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) MANORDEILO. TREAT.—It will be remembered that a few weeks ago we published a report of a treat given to the children of the above locality and their parents, through the kindness and generosity of Miss Lewis, Capel-Issa, of the above place. It is our great pleasure to again publish an account of a splendid treat given by the same lady, in her equally kind and generous manner to the neigh- bouring adult population of the above district irrespective of party or creed on Thursday evening 29th ult., in the form of a vocal and instrumental concert, supper, and dance, which it is her annual custom to give. Amongst those who were present we may especially mention in addition to the kind donor herself, the names of Mrs Wyndham Lloyd, Mrs J. C. Richardson, Mrs Lloyd-Harries, Captain Lloyd-Harries, Revs. W. Alban Lloyd, Caledfwlch and M. Jones, Cwmivor; Mr James, School-master, &c. The rooms were most tastefully decorated for the occasion while the tables were loaded with a plentiful supply of choice provisions. About a hundred guests sat down, and did ample justice to the sumptuous repast. Mrs Cairns, Miss Mary Lewis, Miss Jarman, and Mr Giffard, spared no pains in setting out the good things provided to the best of advantage, whilst Mr Sevill, of Tregib, lent his willing hands to perform the carving. The concert which was of a highly creditable character was given in the adjoining hall. Appended is the programme by which it will be seen that Miss Lewis had been successful in securing the services of the far famed Captain Lloyd-Harries, whose repute, as violinist is well-known. His playing was rapturously encore and which were kindly responded to each time :—Part song, Awake my true love," solo, Star of BetLlehem," Miss Lewis violin solo, Captain Lloyd-Harries; trio, "The chimney sweepers," Messrs R. and W. A. Rees, Glanrwyth, and James Thomas, Llanwrda; solo, "Chwyfio'r cadach gwyn," Miss Thomas, Board Schools; solo, "The British Lion," Mr James Thomas, Llanwrda; violin solo, Captain Lloyd- Harries; trio, "Fy nhad wrth y llyw," Misses E. A. and E. J. Thomas, Board Schools, and Mr Thomas, Post-master; part song, -1 who wotild o'er the downs," Capel-issa party; solo, "Come into the garden Maud," Mr R. Rees, Glanrwyth trio, 0 restless sea," Miss Mary Lewis, Capel-issa, and Messrs R. Rees, and James Thomas; violin solo, Captain Illoyd-Harries; solo and chorus, "The ring-tailed coon," Mr Giffard, Capel-issa, and party; comic song, I was in it," Mr W. A. R3es, Glanrwyth; o]o and chorus, "Good night," Mr Church, Glanbrydan Park, and party; part song, See our oars," all joining. The majority of the pieces were .encored, and the singing without excep- tion gave great satisfaction especially the comic song, which was exceelingly well rendered. The dance followed, and was taken up most vigorously by a number of the guests, who appreciated it very much and kept it up until an early hour of the morning. The dance music was supplied by Miss Lewis, Mrs Lloyd Harries, and Mrs J. C. Richard- son. Speeches were delivered by the Revs. W. Alban Lloyd, and M. Jones, Alderman Davies, Cwmivor; and Mr Rees, Glanrwyth, each of whom spoke in eulogistic terms of Miss Lewis's liberality, and her kindness in entertaining the company there that evening. Each of the speakers con- curred in saying that as years rolled on, the treat appeared to them to be more of a success each time. Miss Lewis in responding, said it was a source of great pleasure to her to have met them there that evening. She trusted they had all enjoyed themselves, and hoped she would be spared to meet them all there again next year. Votes of thanks were also accorded to Captain Lloyd- Harries for his great kindness in playing such rare selections of music on his violin, and to Mrs Lloyd- Harries for having rendered such valuable assist- ance as accompanist for the evening. Captain Lloyd-Harries responding, said it was his great pleasure and delight in doing what he could to further their enjoyment, and expressed himself thankful for the kind references bestowed upon his wife. "Three times three" were afterwards given to Miss Lewis, coupled with the names of Captain and Mrs Lloyd Harries, aud Mr Wyndham Lloyd. The singing of "For she's a jolly good lady" and the National Anthem terminated a very happy evening enjoyment, after which the company dis- persed for their respective homes.