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DEATH OF MR. J. L. PHILIPPS, J.P., BOLAHAUL. We regret to announce the death of Mr J. Lewis Philipps, which occurred at his residence, Bolahaul, near Carmarthen, at eight o'clock on Friday night last in his 69th year. Three months ago the deceased gentleman had an apoplectic fit, which was followed by paralysis and he had ever since, up to the time of his demise been in a verylow condition. The prayers of the faithfulatSt. Peter'sChurch were invoked for his recovery. Mr Philipps was the son of the late Mr J. L. Philipps, farmer, Llanboidy, both Mr Lewis Philipps and his surviving brother Mr Lewis Phillips, J.P., (Clyngwynne), assuming the present family name on the death of their uncle, Mr William Philipps, (high sheriff of Carmarthenshire in 1843.4) a shipowner and timber merchant of Carmarthen who willed his property to his two nephews. Mr John Lewis Philipps was educated for the law, having acquired considerable experience at the offices of the late Mr Lewis Morris, Carmarthen, and Messrs Tilson and Squances, London, but he never practised. Mr Philipps was married, in 1847, to Miss Arabella Catherine Jones, daughter of the late Mr Thomss Jones, solicitor and deputy recorder of Carmarthen, having issue five children, two of whom are now livinc, viz., Mrs Lloyd Edwardes, Millfield, Lampeter, and Mrs Bury, Wrexham. In politics he was a Con- servative. In 1875 he was Mayor of Carmarthen. He was a J.P., for both the county and borough of Carmarthen. By his decease the county sus- tains a very severe Joss. Mr Philipps was probably the best known man in all appertaining to county business at quarter sessions and kindred administrative bodies. He served his county long and well under the old regime of county government, and he took kindly to the new form, for he was one of the most popular members of the Carmarthenshire County Council, upon which he sat-first as member for St Ishmaels, and afterwards as alderman. In 1861 he was elected chairman of the Carmarthen Board of Guardians, and held that office for 23 years in succession, being succeeded in 1884 by Mr John Hughes, F.R.C.S., the confirmation of whose resignation as chairman was, by a singular coincidence, received by the board at the same time (last Saturday) as it received the news of Mr Philipps' decease. Mr Philipps was a churchman, and warden at St Peter's Parish Church at the time of his death, having been re-appointed with Mr W. Morgan Griffiths last Easter. Together Messrs Philipps and Griffiths, acting in concert with the clergy, achieved several important improvements in connection with the church. At the parish church on Sunday, the Rev H. Guildford Sprigg, diocesan .9 missioner of Canterbury, passed a graceful tribute to the memory of Mr Philipps. The reverend gentleman said he was given to under- stand that Mr Philipps' life had been a most consistent and religious one, and he had always been most zealous in the discharge of all his duties pertaining to the advancement of Christ's Kingdom on earth. Mr C. Videon Harding, organist at St Peter's, played the Dead March." At the meeting of the Carmarthen Board of Guardians on Saturday the acting chairman (Mr J. Evans) moved a vote of condolence with the family of Mr J. Lewis Philipps. Mr Harries (Llandilo-Abercowin) seconded the motion, one or two others supported it, and it was agreed to unanimously. The funeral will take place to-day (Friday).





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