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SPECIAL CH EAP RATE FOB PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. AP.«SS SITUATIONS MISCELLANEOUS WANTED SITUATIONS VACANT ARTICLES LOST AND FOUND Words. T 0NE Three Six Insertion. Insertions. Insertions. s. d. s. d. s. d. 18 0 6 1 0 1 6 24 0 9 1 6 2 3 32 1 0 2 0 3 0 40 1 3 2 6 3 9 Every addi- Q/I 7T T] TIONAL 8 WORDS. A L 6d. 9d. RATES OF ADVERTISEMENTS. RATE PER LINE PER INSERTION. Parliamentary Notices. 9d. Election Addresses, Public Companies 6d. Auctioneers, Public Announcements, &c. 4d. THE above Scale does not apply to Public Bodies. Cheques and Post Office Orders should be made payable to The Journal Company, Limited." If not paid in advance, the ordinary Credit rate will be charged. "THE JOURNAL is the oldest established but one in the Principality. It is double the size of any other local paper published at its price, Id., and has the most complete district news, which makes it generally read by all classes, and its Welsh sheet greatly promotes its circulation in rural districts. In addition to its general excel- lence, it has the distinctive advantage of being the only Conservative paper published in the county, which gives it a large circulation amongst the most influential and wealthy classes. Its circula- tion is constantly increasing, and is at present larger in the Counties of Carmarthen, Cardigan and Pembroke, than any other newspaper, and is the mcst eligible advertising medium for Solicitors, Auctioneers, Shopkeepers, and others for adver- tisements which are intended to reach all classes alike. LIST OF LOCAL AGENTS From whom copies of the "JOURNAL may be bad ABERAYRON—Mr John Jones, Bookseller. ABERGWILI-Mr W. Arthur, Post Office. ABERYSTWYTH—Mr William Jenkins, Bookseller, Great Darkgate-atreet. AMMANFORD Mr John Jones; Mr Morris, Bridgend Shop. BLAENCLYDACH—Mr E. R. Jones, Bookseller, 4, Phillips-terrace. BUXJ.NAIAM.AIN—MI Thooias Jvhu, 3ta.tIuiwuaU. BURRY PORr-Mr Badger, News Agent; Mrs M. Williams, Stationer, Station-road. CAPEL MAIR, LLANDYSSUL-Nir R. E. Jones, National Schools. CARDIGAN—Mrs Williams, Stationer, High-st. CARMARTHEN—Mr E. Colby Evans, Guildhall- square; Mr Rees, Stationer, King-street; Mr D. Williams, Stationer, Lammas-street; Mr D. Jones, Stationer, King-street; Messrs. W. H. Smith and Son. CARMEL, LLANDEBIE-Mr Tom Rees, Post Office. CILCENNIN (Ciliau Post)—Mr Felix. CILIAU AERON—Mr J. B. Jones,Cilau Park Board School. CLYNDERWEN-Messrs M. Jones & Co. CRIBIN-MR. Evan Lloyd. FERRYSIDE-Mr A. Goldsmith, News Agent. GARNANT- Mr John Jenkins, National Schools. GLANDUAR, LLANYBYTHER-Mrs Hugh Felix, Red Lion Inn. GOLDEN GROVE—Mr E. Joseph, The Schools. GORSEINON-Mr William Llewellyn, Post Office. HAVERFORDWEST—W. H. Smith & Son. KIDWELLY-Mr J. Shankland; Mr David, News Agents. LAMPETER-Messrs. Davies & Co., Booksellers, College-street. LAMPETER VELFREY, NARBERTH-Mrs Thomas, Post Office. LAUGHARNE—Mr T. Richards, King-street. IILANARTH—Mr E. Enoch, Draper. LLANARTHNEY-MR T. Ree.1, Draper, &c. LLANDDOWROR-D. Wilkins, The Mill. LLANDEBIE-Mr W. Bowen, Post Office; Mr Tom Rees. LLANDILo-Mr J. Lockyer, News Agent; Messr* W. & E. Hopkins, 49, Bhosmaen-street; Mr W. H. Smith & Son. LLANDDEWI-BREFI (Cardiganshire) Mr. John Evans, Builder, Llanddewi. LLANDOVERY-Mr George Barratt LLANDYSSUL,-Mr R. Rees, Station-ma.ster; Mr Evan Jones, lY88ul Castle. LLANELLY—Messrs. W. H. Smith & Son. LLANFIHANGEL-AR-ARTH—Ml. R> MU N builder. D* THOMAS> Coach- LLANFAIR-CLYDOGAU—Mr D. T.Jones, L'anfair Mill. LLANGADOCK—Mr E. L. Edwards, News Agent. LLANGELER—Mr R. E. Jones, Capel Mair. LLANILAu-Mr C. Morgan, Post Office. LLANoN-Mr John Thomas, Chemist. LLANPUMSAINT—Mr William Davies, Nebo. LLANSTEPHAN-Mr E. T. Davies, Cloth Hall. LLANRHYSTYD-Mr J. W. Morgan, Post Office. MYDRiM-Mr Henry Davies, Carrier. MYDROILYN-Capt. Lewis. NEWCASTLE-EMLYN Mr J. P. Jones, News Agent, Bridge-street. NARBERTH-Mr Halkon, News Agent. Master ^UAY Thomas Davies, Harbour PENBONTSHAN-Mr D. H. Evans, The Shop. PENCADER-MI- T. T. Davies, The Shop. PENDINE-Mr Robert Lewis. ST. DOGMELLS Mrs M. Williams, News Agent, ST. CLEARS-Mr Thomas Thomas, Garthe Arms. TALGARREG Mr Evans, Post Office. I ALSARN Mr John Jones, Maesyfelin. IREFACH Mr Samuel Jones, Weaver. IREGARON—Mr D. Evans, Medical Hall. WHITLAND— Mr L. Harries, Bookseller. GOOD TIDINGS FOR SUFFERERS. ASHTON'S GOUT AND RHEUMATIC CURE. ARE GOUT AND RHEUMATISM CURABLE? TO any asking the anxious question, we do not ) despair till you have tried ASHTON'S CURE. In Bottles at Is lid, 2s 9d, 4s 6d, and lis. Mr J. Dewhirst, 14, Commercial-street, Hudders- field :-cr Being a great sufferer from rheumatism and rheumatic gout, I was induced to try Ashton's Cure; I found instant relief, and strongly recom- mend it to all similarly affected." ASHTON'S ASTHMA CURE. Is the finest medicine in the world for the most stressing complaint. Asthma, Bronchitis, Cooghs, and Consumption prevented. Price, Is lid, 2s 9d, 4s 6d, and lls. ———— GIVES IMMEDIATE RELIEF. Mr W. Nicholson, 3, The Grove, Vauxhall, S.W.: I have found great relief from taking your Asthma Cure, and will strongly recommend it to any sufferer I know. It is a great boon. ASHTON'S UNIVERSAL PILLS. The great remedy for Disordered Liver, Foul Stomach, Loss of Appetite, Disturbed Sleep, Im- paired Digestion, Headache; they are also the females' great friend. Price, Is I d, and 2s 9d. ASHTON'S CURATIVE SALVE. An invaluable remedy for Burns, Cuts, Ulcerated Joints, Abscesses, or inflamed Breasts, and every similar kind of Disease. Price, Is Hd and 2s 9d. Of all Chemists, or post free from the Proprietor. J WARNER, 70 and 71, Chancery Lane, London, W.C. Wholesale Agentsfor London. MESSRS. F. SANGBR & SONS MAY ROBERTS, E.C.; BARCLAY & SONS; WM. EDWARD & SON; HOVENDEN & SONS. [208 A WONDERFUL MEDICINE. BEECHAM'S PILLS RE universally admit- XJL ted to be worth a GUINEA A BOX for bilious and nervous dis- orders, such as wind and 'i\' PAT EN T pain in the stomach, .I sick headache, giddiness, If fulness and swelling after K' j meals, dizziness and drow- ■ jI siness, cold chills, flush- ings of heat, loss of appe- tite, shortness of breath, costiveness, scurvy, blotches on the skin, dis- turbed sleep, frightful dreams, and all nervous and trembling sensations, &c. The first dose will give relief in twenty minutes. Every sufferer is earnestly invited to try one box of those Pills, and they will be acknowledged to be WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. For females of all ages these Pills are invalu. able, as a few doses of them carry off all humours, and bring about all that is required. No female should be without them. There is no Medicine to be found equal to Beecham's Pills for removing any obstruction or irregularity of the system. If taken according to the directions given with each box, they will soon restore females of all ages to sound and robust health. This has been proved by thoueanda who have tried them, and found, the benefits which are ensured by their use. For a weak =-1""=-.1 ai^^ouiuu, LLUU an disorders of the liver, they act like magic, and a few doses will be found to work wonders on the most important organs in the human machine. They strengthen the whole muscular system, restore the long lost complexion, bring back the keen edge of appetite, and arouse into action with the rose- bud of health the whole physical energy of the human frame. These are FACTS testified con- tinually by members of all classes of society, and one of the best guarantees to the nervous and debili- tated is, BEECHAM'S PILLS have the largest sale of any patent medicine in the world. BEECHAM'S MAGIC COUGH PILLS. As a remedy for Coughs in general, asthma, bronchial affections, hoarseness, shortness of breath, tightness and oppression of the chest, wheezing, &c., these Pills stand unrivalled. They are the best ever offered to the public, and will speedily remove that sense of oppression and difficulty of breathing, which nightly deprive the patient of rest. Let any person give BEECHAM'S COUGH PILLS a trial, and the most violent cough will in a short time be removed. Prepared only, and sold wholesale and retail, by the Proprietor, Thomas Beecham, St. Helen's, Lancashire, in Boxes at Is. lid. and 2s. 9d. each. Sold by all Druggists and Patent Medicine Deal- ers everywhere. N.B.—Full directions are given with each box. 31 GALVANIZED CORRUGATED IRON ROOFING SHEETS. Large quantity of slightly defective Sheets :— 5 ft. long by 2 ft. wide Is. 3d each. 6 „ Is. 6d „ 7 „ „ „ is. 10d „ 8 „ „ „ 2S. ID „ 9 „ 2s. CA 10 „ „ 3s. For all practical purposes the above are as good as perfect sheets, being water-tight, fire-proof, &c. If painted with Red Oxide, 2d to 6d per sheet extra. Red Oxide Paint specially prepared for iron work and ready for use. Price on application. Galvanized Ridging, Gutters, and Down Spouting, Nails, Screws, Washers, &c., and all Materials for fixing. BRUCE AND STILL, CONTRACTORS FOR IRON ROOFS & BUILDINGS (DESIGNS AND ESTIMATES FREE), 75, NORFOLK ST., LIVERPOOL. [37 — — n STIFF'S STARCH. Sold in lb. Picture Boxes. s Sold in 51b. Packets. STTTTTT'^s STADnrr Trade Mark Queen Bess, llrr S STARCH. Uniform Quality. Warranted Pure. STTWF'S STA"Rf!TT Most Economical. feiAKUM. Imparts an Exqui8ite Gloss Makes Linen Look like New £ 1 TIFF'S STARCH. £ or Collars. 1 or Wristbands. For Shirt Fronts. STIFF'S STARCH. For Neckties. For Caps. STIFF'S STARCH. For Linen. STIFF'S STARCH. For-Muslins. s For Curtains. m iTiF'y orp 1 Dnu For .Table Cloths. ^TIFF S STARCH, ^sk for Stiff's Starch. Note the Caution Label. S'I TIFF'S STARCH. Observe the Trade Mark. See Dr. Hassan s 1 estimonia Mark what Dr. Griffin says STIFF'S STARCH. Read Pro. Herapath'sRepor o Sold by Grocers. STIFF'S STARCH. Established 1818. Wholesale—Stiff and Co., lledcliff-street, Bristol. [33 r BUSINESS ADDRESSES. MOUNT HILL CARMARTHEN, JOSEPH COYSH. FOREST TREES! FOREST TREES!! WHITE THORN QUICKS FOR HEDGES. C H 0 I C T IS E E S AID ? it R U B S FRUIT TREES AND ROSES, AND ALL KINDS OF NURSERY STOCK. WREATHS, CROSSES, AND BOUQUETS TO ORDER. PRICES ON APPLICATION. [10 ^E following Exhibition Awards for their various manufactures:— lIIGHEST MEDAL, LIVERPOOL, 1886. 4 GOLD MEDAL, SYDNEY, 1888. HIGHEST AWARDED ORDER OF MERIT, ADELAIDE, 17. FAR, ME R SEND YOUR OWN WOOL TO BE MADE INTO CLOTH From Is. 3d. per Yard; Blankets from Is. 2d. per Yard; Stocking Yarn from 9d. per lb. CARRIAGE PAID BOTII WAYS ON ALL ORDERS OF OVER .£1. PATTERNS. FORWARDED TO SELECT FROM. TYLEET& CO., MAESLLYN MILLS, Llandyssil, S. WALES HIGH CLASS MANURES FOR ALL CROPS. W. PILKIXGTON & SON, WIDNES, LANCASHIRE. MANUFACTURERS OF PURE DISSOLVED BONE. DISSOLVED BONE COMPOUNDS. SPECIAL MANURES. SUPERPHOSPHATES. ANALYSIS GUARANTEED. AGENTS WANTED. For prices and terms apply to Mr. J. M. READ, 41, Eastcheap, London. [366 MN.N'EFd-R ILUID The best remedy for Acidity of the Stomach, Heartburn, Headache, Gout and Indigestion; and the safest Aperient FOR delicate Constitutions, Ladies, Children and Infants. SOLD THROUGHOUT THE WORLD DR. J. COLLIS BROWNE'S :;¡¡ ¡; FOIl dedly the best, and also from a sense of POUGHS. -pvIARRHffiA, DYBENTIRY. BANC'S"" a deliberate breach nf T* H J /^LOLDS. JL/ GENERAL BOARD of HEA. IM, 0N the part of the chemist to prrscrili.r 1 CTTTLUTA London, REPORT that it ACT) as a and patient alike.—We are, Sir, fait:I- A 11,,1 CHARM, one dose gjncrally suicient. fully yours, SYMES & CO., Members of -XJL. I ) POUCHITIS. DR. GIBBON, Army M'-dical Staff, Clcutta, t/ie Pharm. Society of Great Britain, //is I) states: "2 DOSES COMFLITELY hxceUency the Viceroys Chemists. — CURED ME of DIARRHCEA' PWR. J" COLLIS BROWNK'S DR J, COLLIS BRO » FROM SYMES & CA, Pharmaeutical CH10R0DYITE, is the TRTTFJ CHLORODYNE —Dr. J. C. Chemists, Simla, fan. 5. 1881 PALLIATIVE in BROWNE (Late Army Medical StaT) JNILFION VTEURALGIA, GOUT, CAN >■ R.. DISCOVERED a REMEDY to d note To). T. DA\ENPORT, London. il TOOTHAFITT-p WTTENIFFATT^R- vihich he coined the word CHLORO- DEAR SLR.-We congratulate you UPON WI-TTAOLUJ" KM. ITUBA DVNIi. Dr. Urowae is the SOLE IN- the widespread reputation THISJUS^"V I J, COLLM B&OWLSX. O VEX TOR, and, as the composition of esteemed medicine has earned uselt | J CHLORODYNE is a liquid rue- Chlorodyne cannot possibly be disco- all over the East. As A RAWY O D(DNE WHICH ASSUAGTS pAIN „/ vered by Analysis (organic substances general utility, we much question*-tn EVERY KIND, affords a calm, re- defying elimination), and since the for- a better is imported, and we SUI fREShing sleep WITHOUT HEAD- lnufa has never been published, it isevi- glad to hear of its fmding a place y ACME, and INVIGORATES the ner- dent that any statement to the effect Anglo-Indwn home. The other tanas, vous system when exhausted. that a compound is identical with Dr. we are happy to say, are now relgtea BPTRANFT'S Browne's Oilorodyne must be false. to the native bazaars, and, judjpnlfrom ■ \±C» J. UOLLlo BAOW1I £ 8 This Caution is necessary, as many their sale, we fancy their sojourntnere | CHLORODYNE rapidly cuts short persons deceive purchasers by false will be but evanescent. WECOUW all attacks of representations. multiply instances T?PI1EPSY, SPASMS, COLIC, DR. J. COLLIS BROWNE'S BROWNE^S 0HX0MUYS1 PALPITATION, HYSTERIA. CHLORODYNE.—Vice Chan- Diarrhoea and Dysentery. Spins, TJJPORTANT CAUTION.—The cellor Sir W. PAGE WOOD stated Cramps, Neuralgia, the Vomitg- OT I IMMENSE SAI F of this REMEDY publicly in Court that Dr. J. COLLIS Pregnancy, and as a general smtive. A ^LB OF BROWNE was UNDOUBTEDLY the that have occurred under our paonal h;as .-STJVK"? R? TO INVENTOR OF CHLORODYNE. that observation during many YRAR In LOUS IMITATIONS. Be RAREM to the whole story of the defendant Free- Choleraic Diarrhoea, and eve* 1 the observe Trade _Mark. Of all Chemists man was deliberately untrue, and he more terrible forms of Cholera MF, WE 18. ltd., M. «»dM. M. CURE FOR.LLIII OINTMENT, Is the most reliable Bmedy for BAD LEGS, SORES, ULCERS,and OLD WOUNDS. Iror Colds, Coughs, Sore Throats, Bronchitj, Gout, Rheumatism, Glandular Swellings, Contracted and Stiff Joints, anditf Skin Diseases it has no equal. Uftnofactnred only at 78, New otrd Street, London, And Sold by all Medicine Vendors ttoghout the World. U.B.—Advie4 Gratis, at the above address, daily, bltwa the hours of 11 and 4, or by letter. SCIARKIE'S "PYRAMID NURSERY LAMP FOODWARMERS. WITH NEW EGISTERED PANNIKIN. t)Y their peculiar constructio-the glass chimney conducting and concentratia# 1> heat to the bottom of the wa vessel—they give a larger amount of light andheat than can be obtained in any off lamp of the same class. Without smoke or smell. CLARKE'S NEV REGISTERED PANNIKIN. KV this invention any liquicood can be poured out or drunk without scum or grease passing through the spa and prevents spilling when poured into a feeding bottle, so unavoidable with alitor Pannikins. Ihe Pannikins will fit all the old Pyramid" Nursery Lamps, a can be purchased separately. CLABKE S PYRAMID NIGHT LIGHTS. are the best in the world, and ie lly suitable ones for burning in the above, and for lighting passages, lobbies, c. ^old everywhere.. Price of lamps, SK 6D A., 5s., and. Q, each. ( If any difficulty m obtaining them write to S P\ RAMIL) AND t AIRY LIGHT COMPANY, LIMITED, CRXCKEWTD, LONDON, N.W., for nearest Agent s address. EDUCATIONAL ANNOUNCEMENTS. LAMPETER. THE COLLEGE SCHOOL, LAMPETER. 'Head Master and Teacher of English Sttbjects-Rev. T. M. EvANs, B. A., late Senior Scholar of St. David's College, and Prizeman and Exhibitioner of King's College, Cambridge. Classics—Rev. E. J. DAVIES, B.A., late Scholar of St. David's College. Mathematics and Modern Languages-A. FIELD, Esq., B.A., late Scholar of St. David's College. Scienec-LLEWELYi; BANKES-PRICE, B.A., late Open (Science) of Jesus College, Oxford. e Excellent intermediate education. Direct prepara- tion for the learned professions under peculiarly advan- tageous conditions. Thorough preparation for St. David's College and other places of higher educa- tion. For prospectus, &c., apply to HEADMASTER. [14 CARMARTHEN. QUEEN ELIZABETH GRAMMAR SCHOOL, CARMARTHEN. FOUNDED, 1576. Chairman of Governors: VISCOUNT EMLYN. Head Master-J. J. LLOYD-WILLIAMS, M.A., late Classical Scholar of Jesus College, Oxford; Head Master of St. David's College School, Lampeter, 1883-87. ASSISTANT MASTERS. The Natural Sciences-A. S. WATERFIETD, B.A., Merton College, Oxford; 2nd Class Honours Final School of Natural Science. Mathematics-A. S. Henwood, B.A., Trinity College, Cambridge; 2nd Class Honours Mathematical Tripos, Cambridge. Music-Instrumental and Vocal- C. VIDEON HARDING, Organist of St. Peter's, Carmarthen. Drawing (in all its branches)—W. JONES, Head Master of the School of Art, Carmarthen. Drill-Instructor-Sergean t. Major COOPER. RPHE School is a first grade school, and prepare I for Scholarships at Oxford and Cambridge, London Matriculation, the Welsh University Colleges Law and Medical Examinations, Banks, etc., and all branches of business. Speeial Class for Candi- dates for London Matriculation. All boys are taught Latin and French. Each form has a distinct classical and modern side. In the latter special attention is devoted to Mathematics, English subjects and modern languages, and teaching is also given in Chemistry, Physiology, Physiography, Mensuration, Mechanics, Physics, Principles of Agriculture,etc Two Board- ing-Houses (with private studies); under Head Master's Supervision. Spacious Laboratory, with benches for Practical Chemistry. Large Gymnasium (50 feet long by 25 feet wide) with all appliances. Cricket and Football Field. The List of Honours includes Scholar- ships and Exhibitions at Oxford and Cam- bridge in Classics, Mathematics, and the Natural Sciences-total iolue over £ 750. Three Open Ciass & 3 proxime ACOSSSIT for Medal, Edinburgh Univer- sity; proxime accessit for Powis Exhibition, value. £ 60 per annum. Over 140 first and second classes Science and Art ExaminatioLs, South Kensington. Place in 1st and 2nd Division, London, Matricula- tion. Higher and Lower (Oxford and Cambridge Schools). Certificates, Scholarships at Lampeter College, etc., etc. The Annual School Scholarships and Exhibitions, ranging from J625 to X4 4s each per annum, value in all about J-250 per annum, are offered for com- petition on Tuesday and Wednesday, April 29th and 30th I K90, The Oakley Scholarship, value £0 8s per annum, confined to boys educated foi at least three years in some public Elementary School within the Borough of Carmarthen, will be awarded at the same time. No religious restriction is attached to any of the Scholarships or Exhibitions. W During the Examination, Candidates from a distance will be boarded and lodged, free of charge, in the Headmaster's house. Masters of Elementary and Preparatory Schools and intending Candidates can obtain now full particulars of subjects, &c., from the Headmaster. N.B.—In the Lower Certificate Examination, 1890, the School holds first place in Wales for the number of First Classes obtained, and two pupils are bracketed Third in this respect out of all the Candidates from England and Wales. TERMS:—Tuition fees, X8 8s per annum, or X2 16s per term. Boarding fees, X40 per annum, or X13 6s 8d per term. Boarding fees for brothers, JB10 each per term. Next Term begins on FRIDAY, JANUARY 9th, 1891. New Boys will be examined on Thursday, January 8th, 1891. For Prospectus and further information apply to HEADMASTER. 12 HIGH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS CARMARTHEN. A BOARDING AND DA Y SCHOOL. PRESIDENT OF COUNCIL: THE LORD BISHOP OF ST. DAVID'S. LADY PRINCIPAL MisS ARTHY. M.R.C.P., Certificated in Honors, Cambridge University Certificated, 1st Class, by the Council of Education German Diploma. LADY SUPERINTENDENT MRS. ROBERTS. ASSISTANT TEACHERS MISS K. S. GILES, Certificated Cambridge, Oxford, and Trinity College, London, and in Mathematics, Mechanics, Chemistry, and Drawing by Science and Art Department, South Kensington.—Miss RANDALL, Certificated, 1st Class, by the Council of Education in Botany, Hygiene, Agriculture, Chemistry and Drawing by the Science and Art Department, South Kensington Trinity College, Theory of Music; Kindergarten, Needlework, and Drill Certificates.—Miss GILES: Certificated, College of Preceptors in Drawing and Mathe- matics by the Science and Art Department, South Kensington. NON-RESIDENT -MISS BUCKLEY, Associate in Music, Trinity College, London Senior R A. M. and Trinity College Certificates (Organ. PIANA, Theory); Society of Arts, 1st Class in Music Cambridge Higher Certificate. DRAWING MASTER—MR. W. JONES, Higher Certi- FICATES South Kensington. MUSIC MASTEIL-INIlt. COOKE, Organist of Christ Church. DANCING MISTItESS-Miss AYLING. THE SCHOOL GIVES AN EXCELLENT EDUCATION ON VERY MODERATE TERMS. Admirable accommodation for BOARDERS, ull,ler the SUPERINTENDENCE OF A CLERGYMAN'S WIDOW. PUPILS PREPARED FOR PUBLIC EXAMINATIONS. Half term will begin NOVEMBER 3rd, 1S90. An Examination of the CANDIDATES for these Scholar- ships will be held at the School in September. The subjects of this Examination with all particulars as to School fees, hoard and tuition, may be had oil application to 'the Principal on or before September 1st, 1890. [34 GIRLS' COLLEGIATE SCHOOL, 10, QUAY STREET, CARMARTHEN. PRINCIPAL MRS. W. MARLES-THOMAS PUPILS have passed the South Kensington Ait and Science; First Class College of Preceptors Junior and Senior Society of Arts, Oxford and Cam- bridge Local Royal Academy of Music and Trinity College Examinations. First Class Honours, Special Distinctions and Prizes, have been gained in the above Examinations. [9 FRENCH LANGUAGE. MONS. V. de BERENSBERG, of the Sorbonne in Paris, and the University of Heidelberg, Senior Master of Languages in the Grammar School, Haverfordwest, and formerly Head Lecturer of Languages in the late Military and Civil Service College, Castle Hill, Milford, begs to announce that he will resume his lectures in Carmarthen on Satur- day, the 10th of January next. Intending pupils are desired to communicate with Mons. de Bereusberg, Hill-street, Haverfordwest, or Mr Edward Colby Evans, Guildhall-square, Carmar then. YSTRAD MEURIG. YSTRAD MEURIG SCHOOL. FREE HIGHER EDUCATION. RECENT SUCCESSES. 1889.—King's Scholarship, Eton College, Windsor Senior Scholarship St. David's College, Lampeter. 1890. Certificate from Oxford and Cambridge Schools Examination Board. The School will re-open on Tuesday, January 27th, at 9 a.m. For Free Entrance Scholarships apply to the Head- master. LLANDOVERY. LLANDOVERY COLLEGE SCHOLAR- SHIPS. OVER FIFTY SCHOLARSHIPS-AGGREGATE VALUE NEARLY ESOO. 1.—THREE SCHOLARSHIPS for natives of Car- marthenshire, open to boys under 16 years of age, and tenable for two years—The Golden Grove, £ 25 the Lloyd Jones (Natural Science), k25; and the Ystrad, £10. 2. TWENTY FOUNDATION SCHOLAR- SHIPS, 1!8 8s. each (free tuition). 3.-TWENTY-EIGHTorTWENTY-NINE HOUSE SCHOLARSHIPS, ranging in value from 9.50 (free board and tuition) to t8 8s., according to the age and proficiency of the Candidates. These Scholarships will be awarded without any religious restrictions, as the result of an Examination held in the School Hall on the 13th and 14th January, 1891, beginning at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, January 13th. There are 11 Resident Masters at the School, all graduates of Oxford or Cambridge, with nine First Classes in Classics, Science, and Mathematics. The School successes during the last fifteen months i elude two open Classical Scholarships CSO, and one open Mathematical Scholarship 980 at Oxford, the Powis Exhibition P,60, and History Exhibition 2.50 at Oxford, minor Scholarships and Exhibitions to the value of 2148, nine Distinctions (four in Mathe- matics, three in Science, and two in History), and eighteen First Classes from the Oxford and Cambridge Boards, and six Passes (four in First Division) London Matriculation. Boys attend place of worship selected by parents. For Syllabus of Scholarship Subjects and further particulars apply to THE WARDEN, The College, Llandovery. [420 PUBLIC NOTICES. THE PROVINCIAL ADVERTISING, PRINTING AND PUBLISHING OFFICES, LYDNEY, GLO'STERSHIRE. ADVERTISERS should send for Prospectus to /Y the Provincial Advertising Offices, Lydney, Glo'&tershire. [6 CURE GOUT. a CURE RHEUMATISM. B j 1 11/ S CURE SCIATICA. CURE LUMBAGO. CURE NEURALGIA. GOUT The Excruciating Pain is quickly relieved, and cured » JTT) in a few days by these celebrated Pills, well- D|jr||U|AT| p! known as the Great Re- It fl C U Hi M I I U m«dy for the above Com- plaints. No restraint of I-) I LLS. diet during use. Sold by all Chemists at 137 Is 14^ and 2s 9d per box CUPISS'S CONSTITUTION BALLS For Greasa, Swelled Legs, Cracked FOR Heels, Coughs, Colds, Hove or Blown, Hide Bound, Loss of Appetite, Staring HORSES, Coat, Distember, Epidemic or Influ- enza, and for preserving Good Health NEAT and getting into Prime Condition. CATTLE, —— TESTIMONIAL. SHEEP, Tyfry, Menai Bridge, Anglesea, May 23rd, 1884. AND DEAR SIR,—Having used your Consti- tution Balls for nearly thirty years to SCOURING Horses and Neat Cattle, it is only simple truth and justice to say, a safer or more IN efficacious Medicine for Horses & Cattle cannot be purchased. It cannot be too CALVES extensively known, for I am positive every person that gives it a fair trial tney are al- never discontinue using your Balls, most infal- as occasion may require.-Yours truly, lible. WM. EVANS. Prepared upwards of 50 years by the proprietor, FRANCIS CUPISS, M.R.C.V.H., Diss, Norfolk. Are sold by all Chemists and Medicine Vendors in Packets at Is. 9d. and 3s. 6d. each, or 7 small 10s. 6d., or 7 large 21s., or direct from Proprietor on receipt of Order to amount. [253 HOLLOWAY'S ILLUSTRATED ALMANAC, 1891, is now ready, and may be obtained gratis on application to any Chemist, or will be forwarded h# the publisher, THOMAS HOLLOWAY (Proprietor of Holloway's Pills and Ointment), 43, New Oxford Street, London, W.C., on receipt of stamp to cover postage. K-n A pcjT T?V'C WIDOW WELCH'S FEMALE PILLS 't have a reputation of over 100 YEARS. 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Us* the ordinary Bible as found in every home. Count the letter U large and small together, in the ver,< es of chapters only, and' nothing else. Simply very plainly write, all on one side of a piece of paper, your name and address, and the number yon make in each of the six chapters, and total of all. Entrance Fee only 2/- Postal Order, or 2/1 stamps, must be sent, withyour list,' also four halfpenny stamps for printed result. Should several count correctly, prizes will be added together and equally divided, and if no <>ne courts correctly, prizes will be given for the nearest correct work. Cash Prizes: jgSO. 120, 910, E5, L3, 92. 20 at £ 1. and 20 at 101. ( £ l00.i, to be "given in full" to those counting most oprrectH the letter U in th^first five Chapters of "The Acts. En* trance Fee, only ll- Postal Order, or 11 stamps, also four nux» penny stamps for printed re-tilt Rules same as above. Cash Prizes: £ 10, £ 5, £ 3, £ 2, 20 at £ 1, and 20 at 10s. ( £ 80) to "given in full" to those counting most correctly the letter U in the first four Chapters of The Acts. Entrance fee only sixpence in stamps, also four halfpenny stampe for printed result. Kules same ? ibove. All three Competitions positively Tuesday, Feb. lOufe BO post yourlists on or before Monday reb. 9th. Printed K6saltl ana prizes will be posted to each oompetitor certain not later than Tuesday, February 17th. One person can enter either one* two, or all three Competitions, providing the stated entrance fee is sent with each list. Each Competition must be written 011 a separate piece of paper, with full name and address on each. Send to-day four halfpenny stamps for a copy of the Febr» ary number of PAIN'* monthly magazine, "Prizes, or Paia's Monthly Dumps Dispeller" (edited by Hal Berte), thirty-two Monthly Dumps Dispeller" (edited by Hal Berte), thirty-two pages and coloured cover. To read it will just make you laugh. 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