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PROPOSAL TO EVERY LADY o make delicious Oustard with BInD'S CUSTARD POWDA-R. A Daily Luxury! Numerous are the uses for BIRD'S CUSTARD POWDER. Dainties in endless variety, the choicest Dishes, and the richest Custard. No er,s I No risk! No trouble Eggs often disagree; Bird's Gustard never. Delicious and nutritious. Tire Glen-Spey Distillery, situated in the finest Whisky-producing District of Scotland, is the property of W. & A. Gilbey. This Whisky is made entirely from home-grown Barley and is kept absolutely unblended in His Majesty's Bonded Warehouses to mature, and sold by W. & A. Gilbey's agents hn; ir^su at 3s. 6d. per bottle. j 02 | CRICKET BATS WICKETS WS i H "S'.ogger 6 3 Ash (plain) S/P ;j' j [H_. Klynker" 7/d Ash Ferruled > II! I Jiff Don "• 10/6 S°lid, T.°I jl nal Su"«*cess" I"# Ash Kevolvin, J jl RAW8) 15;: 17/8 m Lanes. Witch, 17 0 RAIIS (patent) x Boundwie, A i!; Klynkar 4*. r-—- BATTING CLOVES muh 5li" §s;o,46,6 ti.7u. 8 0 leg GUAR) .,rnuni> Ordinary Ship, l-'iljA WICKET-KEEPING 41;, 5 6. b 6, scp. GLOVES Somi-Sksleton,! J§&»| 3,8, it6, 5, e, 616, 8, G,ia'6 7/Cf per .?. 2KHUR CRICKET SHIRTS Skeleton, a«p» »|j|j| rninrFT pi/ CRICKET BC CRICKET BAGS trown Leather. 6 6,7 4/6,6/6, 7/6. 10/6,12/6. WMte Buck, 9,6 12,6. -i, i',4 -"IIILAi_u.y. J) A MEmCVMU I I FOR I !'II' LtHE MSLLBOM. I Mil Km FOB :r:t W MIBllMS; [ The WORLDS GREATEST SPECIFIC for Headache, Indigestion, Constipation- fS Dyspepsia, Anaemia, Debility, "that tin feeling," & all Liver & Femaie Ailments. FREE SAMPLE. || The proprietors are willing to forward a FREE SAMPLE I J anyone sending id. stamp to pay postage and mentioning i j paper. Address: The Bile Bean Maauiactuhng Co., ng & i_ P g London Wall, London, E,C. K 1 .i ;(i:<' <I,(.;< ;7:I".> ;'í: :t