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letter another meeting was called, at which o i the pastor and our correspondent were present. The sincerity of our correspondent was now recognised, and the authorities were forced to unconditionally withdraw in our columns the charge of deliberate lying. The excommunicated correspondent stoutly maintained the correctness of his assertions, and no one dared to refute them. He was now to be excommunicated, because he had been the means of publishing the scandalous proceedings of the self assertive and self- o d sufficient clique that had managed to gain authority in this chapel. One other member, closely identified with the chapel, and holding a responsible position in its Sunday School, failed to sit still and sanction this jobbery in the name of religion. He wrote to our colums bearing out in every particular the charges made by "Lover of Truth." The clique suspected who the writer was and immediately proceeded to excommunicate him as well. Several letters now appeared in our columns^from both sides. Not one of the champions of the Set Fawr even attempted to disprove the contentions of Lover of Truth." It is a notorious fact that in the year 1883, three candidates were in the field for the vacancy m the pastorate of this chapel. The chapel was hopelessly divided between them. A sensible agreement was arrived at, viz., that not one of these three should be elected. What follows 1 The clique were not to be worsted. It is said that they sprang their man upon the chapel under another name, and rushed his appointment through, persuading some, unawares to themselves, to join them in I their mad gallop to win. It is now not only clear, but admitted that these two men have been excommunicated solely because they exposed the actions of these tyrants in the guise of deacons. The proposed address was modified and corrected, the charges of deliberate lying have been humbly removed, and the authorities have offered to take the two back if they apologise for making these deeds public. What a complete surrender! But where, after all, is the vaunted freedom of chapel self- government ? Where is the encouragement to, and the protection of those that act honestly and truthfully? As far as Towyn Chapel, New Quay, is concerned, the question sounds ironical. There this liberty has been proved to be a huge and hollow sham, and stalking behind it is the cruel action of the few that have been allowed to rule the roost, and who do not hesitate to arrogate to them- selves the power of dictators in a most unbridled form. There rests on the records of this chapel a dark blot, and it will remain so as long as these two honest minded and truthfully proved men are under the ban of excommunication. Nothing can be gained by prolonging the conflict. It behoves those in the wrong to frankly acknowledge their mistake and call "Lover of Truth" and "Jeremiah back to their former useful and legitimate places. Towards this end the whole chapel should move.