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COMMERCE BLOUSE, CARMARTHEN. POSTPONEMENT OF SALE. cr o IH: isT m. IE W I S Begs to inform bis Customers and the Public in general that he has the first week in February, owing to the alterations he intends making to his Estabhshme t hich airrundertaken with a view of extending and farthering the various Departments, and promoting the comfort and convenience of his nuinerons Customers. All Goods will be very much reduced, in some cases considerably below cost, and Customers may rely upon seoiring parcels of good, clean (not soded) Goods at mere nominal prices. SALE FIRST WEEK IN FEBRUARY. Established 1854. D. TITUS WILLIAMS, BOOKBINDER, ENGLISH WESLEYAN CHAPEL HOUSE, CARMARTHEN, Havine taken over the Business lately carried on by bis father (the late Thomas Williams),P- T. W'. begs most respectfully to return thanks to the Public for the kind patronage hitherto accorded his father, and hopes to be favoured with a continuance of their kind support. BIBLES, MUSIC, JLBUMS, and OLD BOOKS BOUND and REPAIRED with the gi-eatesi care. SECOND-HAND BOOKS BOUGHT, SOLD, OR EXCHANGED. THE IMPROVEMENT OF LANDED ESTATES. THE LAND LOAN AND ENFRANCHISEMENT COMPANY (Incorporated by Special Act of Parliament) ADVANCES MONEY to Landowners for Drainage, the Erection of Farm Buildings, Artizans' and Miners' Cottages Trial Pits for Mines, and for the General Improvement of Landed Property; also to TENANTS FOR LIFE, for the ERECTION of and ADDITIONS to ESTATE MANSIONS, STABLES, and OUTBUILDINGS, and their general sanitary improvement; the amount borrowed being repaid by a terminable rent-charge. No investigation of title is necessary. Prospectus and forms of application may be obtained at the Company s Offices. 22, Great George-street, Westminster, S.W. EDWIN GARROD, Secretary. MORTGAGE AND GROUND-RENT BRANCH OF THE LAND LOAN AND ENFRANCHISEMENT COMPANY. THE COMPANY'S REGISTER contains various sums of trust, and other n^nnKioIT68' ment on Mortgage and for the purchase of Ground Rents. Furt er par pp 22, Great George-street, Westminster, S.W. EDWIN GARROD, Seert tary. [115 H. & T. PROCTOR, ORIGINAL MANUFACTURERS OF PREPARED BONE MANURES, FOR CORN, GRASS, ROOT, AND OTHER CROPS; ALSO Superphosphate of Lime. WORKS CATHAY, BRISTOL. Telegraphic Address:-If PROC;TOR." BRISTOL. ESTABLISHED 1812. H& T. PROCTOR'S PREPARED BONE MANURES for Grass LandB favour a heavy growth of Grass and improve the quality of the herbage. (' H. & T. PROCTOR'S POTATO MANURE will profitably increase the I crop, and by its use the morbid action of the Potato plant may, to a great extent, be prevented. H. & T. PROCTOR'S BARLEY AND OAT MANURES very much in- I crease the yield, and im- prove the quality of the grain. ) Price List and particulars of Prizes for Root Crops offered in 1891 on application to H. & T. PROCTOR, CATHAY, BRISTOL. I [534 BEw,Vli ARE o Remembar that SUNLIGHT SOAP cannot be successfully imitated by onyone. Y DO NOT ALLOW I other soap, said to be the same as the SUN, IGHT j | SOAP, to b3 palmed off upon you. If ou tO j you must expect to be disappointed. Cce ■ that you get what you ask for, and j I that the word "SUNLIGHT" is stamred 4 upon every tablet and printed jy upon every wrapper. 'ell MONEY TO LEND. I MONEY LENT PRIVATELY (without sureties) by the CHARING-CROSS BANK (Estab- lished 1870). 28, BEDFORD-ST., CHARING-CROSS, London, W.C. Capital £ 300,000. Reserve Fund £ 100,000. ADVANCES IMMEDIATELY MADE Upon Approved Promissory Notes as follows, without bill of sale. Advance L25-12 monthly repayments of 22 5 10 50 „ „ 4 11 8 100 „ 9 3 4 Larger amounts in the same proportion. ADVANCES of 230 to £2,000 granted at a few hours' notice in town or country, male or female, on mortgage of furniture, trade and farm stock, plant, crops, &c., without removal, and to assist persons into business. Also on deeds, policies, and reversions. NOTICE. —Any one requiring money will do well before applying elsewhere, or paying fees, to think of this—Surely I can do better with a Bank having large capital at command and devoting themselves to this class of business than I can with so-called private money lenders or agents with small means. Good borrowers can obtain money here on reasonable terms, quickly, privately, and without deductions, repayable by easy instalments. Distance no object. Call per- sonally, or write. Special facilities to all requiring banking accounts. 4 per cent. interest allowed on the minimum monthly balances. Deposits of tlO and upwards received as under r 5 per cent. per annum, subject to 3 months notice of withdrawal. 6 per cent. per annum, subject to 6 months' notice of withdrawal. 7 pel cent. per annum, subject to 12 months' notice of withdrawal. Special terms for larger amounts. Interest paid auarteriy. Write or call for Prospectus. 4 40] A. WILLIAMS, Manager. A R I A N A R I A N ARIAN! Y,5 i £ 500. Kboddir benthyg i Foaeddwyr, Ffermwyr, Mas- nachwyr, a phob dosparth o ddeiliaid tai, ar eu sicrwydd eu hunain. Nid oes eisieu Bills of Sale. Mae yn hollol ddirgel a chyfrinachol. Ad. daliadau i gyfarfod cyfleustra. bentbycwyr. Am fanylion pellach, ymofyner a Sol. Barnett, 15, 1 Pynevor Place, Swansea. [25 I MONEY ADVANCED PRIVATELY AT ONE DAY'S NOTICE. FROM £20 to t-5,000, at Five per cent., to respon- sible persons, male or female, in town or country, upon Promissory Notes, without Bill of Sale. Dis- tance no object, as Loans may be repaid by Cheques or Postal Orders, and so Ion" as the interest is paid the principal can remain. All communications are strictly private, and no good application is ever refused. Apply personally or by post to the actual lender, H. BURTON, Esq., 27, Jermyn-street, Piccadilly, London, S.W. N. B. -Established 1867, since which period the money advanced by MR. BURTON exceeds 24,500,000. [258 MONEY LENT PRIVATELY to Male or Female, in Town or country (distance no object). AT A FEW HOURS NOTICE on NOTE OF HAND ALONE, WITHOUT SURETIES, Publicity, or the usual OBJECTION- ABLE LOAN OFFICE OR AGENTS' ROUTINE AND DELAYS. Prompt Advances also made upon furniture, pianos, jewellery, plate, diamonds, trade and farm stock, plant, crops, farming implements, etc. (without re- moval) and TO ASSIST PERSONS INTO BUSINESS, also uiKtn deeds, reversions, life policies, and iprivate incomes, etc., at FIVE PER CENT. PER ANNUM. Repayments are made monthly, quarterly, half- yearly, or yearly, to suit the convenience of borrowers extending over any period not exceeding ten years, or as long as the interest is paid, the principal can remain. APPLICANTS IN TOWN OR COUNTRY ARE ATTENDED TO THE SAME DAY AS RECEIVED, and intending borrowers requiring prompt and private cash advances for any emergency or other purposes can rely upon their matter being conducted UPON FAIR AND UPRIGHT PRINCIPLES, and WITH THE STRICTEST SECRECY & DESPATCH. Before applying elsewhere, call or write in confidence for Prospectus (gratis) to the ACTUAL LENDER, MB. W. BARCLAY, 1, Cecil-street, Strand, London, w.c. (Private gentleman). P.S.-No connection with Loan Offices. [55 FOR SALE. -DEATHERS.-Pure (no mixture of wing and tail clippings), fit for [use, to be had ohly of the Sole Agent (for the last 25 years)—William Evans, Stag's Head, near Market, Carmarthen. [404. SHIPPING NOTICES. EMALE DOMESTIC SERVANTS from 17 to 35 years of age obtain FREE PASSAGES BY STEAMER TO QUEENSLAND, where they are greatly in demand and receive good wages only pay- ments-21 for ship kit, and fare to depot in London. ASSISTED PASSAGES are also granted to labourers whose labour is connected with the land, such as FARM LABOURERS, GARDENERS, MINERS, QUARRYMEN, &c., and to apyroved females, such as DRESSMAKERS, 1 RAINED NURSES, &c. An experienced Surgeon and Matron accompany each steamer, and on arrival passengers are received into the Government depot, free of charge. Forms of application, rates of passage, handbooks, and all other information may be obtained on applica- THE° AGENT-GENERAL FOR QUEENSLAND, Westminster Chambers, 1, Victoria Street, London, S.W. All persons who pay their own passages to the Colony, should apply for LAND ORDER WAR- RANTS before embarking. Forms and particulars to be obtained from the Shipping Firms booking the passengers, or from the Agent-General for Queensland. Warrants will not be issued to persons applying after I they have left England. 1^30 AMERICAN LINE. UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS LIVERPOOL TO PHILADELPHIA, EVERY WEDNESDAY. First-class, full powered Iron Steamships. Accommodation for passengers, equal to any European Line. Passengers and goods landed at Philadelphia on the Wharf of the PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD. THIS IS THE SHORTEST AND BEST ROUTE TO THE WMT. Apply to RICHARDSON. SPENCE A CO., 8] 19 and 22, Water Street, LIVERPOOL. PUBLIC NOTICES. ESTABLISHED 1851. BIRKBECK BANK Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane. THREE per CENT. INTEREST allowed on DEPOSITS, repayable on demand. TWO per CENT. on CURRENT ACCOUNTS, on minimum monthly balance when not drawn below J6100. STOCKS, SHARES, and ANNUITIES pur- chased and sold. SAVINGS DEPARTMENT. For the encouragement of Thrift the Bank receives small sums on deposits, and allows Interest, at the rate of THREE PER CENT, per annum, on each corapicted YI. The Interest is added to the principal on the 31st March annually. FRANCIS RAVENSCROFT, Manager. HOW TO PURCHASE A HOUSE FOR TWO GUINEAS PER MONTH, OR A PLOT OF LAND FOR FIVE SHILLINGS PER OF LAND FOR FIVE SHILLINGS PER j&ONTH, with immediate possession, and no rent to pay. Apply at the Office of the BIRKBECK FREEHOLD LAND SOCIETY. The BIRKBECK ALMANACK, with full par. ticulars, can be obtained post free, on application to FRANCIS RAVENSCROFT, Manager. Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane. [371 'HOE -LE DATTLE SPICE IT PAYS BREEDERS And Farmers to use "HORSE SHOE" CATTLE SPICE with the food they give their cattle, as it rapidly improves the condition of the animals, brings up their weight, and increases their market value. The HORSESHOE CAT- TLE SPICE is a highly feeding condiment for Cattle, Horses, Sheep, Pigs, &c. Proprietors- THE BRITISH CATTLE FOODS CO. (LIMITED), LONDON. WORRIED FARMERS Who read with anxiety the state- ments of scientists that, earth is losing its fertility and yielding poorer produce year after year, are assured that the 11 HORSE- SHOE" CATTLE SPICE supplies the natural salts deficient in the herbage through loss of the Earth's fertility. Vide recent correspondence in The Times. "HORSESHOE" CATTLE SPICE AGENT :— WILLIAM JONES, CORN, FLOUR, ALE, WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT, CANTON STORES, LLANDILO. (BRANCH AT AMMANFOBD). MR. C. K. WHEATLEY, PROFESSIONAL PIANOFORTE TUNER. PIANOS tuned singly or by the year. Special attention given to American Organs and Har- moniums. All kinds of instruments repaired. Note the Address- 30, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. CHRISTMAS SEASON, 1890. A LARGE ASSORTMENT of FRUITS of all description now in stock at very reasonable prices. Having purchased under very favourable circumstances, I am able to offer EXCEPTIONAL VALUES in CURRANTS from. 3,1d. per lb. RAISINS 3ld. „ SULTANAS 9d. „ Finest Mixed ORANGE and LEMON PEEL 8d. „ Do. ORANGE, LEMON, and CITRON lOd. „ T. SMITH, WHOLESALE & RETAIL GROCER. PROVISION MERCHANT & CONFECTIONER, KING-STREET, CARMARTHEN. [365 GALVANIZED CORRUGATED ROOFING SHEETS. BUY FROM THE MANUFACTURERS. SHEETS low as 1. 2d. each. FCSF- PRICES ON APPLICATION. CORRUGATED IRON Co., WOLVERHAMPTON. LARGEST MAKERS IN THE KINGDOM. 1VTEW ORIENTAL BANK CORPORATION _]^| (Limited). CAPITAL- A UTIIORISED. I £ 2,000,000. SUBSCRIBED AND PAID-UP £ 600,000. HEAD OFFICE 40, Threadneedle-street, London, E,C. WEST END OFFICE 25, Cockspur-street, S.W. EDINBURGH OFFICE 23, St. Andrew-square. DUNDEE OFFICE 6, Panmure-street. Branches and Agencies—Australia, India. Ceylon, China, Japan, Straits, Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles, Aden, Paris, New York, San Francisco. Money remitted to any part of the World by draft, letter of credit, or by telegraph. Bills of Exchange, Interest Warrants and Coupons collected and cashed. Circular Notes issued, Current Accounts opened, Banking Agency business generally undertaken. INTEREST ALLOWED ON DEPOSITS. At 3 months' notice 3 per cent, per annum. At 6 months'notice. 4 At 12 months'notice. 4L II For 3 or more years certain 5 „ Telegraphic Address: GALLOWAY, CARMARTHEN. J. J. GALLOWAY, 3, QUEEN STREET, CARMARTHEN, WHOLESALE RETAIL PASTRY COOK AND CONFECTIONER. NOTED for superior Cake, not to be equalled at the price. Schools and Meetings supplied with luantities to any Railway Station within 30 Miles, carriage paid. LIST OF PRICES: No. O.-A cheap Cake 3d. per lb. 1.—School Cake 4d. 2.—A really good Cake 5d. 3. —A superior Cake. 6d. 4.—Extra super 7d. „ Others at 8d., 9d., 10d., and lid. per lb. TESTIMONIAL. Waunifor, Maesycrugiau, R.S.O. "Mrs Charles Lloyd begs to thank Mr Galloway for the excellent way in which he executed her order, all the cakes, &c., being so fresh and good." NOTICE OF REMOVAL. JOHN D. THOMAS (LATE FFOSHELIG), VETERINARY SURGEON, M.R.C.V.S. LOND., TO TKOEDYBRYN HOUSE, L A M PE T E E. ALL ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. [527 TO BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS TEND ERS are invited for building NEW STABLES for the Hunt Committee, near the "Travellers' Rest," Carmarthen. Plans and Specification may be seen on application to the undersigned. Sealed Tenders to be sent to Mr John Francis, Land A Carmarthen, on or before Saturday, 31st inst. The lowest or auy Tender will not necessarily be accepted. qeqRGE MORGAN & SON, Architects. Carmarthen, Jan. 13th, 1891. [523 A CARD. C. MORGAN, M.R.C.V.S., L, VETERINA R Y SURGEON, 13, King-street, Carmarthen. [5 BANN WHISKEY. TXT"HERE really pure and matured Irish Whiskey VV of the old-fashioned type is desired, there is no Whiskey (at a reasonable price) to approach BANN and if constant Good Quality be borne in mind, there is no better at any price. BANN WHISKEY-one quality only- THE BEST. JAMES WILSON & SON, Ltd., Belfast. AGENTS FOR CARMARTHEN— BRIGSTOCKE & SON, 54, KING STREET. Price, 45s. per dozen, less 3s. per dozen allowance for cash payments. [533 50 PRIZE COMPETITIONS FOR. Is. 6d. SEXD postal order for Is. 6d. (or 19 stamps) for a year a subscription to the Prize Competition Record, published monthly, ard become entitled to enter, free of charge, 50 Prize Competitions, with cash prizes ranging from 2100. This is a genuine offer.-Address, The Prize Competition Association, 4, South Parade, Oakfield-road, Clifton, Bristol." [528. GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. CARMARTHEN RACES. ON WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY, FEB. 4th and 5th, CHEAP DAY EXCURSION TICKETS will be issued to CARMARTHEN from SWANSEA and intermediate Stations to Ferryside inclusive, and from LLANDYSSIL and intermediate Stations to Conwil inclusive, and to SARNAU from NEW MILFORD, Milford, and intermediate Stations to WHITLAND inclusive, from PEMBROKE DOCK and intermediate Stations to Narberth inclu- sive, and from CARDIGAN and intermediate Stations to Llanfallteg inclusive. For full particulars see bills. 543] HY. LAMBERT, General Manager. IN THE GOODS OF JOHN WADDINGHAM ESQ. (DECEASED). PURSUANT to the Statute 22 and 23 Vict., cap. JL 35, intituled An Act to further Amend the Law of Real Property and to relieve Trustees." Notice is hereby given, that all persons having any claim or demand upon or against the Estate of JOHN WADDING- HAM, late of Guiting Grange, in the county of Glouces- ter, and of Hafod, in the county of Cardigan, Esquire, deceased (who died on the 26th day of August, 1890, and whose Will was proved in the District Registry at "Gloucester of the Probate Division of her Majesty's High Court of Justice, on the 17th day of December, 1890, by WILLIAM WIGGIN, of Hampnett Rectory, in the county of Gloucester, and WILLIAM WOODHAM BEST, of Leeds, in the county of York, the Executors therein named), are hereby required to send the particulars of such claims or demands to us, the under- signed Solicitors for the Executors, on or before the 21st day of March, 1891, after the expiration of which time the said Executors will proceed to distribute the Assets of the said deceased among the parties entitled thereto, having regard only to the claims and demands of which they shall then have received Notice; and that the said Executors will not be liable for all or any part of the said Assets to any person of whose claim or demand they shall not have received such notices as aforesaid. Dated this 24th day of January, 1891. RAWSON, BEST & SON, 2, Park Row, Leeds, 540] Solicitors for the said Executors. TO BE LET. ri^O LET, Drapery and Outfitting. The old JL established Shop, Golden Key, Llandilo. — Apply to Mrs Da vies. [542 rno LET, furnished APARTMENTS, within 2 A miles of Carmarthen.—Apply to Z., care of Mrs Jones, Bronwydd Arms, Carmarthen. [536 rpO BE LET on lease, a very commodious Site for I a Factory, with an excellent supply of water from two rivers, Gran and Gwen, situated close to Pencader Station, and a most convenient place to have a siding. —For further particulars apply to Mrs Evans, Cwm- gwen Hall, Pencader, Carmarthen. [521 WANTED. WANTED, a respectable YOUTH as an Appren- tice to Outfitting and Gents' Mercery. Apply to F. Gladwin, Bridgend. [525 PERSONAL. "A" r- "-r" HOPE you will explain all to me, am anxious to know what is the matter. My patience, like yours, is almost exhausted; have tried to forget, but cannot. If you like could arrange meeting talk it over. Always the same, faithful to my promise. Amia." [538 SALES BY AUCTION. CARMARTHENSHIRE. MR. JOHN FRANCIS is instructed to SELL by AUCTION, at the Ivy Bush Royal Hotel, Car- marthen, at 2 p.m., on Saturday, the 31st day of January, 1891, in lots, that very valuable Copyhold Farm called DRENEWYDD," situate in the parish of Llanfihan^el-ar-Arth, within a mile of Pencader Rail- way Station, containing about 36 acres of Pasture Land. Further information may be obtained of Mr John Francis, Land Agent, Valuer, and Surveyor, Carmar- then Mr W. Morgan Griffiths, solicitor, Carmarthen Mr D. Long Price, solicitor, Talley, Llandilo; or of I MR. JAMES JOHN, Solicitor, Carmarthen.