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MARKETS. CORN. GLOUCESTER, Saturday.—There was a fair supply of English wheat offering to-day, and prices gene- rally were Rd to Is per quarter lower. Foreign steady at previous rate3. Grinding barley without change, but maize was 3d dearer. Oats firm. CARDIFF, Saturday.—English wheat, being in poor condition, sold at last week's rates; foreign more inquired for, and firmer in price, finer sorts making 6d more money. Flour firm. Maize and barley sold at full prices. Oats, beans, and peas firm. LONDON, Monday.-A quiet market for English wheat, prices being 6d to Is lower since last week, according to quality—white is quoted at 32s to 35s, and red, 30s to 35s per quarter. Foreign is steady, but little doing. Flour quiet—country, 3d cheaper. American steady, at late rates. Barley also is steady. Oats about 4d lower on the week. Maize steady. Blue peas dearer. Arrivals :-British- wheat, 3,483 qrs; barley, 2,386 qrs; malt, 23,593 qrs; maize 948 qrs; oats, 1,604 qrs; beans, 1,129 qrs; peas, 585 qrs; flour, 23,496 sacks. Foreign- wheat, 21,958 qrs barley, 5,356 qrs maize, 34,269 qrs; oats, 49,946 qrs; beans, 6,549 qrs; peas, 873 qrs flour, 76,039 sacks. CATTLE. LIVERPOOL, Monday.—Beats. 813; sheep, 3,092. Best beasts, 64d second, 6d third, 5d. Best sheep, 8id; second, 6d; third, 5^d. There was a 4 decrease of 457 beasts and of 508 sheep. Only a slow demand for all classes at about late rates. LONDON, Monday.—The beast trade was tinner, at about late rates, but, Scotch consignments being much shorter commanded more money, at 4s lOd per 811;s for primest quality on offer. Norfolks, 4s 61 to 8s 8d. The cow and bull trade was slower —a clearance expected. British arrivals—120 Scotch, 40 Irish, 800 Norfolk, Suffolk, and Essex, 520 midland, home, and western counties. More demand for sheep, at slightly higher rates. Calves were very quiet. Pigs a little firmer. Milch cows £ 15 to £ 21 each. Beef, 2s 41 to 4s 10d mutton, 4s 4d to 5s 1 Id; veal, 3s 6 1 to 5s 8d pork, 2s 6J to 3s 6d per 81bs, Beasts, 1.530; sheep, 9,540 calves, 20; pigs, 140; iaclu ling foreign^beasts, 50. PROVISIONS. MONMOUTH, Saturday.—There was an average attendance at our market to-day. The weather was fine, aud tr.ide fairly brisk. Quotations as follows:—Fresh butter, Is 5d per lb; hen eggs, 10 for Is; dressed poultry-fowls, 43 6J to 63 per couple, or 9d per Ib; ducks, 91 per Ib; geese, 9d per lb.; turkeys, 10d per lb. BUTTER. CORK, Siturday.—Seconds, 122s; thirds, 114s; fourths, 93s. liecrs-thirds, Ills. Mild cured firkins; mild, 125s. 6 mild. CARMARTHEN, s wis a fair sup- ply of cask butler at our market to-day, which sold at, for finest quality, from Is Id to is 2 £ d per lb. Second quility from lid t) Is per lb. Fresh market poun 1 butter, Is 21 to Is 3 l. CHEESE. CARMARTHEN, S itilt-.I-ty. IIL snull supply of cheese, which sold at about 23" per ewt. IIors. LONDON, Monday. —TI1.1 trade in hops is slow, transactions being entirely confined lo the actual requirements of consumers. At the same time, stocks are so short, both here and oa the Continent, that prices remain fairly firm. Pacific Coast hops are a few shillings dearer. POTATOES. LONDON, Monday.—Suppliei continue fairly large, and trade is steady, best samples realising full values. Magnum?, 85s to 130s Hebrons, 70s to 120s; regents, 803 to 120, imperators, 703 to 105s per ton. WOOL. BRADFORD, Monday.—Prices in the Bradford market are sustained by the firm tone of the Lou- don sales, but sellers, whether for merino or cross- breds, cannot realise prices corresponding to London rates. There is a small consumptive demand for sorn; descriptions of English wool a-ul crossbreds. Th-; yarn market is (l""et, aud spinners are obliged to hold firmly to quotations, and buyers refuse advance. The piece tradj with America is rather improved.