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LAMPETER. DEATH OF ALDERMAN EDMUNDS.—It is with deep regret that we announce the death of Mr Alderman Thomns Edmunds, of this town, which sad event took place on Wednesday afternoon. Mr Edmunds, who was 59 years old and unmarried, was descended from one of the oldest families of Lampeter, and was much respected. He was a brother of the late Rev. William Edmunds, formerly head master of the Lampeter Grammar School, and rector of Roslie. He was a staunch Churchman and an ardent Conservative. His only near living relatives are the children of his deceased brother, Edmund Edmunds. SOlItF,E. -The fourth annual soiree in connect- ion with the Lampeter Workingmen's Conserva- tive Club, was held at the St. Peter's Boys' Schoolroom on Wednesday evening the 28th ult. The room had been neatly decorated for the occasion with evergreens, flags, and suitable mottos by the following members of the club viz —Messrs J. W. Edwards, S. Davies, S. D. Jones, E. W. Richards, R. E. Davies, and W. Davies. The meeting had been announced to commence at 8.30 p.m., and by nine the room was pretty well filled, when dancing was started by Mrs Roderick Evans, Apothecary's Hall, and Mr D. Jones, Old Bank, who were soon followed by many other parties that had been anxiously wait- ing for the start. Soon afterwards Col. Davies- Evans, of Highmead, Lord Lieutenant of Cardig- anshire, entered the place of amusement, and joined in the festive dance. This patriotic gentleman after attending a Conservative meet- ing held at the Town Hall in the earlier part of the day, remained in town until evening for the purpose of attending the Soiree, and thus he showed a good example to other Tory families of the town and immediate neighbourhood. We should, however, state that Mr Harford, the presi- dent of the Club, saw Mr Roderick Evans in the course of the day, and expressed his deep regret at not being able to attend the soiree, as he had to leave town by the afternoon train so as to fulfil an important engagement elsewhere. At occasional intervals refreshments of various kind were handed round the room. This part of the proceedings was under the careful management of Mrs James, Bangor House, Mrs D. Jones, Station Terrace, Mrs O. Evans, the School House, Mrs D. P. Thomas, College Villa, and Miss Jones, Ivy Bush, whose epicurean selection of refreshments was exceptionally good, and gave entire satisfaction to all. The programme was interspersed with a few songs, which were well rendered by Miss Maggie Hughes, Station Terrace, Miss Maggie Jones, Lion Hotel, the Rev. J. R. Jones, Mr D. F. Lloyd, and Mr Taylor. The Rev. J. R. Jones, who was in capital form sang The white squall' in splendid style, and well deserved the loud applause accorded him. Miss Mary Hughes, the newly elected organist of St. Peter's Church, accom- panied the singing and dancing almost through- out the whole evening in really first class style. The duties of M.C, fell to the lot of Mr E. W. Richards, who deserves great praise for doing his work so well. The young gentleman has done much in the past two years towards instructing the young folks of this town in the art of dancing. If any of these young ladies and gentlemen feel that they have derived some benefit from his voluntary labours, let them shew in some practical manner that they appreciate his services. They have a splendid opportunity to do so before he takes unto himself a partner for his joy and trouble, and no time should be lost as he has been knocked down in the Parish Church for the third and last time. The dancing wae kept up briskly until about two in the morning, and after the National Anthem all left quietly for their respective homes. PETTY SESSIONS were held at the Town Hall on Friday before Messrs T. H. R. Hughes, Noyaddfawr, and John Fowden, Bank Hall. Thomas Evans, late of Lampeter, labourer, was charged by Superintendent David Williams, of Llandyssul, for being drunk on the highway at Lampeter on the 8th January last. P.C. David Davies, sworn, said: On Thursday the 8th inst, about 9.45 p.m. I proceeded to the Common and saw the defendant in Peterwell Terrace. He was driink.-P.S. Denis Williams, sworn, said I saw defendant at eight p.m. on the 8th inst in High- street. He was drunk then. The defendant appeared, and read a long defence from his own niaiiuaoript, denying tbo nfFenoo, and challenging the veracity of Sergt. Williams' statement of having seen him on the 8th, and gave a long report of himself on the night in question.—The Bench how- ever fined the defendant 2s 6d and costs, or in default seven days hard labour, but allowed the prophet until three o'clock to find the money, this indulgence was given him in all probability to give him an opportunity of exercising his legs and of clearing out, and he was no sooner out of the Town Hall than he looked up and down the street, and at once started for the Lampeter Mountain saying as he went, Here's off at four miles an hour till three o'clock," and he has kept his word as he has not been seen since at Lampeter, but he is perhaps respected in his new country. The Lampeter constables however, cannot trace him, what is still more strange, wont try to find him as there are none so blind as those that wont see.- Maintenance: John Davies, of 28, Pwllfa Road, Cwmdare, Aberdare, and Evan Daviea, of 2. Howell's Road, Cwmdare, Aberdare, were summoned by David Evans, collector to the guardians of the Lampeter Union, to contribute towards the maintenance of their mother, Mary Davies who had become chargeable to the Lampeter Union. Both defendants appeared.—David Evans, sworn, said I am collector to the guardians of tne Lampeter Union. Mary Davies, the mother of the defendants, John Davies and Evan Davies, is chargeable to the Lampeter Union, and is in receipt of 2s per week. Evan Davies and John Davies are colliers, and are h my opinion able to maintain their niother--Cross- examined by defendant John Davies: I have been informed that colliers earn on an average 40a per week.. Orders were made of Is per week on each defendant and costs.—David Jones, of Cwmback, Llanwenog, mason; Evan Jones, of Tyncae, Llanwenog, farmer; and Mary Jones,of Clynmelin, near Pencader, spinster, were also summoned by David Evans to contribute towards their mother, Anne Jones, who is chargeable to the Lampeter Union. In each of the above cases Mr David Evans produced autborites from each defendant to the complainant to ask for and consent to orders cf 9d. 9J,: and 6d being made in each case respectively, and the complainant having been sworn in support of the consents. Orders were made accorclingly.-Ti-ansfers: Mr Thomas Lloyd, solicitor, Lampeter, applied to have the licence of the Castle Hotel transferred to Miss Elizabeth Davies of that place, which was granted. A temporary authority to sell at the Alltyblacca Arms, Llanwenog, was granted to Evan Davies.