implement Depot at MARKET PLACE, CARMARTHEN also STOCK kept at MARKET PLACE, LLANELLY, and at LLANYBYTHER. NOTE THE ADDRESS- W. THO M A S) LATE J. L. DAVIES, Ironmonger and Implement Agent, Carmarthen. TELEGRAPHIC ADDRESS :—THOMAS, Ironmonger, Carmarthen. Peiriant Dllr Newydd Americanaidd Lladd Gwair. WALTER A. WOOD. Gellir gogwyddo y DOR-FOLLT (Cutter Bar) i unrhyw ongl drwy gyfrwng trosol (Lever) o fewn cyrhaedd y Gyrwr. Y mae CRAI'R GYLLELL (Knife Eye) yn syml, heb drwyll (Swivel), ac yn annibynol ar ogwyddiad y Dor-folit. Y mae CORPH YR YSTRAI (Main Frame) wedi ei wneyd o bibau dur wedi eu cyssylltu a'u cyfaddasu yn y fath fodd fel ag i wrthsefyll yn effeithiol bob ysigiad, a gwneyd y peiriant yn gryf, disigl a pharhaus. Y mae y DVNFA (Draught) yr ysgafnaf yn y byd. n TYST-LYTHYR:— Y Peiriant Lladd Gwair Dur Newydd a gefais oddi wrthych y llynedd yw y goreu a ddefnyddiais erioed. Lleddais 130 o erwau o Wair ag ef heb unrbyw goll (hitch) na tboriad o'r dechreu i'r diwedd. Yr oedd y cnwd yn drwm, wedi ei osod ar lawr a'i gynmhlethu (twisted), ac mewn manau gyda gwaelod gwifr. dew (thick wiry bottom). Ni welais erioed o'r blaen heiriant ysgafn mor alluog i wneyd gwaith peiriant trwm. Yr wyf yn eich sicrhau nad wyf yn disgwyl i chwi na neb arall i ddwyn allan Beiriant yn rhagori ar eich Peiriant Dur Newydd 1890 gyda golwg ar ei dynfa ysgafn, ei nerth, a'i effeithiol)-,wydd." HUGH ARNOLD, Glasgow Stud, Middlesex. THOMAS JONES, PRIORY FOUNDRY, Carmarthen. Yr unig Oruchwyliwr yn yr ardal hon. SWANSEA. B. EVANS & COMPANY WILL COMMENCE THEIR SPECIALLY GREAT SUMMER CLE TRANCE SALE ON SATURDAY NEXT, JULY 11th, And. continue same to END OF MONTH. THE CATALOGUE, 40 PAGES (SENT FREE ON APPLICATION) GIVES REASONS WHY GREAT BARGAINS MAY BE SECURED IN General Drapery, FANCY, and all kinds of FURNISHING GOODS. TEMPLE-STREET, SWANSEA. [946 Y Givir Yn erbyn y bjtd. THE NATIONAL EISTEDDFOD OF WALES WILL BE HELD THIS YEAR AT SWANSEA, On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, August 18th, 19th, 20th, and 21st, 1891, In a magnificent Pavilion, capable of holding 15,000 people, and erected for the purpose on the beautiful Victoria Park. Prizes Offered Ol 400 In Literature, Music, (exclusive of Gold and, and Art. Silver Medals) Some of the leading Artistes in England and Wales have been engaged for the Concert. The final edition ° of the Prize List may be had for 7d. post free from the Secretary. WILLIAM JAMES, General Secretary. 95 REES JONES, Musical Secretary. PUBLIC NOTICES. LLANDOVERY. THE LLANDOVERY HORTICULTURAL DOG, POULTRY and PIGEON SHOW, with SHEEP DOG trials, will be held TUESDAY, AUGUST 11th, 1891. Entries close Saturday, August 1st.—H. Alfred Thomas, hon. see, [815 COACH BUILDERS. T3 be disposed of at once, as a going concern, an old established business satisfactory reason for leaving. Stock to be taken at list price. Apply Greenwood, coachbuilder, King-street, Carmarthen. [842 THE OLD ESTABLISHED w ILK E S' HEAD COMMERCIAL AND FAMILY HOTEL, LLANDYSSIL, SOUTH WALES, HAS been re-oi>ened under new management and entirely refurnished, being now one of the best and repletest hotels in South Wales. The scenery is unsurpassed, with excellent salmon and trout fishing. Posting in all its branches. Terms moderate. ROBERT EDIS, 262] Proprietor. THE NEWCASTLE EMLYN ANNUAL ATHLETIC SPORTS and BICYCLE RACES, will take place on AUGUST 3rd (Bank Holiday). [;)ij I UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF WALES, ABERYSTWYTH. President—The Right Hon. Lord Aberdare, G.C.B. Principal-The Rev. T. C. Edwards, M.A. (Lond. and Oxon.), D. D. (Edin.) A large number of Entrance Scholarships and Exhibitions from £ 40 to £ 10 (open and close) offered for Competition. Examination begins TUES- DAY, SEPTEMBER 15th, 1891. A Fee of B10 per Session admits to all Classes. Single Classes, 91 per term. Women Students admitted into Hall of Residence (under Superintendence of Miss E. A. Carpenter) at a charge of 30 guineas per Session. For full particulars apply to the Registrar, University College of Wales, Aberystwyth. MORGAN LLOYD, Hon. Sec. July 9th, 1891. [957 GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. C^HEAP EXCURSIONS will run on MONDAY, J JULY 20th, DAY TRIP to BRISTOL from CARMARTHEN at 6.15 a.m., Carmarthen Junction 0.20, Ferryside 6.35, Kidwelly 6.45, Pembrey (v.55, LLANELLY 7.10, Loughor, 7.20, Gowerton, 7.30, and Cockett at 7.40 a.m. TUESDAY. JULY 21st, DAY TRIP to SWAN- SEA from CARMARTHEN, at 7.50 a m., Carmarthen Junction, 8.0, Ferryside, 8.15, Kidwelly, 8.25, Pem- brey, 8.35, and Lianttlly at 8.45 a.m. THURSDAY, JULY 23rd, for 2 days to SWANSEA, Neath, Port Talbot, Bridgend, CARDIFF, Newport, BRISTOL, and Bath from NEW MILFORD at 6.35 a.m., Johnston 6.45, Haverfordwest 6.55, Whitland 7.40, CARMARTHEN 7.55, and Carmarthen Junction 8.10. For full particulars see bills. I JIY. LAMBERT, General Manager. f.i2 UNITED COUNTIES HUNTERS' SHOW, OPEN TO THE COUNTIES OF CARMARTBEN, PEMBROKE, CARDIGAN, AND GLAMORGAN. PRESIDENT-THE EARL CAWDOR. THE FOLLOWING PRIZES will be offered for Competition at CARMARTHEN, on Thursday, 20th August, 1891 :— CLASS I.-For the best Hunter, Colt or Filly, two years old (bred in the Counties of Carmarthen, Pem- broke, Cardigan, or Glamorgan), £ 20; second best, tio; third best, t5 fourth best (if over 20 Entries), B2 10s. CLASS II.-Best Hunter, Colt or Filly, three years old (bred in the Counties of Carmarthen, Pembroke, Cardigan, or Glamorgan), 220; second best, £ 10 third best, C-5; fourth best (if over 20 Entries), £22s. CLASS III.- Best Hunter, four years old (bred in the Counties of Carmarthen, Pembroke, Cardigan, or Glamorgan), £ 25 second best, £ 15 third best, £5 CLASS IV.—Best Hunter, five years old (bred in the Counties of Carmarthen, Pembroke, Cardigan, or Glamorgan), B20 second best, 210. CLASS V.—Best Hunter of any age, up to not less than 12 stone,;t20 second best, £10. CLASS VI. Best weight-carrying Hunter of any age, up to not less than 14 stone, C20 second best, £10. CLASS VII.—Best Brood Mare, having produced a foal to and served again by a Thorough-bred Horse in 1891, £ 15. This Prize will carry with it the Premium offered by the Hunters' Improvement Society of a Gold Medal, or, if preferred, a Bronze Medal and 25. Second best, open only to Tenant Farmers, E7 third best, ditto, JS3. (The two last Prizes are offered by Earl Cawdor). CLASS VIII. Best Jumper, of any age, klO; second best, t5. Entrance-Subscribers, 5s. Non-subscribers, 10s. All Entries close to the Hon. Secretary, Lieut.- Col. Lewes, Tenby, on or before 8th August, from whom Entry Forms and Rules can be obtained on application. [959 I CARMARTHEN HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY. CARMARTHEN HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY. rpHE TWENTY FIRST EXHIBITION of ± FLOWERS, FRUIT, VEGETABLES, and HONEY, will be held at the MARKET-PLACE, CARMARTHEN, on THURSDAY, the 30th JULY. CARMARTHEN, on THURSDAY, the 30th JULY. I Entries close Monday, the 27th July. For further information and schedules apply to any of the Hon. Secretaries, Messrs Thos. Parkinson, R. | Browne, and J as. Brigstocke. FOR SALE. FEATHERS.—Pure, fit for use, to be had only of William Evans, Stag's Head, near Market, Carmarthen. [404. TO BE LET. f I^O BE LET, with immediate possession, _L Cwmtwrch Farm House and Garden. The cows also, six in number, will be let on hire for a period. Further particulars may be had on application to the Rev. M. A. Rees, Cwmtwrch, Nantgaredig, R.S.O. [791 TO LET for term, unfurnished Residence, in Vale of Towy, 3 Sitting and 5 Bedrooms, with Garden and 2 Orchards. Rent, £30. Also 29 acres of Grass Land adjoining (if required) at £55. One mile from Llandovery.—Apply, C. Bishop, Esq., Llandovery. [!161 LLANGRANOG, ON THE CARDIGAN- SHIRE COAST. rpo BE LET for the season or week that desirable X House, called PENTRE ARMS," containing Sitting-room, Dining room and 4 Bed-rooms well furnished fronting the Sea and Sands. For particulars apply to the Landlord, Evan P. Jenkins. [795 TO LET at Michaelmas, TVRLLYN FARM, near Gorslas, in the Parish of Llanarthney — about 118 acres. Apply, Middleton Hall, Llanarthney, Carmarthenshire. [941 WANTED. WANTED, Female Domestic Servants, from 17 to 35 years, and Farm Labourers. Obtain free passages by steamer to Queensland, where they receive high wages. Only payments £1 for ship kit and fare to depot in London. Gardeuers, Miners, Quarrymen, and Dressmakers obtain assisted passages. Married men not to have more than two children. On landing, emigrants received into Government Depot free. Approved persons paying full fare receive land order value £ 20.— Apply Agent General for Queensland, Westminister Chambers, 1, Victoria-street, London, S.W. [614 GOOD SPINNER wanted at once must be a good hand; state wages.—Apply T. Gibby, Factory, Llandowror, St. Clears. [780 WANTED, to purchase any quantity "f surplus HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, EN- GRAVINGS, MODERN OR OLD BOOKS illustrated by ROWLANDSON, ALKEN CRUIKSHANK, &c., or FIRST EDITIONS of works by DICKENS, THACKERAY, AINS- WORTH, &c. Good prices given. Apply to D. Williams, Royal Exchange, Carmarthen. [824 YX7A.NTED, an IMPROVER and APPRENTICE to VV Cabinet and Wheelwright Trade. Apply to Evan Rees, Contractor, Caeffwrn, Llandebie. [958 GENERAL Servant wanted, must be a good plain Cook, and accustomed to house work. — Apply, stating wages and full particulars, to Mrs E. Leeder, Uplands, Swansea. [955 AGENTS WANTED in Carmarthen and the sur- rounding towns, to form Watch, &c., Clubs, for the supply of BENSON'S Watches from £ 2 2s., Clocks, Jewellery, and Plate. On easy terms, no risk or trouble. Full particulars on application to J. W. BENSON, Originator of the Club System, Steam Factory, 62 & 64, LUDGATE HILL, E.C. [960 SALES BY AUCTION. PARISH OF LLANSTEPHAN, CARMARTHEN- SHIRE. MR JOHN FRANCIS, will offer for SALE by AUCTION, at the Ivy Bush Royal Hotel, Carmarthen, on SATURDAY, AUGUST 8th, 1891, that exceedingly valuable freehold farm, called "MWCHE," including the farms of Rooks and Ffynnone, containing nearly 300 acres. Further particulars will duly appear, and may be obtained of Mr John Francis, auctioneer, land agent, valuer and surveyor, Carmarthen or of MESSRS BARKER MORRIS & BARKER, Solicitors, Carmarthen. LLANSTEPHAN-CARMARTHENSHIRE. MR. JOHN FRANCIS is instructed to SELL by AUCTION, at an early date, that exceedingly desirable Estate, known as the Laques Estate, contain- ing about 180 acres, situate close to the watering place pfLlan*tephan. Further particulars will duly appear, and may be obtained of Mr. John Francis, Auctioneer, Land Agent, Valuer and Surveygr, Carmarthen or of MR. W. MORGAN GRIFFITHS. [948 Solicitor, Carmarthen. LLANDYSSUL. SALE OF FREEHOLD PROPERTY. MR. JOHN FRANCIS will SELL by AUCTION, at the Porth Hotel, Llandyssul, on Tuesday, the 28th day of July, 1891, that substantially erected Chemist's Shop, Dwelling house, and Premises, situate and being No. 8, Lincoln-street, in the Town of Llandyssul, with three building sites at the rear thereof. Further information may be obtained of the Auctioneer, at Carmarthen or of JOHN EVANS, ESQ., Solicitor, Aberystwyth. LLANPUMPSAINT. To BREWERS AND OTHERS. MR. JOHN FRANCIS, will SELL by AUCTION, early in August, that newly erected and much frequented Inn, known as the Railway Inn, close to Llanpumpsaint Railway Station. GWILLY VILLA, ABERGWILLY. MR. DAVID THOMAS is instructed to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, at Carmarthen, early in August, the above desirable Villa and Accom- modation Land, in two Lots. Particulars will duly appear, and in the meantime information may be obtained on application to Mr. David Thomas, land agent, surveyor and valuer, 5, Quay-street, Carmarthen. [945 CARMARTHENSHIRE. I County of the Borough of Conaarthcn, and the Parish of Llanfihangcl-Abercowin. Sale of a Highly Valuable FREEHOLD FARM, PUBLIC-HOUSE, AND ACCOMMODATION & BUILDING LANDS. MESSRS. LLOYD & THOMAS are instructed to offer for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, at 2 p.m., on Saturday, the 1st day of August, 1891, at the Boar's Head Hotel, Carmarthen, the follow- ing valuable FREEHOLD ESTATES:— LOT 1.—All that very valuable Freehold Farm known as NANTREAGLE," situate in the parish of Llanfihangel-Abercowin, and within 2 miles of St. Clears Rail way Station, containing about 95 acres of rich meadow, pasture, and arable land, now in the occupation of Mr James Jones, as yearly tenant, at the annual rent of £ 150. LOT 2.—The well known and much frequented Public-house, with the blacksmith shop, out buildings, yard and gardens thereto attached, called" FRANCIS WELL INN," situate at the junc- tion of the roads leading from Conwil and Lam- peter to Carmarthen, and within a mile of the town of Carmarthen, together with the dwelling-house or cottage and garden adjoining, and 7a. 2r. 23p., or thereabouts, of rich meadow land, all now in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Jones as yearly tenant, at the low annual rent of £ 59 10s. LOT 3.—Two fields knownts 'PARKGLAS-UC.HAF' and PARKGLAS-ISSAF," situate on the opposite side of the road from Lot 2, between the road lead- ing from Carmarthen to Lampeter and the Tin- works Mill Leet, containing 6a. 2r. 20p., of excel- lent pasture land, now in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Jones, at the low annual rent of £ 28. LOT 4.—The meadow called PARKCNWC," ad- joining Lot 3, containing 2a. ir. 15p., more or less, of excellent pasture land, and now in the occu- pation of Mr Thomas Alban as yearly tenant, at the low annual rent of £ 12. The whole of the land is in splendid condition, and the buildings on all the property are in an excellent state of repair. Lots 3 and 4 are bounded on the South by the Mill Leet, where there is always an abundant supply of Water. Further particulars and conditions of sale are in course of preparation, and may shortly be obtained of the Auctioneers,l, Lammas-street, Carmarthen or of Messrs G. & R. Thomas, Solicitors, Car- marthen. CARMARTHENSHIRE. SALE OF HIGHLY VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY. MESSRS. LLOYD & THOMAS will SELL by AUCTION, at an early date, that very desirable Farm, called "NANTREAGLE," situate in the parish of Llanfihangel-Abercowin, and some valuable Accom- modation Lands and Public-house, situate near Francis Well, Carmarthen. Full particulars will shortly appear. PEMBROKESHIRE, SOUTH WALES. MESSRS T. RULE OWEN & SON have received instructions from the Mortgagee to offer for SALE by AUCTION at the Rutzen Arms Hotel, Narberth, on Thursday, the 23rd July, 1891, at 2 o'clock precisely, in one or more lots, the important FREEHOLD PROPERTY known as the LAMPETER HOUSE ESTATE, in the Parish of Lampeter Velfry, comprising the modern Family Residence of LAMPETER HOUSE, with extensive and suitable Out-buildings, Gardens, Shrubberies, Lawns, and Plantations; the valuable FARMS of BIG HOUSE and DANLLAN, with other small Holdings; and several COTTAGES and GARDENS in the Village of Lampeter Velfrey the whole containg about 210 ACRES, in a ring fence, of some of the richest and most productive land in the County. The property is situated in a charming and picturesque district, is approached by good roads, and is about two miles distant from the Whitland Station on the Great Western Railway, and the Narberth Station of the Pembroke and Tenby Railway. It is bounded on the North by the Marias Brook, which affords a good trout fishing. Salmon and sewin fishing can be had within three miles, and several packs of hounds hunt the neighbourhood. It is also within easy distance by road or rail of the sea. As a sporting residence few places offer 'so many attractions, and the peculiarly fertile qualities of the land offer a strong inducement to intending purchasers as an investment. The whole Estate is in good condition, and princi- pally under permanent pasture. Limestone of excellent quality lies under a portion of the Estate, and is being worked with success and profit. Printed Partictlars, with Plans, and other infor- mation required, may be obtained on application to the Auctioneers; to Messrs Woodward & Jevons, Solicitors, Birmingham to Mr John Roberts, Solicitor, Narberth or to MESSRS EATON-EVANS & WILLIAMS, Vendor's Solicitors, Haverfordwest, High Street, Haverfordwest, June 23rd. 1891. [847