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CHAPEL EVICTIONS AT NEW QUAY. Seldom, if ever, have the arbitrary acts of even the rulers of Nonconformist chapels equalled, certainly not surpassed, those that have recently marked out boldly and un- mistakably the officers of Towyn Chapel, New Quay. For the information of our readers it is necessary to travel back to the unfortunate occasion in October last, when a duly an- nounced religious meeting was sacrificed for a political one that happened to be held on the same evening. We are not so much concerned as to the eagerness with which Noncon- formist bodies contrive to make all their religion subservient to politics. We. however. believe we ought to be saved a lot of their hypocrisy if they less often paraded their pre- tentious piety and their conscientious scruples before the public gaze, and acted more in harmony with their real character. Un- fortunately this is an occurrence, the utter re- pulsiveness of which to every right thinking man, is only equalled by the audacious persistency and rare uniformity with which it is carried out. There were in Towyn a few honest minded Christians who protested, though unsuccessfully, against this n 15 prostitution of religion to party strife. They drew the attention of the public to it. This step led to further disclosures of acts not al- together very intelligible in the conduct of the people entrusted with the internal government of this chapel. They brought to light the domineering actions of certain occupants of the Set Fawr, and the unblushing manner in which they invariably asserted themselves. On the occasion of the departure of the late pasior, to take charge of another chapel, one of the members drew attention to certain passages in an address that was proposed to be presented to him on the occasion as being untruthful. A meeting of the authorities was immediately summoned to consider these assertions. As a result the pastor wrote to our columns, stating that that meeting had condemned our correspondent's charges as "ft tissue of deliberate lies," and that it was further resolved, in order to mark the ab- horrence these self-righteous people had to. n p wards all lying," to excommunicate Lover ;5 of Truth." Following the appearance of this tzl