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LLANDILO LOCAL BOARD. The usual monthly meeting of this board was held on Tuesday evening, when Major Thomas occupied the chair. The other members present were Messrs Thomas George Williams, Thomas Thomas, Griffith Williams, E A. Roberts, and William Griffiths. THE TRAIN SERVICE. The Clerk said he had received a reply from the G.W.Ry. Co., in answer to the Board's petition. The communication was from Mr Lambert, the general manager, who said therein that he submitted to the directors at their meeting the memorial from the Llandilo Local Board calling attention to the recent alteration of the morning train from Llandilo, and asking that it should be timed so as to connect with the train from Pontardulais. He (Mr Lambert) was directed to explain that the alteration in the train service was made in deference to the represent- ations of a large number of the residents in the district, and that it is found to meet the convenience of the majority of passengers using the line. While the directors were quite aware from their experience that it was not practicable to make an alteration in the established train service without causing inconvenience to some persons, so far as they were able to ascertain the alteration which had been made in the present instance finds favour with by far a larger number of passengers. The traffic of the district would not justify the running of an additional train, and he was therefore to express the regret of the directors that for the present, at any rate, they are not ab!e to see their way to comply with the application of the Local Board.—The Chairman said he did not think the company had got the proper facts. No doubt the public feeling was quite to the contrary. Mr T. G. Williams said he spoke to Mr Ludford one day, who said the present service was very convenient. Mr Williams believed it was so for those going to London, but it was very inconvenient to local passengers, such as workmen and the general public. The chairman supposed the Board could do nothing further, but they might inform the company that the information they were possessed of from other sources was not correct. As Mr Williams properly observed, the present service was very inconvenient to the general public. The proportion of the passengers that travelled to London was only one in 50 to the passengers travelling locally. Mr T. G. Williams said it was better that the passengers to London should be put into inconvenience than the general public. -The subject then dropped. THE CENSUS. The Chairman read a circular he had received from London asking the Board to give what assistance they could to the enumerators. It was stated at the meeting there would be no difficulty where houses were numbered and streets named as in the case of Llandilo. CRESCENT ROAD AGAIN. The Chairman laid before the meeting a ground plan of a proposed house to be erected in Crescent Road by Mr H. Hopkin, who asked for the board's approval of it.-inlr T. G. Williams observed that the board should see that there were no bay win- dows encroaching on the road. There were too many encroachments now.—Mr Thomas Thomas Are they further out than Richards's houses ?— Mr T. G. Williams We cannot tell by the plan. -Mr Thomas Thomas thought it was now the time to see that Mr Hopkin was not going to build out to the road.—Chairman said that had nothing to do with the present- plan. After some discussion the plan was approved of. —Mr T. G. Williams referring to an alleged encroachment through the bay windows of the two houses recently built by Mr William Hopkin in Crescent Road, projecting into the road, said he was told that he (Mr Williams) had not the courage to call the board's attention to it. He wished to refute that, and would propose that the surveyor be instructed to inspect the houses in question, and report as to whether there was an encroachment or iio.-Chairtnan All the Crescent Road is private property.Mr T. G. Williams Do you mean to say that you can build there in the middle of the road. Chairman (laconically) Yes.-Alr T. G. Williams (sarcastically) If a fellow is afraid to back me up, that is another thing.—Chairman said he was not afraid. The motion after some further observations was agreed to.—Mr W. Griffiths moved that the Crescent Road be put in a proper state of repair. Consider- able discussion took place as to how and to whom the expenditure would be charged, when on the motion of Mr T. G. Williams, seconded by the chairman, it was resolved that the clerk call a special meeting of the Local Board at the Drill Hall, on Tuesday evening, the 17th inst., at 7.30., and to request the attendance of all the owners abutting Crescent Road, with the view to coming to some agreement. THE TOWN TOLLS, A question arose as to how the contract of Mr Edwards, toll collector, was determinable. The clerk referring to the terms of the agreement said it was by three months notice on either side, and that his current year was expiring on the 25th of March. Mr Griffith Williams maintained that the board would have to give notice now, and not in March, but Mr T. George Williams held that the board could not give it until March. The two Mr Williams's had a long wrangle over the point, and the matter ended, when the clerk con- carried with the opinion of Mr T. G. Williams. RESIGNATION OF THE TOWN SURVEYOR. A letter was read from Mr Herbert Thomas who was present, expressing his regret that through failing health he could not to their satis- faction nor to himself further discharge the duties of his offices of Town Surveyor and Inspector of Nuisances. Consequently he felt it was only right that he should determine the engagement, and he therefore begged to give one month's notice to do so. The Chairman said he was very sorry, for the board have never had such a good man. It was resolved to ask Mr Thomas to reconsider the matter.











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