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KIDWELLY. MUSICAL ^ESOP.—Such was the title of an entertainment given at the National School on Monday evening by the St. Mary's juvenile clioir, under the leadership of the vicar and Mr E. Lewis. The readings were recited by the children, Miss Jones, the Vicarage, accompanying, There was a good attendance. COMPETITIVE MEETING.—What appG&rs to be a very interesting and successful meeting was held at Siloam Baptist Chapel, here, on Saturday evening last. It was, it seems, a competitive meeting got up amongst the Baptists themselves. The weather was so exceedingly bad that many failed to be present, but those that were brave enough to go out through the rain were amply rewarded. We are sorry we cannot give the programme, as reporters were not invited but we learn that prizes were given for singing and reading, the adjudicator for all being Mr E. Lawis, National Schools, who, we are pleased to hear, gave universal satisfaction. The chairman was Mr W. Walter, Tin-house superintendent. PETTY SESSIONS. These sessions were held at the Town-hall on Monday, before Messrs T. Morgan (mayor), and T. W. A. Evans. Elizabeth Thomas, wife of John Thomas, late of Causeway street, Kidwelly, haulier (better known as Jacky Court) charged her husband with assaulting and beating her on the 25th and 26th of December last. This was an adjourned case from last Court. Mr F. N. Powell, Llanelly, ap- peared for the defendant, and pleaded not guilty. The case was proved, and defendant was fined tl and costs. The complainant also ap- plied for a judicial separation order, which was granted, with an order of 5s a week towards her maintenance. Upon the defendant being con- victed of the assault, Captain Scott applied to the Bench for an order of forfeiture of the recognizance entered into by the defendant on the 20th of December last, when before the above magistrates charged with being drunk and disorderly and assaulting the police by pointing a gun towards them, and threatening to shoot. As the appli- cation was not pressed, the recognizance was not demanded. P.S. Jones charged David Jones Hodges, 53, Martin-street, Morriston, tin worker, with being drunk at Causeway-street, Kidwelly, 1:1 on the 27th December last. Mr F. N. Powell appeared for the defendant, and pleaded not guilty. The hearing of this case took up some time. The evidence went to show that on the 27th December, defendant was seen to enter the Pelican Hofel at 10.15 p.m. At 10.30 p.m. the house was visited by Sergeant Jones, and the de- fendant said that he was a lodger, also the land- lord, Alderman Randell, said the same. At 11 p.m. the defendant was seen to leave the hotel, in company with his young woman, Susanah Lewis, very drunk, and went into the house of Wm. Lewis, in Causeway-street, where they re- mained till 12 20 a.m. He afterwards went to the house of Samuel Davies, in Station road, where he slept for the night. On the 28th, at 10.30 a. m as he was leaving his lodging he was met by the complainant, who asked him how he came to tell him he was going to lodge at the Pelican. He replied that he did think of doing so, and gave his name as David Jones, of the Cross, Morriston, labourer, against whom a summons was applied for, and forwarded for service, with the result of its being returned un- served. Subsequently, his proper name and ad- dress was obtained, and the present summons served. The complainant was corroborated as to the drunkenness by P.C. Jones. Alderman Randell, landiord of the Pelican, and Susannah Lewis, the defendant's sweetheart, were called, and swore that the defendant was perfectly sober. Captain Scott here applied for an ad- journment for further evidence in support of the police, but the Bench decided to dismiss the case. Snnday Closing: P.C. W. H. Jones charged Wm. Horton, Parkymenous street Morgan Rees, New-street; and Wm. Phillips, Spring Gardens, all of Burry Port, tinplate workers, with being on licensed premises during illegal hours on Sunday, the 25th ult., to wit, the Pelican Hotel. Phillips was the only one that appeared He pleaded guilty, and was fined 5s. and costs. The other two were lined 7s 6d each and costs.—Morgan Rees was also find 5s for be- ing drunk on Sunday, the 25th ult, in Causeway- street, Kidwelly. Same complainant charged Daniel Barrett, Penged Hill, Kidwelly, an old Offender, with diunkcnnooo. Defendant did not appear. A warrant was ordered for his appre- hension.—P.S. Jones charged John Davies, the old Forge, with drunkenness. Fined 5s and costs. ENTERTAINMENT.—'The last but one of the series which are held in the National School here in connection with St. Mary's Church came off on Thursday evening last, and was, we believe, the best that has yet been given. The chair was ably filled by the vicar, while Mrs W. Gravell was, as usual, a splendid accompanist. The pro- gramme was as follows Piano solo, Harlech," Mrs Gravell; duett, "Hearts and Homes]" Masters W. Gravell and D. Harris recitation, "The Man and the Fiend," Master Vincent Lewis; song, "The Song that reached my Heart," Miss Lizzie Williams, Llanelly. This young lady had a very sweet voice, and received an encore for her tasteful rendering..We hope to hear her again. Song, Robin Adair," Miss Maggie Williams, Llanelly duett, Messrs Beynon and Lewis; comic song, Bradshaw's Guide," Mr John Vaughan, the old Kidwelly favourite, who, of course, received an encore, but did not respond. Song, "Love's old sweet song," Miss Bruce Sutherland, Llanelly. This young lady would have taken better with a song of lighter character. Violin solo, Valse best of all," Mr T. C. Thomas, accompanied by Mrs W. Thomas; song, el "An Englishman's Song," Master W. Gravell; comic song, The Whistling Wife," Mr 11 J. F. Lloyd, Carmarthen. This was Mr Lloyd's first appearance at Kidwelly, and we are glad to find he created a very favourable impression. As an core he gave the new song "Up to Date"; song, "At the Ferry," Miss Suther- land song, Good Company," Mr T. Beynon duett, Juanita," Mrs Gravell and Miss Davids • concertina solo, "The Bells," Mr D. J. Griffiths! This solo was splendidly played, but was rather too long_ Song, By the Fountain," Miss Lilly -Harris, elindre. Miss Harris has a very nice voice, and she rendered the song with much pathos. Song, My Queen," Miss Davids, who also possesses a very sweet but rather a weak voice; Comic song, "A Poor Married Man," Mr J. Vaughan, whose get up in this song was simply immense. In response to an encore he gave I traced her little footsteps in the Snow," the audience taking up the chorus well in each Bong. Piano solo, Great Eastern," Mr Gravell, with vocal effects by the Masters Gravell (3) who, dressed as Jack Tars with Union Jacks, sang Rule Britanuia and "God save the Queen." OBITUA]TY. -Hardly within the memory of the inhabitant have there been so many houses tirSe.hne as there are here just now, no less than f,„ir aeauis navmg taken place within a very short ppriod a few hours almost. Friday morniiw it was announced that Mr, Anthonyf „ife „f °MJ Henry Anthony, of G.,dd, died very suddenly from heart disease in her 75th. year, she being in her usual health an hour previously. On the same day Mr David Thomas, shoemaker, Was also struck down very suddenly. Mr Thomas also was a sufferer from heart disease. Both were faithful and zealous members of the Morfa C.M. Chapel, and the chapel will feel their loss gieatiy, especially that of Mr Thomas, who was a most useful member. He was also a poet in a sinall way, and often effusions from his pen ap- peared in the local press under his nom de plnme Cromwell. Mr Thomas was (i3 years of age. The mortal remains of Mr Thomas were laid in their last resting place on Tuesday, amid uni- versal signs of genuine sympathy. The funeral was a very large one, and said to be the largest Vn at Kidwelly. It was attended" by othe^ ST' C.ou1ncillor Stephens, Mr Smart, and other influential men. The Rev Edward Davies read a portion of Scripture, and prayed at he James' e""fK £ e ChaPel (Horeb/the Rev» CamLH Pembrey Wyndham Lewis, (I) Kid 'J°nes' Llanelly — Jenkins DathpHo*6* a,K^ Owen spoke, and made P etic references to the deceased. The Revs rv v'ofeSjai1^ J • P. Jones officiated at the grave. "TKo A m y morning, Mr Thomas Wheeler, of fill li •' died' after a very long and pain- tul illness ,n his 65th year and ere night, on the same day, Mrs Mary Williams, wife of Mr Thomas Williams, hall-keeper and town crier, was taken after a paralytic stroke which she received the same evening, and after which she did not regain consciousness. Mrs Anthony and Mr Wheeler were buried at the Kidwelly Church- yard, Mr D. Thomas was interred at Horeb C.M. Chapel burying-ground, Mynyddygarreg, and Mrs Williams at Capel Sul (I.) burying-ground. In addition to these, we have to record also the death of Mrs Ann Rees, of Bont Farm, on the 12th of last month, in her 71st year. Mrs Rees was a faithful member of St. Mary's Church, Kidwelly, and she was interred with her husband, Mr D. Rees, and her son, the Rev. Wm. Rees, B.A., Oxon, who died at the commencement of what promised to be a most brilliant career. Also of the infant son of Mr Morley, roll turner, of Gwendraeth Town, who died of a tumour at the age of 10 months, and who was interred at St. Mary's Churchyard. TOWN COUNCIL. The usual monthly meeting of the Council was held at the Town-hall, on Monday evening, and there were present: — Aldermen Morgan (mayor) and Randell, Councillors J. G. Anthony, D. Harries, W. Wilkins, W. Gravell, D. J. John, E. V. Davies, D. Stephens, J. Owen, Jos. Wild, and the town clerk, Mr D. C. Edwards.—A letter was received from Councillor Stead, explaining his absence and calling attention to the very bad state of Station-road. He asked the Council to see to it at once, or he would be obliged to take legal steps in the matter.—A letter was also read from Mr D. Evans, Wellfield, Llanelly, chairman of the directors of the Gwendraeth Tinplate Works, complaining of the state of the road from the works down to the station, and stating that if any damage was sustained to any of the company's goods by passing over the road, they would hold the Council responsible.—As to the new railway bridge over the river Gwendraeth, the company that owing to the threatened opposition by the Council of their Bill in Parliament on the embank- ments & the contracting of this bridge, a part of it had been withdrawn.—The Clerk was directed to write to the company, stating that there was no intended opposition to be made by the Council to the Bill at all.—Mr Morgan, the present collector of rates, was appointed collector of the new dis- trict and water rate, at a salary of R- 12 a year.— Mr Stephen's application for silica from Mynydd- y-Garreg, was considered at some length, and as the carts that at present carry down Messrs Stephens' stones did so much more damage to the roads than the value the Council received for the silica at present, it was thought that Messrs Stephens ought to be made to pay more for it than they had done heretofore, and it was also thought that Messrs Stephens ought to use carts with wide wheels for the work. It was resolved to call a meeting of ratepayers, and to lay the matter before them.—A letter from the chairman of directors of the Gwendraeth Tinplate Works was read, complaining of the state of the road from the works to the G.W.R. station. The road is cut up by the carts carrying stones.