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LLANDILO PETTY SESSIONS. These sessions were held on Saturday last, before Mr A. S. S. Gulston, Air J. L. Tiioiiias, and Cclonel G wyune-Hughes. OCCASIONAL LICENSE. William Jones, Butcher's Arms, Hettws, was granted an occasional license to sell beer, etc., at the ploughing match on Llwyncwn Farm, between ten a m. and five p.m., on the 27th insr. DEFECTIVE WEIGHTS. David Thomas, butcher, near Llandilo, was charged by Inspector Griffiths, with having in his possession an unjust weight. The complainani deposed that on the 24th tJ' he visited the defendant's stall at Llandilo market. He found a fC de and weights, one, 7 lbs weight, was 7i- drams light. It was apparently being used for trade. Fined 91 including costs. ALLEGED UNLAWFUL WOUNDING. A young lad named Percy Wild, of Ce'a^ethir., was charged with wounding another lad named John Evans, son of Mr D. N. Evans, of Pontladis. Mr Nicholas prosecute.I, and Mr T. G. Williams defended.—The boy Evans said he was 12 years of age, since 10th of July Ia-t. Witness remembered the morning of Thursday, of the previous week, viz, the 29th ult. Witness had been fetching roilk from Cawdor Arms, ann as be was returning home with some milk in a. bottle in his left hand, and an open umbrella in his light hand, the defendant met him by Ffairfach station on the Pontladis side. The defendant had a stick about two feet long in his hand. When he met witness he (defendant) struck the bottle with his stick. Witness told the dtfendant not to break the bottle as his father would scold him (witness). The defendant replied, "I will cut your throat with this knife," which had been in his hand when witness first saw him. Witness went on his way, and defendant ran after him, and from behind defendant gave him two scratches on his neck with the knife, which was still open. Witness then put the umbrella and bottle down, and attacked the defendant who threw the knife to his brother. As they both were scuffling a woman came on, and stopped them. Witness went to Dr Morgan about four o'clock in the afternoon. The wounding took place about nine in the lIIorning.- CrosE-examined: The defendant was cutting a stick with a knife when witness met him. Witness did not threaten to beat defendant, nor did he pick up stones. The cuts were deep, they bleed, there was a point to the s-tick. The knife (produced) was the one witness was attacked with. The wife of John Jones did not smack witness, nor told him not to molest the boys. The doctor did not dress the wound, neither did he put a piaster or anythingon. Witness was not snre whether it was Wednesday or Tburciùuy. P.C. iMitcheliuore, Llandilo, said that on Wednesdayjthe 28th ult., from information received from the last deponent's father, he went to the National School, Llandilo, about 11 o'clock a.m., and saw the defendant. The last witness and his father were with witness. Witness charged the defendant with inflecting the scratches on the last witness's neck, witness did not caution the defendant. The defendant took out the knife (produced) and said he was very sorry, but did not do it wilfully. The accused said I was paring a stick and we got to fight, and when I thought of the knife I threw it away." The scratches Nere slight-about two or three inches long, not deep. The wounds were not bleeding, but appeared to have been.—Cross-examined: Witness believed if the defendant had intended to injure the last witness with his knife, the cuts would have been deeper, they were mere scratches.—The Bench did not hear more evidence and dismissed the case. A COLLIEltY CASE- The Ystradowen Colliery Company, :near Bryn- amman, were summoned by Mr Rolson, H.M. Inspector of mines for South Wales, for three offences against the Mines Act, the principal of which was not providing a proper ventilating shaft. Mr Talfourd Strick, Swansea, prosecuted, and Mr R. S. Lewis, Llandilo, appeared on behalf of the defendants to admit the offences. It appeared that the colliery. is an old one that had been inundated some thirty years ago, but in which recently operations had been commenced. The defendants were engaged in pumping out the water which had been reduced to such a level as to allow of coal being slightly worked, though none had been brought to the snrface. The old return air shaft had fallen in, and whilst means were being taken to provide another in lieu thereof nothing had been done to provide ventilation. One of the work- men bad gone down the slant with a naked light, and an explosion had occurred.—Mr R. S. Lewis said the man had done so despite the fact that he had been cautioned not to do go. The other men had used safety lamps. The defendants were mulcted in the sum of .£10 16s. SUNDAY DRINKING-HEAVY FINE. Mrs Evans, landlady of the White Horse Inn, Llandilo, was charged by P.C. Mitchelmore with illegally selling drinks on Sunday, and refusing to admit him. The complainant said that on Sunday, the 25th ult he visited the defendant's house at 7.20 p.m. When witness knocked at the front door he heard a rush being made to- wards the back part of the house. P.O. Williams 1 was with him. Witness requested him to I e- main by the front door, and the former went to the back premises When witness got into the back yard he saw Win. Owen Jones, Henry Morgan and Wm. John Harries, all of Llandilo. standing near the back door outside. On their seeing witness they ran away into the garden. Witness followed them. When they got about eight or nine yards up into the garden they parted, Morgans turned to the right across the garden, Jones and Harries ran 011 through the path. As they parted witness saw a pint measute thrown 011 the ground. About ten or twelve yards further on witness caught the man Jones, and brought him to where witness hud seen the pint measure, which he (witness) picked up, and then went towards tlielliouse. Near the garddl gate witness met Mrs Bowen, the defendant's daughter, at.d the servant g'rl. Witness asked Mrs B well where her mother was. She said in j chapel. Witness asked her if she was in charge of 1 he home. Slid replied, Yes. Witness then asked her what eXCIFe she had to make for those men bein^ on the premises. She said, I have iioillilll to say. I admit they were in the house, and they had he r." Witness asked her then if she heard a knock at the front door. She said, Yes, but I was afraid to open it." When witness went back i t,) the house the frnnt d. or was still closed. Witness akell\Irs B.cn to open i\ On the door being opened P.C. Williams brought the man Morgans into the house whom witness lia 1 seen previously in the garden. Wit- neSi called Mrs Bjwen's attention to the time, it was then 7-30 p.m. Witness told Mrs Bowcn that he knocked at. the door at 7.20., she said I have nothing to say, I admit, it all, but dout be too hard with us, we are not in the habit of do:ng this kind of thing. William .Jones is a g od customer of ours. He came in for a Dint and I did not like to refuse it, and he brought in the other two with him." In the room in front of the bar witness found a pint measure with a small drop of beer in it, and in the backyard in the trough under the pump, witness found another pint measure containing about a quarter of its quantity of beer quite fresh. Witness said to Mrs Bowen "This makes the third pint," she said Yes I admit everything." Mr J. W. Nicholas, solicitor, on beh/ilf of the defendant, admitted I the offences, hut pleaded for leniency on the ground that the house had been for many years I past well conducted, and that there was a long time since there was a previous conviction.—The bench fined the defendant for the first offence, £ 3 8s., and for the latter, £ 2 8s making a total of £5 16s.



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