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LLANDILO. THE ENGLISH CONGREGATION A LISTS. — Special services were held on Sunday, at the Memorial Hall, in connection with this denomination, when the preacher was the Rev. J. Lloyd Williams, of Cardiff. THE YOUNG PEOPLE'S GUILD. The weekly meeting was held on Tuesday evening last, at the Mean rial Hall. There was again an increased attendance on this occasion. The following was the programme :—Address by the chairman (Rev. D. B. Jones) recitation, Mr Jones, Glancennen; vocal duett, Miss Lewis and Miss Griffiths song, Miss M. A. Thomas recitation, Mr Harry Jones; glee, "The Glwythin," by the choir Reader, Mr C. Jenkins); recitation, Mr D. Williams, New Road paper, Young women's opinion of young men," Miss Magdaline Bowen; harmonium solo, Miss Thomas, Glamorganshire Bank duett on brass instruments, Mr William Howells, and Mr Lewis Thomas. DEMISE. Another link connecting Llandilo's past and present has been lost in the person of Mr David Thomas, of Bank Buildings, who expired on Satu) day. afternoon, at the ripe old age of 78. The deceased was at the time of his death the oldest native inhabitant of Llandilo, where he pursued the avocation of a tailor. He was very fond of literature, and possessed a poetical mind. Many years ago the departed composed an admirable poem to Dynevor Park, for which he earned genuine encomiums. Mr Thomas has gone over to the majority, leaving behind him an unstained reputation. A widow and five grown-up sons and daughters survive to mourn their loss. The remains were interred at the Parish Churchyard on Wednesday, when the funeral was largely and respectably attended. During the obsequies the shops had their shutters up and blinds were drawn in the houses along the route. PETTY SESSIONS.—These sessions were held on Saturday last before Messrs J. C. Richardson and J. L. Thomas. Drunkenness: P.S. Henry Evans charged J. R. Jones, junior, Park-street, Bryn- amman, with being drunk and disorderly. Fined 15a 4d including costs.—John Thomas, High-street, Ammanford, tin-worker, was charged by P C. Evan Davies with being drunk and refusing to quit licensed premises, viz., the Dynevor Arms, Pantyffynon. Fined 19s including costs.—On the complaint of the same constable, George Williams, of Llandebie, was fined 10s 6d including costs, for being drunk on licensed premises. Larceny by a lad: P.C. James Rees, of Cothy Bridge, charged a lad named John Corps with stealing eggs, valued at 7d, the property of John Lewis, of Pengoitre, Llanfynydd. The said John Lewis deposed that the prisoner came into his service in November, 1889. He kept barn door fowls. About two weeks ago, in consequence of what witness heard, he sent for the police. After the constable came. the latter asked the prisoner if he had taken them. The constable then asked the prisoner to whom he had taken the eggs, and he replied to Mrs James, Jiving in the village of Llanfynydd, who kept a a little shop. Witness then asked the prisoner what he got for the eggp, and he said he got tobacco. The prisoner also said he sold the eggs at the rate of two for 3d. John Jones said he lived at Penygoitre aforesaid, and was servant to the last witness. On the r.ight of the luth inst, witness saw the prisoner walking along the road to Llanfynydd with his hands in his pockets. The prisoner said he had fallen, and witness asked him if he had broken the eggs. The prisoner replied he had no eggs. Witness then asked him if he should search him, but he made no reply. Witness felt his pockets from the outside, and felt three things like eggs in each pocket. Witness then said it was too bad for him to take eggs, and he said he was not going to sell them. P.C. James Rees said that from information received on the 14th, he went to Penygoitre farm and saw the defendant. Witness charged him with stealing eggs the property of his master, and cautioned him. The prisoner said he took them "from a box there," pointing to the barn. Mr Lewis the master came to them (the witness and prisoner), and the latter admitted takings eggs ten or eleven times previously. Prisoner said he took them to Eliza James, Llanfynydd. Prisoner nsed to get tobacco or a few pence for the eggs. The value of the eggs would be about 7d. The prisoner did not cross- examine any of the witnessee, and in reply to the formal reading of the charge said, "I stole the eggs." He was fined 2s 6J and costs. LLANDILO SCHOOL BOARD ELDCrION.We had gone to press last week ere we received the telegram announcing the result of this election. In addition to giving such result now we also give the number of plumpers each candidate received together with the number of individual voters, who supported him :Elected :—Rev. Towyn Jones, Garnant, 1553—plumbers 107, voters, 254; Mr James Rees, Cwmamman, 1419 —plumbers 87, voters, 253 Lord Dynevor, 1338 —plumpers 71, voters, 330; Mr L. N. Powell, Car- regcennen, 1234,—plumpers 72, voters, 273 MrJ. Morris, Garnant, 1221-plumpers 93, voters 196; Mr Herbert Peel, Taliarts Park, 1,184—plumpers 53, voters 325; Mr Morgan Davies, Cwmivor, 1,133—plumpers 57, voters 262 Major Thomas, Moreb, 1,094—plumpers 48, voters 313 Mr Griffith Williams, King's Head, 1,068-plumpers 49, voters 289. Non-elected: Mr Gwynne Hughes, Tregib, 901-plumpers 36, voters 280 Mr Ivor Morris, Pontamman, 801-plumpers 70, voters 119 Mr J. W. Jones, Llandilo, 594—plumpers 34, voters 154. The spoilt votes numbered 17. It may be interesting for the sake of comparison to give the state of the poll at the previous election in 1888, which was as follows Elected Mr James Rees, 1,444-plumpers, 87 Mr Gwynne-Hughes, 1,331-plumpers, 59 Mr Thomas Powell, 1,318--plumpers, 73; Lord Dynevor, 1,315—plumpers, 76; Mr Herbert Peel, 1,009—plumpers, 54; Mr Morgan Davies, 947—plumpers, 43; Mr J. B. Morris, 866— plumpers, 50 Major Thomas, 864-plumpers, 38; Mr David Bowen, currier, 833—plumpers, 31. Non-elected: Mr W. N. Jones, Tirydail, 799—plumpers, 33; Rev. Lewis Price, vicar, 599-plumpers, 33; Mr Daniel Be van, Twyn- boli, Cwmamman, 471 plumpers, 19; Mr Samuel Callard, Pontamman, 298-plumpers, 26 Rev. Evan Lloyd, vicar of Bettws, 235-plumpers, 18 Evan Walters, Merdy, Bettws, 150- plumpers, 11; Mr Legge, Cwmamman, 47 — plumpers, 4 Mr W. Williams, Bryncethin, Cwmamman, 9—plumpers, 1.




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