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MAY DAY CELEBRATION AT ¡rHE ASYLUM. The ancient and beautiful custom of observing May Day was kept up at the Asylum on Wednesday evening, when the usual weekly dance was prolonged, and a very ingenious and pretty "Old English Court t, Dance" was performed during the interval. The dance was arranged and cleverly got up by Mr J Lloyd Williams, the energetic organist at the Asylum. The dancers were dressed in 19th century costumes, the men being attired in old-fashioned wigs and white stockings, &c., whilst the ladies were dressed to represent the costumes worn in the court dances during the beginning of the 19th century. The dancers were arranged in the following couples iss Edith Mostyn and Mr Watson, Miss Kate Thomas and Mr Foulkes, Miss Emily Francis Jones and Mr Batten, Miss M C Thomas and Mr C M Humphreys, Miss Catherine Edwards and Mr Owen Roberts, Miss Bella Dchan and Mr Edward Davies, Miss Alice Bassett and Mr David Davies, Miss Kate Williams and Mr W Wynne. The accompaniment was excellently played by Miss Louis James (violin) and Miss Edith Williams (piano), and the dance music was taken from "Handel." It was executed with great skill and beauty, and gave extreme pleasure to the visitors and patients. After the dance a procession, which delighted all present, took place, and which included a capital imitation of The British Lion before and during the war," cleverly represented by Attendant Harnaman, which caused pleasurable ex- citement. Next came an imitation of "a bear," capitally represented by one of the patients who was very pleased and proud of his part, as led by Attendant Watson; the bear and keeper were very well got up and ereated much amusement. A pro- cession of the dancers and attendants in comical masks followed and produced great amusement. The wigs, masks, &c., were from Clarkson, London. The evening's celebration passed off most successfully, winding up with a capital march led by Dr Cox, and concluded with dancing. Appro- priate dance music was- fiiayed by the Asylum band, led by Bandmaster C M Humphreys. At the close Dr Cox warmly thanked those who had taken part, and eulogised Mr J Lloyd Williams, their organist, for the energetic and successful manner in which he carried out these pleasing musical treats.