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BAD*J;3 PILLS. EADE S PIL^S a1J au £ fer from Gont or Rheumatism should immedi EADII 'O PIL^.BATEJY HAVE recourse to EADE'S PILLS. Hundreds ft! Testi- EADE'S PILLS monials have been received _Llj from I- all sorts and conditions EADE'S PILLS of men," testifying tc the wonderful power these Pills EADE'S PILLS have in giving relief in the very worst casts. These piKs T~^ ADE'S PILLS are purely vegetable and per N fect'y safe in their action. Instantly relieve and rapidly cure the worst form of Gout, Rheumatism, Rheu- matic Grout, Pains in the Head, Face and Limbs. And have the larger Recommendation ever given to any Patent Medicine of its class. Goux. SUFFERED AGONY FOB THIRTY YEABS. 30, Randall Street, RHEC1TATIS3I. Bridge r>i., Battersea, S.W., "January 27th, 1892. DE \B SIB,—I feel it my duty to write OUT. and give you great praiss for introducing t -m- such a valuable medicine as your Gout Pills. Having suffered untold agony for RHEUMATIS}I. 30 years, I ca-i truly say I have never >- bad anything to relieve my pain (audi t „ is pain indeed) so quickly as your I'llls. OUT, i used to lay in bed for two or throe 1 "TT raoaths at a time, but now I not only gat RTTPTT^T TT<?T»R hours, hut am able to to v. oik in less than a week. IIy com- plaint is the worst of all Gouts, called GOUX. Chalk Gout, and you can gueas what I have suiTered, as I believe there is no complaint so excruciating. Again thanking you, I remain, yours truly, W. Ljttlejohm. Mr. George Eade." EADE'S GOUT AND RHEUlIA TIC PILLS Are scld by all Chanista, in bcttla.5, la. 11d. and 2s. 9d., cr sent post frea for Postal Ordar Tcy the Proprietor, GEORGE EADE, 232, Ooswell-road, E.G. Ask for, and be sura you obtain, EADE'S GOUT AND KHEUMATIC PILL EADE':('! PILLS s Dr. Fox's Cough and Voice WAFERS INSTANTLY RELIEVE AND RAPIDLY CUBE COUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS INFLUENZA, HOARSNESS, LOSS OF VOICE AND ALL BRONCHIAL AFFECTIONS. The greatest Remedy ever dis-jc^ared for all affec tions of the Chest and Lungs. Dr Fox's Cough and Voice WAFERS Are prepared from the choicest Herbs and Fruits Relieve Phlegm, and are a real blessing to Asthmatic sufferers. Bender the Voice highly melodious, and are not to be surp tsed for the use of Vocalists, Clergymen, Actors, public speakers, &c., &o. Dr Fox's Cough and Voice 40 WAFERS. jpBEPAEED ONLY BY GEORGE EADEJ 232, GOSWELL ROAD, LONDON. And sold everywhere by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors, in tins at Is. lid. each. Should there be any difficulty in obtaining these yaJuable Wafers, the Proprietors will forward a Tin, ii-poi5t free, on receipt of Stamps or Postal Order. Dr Fox's Cough and Voice WAFERS. Eade's Anti-Bilious PILLS. The best medicine for BILE, Eade's Anti-Bilious Pills. The best medicine for WIND. Eade's Anti-Bilious PiUs. W*.) -ti; The best medicine for INDIGESTION Eade's Anti-Bilious Pills. > The best medicine for COSTIVENESS. Eade's Anti-Bilious Pills. The best medicine for THE BLOOD. These excellent Pills promote a due and healthy secretion of Bile, restore the tone of the Stomach, and produce a healthy action of the Liver and Bowels. EADE'S ANTI-BILIOUS PILLS Quickly remove the irritation and feverish state of the Stomach, correct the morbid condition of the Liver, relieve the system of all impurities, which, by circulating in the blood, injuriously affect the action of the Kidneys, and, by removing the causes of 10 much discomfort, restore the vital energies of body and mind. EADE'S ANTI-BILIOUS PILLS. Are Bold by all Chemists and Medicine Venders, in Boxes, Is. I id. and 2s. 9d. Should any difficulty be experienced in obtaining these valuable Pills, the Proprietor, GEOBGE EADJB, 232, Goswell-road, London, will forward them, Post Free, on_receipt of remittance. Eade's Anti-Bilious PILLS. 34838 TYRESDEN-EOYAL CONSERVATOIRE for MUSIC & DRAMA. 45th year, 1899-1000. 1260 pupils> 08 branches of study ,118 teachers, Amongwhom&rei jrrau Auer-Herbeck. Baciimann, Braunroth, jDorinft T?5?eekovJ'ah'r2!aim' Frau Falkenberg:, Pucha, Hopuer, JHrt" v?n Kotaebue, Krause, Mann, » u ^^PPol^ahrer, Beramele, Heuaa* u? 1 ^Viinolo. ron Scfareiner, Schuls-BeuGhen, Sherwood* Ad- 8tf,rn« Tynon-Wolff, TTrbach. mSiFl'm x>C' leadin(fm«nb«rii of th« Royal Kap^la, Feigerl, Bauor, Blfthrlziff. Friako, Wo-ifc'i maim, Aq All branches of Music and Drama. Full or c'esJ.R*> at ar.y time. Priuoipal tenxsa oommenoa 1 April b 1 feeyt. Froapectoa &li»6of teachers from the&gectori"—, ONIONS iriclnfled. Chal L^ PAiRToFmsramBSTBst -*j/ Sheffield steel, folid silver twnda, iTarlns hkndlw. iwrt free, worth 10/e. Ctorrwr. AGENTS required for Ohl V OJbliX ±j in Districts unrepresented. A perfect Lubricating Oil, durable and aon-gumminer. Thirty years in use. DUN<.A\t. WATSON .00., OIL KEFI.VKES AND Waggon "flEET MANLrxcTuuxva, Danhwood House, New Br01Ii! Street,, London. E.C. gySINA & EARTHENWARE Goods of all kinds, suitable for Dealers, Shopkeepers. &c HAWKBM' Zjlbsz CH*A_P'CriAT«s nearlv 1000 ai-ticles 42 6. Send forfrea IHoa. List. Arthur J. Hull, King St. Pottery, Longton, atafft. XIRADFORD'S Universally approved LATJHDRY & DAIRY MACHINERY. Over 400 Gold & Silver Medals and First Prize Awardifc Waskino, vVatNO-1 I>iaphsaok OHTjairt. & m^solino MAcmsaa. j | Bttttbb Wokkbbs. i^tJWDRY R;:OUI31TES. f T)iTBT A yPI.TlTCTM. Liberal Cash Term*. Catalopiiftg Past Froe. e«e Workiripr STEAM XdA-UXDBY and Hospital iAundir I •««««« AJiS2l2ition' kasl's COURT. HOMAS 3RADFORD & CO., 140-143, High Holborn. Manchester ind IdverpooL




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