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WHY I go out of your way to buy r PIANOS and ORGANS, also, to have your Instruments Tuned & Repaired when 7 HARSTON & Co., of London, Liverpool, &c., &c., can offer cheaper than any other firm. HARSTON & Co. Iiave opened Shops for the convenience of Mold and Ruthin Inhabitants. S31 and inspect before you go elsewhere. 503\16. r- __T Wynnstay Arms Ilotel, RUTHIN. iisir mFjoiwdchi.1 WJaiJe? entirely New Management. 2P6K5T{NG in all its Branches JMBlcrtf Table refitted with New Jaient Low Cushions. MISS "COOPER, Manageress. 1933891 "nmm FOR SPRING" 1901. JOHN ROBERTS, 1, Castle Street, RUTHIN, Sms-nearvta: a LARGE ASSORTMENT of 'J&jBHes' Hats, Toques, SHtMses, Capes, & Jackets. JSffiMot FEWEST and LA.TEST STYLE. .High Class Tailoring and Dressmaking. I 13t and Style Guaranteed. 359uc S. EMMANUEL, HAIRDRESSER, &c., iliw Up crraotince that he has removed from -DIR Street, to more commodious premises, I ABRIDGE STREET AVBmkr the Constitutional Club) DENBIGH. mssmsi' COMBINGS MADE UP at Is. per ounce. IBsDSfffrSas recovered and neatly Repaired Ý, Moderate Charges JRKBSX Nora THE NEW ADDBBSS :— X RIDGE STREET, DENBIGH. *m28ol '—'L'.——————————— Scholastic. gOARDIHO AX1* DAY SCHOOL 3ore Lane House, Denbigh. JtemGZFAi.—MISS E. HUBBARD. Jim Vm-m of Instruction includes English Ibmit, Siagiug, French, German, Drawing -MbiobV,wd Needlework. Pupils oan be pre- -spag by the Local Eramination. Arcville College, East Parade, Rhyl. -Prilamsion for London Matriculation, and Cambridge Locals and Hwoeiated Board of Music. CH an GERMAN Spoken. IPRINOIP AL IIISS MERCIER. Greenfield Hall School, Harwell, North Wales. KJE««9ING HIGH IN PARK 32 ACRES. REAID MASTER:; J,; CUMING, M A- (Oxon), assisted by 9L& PHILLIPS, ESQ., B.A. (Camb.), 1st Ciaas Math. Special. ior Scholarshis and Entrance to 3b tc Schools. aftg^waam. Joiner's Shop. Bummer Bathing. WtKHE Excellent Health Record. *j30 D. CUSHION, Cycle and Motor Depot, 9, Clwyd Street, ¡ RUTHIN, N.W. Repairs and Brazing a Speciality. Official Repairer to the C.T.C. Tyres Repaired and Re-Rubbered. Machines Built to Order. Agent for Star Motors, R. and P., and New Hudson Cycies. 326J12 Thos. Williams & Son, BILLPOSTERS, Ac. 46, WELL STREET, RUTHIN. Members of the. L'nited Billposters Association. Town ana Country Posting Promptly attended to on Reasonable Terms. All work Personally Executed. NOTE THE ADDRESS. 414ii.c. Hand Brewery, 17, Well Street, RUTHIN R. EOBEliTS, Wholesale and Retail Wine and Spirit Merchant, Brewer and Malstei begs to call the attention of the Gentry and Public to his celebrated Home-Brewed ALES (pure Extract of Malt and Hops.), which may be supplied in Casks of 36, 18, and 9 gallons at the followingpriccs:- 36 gls. 18 gls. 9 els. aXXX (Mild) ..50e. 25s. l2s.6d XXX (do.) 42s. 21S. 10s. S: XX (do.) 3,6s. 18s. 9s. Od. B.b Bitter) .50s. 258. 12s. 6d. P.A. (do,; .42s. 21s. 10s. 6d. Guiness's Extra Stout; Barclay and Perkins, ondon Stout; and Bass & Co. a Burton Ales n Cask and Bottles. Finest Scotch and Irish Whiskies, Old Ports Sherries and Champagnes of well-known Brands. 11 J. D. LEWIS, C.E., Architect and Surveyorl Valuer and General Agent, DENBTGH. Valuation* prepared for Probate, Succession and Estate Duty, and Transfer. All Business entrusted to him shall receive prompt and personal attention. In addition to 18 years extensive and varied experience in his profession at Denbigh, Mr. Lewis has had during the last 16 years large experience in all branches of Civil Engineering, Surveying, and Architecture; also. Dilapidations, Union Assessments, Arbi- P,aae.3' Valuations of Property, Plant, t**hG fol\°wing public offices, where ha Ltaes SmS,7 «w. vis.:—Cheshire Lines Cornrnittee, Pirmingham Corporation, ,C»'PO»«on. Corporate, West Derby Umon, ^utheSi" tr- u *■ rf^ Corporation, etc. Highest References and Testimonials. TEMPORARY ADDRESS 85, VALE STREET, DENBIGH. 1922u. Contractors to His Majesty's Government. THE "CUNDALL" PATBNT OIL ENGINES. MOST PERFECT POWER FOR THRASHING, GRINDING, CHOPPING, PULPING, Ac. I I I -1 1, Makers of the Largest Oil Engines in the World. R OUNDALL & SONS, LIMITED. Shipley, Forks. LONDON-ST. BRIDE, ST., E.G., & PARIS. &20.92 I I THE 'PIONEER,' | DENBIGH, i Novelties for WHIT-WEEK in all Departments. Special Show of MILLINERY, Gents' Print Shirts, Ties, Collars, Hats, Caps, etc. The Pioneer, DENBIGH. 539jel 1 TOBACCONIST. W. BULLER beg to return thanks to his numerous Customers for past favours, and to announce :that he has a very LARGE STOCK of the Finest Brands in CIGARS, Havanas, Indians, Born(%os, Mexicans, Manillas, Finest Brands in the Market. CIGARETTES all the leading Foreign and British Makers in Packets, Tins, and by Weight Russian, Turkishi Brazilian, Egyptian, etc. All the Leading TOBACCOS. American and British, Sweetened and Unsweetened; also Boer Tobac. Sole Agents for Loewe, BBB, Peterson's and other Pipes; ALL PRICES, All Smoker's Reouisites in great variety, CIGAR ASE CIGARETTE CASES, VESTA BOXES, STANDS, etc., etc. A call repectfully solicited; lowest Store Prices. Note BULLER, Cigar Importer, DENBIGH. Rook and Rabbit Shooting. Large Selection of Rifles for the above on view, by all makers, from 12s. 6d. each. RIFLE AMMUNITION for all Bores. Send for List. TROUT AND SALMON FISHING. Largest Selection of Taekle in North Wales. Best Trout Plies on drawn gut, Is. per dozen. Six dozen post free.1 H. W. Roberts & Co., Gun Ammunition and Fishing Tackle Dealers, HIGH STREET, RHYL. 7lu.c Albert Clayton, PRACTICAL BASKET MAKES, Prife Winner at Paris and various other Exhibitions. AU kinds oi Baskets and Hampers made to Order. REPAIRS NEATLY EXECUTED ADDRESS — CORNEL COTTAGKE, Workshop,. Roger's Yard, Lower St A INT ASAPB. a T. rTRUTTEE; 6, Vale Street, Denbigh. TAILORING IN AI,L ITS BRANCHES. Raglan Coats A Speciality. A Grand Assortment of Hats, Caps. Ties, &c., &c. Satisfaction Guaranteed. T. R. BUTTER, 6, Vale Street, Denbigh. T. GOUGH JONES is prepared to give Estimates for Plastering and Slating AND REPAIRS TO PROPERTY. RESIDENCE: Shamrock Cottage, DENBIGH. *jel5 J Sales by Messrs. Clough & Co. I Assembly Rooms, Denbigh. TUESDAY, JFSE 4th, 1901. Household Furniture and Effects' t MESSRS. CLOUGH & co. win hold a. Sale By Public Auction on the premises as above, viz. HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE and Effects; being the Sale advertised for May 30th, POSTPONED to the above date. 575jl Tyn-y-Ffordd, Cefn, St. Asaph. On THURSDAY, JUNE 6th, 1901. MESSRS. CLOUGH & CO. have received instructions to Sell By Public Auction on the Premises as above, Viz. 2 Dairy Cows, 2 Rearing Calves, Store Pig, Fowls, Dairy Utensils; also the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. Sale at 2.30 o'clock. TERMS:-CASH. 559ji IMPORTANT SALE OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTIES. in the Town of Denbigh and in the Counties ol Denbigh and Flint. MESSRS. CLOUGH & CO. will offer for 1. Sale By Public Auction at the BULL HOTEL, DENBIGH, on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 19th, 15)01, at 2.30 o'clock in the afternoon, and subject to conditions to be then read, the following Freehold Properties:— I In the Town of Denbigh. Lot 1.-3 Dwelling Houses known SS "PIGOT VILLAS." Lot 2.—"FREE PRESS OFFICE," Vale Street. Lot 3.-3 COTTAGES, Nos. 5, 7, and 9, Middle Lane. Lot 4.-5 COTTAGES, Nos. 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20, Rosemary Lane. Lot 5.-4 COTTAGES, Nos. 5, 6, 7, and 8, Charnell's Well. Lot 6.—A Fully-Licensed Public House and Premises, known as the NEW BUTCHER'S ARMS." In the County of Denbigh. Lot 7.—Ail that Freehold Farm and LandFg known as TRYFAN UCHA," in the Parish of Llansannan, about 5 miles from Denbigh, containing in the whole 71 acres, 3 roods, 15 petches (or thereabouts). In the County of Flint. Lot 8.—" M AES-YR-ESGOB FIELDS, situate in the Parish oi Nannerch, containing as a whole 15 acres, 3 roods, 37 perches (or thereabouts). For further particulars apply to Messrs. Gold Edwards and Co., Solicitors, or the Auctioneers, both of Denbigh. 560j 15 PENDINAS, ST. ASAPH, iv/rESSRS. CLOUGH & CO., have been favoured with the instructions of Dr. F. L. Heaton, who is leaving St. Asaph, to sell by public auction as above on THURSDAY, JUNE 27th, 1901, the whole of the Valuable Household Furniture and Outdoor Effects. Particulars in future advertisements. 574j8 The Staff of Life IS E. P. Jones, Son & Co.'s PURE Home-made Bread. A Tempting Article Sold at a Tempting Price. Is. Loaf for 8d. 6d. Loaf for 4d. 3d. Loaf for 2d. Also Every Saturday until the Last Satur day in May, 1901, we shall Bake a! MONSTER LOAF weighing 71b9. for 6d. Orders for these Wonderful Loaves must be in hand before 7 p.m. the previous Friday, A}¡D PAID FOR ON DELIVERY OUR BREAD recommends itself. We only ask you to Try ONE Loaf, We are confident you will then use no other. E. P. Jones, Sen & CO. THE EXPERT BAKERS, DENBIGH. BOOKBINDING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES, Edward M. Jones. "Eclipse" Bookbiacfiiiig' Worbs, PORTLAND PLACE, DENBIGH Maps and Plans cartfully mounted. Casing of Magazines, &c., in Publishers'Covers, All missing parts supplied. 1054u.e. ESTABLISHED 1851. 81 RKBECK BANK Southampton Bldngs., Chancery Lane, London, W.C. CURRENT ACCOUNTS 20 on the minimum monthly O t j^ when not drawn bo-low £ 100. A DEPOSIT ACCOUNTS 21 °/ on Deposits, repayable on demand. JL °/ 2/0 ^2/0 STOCKS AND SHARES Stocks and Shares purchased and sold for customers. The DIRKDECK ALMANACK, with full particulars, ^free" FRANCIS RAYENSCROFT, Manager. Telephone No. 5 ITulborn. Telegraphic Address: "IJITIKl'.v.CK, LOXDOX." 3ales by Messrs. irrank Lloyd and Sons. TUESDAY, 11th JUN E, at 3 o'clock. Highly Important Sale of the SEGROIT ES-L. ATE, situate 4 miles from Denbigh, containing an Area of 410 Acres, including Roughland and Mountain, affording excellent Shooting. FRANK LLOYD & SONS will sell by Auction at the BULL HOTEL, DENBIGH, on TUESDAY, 11th JUNE, 1001, at 3 o'clock prampt. Lot I.-The desirable small Holding known as BRON HAUL," occupied by lr. Robert ) Owen, being well situate on the sunny side of a slope, and containing an area of 14 acres 11 i perches or thereabouts, divided into convenient I Fields and being well supplied with water. Lot 2.-The desirable small Holding known as CEFN," adjoining Lot 1, occupied by Mr" Henry Jones, and containing an area of ) 29 acres 3 roods 28 perches or thereabouts. I This is equally as well situate as Lot 1, and most of the Fields have good frontages to main roads. Lot 3.-Tke desirable and valuable Holding known as TANYFOEL," occupied by Mr. David Jones, containing altogether an area of IOn acres 3 roods 26 perches or thereabouts, including Roughland, Mountain, and 22 acres of Woods. It is intended to offer Lots 1, 2 & 3 in the first instance in one Lot. Lot 4.—AH that very desirable Freehold Farm known as SEGROIT GOCH and •• FEDW," together with WAENBACH COTTAGE" and Garden, comprising altogether an area of 120 acres and 35 perches, including Roughland and Woods, and occupied by Messrs. Thomas Davies, David Jones, and Thomas Hughes. This Lot forms a most desirable invest- ment, as the Farm is in good order and carries some good Timber. The Fedw Land IF C\^N deredFCto be very fertile, and Waen- bach Cottage is in new condition. ]F^'7;3H?ZCTY DESIRABLE Farm known as PI-^LSFT ORDD WEN and TYN-Y- CAEAU," occupied by Mr. Davies. together with TYN-Y-CAEAU COTTAGE," Garden, and Outbuildings, occupied by Mr. Jones, containing altogether 131 acres 3 roods 18 perches, including Roughland. This is a most desirable Farm, situate on a sunny slope, but having some grand Meadow Land it is particularly well watered and is intersected by the main road. The Cottage and Buildings are in new condition. Plans and particulars and further informa- tion may be had from the Auctioneers, Wrexham, or Messrs. Parry Jones and Francis, Solicitors, Denbigh. 5G5je8 1000 Horses. £50 Prizes. Including 3 Champion Cups. FRANK LLOYD & SONS invite Entries JJ for their great QUARTERLY SALES in The North Wales Repository. Wrexham, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, June 12th, 13th, and 14th. Harness Horsed Hackneys, Show Cobs and Ponies. Entries already received from many well-known Show Studs. Second Week: Wednesday and Thursday, June 19th and 20th.-Heavy Town, Lurry, Van and Young Horses. 750 Horses entered. Entries close Monday, June 3rd. 566J8 DENBIGHSHIRE- fpRANK LLOYD and SONS will Sell by Auction at the BULL. HOTEL, DEN- BIGH, about the end of JULY, tha following Freehold Farms and fully Licensed Hotel:— 1.- VOEL, in the Parish of Llanrhaiadr-yn- Ginmerch, in the occupation of Mr David Roberts as yearly tenant. 2.—CWM, in the Parish of Heullan and Bylchau, in the occupation of Mr T Jones as yearly tenant. 3.—TY DRAW, in the Parish of Henllan, in the occupation of Mr. T. Jones as yearly tenant. 4.-GROKGLWYD, in the Parish of Cerrigy- druidion, in the occupation of Mr. J. Hughes as yearly tenant. H.—Bryn GLAS, MAERDY, in the Parish of Llanfihangel, Mr. W. Williams yearly tentant. 0.—THK SARACEN'S HEAD, Cerrigydruidion, fully Licensed House, in the occupation of Mr. Parry as yearly tenant. 7.—VALUABLE PIECE OF BUILDING LAND in the centre of Cerrigydruidion village, known as the Gotel," held by Mr. Parry as yearly tenant. Full particulars can shortly be obtained from the Auctioneers, Messrs Parry Jones and Francis, solicitors, Denbigh, and W. H. Cooke Esq., Estate Agent, County Buildings, Mold. In each case two-thirds of the purchase money can remain as mortgage if desired. 550u. c. SERVANTS' REGISTRY. conducted by Mrs. Aldrich, STATIONER, RUTHIN MRS. ROWBO THAAI$ Hall Square (LATE OP 28, VALE STREET). Ladies' and Children's Outfitter Fancy Repository and Servants' Registry. TTTANTED, at once, two Parlourmaids for NE,AR Denbigh, highest references, wages £ 20, also Experienced and Plain Cooks Housemaid Waitresses, Laundrymaids, Housemaid Waitresses, Laundrymaids, Kitohenmaids, good Cook-Generals, liberal wages; all kind of Hotel Servants; Housemaids and Generals for Rhyl, Llandudno, and the Coast; also two Working Housekeepers for Farmhouses, able to take charge of small dairy, age about 35 years; Young Generals for farmhouses, and a Youth about 16, with good I character, to deliver milk daily. ■ e X AULIflHKD 1870. Mrs. WOOLLEY, I SERVANTS' REGISTRY, p^^|uthin Road, Denbigh. ^N|HK?TED, Good Cooks for Holywell, Abergele, St. Asaph, and Colwyn Bay wages, £18 to £ 25; Experienced Parlourmaids and Housemaid-Waitresses, A:15 to £ 18 third I Housemaid for Cheshire; between Girl lor Colwyn Bay; two young Cooks and Scullery Maid in Denbigh for May; good Laundry Maid for Rhyl; Nurse-Attendant for Lady in Rhyi «ood Generals for Denbigh, Chester, and Llan- gollen Hotel and Farmhouse Servants. MRS. PIPER, Servants' Registry, Denbigh. WANTED, Experienced and Tlain Cocks J » Head Laundrym&id of four, Upper Housemaids, experience Kitchenmaid where Housemaids, experience Kitchenmaid where Scullerymaid is kept, Housemaid and Sculh ry- m&id for Institution, also experienced Generals and young girls for light situations; and House- Jr, eper, age 40, for gentleman farmer, 113ear Denbigh, another servant kept. 313tuy30 f < -=:=- • ales by Messrs. D^ Roberts Son. I On THURSDAY NEXT, ,JTNE Gth, at VRON HAUL, BODFARI- MESSRS. In YIO ROBERTS & SON II have been favoured with tho in. £ ^ructions of G. Cheetham, Esq, who is i i-aving, to Sell By Auction as above, on I" PHURSDAY, JUNE 6th, 1901, the whole of tho Superior Household FURNITURE! in Dining and Drawing Room, 3 Bedrooms, Kitchens, &c., Bay Pony, 12-1 hands, 6 years ) old Black Pony, 11-2 hands high; Governess Car, Dog Cart, Luggage Cart, 3 Sets of Ii Harness, and Uut-Door Effects. Sale at 12.30 prompt. Particulars in future advertisements. Auctioneers' Offices—Corwen and Denbigh. 502u.c. On FRIDAY hEXT, JUNE Hh, I'JOl, at PENTRE, LLANELIDAN, IN-CALF Cow cn cubing), Dairy Cow JL in full profit, Yearling Bullock, Heifer, Calf, In-pig £ jow, Ducks, Fowls, Farming Implements, Dairy Utensi's, and Household Furniture, including some fine Old Oak, &c., by order of the Representative ot the late Mr. David Jones. TERMS:—CASH. Sale at 2 prompt. Auctioneer's Offiaes — Corwt-u, Denbigh, and I' Llangollen. 572jl Sale bv Messrs. vv m. Dew & Son- I COUNTY OF DENBIGH. Vale of Clwyd. Parishes of Llauyuys, Llandyrnog, Llangwyfan, and LIang) nludal. The CERRIGLLWYDION ESTATE, ME.5-SRS. WILLIAM DKW and SON will Offer For Sale By Public Auction at the BULL HOTEL, DENBIGH, on WEDNESDAY, on JULY 3rd, 11(11, at 1 o'clock in the afternoon, the tibove CHARMING FREEHOLD ESTATE, coruprisiag a convenient Family Residence, i. also valuable Farms, Holdings. Fully Licensed Public House, and Accommodation Lands, known as Llawog, Rhydonen, Rhydonen, PenylTordd and Smithy, Rlndonen Cottage, Tyddyn Esther, Ty'nddol, Gwniuger, NVaen Wen Fawr, Sychteu, Waen Wen Bach, Ty Newydd, Plas Siors, CerygUwydicn Bac.ii l-chaf. Do. Isaf, Cerygllwydion Arms Public House, 5 Cottages, etc., in Llauycvs, Gors Ddu, ly Mawr, Penybiyn Bach, Pwll-y- Ghwiaid Mawr, and Fronheulog. Particulars, Plaus, und Conditions cf Sale may be obtained of Messrs. PARRY JOXES and i hANCis, Solicitors, Denbigh at the Auction- eer's Institute, London, W.C. or of the Auctioneers, Bangor and Llandudno. 555J29 Sale by Mr G- F- Byford. Vale of úlwyd Auction MART; Ruthin, close to the Railway Station. Snt TUESDAl"S' SALE, ith, 1:101, at 10.30 a.m., will include PRIME Fat Stall Fed Bullocks and Heifers, Store Cattle, Milch Cows, Butchers' Calves; a grand iot ot Welsh and I Cross-bred Wothers and Ewes, Shropshire, Cross-bred and Welsh Couple-, Fat Lambs, Bacon, Pork, and btoru Pigs. No Town Toll or Pen Hire on Stock Sold by Auction. Stock consigned overnight will be provided with good accommodation, met at the Station (if sent by rail), and receive every attention— Free of Charge. Further Entries respectlully solicited. The Annual Speci Ü FORTNIGHTLY SALES during tho months of June, July, August and September will be held on the THIRD MONDAY in each month, becond Sale, Monday, June 17th, at 12 o'clock. The Auctioneer will deliver and load at Rathin Station, after the Sale, any Stock purchased at the Auction Mart—-free of charge. The Auctioneer will present PRIZKS at Christmas of £ 3 3s, to the best supporter of the Auction during the year as seller of Cattle, Sheep, Calves, and Pigs, and the same acsount to the largest buyer throughout the veer. G. F. BYFORD, Atuctionees'. Offices- 12, St. Peter's Square, Ruthin. oGljl I Musical. Mr. W. A. LLOYD, F.G.C.M. (ASSOCIATE TRINITY COLLEGE, LONDON), I Local Representative of the I London College of Music. Teacher of Music. blisher of Te Deum in E (Congregational), 3d. Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis (in the Press) 3d. Vale View, Ruthin 1328j Mr. Alfred W Hinton, j Newly appointed Organist at Llaniwrog Church, Ruthin Silver Medallist, Cert. I.S.M., R.A.M., having studied under aud being recommended by Messrs T. A. Matthay, Davenporte, Miles, R Briont' (F.R.C.O-), Fry Parker, professors at and Fellows o £ the P.oyai Academy, begs to announce that he is prepared to give Lessons in Denbighshire, privately or in in Pianoforte. Violin, Viola, Vionncello, Organ, Singing Voice Production a.nd Sight Singing), Harmony Counterpoint, and Composition. and to accept ccgagementg for CONCERTS and AT HOMES.. Pupils prepared for all Examinations with great success. Recommended by Sir Alexander MacKenzie, M us. Doc., Princip. of R.A.M. For terms and testimonials apply 4, PARK PLACE, RUTHIN. .a.O VIOLIN LESSON S. MISS L. JM Nt' IE s Winner of Several Prizes, Receives and Visits Pupils. Terms strictly moderate. Apply, HAWK VILLA, DENBIGH 1279a8 Borough of Ruthin. BYE-LAWS. ]\T°TJVP T Iu-.H(KRTiCY caVEN that r BY-E-LAWS for the good rule and government of the Borough of Ruthin, whioh ucluoe a Bye-uaw relating to Li(1ht, on VchiCies, were on the 1st day of January last flowed oy the Secretary of State for the Home Department, and have been adopted by the i own Council of Ruthin, and that proceedings will be taken against any pe.son or persons offending against such Byelaws ou and after the 1st day of June, 1901. Copies of the Byelaws may bo obtained on application at my OfHce. W. LLOYD, m „ Town Clerk. Town Clerk P Uitice, Ruthin. 22ud May, ljOl. 547ji Form of Statutory Notice- OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a Separate Building named the CilviuLstic Methodist Chapel, situated at, in the Civil Parish of Llanelidan, in the County ?/ in tho Registration. District of Ruthin, being a. building certilifd according to law as a Flace of Meeting for Reiigious Worship. was on the 18th day of May, 1901, duly registered for soPmi/inrr Marriages theroin, pursuant to the Act of 0th and 7th Wm. IV., c. 85. Witness my hand this twenty-fourth day of May, 1901. R. HUMPHREYS ROBERTS. 569jl Superintendent Registrar. North WaleP Counties Asylum, Denbigh- CONTRACTS FOR SUPPLIES. THE Committee of Visitors are prepared to receive TEISDEftS for the supply of ovisions. Necessaries, Beer and iSpixit3, rus ep, Clothing, Attendants' Uniform, &e., for the ensuing six moatha. Any of the articles may bo Tendered for separa-ely, und the Tenders must be received Dot an 4on Wednesday, 12th June, 1901. J Estimates of quantities likely to be wouiretf and forme of Tender, may be had on 'appli* i c-vtioti to tii Steward, and no other form of tender will be accepted. WM. BARKER, Clerk and Steward. 28t,h May, 1901. jl j AME N D ED A D VERTISEM ENT. County School for Boys, Denbigh, To Builders and Contractora- rriENDERS are invited for erecting new .L School Buildings in RolU-y-Crown, Denbigh. The Plans and Specifications may be in- spect< d and Quantities obtained on application to the undersigned on payment oi IDs. Od., which will he rcturucd ou receipt of a bona-Me tender. Sealed and endorsed Tenders are to be sent in to me not later thau 12 o'clock noon on lltb • June, UIOl. TLe lowest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted. A. FOULKES ROBERTS, j Clerk to the Local Governing Body. Denbigh, 23rd May, 1901. 5(Mjl TECHNICAL SCHOOL. iir-i SESSION, 1900-1. A PI BLIC MEETING will be held at the -i-_L Town Hail, Denbigh, on Tuesday, the liti: June, at 8 p.m., under the I'residency ■* £ His orship the Mayor iA. Lloyd Jones, lisq., J.P.), to receive tho it#pjrts by the Examiners and lustructors on tuo work of Coe paifc Session in the foir^vmg subjectsCooiery (Elementary a«d Advanced), Dressmaking, Arithmetic, Bookkeeping, and Algebra, Short, i^it-i'ientary and Advanced), and Type- N\ ritmg, when the Prizes will be distributed to th, successful t'upils. The St. John's Ambulance Association Certificates in connection with the Henllan Class will be handed to the successful Pupils. The Pupils in the several Classes are most earnestly requested to attend. ttdoESUTbc Jcli,CICd by m"*1 Udi" All friends are most cordially iuvited. WM. PRICE, Secretary. <Ju;)J8 Henllan Plaec Preliminary Notice. PARISH OF ST. ASAPH. IOn THURSDAY and FRIDAY, JULY 20th and 27th, 1991, A GRAND BAZAAR with Musical and Dramatic I Entertainments, will be held in 'I THE NATIONAL SCHOOLS, under the Patronage of The Lord Bishop of the Diocese The object of the Bazaar is to raise a Fund towards Ouildiug a new Class Room for Boys' National School, in accordance with the requirements of the Education Department. £ 400 is urgently needed. 5G7u.c. Dentistry. Cental Notic IR. THOMAS LJKY-N (FROM LONDON), DENTAL SURGEON, successor to Mr. W. H. Key and Mr. W. R Williams), may ce consulted daity at Fern Villa, Church Street, Bl. .W- ni? Nationai Tel-rphooe No. 0174, Rhvi. -Every Wedneeflay at Aixw Row- bothatn, Hall Sqiisre. NUTIIL,N.-The Firs Tuesday and Thjrd Mooday in each Month at Mr. William* Tudor House, 6. Well Street. N.B.-Patieuta visited by appointmwa*. E. W. KEATINGB, L.D.S., BURGEON DENTIST, Vaenol," Oppoo;te the Church). Russell Road RHYL. ATTENDANCES. .)BNBIGH-Ai Mr. 1- D. flushes, Chemial, Uiah Street, every Wednesday, allT,UIN-Al T. LL Liguy, Jtwtiltir'e 8hop, 14 St. Peter's-aquare, tvery First Tuadd,,iy ii, LLe Month (Fair Day), aud every "hi l/nj needn't BO EFAABO-UT DE WET if you waterproof your boots with DaSes* gold medal Dubbin. it auu guiuiiS and preserves the lent her. Allows polish- ing. 22 highest awards nt £ xbjhiii:>n?. Sold in Id, 2fi., c £ iid tin- by liovt- makerS) Lemthethellert, Oilmen, d-c. JManufactory: Dulwich, S.F.