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CARDIGANSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL. MAIN ROADS COMMITTEE. A meeting of the main roads and bridges com- mittee was held at the Town Hall, Lampeter, on Wednesday, the members present being the Lord Lieutenant, Col. Picton Evans, Messrs Mcrris Davies, J. D. Harford, Peter Jones, Charles Lloyd,, Enoch Davies, Aeronian Jenkins, Levi James, Evan I Rowlands, Daniel Jones, Enoch James, Evan Davies (Aberbank), C. M. Williams, Wm. Morgan, John Davies (Talybont), David Jones (Devil's Bridge), J. Davies (Llanddewi), Revs John Jones, John Davies and T. Levi, Mr H. C. Fryer, clerk; Mr Davies, surveyor for lower di&trict; and Mr Roderick Lloyd, for upper district. Col. Picton Evans was elected chairman pro tem. Rev T. Levi proposed, and Mr Evan Rowlands soconded, that Mr Peter Jones be elected chairman for the ensuing year, in place of Mr J. M. Howell, the retiring chairman, and this was unanimously carried. The report of the sub-committee for the upper district, held at Aberystwyth on the 19th inst., was received. The following is a summary of the report:—Mr Morris Davies was appointed chairman for the ensuing year.- Resolved that, in future, as faras may be practicably possible, stones for the road be paid for by the yard, and not by the load.— Resolved that it be referred to the Penybont bridge committee to dispose of by auction all timber and materials left on hand after the com- pletion of the repair of the paid bridge.-Among the accounts passed and recommended for pay- ment, was an item of X30 for materials for roads from Aberayron to Aberystwyth, and .£28 10s to Mr John Morgan, timber merchant, for larch for the Borth groynes. Resolved that all labour and materials upon the new main roads be paid for as from the 7th of November, 1890, but in the case of materials only upon the surveyor's certificate that they have either been actually spread upon the roads subsequently to that date, or are in the depot at the present time. It was resolved that the surveyor's estimate of expenditure for the current quarter be approved of. The estimate was for pay to roadmen, £ 240; materials for roads, J6130 new railing for Devil's Bridge, £ 10; necessdry repairs to bridges, etc., .£50; total, 9430.-The question of constructing bridges over the river Meurig, near Strata Florida, aad over the river Gwenffrwd, near Cilpyll, was referred to local committees with in- structions to obtain full particulars as to cost and the necessity of such bridges, and to report to the committee at its next meeting. The Chairman (Mr Peter Jones) said, with re- gard to Penybont bridge, that the County Council had voted £ 100 towards its repair, but the work had cost about .£115. and it was thought that the money they got for the old timber, etc. used, would defray the excess. Mr Enoch James said that the new groyne at Borth bad been commenced. Mr Aeronian Jenkins pressed the necessity of erecting bridges over the Meurig and Gwenffrwd as they were urgently needed. He would challenge anyone to name a more dangerous ford than Cilpyll ford in bad weather. The local committees ought to meet before the County Council's next meeting, and report to that body instead of to the sub-committee at Aberystwyth, and then there would be a chance of having two good bridges be- fore the end of the buildiB season.— The Chair- man pointed out that that was impracticable, as their report would have to go before the finance committee first of all.—The report was adopted. Mr Morris Davies raised the question of county stone quarries. He said he had received a letter, stating that they could not get the Bwlchmawr quarry instead of the Wernddu quarry, which they had at present, so if they wanted stones they would have to re-open the latter. He suggested that the surveyor should visit Wernddu, and see if it was worth their while renewing the lease on it.-In answer to Mr Aeronian Jenkins, the Clerk said he did not know how many quarries were in the hands of the county, and it being thought a matter of im- portance by the committee, it was decided that each member should be asked to look up the quarries in his district, and give all information to the clerk respecting them. The Committee then received the report of the jub-committee for the lower district, held at New- jastle Emlyn on Friday, the 23rd. The following is a summary of it: Resolved that Mr W. O. Brigstocke be chairman for the ensuing year.-A Jepatatioo representing the inhabitants of New. jastle Emlyn and Adpar waited upon the com- mittee, asking it to support an application of the inhabitants to have the name of "Emlyn" substituted for its present name, and it was re- solved that the request of the deputation was a reasonable one, and worthy of the consideration of the County Council." The committee referred to the general main roads committee the item for E20 10s, being the balance claimed for the Aberayron bridge retaining wall, and also various accounts for labour upon the new main roads within the Aberayron highway district to the surveyor for examination as to their correctness.—It was resolved that the estimates of expenditure for the current quarter be approved of and allowed. They are as follows:—Wages (28 men at 15s per week), £ 273; cost of stones, £ 165; repairs to New Inn and Gwenffrwd bridges, £ 24; total, L462. Referring to the Aberayron retaining wall, Mr C. M. Williams said that the County Council voted money for work to protect the bridge, but the money had been spent to improve public and private property, which was a fact not to the credit of the members for that district (hear, hear). -Mr Aeronian Jenkins said that the Aberayron committee made an estimate, and. said they only wanted half the money from the County Council, but they afterwards came and asked for the other half. If they had stated the true cost at first, the money would never have been voted for the work.- It was decided to pay the balance of X20 10s. It was decided on the motion of Mr C. M. Williams, seconded by Mr Aeronian Jenkins, that the two surveyors make special reports on the bridges as some of them were in a deplorable state, and if they had a heavy flood they would be swept away. The next business was to decide upon the yearly payments to be offerni to the highway boards for maintaining the approaches of such of the county bridges as were beyond the reach of the main road labourers. Mr Morris Davies dertlt exhaustively with the subject. and pto iuced figures showing the money at present paid to the different boards. The number of such bridge was 25. It was ultimately decided to offer the boards 308 per bridges, instead of .£2, the present average. The surveyors were requested to report to the next meeting as to the most desirable places, where mile stones and direction posts should be placed on the roads taken over by the county council. A long discussion took place upon the application of the Lampeter Highway Board, as to the high- ways to be declared main roads in that district. The following were the roads asked to be taken over:—From Troedyrhiw to Olmarch (including the roads to Derry Ormond Railway Station), 5m. 2f.; Llanwnen to Llanybyther, 2m. If.; Llanwnen to Ystrad Boundary, 1m. 6f. Wallen Bridge to Talsarn, 3f.; Llanybyther to Drefach, 2m.; total 11m. 4f. The Lord-Lieutenant proposed, and Rev. J. Davies seconded, that the above scheme be adopted, but Mr Aeronian Jenkins proposed an amendment that the road from Llanybyther to Drefach be struck out as the total length was over the average allowed.—The amendment was carried after some opposition, as it was stated that that road was the most important of the lot. Mr C. M. Williams casually remarked that before the application of any district for a bridge should be entertained, that district should guarantee to find one half at least of the expense of such bridge (hear, hear). Something of the kind had been adopted in Carmarthenshire. It was decided to take over the highway leading from Ponterwyd to Tynyffordd, 7 furlongs in length, as a main road, subject to the surveyor's certificate. This was all the business of interest.










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