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AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION IN WALES. An important conference was held at the Uni- versity College, Aberystwyth, on Wednesday week last, in connection with the movement for establishing a department of agriculture at the college. There was a large and representative attendance. Mr Vaughan Davies, Aberystwyth, was appointed chairman of the conference. The Chairman said the question of agricultural education was most important. At present farmers' sons drifted off to the towns and cities and to shops and offices because there were no prospects of improvement in farming. If they stayed on the farm they were brought up and existed very much like the animals, and when they saw how those who went from the farm to the town smartened up, they thought they must go too. If by promoting agricultural education they improved the prospects of the future for agriculturists they would keep the intelligent young men on the farm. He had received many letters from persons in Central Wales interested in the matter, and the Agricultural Department in London had promised to help the college in every possible way (applause). Mr A. C. Humphreys Owen moved- That, in order to meet the demand which has arisen for agricultural education in the counties served by the college, it is desirable that steps be taken to extend the science teaching of the college, so as to include special instruction in those branches of science specially connected with agricultnre. Speaking to this resolution, Mr Humphreys Owen said he would suggest a plan something like that at Bangor, where lectures had been delivered and experiments made under the auspices of the college, and in intimate connection with that institution. Mr Roche emphasised the importance of fducaiion in forestry, and seconded the resolution. Mr Mih-r thought their best chance of success was in teaching the y«>ung people, and to do I hat schoolmasiei s niu-t be instructed (henr, hear). After some discussion Mr Humphreys-Owen's motion was curried unanimously. Principal Edwards moved- 'fha' this committee, representing the agricul- tural interests of various counties in Wales, recommends the council of the college (1) to add to the science department of the college a lecturer or lecturers who will give instruction at local centres in agricultural science, and (2) to establish the necessary plant for a dairy school at Aber- ystwitb, with a practical instructor. Mr Stokes seconded, and the resolution was carried. A committee having been appointed to settle a minimum sum to be subscribed by each county to secure affiliation with the college in this matter and fees to be paid by pupils from subscribing and non-subscribing counties, the following gentlemen were the persons appointed Messrs Vaughan Davies (convener), Humphreys Owen, J. Evans, Fairies Humphreys, Jenkin Lloyd, William Williams, R. Jones, H. C. Fryer, and Professor Snape. Any suggestions from any one feeling an interest in the movement should be addressed to Mr Vaughan Davies, Tanybwlch, Aberystwyth, or to Professor D. E. Jones, U.C.W., Aberystwyth.