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I THE CARMARTHEN TRADESMEN'S BALL. List Friday the magnificent main room of the Assembly Rooms, was once again dressed in one of the prettiest and most charming manner human mind could well design. On the occasion of the Tradesmen's Ball, the practised hands of the ever ready and willing Mrs and the Misses Wells, Mr and Mrs C. E. Davies, King-street, Mr James John, solicitor, and a few others, were artistically brought to bear en the recently improved hall. The materials were "ery kindly supplied by Mrs Morris, Coomb, Alderman Norton, Captain Brown, and Dr Hearder, to all of whom the thanks of the Committee are tendered. The Committee, at whose head stood our genial and popular Mayor (Mr T. Jenkins), worked most assiduously to make the Ball a com- plete and creditable success, and Mr Arthur Lewis, Commerce House, admirably fulfilled the onerous duties of secretary. Various tinted fl-igs and bannerettes were slowly waved to and fro by the gentle breeze of the dance, and the raised plat- fonn loaded with large and select plants and exotics, was converted into a veritable charming bower, from within which were to be heard the finely touched and inspiring strains of Messrs. Jones's String Band, which furnished the necess- ary music. The tradesmen of the town have for the last thirty years, been lost in a kind of lethargy, as far as as their annual ball is con- cerned. But with spirits brighter and hearts merrier, on account, perhaps, of the general improvement in trade, and an appreciable reduction of the income tax, they came forth last Friday evening, in a truly brilliant form. Few, however we believe, of those that were present on Friday last, had taken part in the preceding ball which took place on January 5th, 1860, and when the duties of secretary devolved upon the shoulders of our estimable townsman^Mr Puddicombe. It must be gratifying to those veterans—the promoters of these s »cial gatheiings in days so long ago—to find that, if after three decades of silence, their- younger friends and successors have now entered the van of such amusements, and are well able to maintaiu their dignity with no small degree of credit. The company bean to arrive shortly before 9 o'clock, and they kept pouririglin in quick succession until there were some 150 present. If the room did not giitter with profusely brilliant military uniforms, dresses characteristic of every age and nation, the scarlet coats, ruffles, and pantaloons of the hunting country squires, and heads and necks wearing profuse diamond tiaras and pearl necklaces, this company wanted no- thing in elegance, charming figures, beautiful faces, rendered still more becoming by powdered hair, and neat and costly dresses an I ornaments. In short, the general excellence of the "turn out" (if we may be pardoned the term) coupled with their rich and ornate murial surroundings, formed a scene at once real and enchanting. Mayor and burgess, physician and patient, lawyer and client, town councillors, town clerk, chemists, auctioneers, stationers, dentists, and hotel propri- etors, drapers and grocers, all vied with each other, in happy and blissful indifference to provoking class distinctions, with the proud result that this Ball must be chronicled as one of the most successful ever held in our ancient borough. Sincere hopes are entertained that, having met with such an encouraging start, our tradesmen will now make it one of the annual institutions of the town. The craving of the inner man was thoroughly well-attended to by Mr D. E. Williams, Ivy Bush Royal Hotel, who supplied the Ball supper and refreshments. The mention of Mr Williams name is a sufficient guarantee to all who know him that the viands were of the choicest description. Dancing was kept up with much spirit until after 5 o'clock the following morning. LADIES.—Among the ladies present were—Mrs T Jenkins (mayoress), black velvet, cream ostrich feathers; Mrs Maclune, Grange, Pontypridd; Miss Lewis, Park Hotel, Cardiff, pink Miss Woodcliffe, Cardiff, cream and gold; Mrs Llewellyn Thomas and Miss Allen, Goring-road, Llanelly, white satin; Mrs R M Thomas, black brochic silk; Mrs Wells, black velvet; Miss Wells, black; Miss Muriel Wells, white; Mrs John Francis, ruby velvet; Mrs W Lewis Hughes, black net ;ind red ostrich feathers; Miss Thomas and Miss G Thomas, Starling Park, cream Mrs Olive, black silk; Miss Olive, white tulle and white satin; Mrs Colby Evans, grey brochie silk trimmed with white. luce with scarlet plumes; MrsJames John. cream satin; Mrs J W Forbes, brown and gold mervellieux; Mrs Charles Jones, cream cashmere; Mrs John Jenkins, pink and black silk; Mrs J Williams, black and white; Mrs H Thomas, black silk with apricot and black feathers; Mrs W S Phillips, brown poppy trimmed gold Mrs E Williams, buttercup satin and net; Mrs J Davies, gold and black; Mrs J H Davies, black over orange; Mrs J P Richards, primrose brochie; Mrs Charles Davies, black; Mrs W S Morris, black silk trimmed red; Mrs J B Arthur, black mervellieux trimmed gold; Miss Arthur, cream surah; Miss Spivey, pink net; Miss Bowers, white satin; Miss Francis, Danygrai", pink- brochie and pongee silk Miss Brown, straw- berry nun's veiling; Miss J Mackarzie Brown, coudour nun's veiling; Miss Lewis. Commerce House, pale blue gauze Miss Hilda Lewis, black net; Miss Stephens, Lau, cream cashmere; Miss Rowe, Myrtle Hill, white, trimmed biack; Miss Harries, St. Clears, gold and black; Miss Rickard, ivory satin; Miss Williams, Spilman-street, black Miss J A Davies, King-street, cream cashmere; Miss Clair, black net over red; Miss Harvey, black net aud silver; Miss Wade, pink; Miss Ayliug, heliotrope; Miss O'Brady, cream; Miss Lloyd, Nott-square, cream; Miss Stephens, Kidwelly, pale blue; Miss Bees, Llanelly, buttercup satin; Mips Johns, cream cashmere; Miss M Johns, pink nun's veiling Miss Tottie Davies, King-street, cream; Miss Morgan, King-street, pink; Miss Anderson, black lace and steel; Miss Lougliar, St. Clears, black velvet trimmed with chrysanthemums; Miss Hopkins, Swansea; Miss Howells, St. Clears; Miss Wride, St. Clears. GENTLEMEN. Among the gentlemen present were—Mr T Jenkins (M lyor), Mr Maclune, Ponty- pridd; Mr Llewellyn Thomas, Llanelly; Mr David Lloyd, Mr Whiteoak, Mr Jack Davies, Mr James Davies, Mr Henry Cadle, Mr J W Forbes, Mr E C Evans, Mr John Francis. Mr E W Francis. Mr D W Rees, Llanelly; Mr W S Morris, Mr R M Thomas, Mr D P Morgan, Dr E H Williams, Mr H E Richards, Mr T 0 Edwards, Mr Stephen Morgan, Mr J C Morgan, ironmonger, Mr E James, dentist, Mr J P Richards, Mr W Joseph, Mr J Lloyd, Peny- bank; Mr Charles Jonis, Dr. Gibbon, Messrs Holding (2). Dr. W L Hughes, Mr Charles E Davies, Mr Ben Spivey, Mr Lewis Reos, Mr Vincent Thomas, Mr D T Lewis, Narbeith; Mr Simon Thomas, Mr Henry Thomas, Mr J B Arthur, Mr Owen Norton, Mr James John, solicitor Dr. W. Harris, Mr Frank G wyn, Mr Griffiths, Compton House; Mr Williams, Broadlay; Mr T Rees, Kidwelly; Mr Stephens, Arlis; Mr Joseph Burgess, Mr John Lewis, and Mr ALI. Lewis, Commerce House; Mr John Jenkins, Mr Taylor, Bank; Mr J. Williams; Mr B'and, Haverfordwest; Mr Price, Pembroke D,)ck; Mr Clarke, Haverfordwest; Mr Lawrence, Haverfordwest; Mr E A Roberts, Llandilo; Mr Thomas, Llanelly.










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