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BETTER THAN WEALTH. We have frequently met persons possessed with an abundant store of the good things of this life, but through imprudence and excesses of various kinds have rendered themselves incapable of enjoying their wealth. Many of these would willingly part with all they now possess to regain the health they have lost through their own folly or neglect. By sumptuous living, a lack of proper attention to c.iet and other sanitary precautions, they have grossly impaired their health, impoverished and poisoned their blood, and weakened their constitutions. Impure or impoverished blood is a fruitful source of many of the ailments that flesh is heir to," and is generally caused by some derangement of one or more of the vital organs of the body; for instance, by defective digestion and a torpid or sluggish liver. It is demonstrated more clearly from day to dny that the most successful remedy for all ailments caused by Indigestion, Deranged Liver, or Impure Blood, is Gwllym Evans' Quinine Bitters. The most common symptoms of the derangement of these organs, and consequently ot impure blood, are dyspepsia, biliousness, nervousnes-, low spirits, melancholy, uneasy sleep, frightful dreams, loss of appetite, skin eruptions, &c., from some of which so many suffer and which causa so many discomforts in our homes, and sometimes lead to still more painful and appalling results. The Bitters which have proved so efficacious to thousands of sufferers from the above and other ailments is composed of NATURE'S REMEDIES only, and contains no mineral or other injurious substance. It is effective when taken by the strong man, and will not injure the weakest and most delicate woman or child; it is suitable to all ages at all seasons of the year; it directly aims to remove the cause and root of the evil is easily obtained, and can always be at hand, and is a remedy that has proved efficacious in numerous instances when all other remedies had failed. At this season of the year no one should be with- out Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters. A course taken now will be invaluable in giving tone to the system, new life to the blood, and in bracing the nerves. Avoid imitations, Remember that none are genuine except "Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters." See the name on the stamp, label, and bottle. Should any difficulty be experienced in procuring it, write to the Proprietors, who will forward it per return parcel post, carriage paid, to any address. In bottles at 2s. 9d. and 4s. 6d. each. Sold by all Chemists. PROPRIETORS- QUININE BITTERS MANUFACTURING COMPANY, LTD LLANELLY, SOUTH WALES.