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CARMARTHENSHIRE COURSING CLUB. President, Mr W. J. Buckley, M.F.H. vice-presi- dents, Messrs T. Morris, Dudley Drammond, and Noel Church; stewards, Messrs T.Jenkins (Mayor of Carmarthen), D. H. Thomas, T. Evans, D. E. Stephens, Vincent Howell Thomas, W. S. Phillips, D. Richards, and T. R. Jones; flag steward, Mr Simcn Thomas; slip steward, Mr Rees, M.R.C.V.S.; hon. sees., Messrs H. Cadle and S. W. Thomas; judge, Mr ii. C. Fulwell slipper, Mr R. Jeffery. On Monday night the members of the Club mot at the Boar's Head Hotel, when the draw for the following days' coursing was made. After the draw about 50 members sat down to a good s-pread provided by Hostess Oltve, the Mayor, Mr T. Jenkins, presiding. The cloth removed, several toasts were proposed, and a jovial evening spent. The Mayor proposed "The Queen and Royal Family," which was drunk with musical honours, Mr T S. Puddicombe accompanying song, "Home sweet home," Mr Tom Jones; toast "Success to the Carmarthenshire Coursing Club," proposed by Mr Talbot Norton, and coupled with the name of Mr D. H. Thomas, Derllys, who responded; song, "It's very much warmer there" Mr J. H. Spurry, pianoforte solo, Mr T. S. Puddicombe; song, The birds upon the trees," Mr David Ellis; song, Hop a deri dando," Mr W. S. Phillips. Mr Tom Jones in a well chosen speech proposed the health of the Mayor, andregretted the absence of their president, Mr W. J. Buckley. The toast was duly honoured, three hearty cheers been also given for Mrs Jenkins, and all the little Jenkinses.—The chairman in responding thanked all present for the kind toast. He trusted the illness of the president would be of short duration. For himself he was always but too pleased to further any legitimate sport. He loved sport. He was sorry the entries were so few in number. More members of the Club ought to keep greyhounds, and not trust to two or three to keep up the success of the Club. It was all very well to keep a greyhound, and win a 930 stake, but wh(n they put together the cost of keeping the dog, they would very often find the balance on the wrong-side. If more members kept greyhounds, the adverse bal- ance, would be more evenly divided amongst them (hear, hear). A song was next well rendered by Mr John Rees. Roars of laughter were evoked when Mr J. E. Williams sang the comic song, "More than ever." Mr W. Vincent Thomas proposed the "Health of the farmers over whose farms we course." Mr James Phillips, whose name was coupled with the toast, responded on behalf of the farmers.—The printed cards of the draw had now arrived, and bets were offered and taken. The eighth meeting of the above club took place on Tuesday on Pantdwfn Grounds in fair weather, and in the presence of a large concourse of spectators. Hares were numerous aud ran stout, very few being killed. Judging and slipping gave universal satisfaction. Owing to the insufficiency of entries it was decided to complete the card in one day, and this was easily done. MrT. Jenkins's old favourite, Lady Emlyn, again divided the Club Stakes. Mr D. E. Stephen's kennel also seemed to be in very good form, his three saplings showing marked superiority over their respective opponents, notably Stoic, which ran clean out of sight of those pitted against, him. Appended is a complete de- tailed account of the sport:— The CLUB STAKES, for all ages, at f3 10s. each. Winner, .£18; 2nd, .£6. I. Mr D. E. Stephen's (Mr Christopher Williams) Re. visor beat Mr T. Thomas's Lord Dynevor Mr T. Jenkins's Mentra Gwen beat Mr D. Richard's Slender Mr T. Jenkins's Lady Emlyn beat Mr G. Richard's Galliard Mr D. Richards's Rostoffina beat Mr D. H. Thomas's Linda II. Revisor bt Mentra Gwen; Lady Emlyn bt Rostoffina Stakes divided. The PANTDWTN STAKES, for dog and bitch puppies. at X3 10s each. Winner, .£18; 2nd £ 0. 1. Mr T. R. Jones's Overcaru beat Mr R. Lloyd's Homeless II Messrs Cadle and Evans's Remnant IV. beat Mr W. S. Phillips's Gomer Mr G. Griffiths's Patent II. beat Mr D. Richards's Roving Lad II. Mr T. R. Jones's Gwncheicaru beat Mr T. Jenkins's Joe Capp. II. Remnant IV.bt Overcaru; II. Gwachelcaru bt Patent Stakes divided. The FIRST SAPLINGS' STAKES, at X2 10s each Winner, £ 6 10s; 2nd, £ 2 10s. Mr H. D. Yorath'b Yokena beat Mr T. Jenkins's Mike Manning Messrs Cadle and Evans's Prince Llewellyn belt Mr T. R. Joues's Cariadfach Stakes divided. The SECOND SAPLINGS' STAKES at f2 10s each Winner, X6 10; 2nd, X2 Its. Mr H. D. Yoritbs's Yellowstone beat Messrs Cadle and Evans's Lady Clare Mr D. E. Ste;,Le.ls's Slogan beat Mr T. Jenkins's Lady Hamilton Stakes divided. The THIRD SAPLINGS' STAKES, at 30s each Winner t4 .£1 10s. Mr D. E. Stephen's San low beat Mr V. H. Thomas's Lord Vincent Mr D. E. Stephen's Stoic beat Mr T. Jenkins's Lady Bute Stakes divided. DESCRIPTION OF THE COURSES. CLUB STAKES. Revisor, in a good stretch, led Lord Dyneror quite five lengths, and did not allow the latter to score in the first tield, when the judges decided.- Mentra Gwen and Slender changed sides in the run up. The former, leading by two lengths, went over the Triunt bill out of view, and won.—Lady Emlyu led Galliard five or six lengths, and smothered biiii.-Itostoffitia shot out two lengths for the turn. Liuda now became busy, and had pretly well won the course, when Rostotfina came again for a few bounds, and, driving the hare over 11 11 the fence, had a small balance in hand.-Mentra Gwen being dr:nvD by arrangement, Revisor ran his bye.-iostoffitia led Lidy E ulyn from slips but just got short for the turn. The hare now disappeared into a road. Lady Emlyn quickly returned in possession, killed, and won. The stakes were then divided between Revisor and Lady Emlyn. PANTDWFN STAKES. Overcaru and Homeless II. had a long stretch up- bill, when the former showed pace over the latter, and easily sent up the white flag.-Remnant IV. led and easily beat Comer.—Roving Lad was clearly showing pace from the slips, but turned a somer- sault, ani thus allowed Patent to have it all his own way.—Joe Capp led Gwachelcaru some two or three lengths, and kept his pace for a few more. Gwachelcaru then got on, and soon rubbing off the adverse balance, earned a meritorious victory-a. smartly-run course.—Remnant IV. just led Overcaru for the turn. A good give-and-take course then ensued, which Remnant IV. cleverly won by killing her game.—In a long gruelling course Gwachel- caru had all her own way against Patent It. THE FIFCTST SAPLINGS* STAKES Y oket.a led Mike Manning by about two lengths, and very easily won a short course.—Prince Llewellyn led and beat Cariadfach easily in the first field, although Cariadfach was getting very busy in the second field, but Miij the judge did not see, and gave the verdict for Prince Llewellyn. THE SECOND SAPLINGS' STAKES. "iellowstone led by two or three lengths, and, although Lady Clare had a goo 1 innings ia tho middle of the course, she could not make up for Ihe strong begiuuing of Yellowstone. —In afairish slip Slogan led Lady Hamilton four or five W>n?1hs, and, running smartly with his game, never loft the issue in doubt. THE THIHD SAPLINGS' STAKES. Sandow romped away from Lord Vincent, and pulling down his game, was the easiest of winners. —Stoic ran clean out of sight of Lady Bute, and had a loug-gruelling course by himself.