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LLANDYSSUL. FUNERALS OF TWO BROTHERs.On Monday last the funerals of Mr Evau Davies, of Troed- rliiw, and Mr David Davies, of Cefng.vallter, Llandyssul, took place, when the remains were interred in the Llandyssul Parish Church, at 11 and 3 o'clock respectively. The two brothel shad been ailing for a considerable time. When David I. Davies heard of his brother's death, he only sur- vived him a few hours, the two dying on the same day, at the age of 76, and 86. Both were much respected. SCHOOL BOAltD.-The triennial election for the parish of Llandyssil has been fixed to take place on the 23rd instant. Since the board's formation in the year 1876, three of the members have been Liberals and two Conservatives. The Liberal Association met on Friday evening at Carmel Chapel, to appoint their three men, and upon the proposition of Mr Evans, Porth Hotel, the following gentlemen were named as fit and proper persons, namely Rev. Thomas Thomas, I -=- r Pantydefaid Rev. T. P. Phillips, Zion and Mr Evan Evans, The Shop. Notwithstanding the fact that these three had for years seived the Board faithfully end well, one Captain Davies, who has only recently come to the parish, must needs get up and propose a Radical working man as a candidate, refusing at the same time to name him. After a great deal of idle talk the meeting had to be adjourned to Monday, in order to be furnished with Captain Davies's nominee, and to effect a compromise, if possible, to avoid an election. Accordingly, at the meeting on Monday, Mr Thomas Crimea Davies, was pro- posed as the Radical Working-man Candidate, but upon the vote of the meeting being taken, there was a large majority against him, and the three gentlemen above-named were duly de- clared to represent the Liberal interest on the New Board. The members ( f the Democratic association recently formed here ay that they will place Mr T. C. Davies on the top of the poll. In cise of a contest the fight will be a severe one, as the two Radical associations are anxious to know their respective strength. The candi- dates nominated are Messrs Charles Lloyd, Waun- ifor, Rees Thomas, Green Park (Conservatives); and Revs. T. Thomas, T. P. Phillips, Messrs Evan Evans and T. C. Davies (Liberals). 1




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