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CARMARTHENSHIRE MAIN ROADS COMMITTEE. A meeting of the Main Roads Committee of the Carmarthenshire County Council was held at the Shire Hall, Cmmarfchen, on Wednesday, Mr W. O. B i^S'.ocke presiding. There were also present—Rev. J, Gwynne L twreiiec, Middleton Hull Rev. Professor D E. Jones, Carmarthen Rev. T Evans, Cilycwm Messrs J. Si Tregon- ing, Iscoed T. Morns, Co »mb J. Maybery, Llanelly C. E. Morris, Penbryn J. Bagnall Evans, Nantyregl wys D. Stephens, Kidwelly W. R. Edwards, Carmarthen J. L^ans, Allty- cadoo; Joseph Joseph, Llanuennech j W. N. Jones, Tirydail Dr. Howell Rees, lyrbach Charles Jones, Carmarthen W. J. Wilson, Llanelly D. C. P»rry, Llanelly W. b. Marsh, Penybedd; T. Evans, Treventy; J. D. Morse, Llan lawke J. Wiliams, 1 ontardulais W. Joiie3, Canton, Llanelly J- Davies, Ffynotida- folog — Llewellyn, Llanboidy J Lewis, Meiros Hall D. L. Jones, Abergwili D. Harries, Rhiwlwyd J. Lloyd Thomas, Tanlan J. Davies, Gelly and Wm. James Evans, Llan- dovery. Thomas Jones, clerk to the Council, Daniel Phillips and T. Davies, county surveyors, were also present. VOTE OF CONDOLENCE. The Chairman said that before they took up the ordinary business, he did not consider it out of place if he referred to the great loss which the committee had sustained since the last meeting by the death of one of its members-Mr J. Lewis. Philipps, B dahaul. Mr Philipps, when they last met, was in a state of health which made his recovery almost hopeless, and since then he had passed away. They should show their appreciation of the very honest and upright man who had t'iken a prominent part in the business of the county by moviug an expression of sorrow with the family, and by inserting the vote on the minute book and conveying it to the family. Mr D. Stephens seconded, and it was unani- mously carried. THE MAINTENANCE OF HIGHWAYS. The first business on the agenda was to consider the applications of the Llansawel and St. Clears highway authorities to charge the expenses of maintaining highways separately on each parish. The following was the application received from the former: "At a meeting of the Llansawel Highway Board, held at the Black Lion Hutel, Llansawel, on the 15th of January, It was propcl d by Mr Thomas Rees, seconded by Mr Thomas Davies, and carried, 'That as the basis or standard of the valuation lists for the purposes of the upper roads of the parishes of Llanybyther, Llanycrwys, and Pencarreg, in the Laniue er union, differs considerably from that of the other three parishes in the district, viz: Conwil Gaio (in the Llandovery union), and Llansawel and Talley (in the Llandilo-fawr union)—the district be divided into two parts, one part to comprise the parishes of Conwil Gaio, Llansawel, and Talley, the other part to comprise of Llanybyther, Llanycrwys, and Pencarreg, and to charge exclusively on each of such parts the expense payable by them in respect of maintaining and keeping in repair, the highway situate in each such part, and that the clerk be ordered to forward a copy of this resolution to the clerk to the County Council.' Mr Joseph Joseph proposed, and Mr John Davies, seconded, that the above application from Llansawel be granted. This was carried. The committee next considered a somewhat similar application from St. Clears. Mr J. D. Morse proposed, and Mr Bagnall Evans, seconded, that it be granted. Mr T. Evans, Treventy, proposed, and Mr W. J. Wilson, seconded, that it be not granted.—On a vote being taken 13 voted for the amendment, and 4 against. The applica- tion was therefore not granted. NEW MAIN ROADS, The next business was to consider the question of declaring and maintaining as main roads, in Pursuance of section 11 Local Government Act, 1888, and s.s. 13, 14, and 15 of the Highway Act, 1878, certain streets and roads in the towns of Llanely, Kidwelly, Llandilo, and Llandovery, and to consider the reports of the surveyor thereon. Mr Daniel Phillips, surveyor, recommended the following streets to be taken over by the county in Llanelly :—Pembrey Road, 562 yards New-road, 770 yards West End, 102 Hall- streat, 173; Vaughan-street, 153 Felinfoel- road, (hi he; to repaired by the county) 830; Brynceuau-road, 406 Mount Pleasant, 217 Thomas-street, 243 Market-street, 116; Swan- sea-road, 943; Upper Park-street, 176; Park- street, 126 Stepney-street, 413 Salamanca- road, 325 and Station-road, 600 yards, making a total of 3 miles 875 yards. He estimated the cost of maintenance at 2127 per mile giving a total of about E444 10s. A long, heated discus- sion ensued, the Llanelly members stating that they did not receive the same fair play from the committee as Carmarthen had. The Llanelly surveyor was in attendance, and many alterations to Mr Phillips' rep ort were proposed by them. Mr W. R. Edwards, in defending Carmarthen, said he did not wish to clash the one town with the other, but if they looked at facts, it would be seen that Carmarthen was by far the most import- ant. The receipts of the 4 toll gates at Carmar- then when the county took to the gates amounted to £1,902 J Is, and those of the 4 gates at Llanelly during the same year amounted only to £ 645 (hear, hear). It was proposed that only the roads given in Air Phillips's report be adopted as regards mileage. This was carried after much opposition, seventeen voting for it and six against. The next question was to determine what the county should contribute towards the mainten- ance of the above roads. The Chairman pro- posed "That the county contribute one-third of the expenses of maintaining the main roads of llanelly, the amount to be ascertained by refer- enee to the expenditure for the last three years." I' Mr Parry—We cannot accept that, chairman. n airman—But I give you exactly the same as Carmarthen. Mr W. J. Wilson—I think it is best to adjourn Mr W. J. W, Ison-I think it is best to adjourn "is, and let the local board have another tneet- because I know they will not accept those terms. Rev. R. G. Lawrence seconded the chairman's Motion. Mr Parry moved an amendment, but the chair- man's motion was carried by seventeen to six. KIDWELLY. The roads suggested by the surveyor to be taken over at Kidwelly were that from Gardde boundary stone to Pinged Hill boundary stone, 1046 yards from Town Hall to Monksford Bridge, 497 yards from Pelican Hotel to Rail- way station, 773 yards, total, one mile, 556 yards, I at a cost of 230.-Tlie report was adopted with- out alteration. LLANDILO. The roads applied for to be taken over at Llandilo were—Rhosmaen-street, 430 yards bridge-street, 150 yards ;-King street, 145 yards George-street, 100 yards; Upper Carmarthen- street, 150 yards New Road, 355 yards making a total of 1,330 yards The expense of their Maintenance was £ 115, exclusive of JE59 spent in Paving Rhosmaen-street last year. Mr W. N. Jones proposed, and Mr J. Davies seconded, that the application of Llandilo, as regards mileage, he adopted. Mr W. J. Wilson proposed, and Mr Parry an amendment that King-street, ^eorge-street, and Upper Carmarthen-street, be olllÍtted from the mileage. On a vote being taken, eleven voted for the ^hiendment, and seven against. The three streets were therefore omitted. Rev. R. G. Lawrence proposed that one-third ^he expenditure be allowed to Llanailo for their Maintenance, and also one-third of the cost of Paving Rhon maen-street. Mr Parry proposed, and Mr J. Evans, Allty- Cadno, seconded, that the money for paving be ^eluded. — A vote being taken, the Clerk declared eight to have voted for the amendment cl ^■hd seven against.—The voting was questioned y one of the members, and on a second poll eing taken the votes were equal—11 for each side. The Chairman gave his casting vote in avour of allowing the money, and it was accord- antly allowe i. The total number of yards, therefore, taken °Jrer at Llandilo is 960 yards, and the sum al»owed, £ 60. LLANDOVERY. The roads api)lied to be taken over by Llan- dovery were—the road commencing opposite Giifden-lane, near the Clarence, leading through Broad-street, King-street, and High-street, and ending at Brilti Bridge, connecting the main line from Llangadock to Trecastle, 685 yards; also the road commencing on the south side of the meat market, through Stone-street, ending at Bowdwr bridge on the borough boundary, con- necting main line with Sugarloaf main road, 401 yards the New Station-road, commencing by the Ncrth Western Hotel and ending at the boundary on Bowdwr bridge, 423 yards; and the road leading from King's Head down by the Black Ox, 195 yards, making a total of 1,704 yards. Mr W. J. Evans proposed, and Rev. T. Evans seconded, that the application of the borough be granted. Mr Parry proposed an amendment that the new Station-road and the road from the King's Head to the Black Ox be omitted. The amendment was carried. It was decided to allow Llandovery JE24 a year for their maintenance. PEMBREY. Mr W. S. Marsh proposed that the road from Pembrey village to Burry Port station, also the road from Plasnewydd to Burry Port be taken over by the County Council as main roads. It was resolved to grant 925 a year towards the roads, instead of taking them over altogether. NEWCASTLE EMLYN. The Chairman proposed that the present high- way between the boundary post of Aberarad, and the boundary stone (opposite the parish road) at Pontprengwddon, in the parish of Cenarth, containing in all 749 yards, be constituted a main road. Mr W. N. Jones seconded, and it was carried. —The amount allowed for maintenance was 224. BRIDGES. Mr Charle3 Jones had a motion on the agenda That the sum of C25 should be given towards the bridge over the river Duad, all other expense being subscribed by the parishioners." The Clerk intimated that Mr Jones's motion could not be discussed, as there was a resoluti"n on the minute book passed at the last November meeting that no question pertaining to bridges be entertained for six months from that date. The committee then rose.