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DENBIGHSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL I The quarterly meeting of the County J Council for Denbighshire was held in the County Hall, Denbigh, on Friday, when I Mr Isgoed Jones presided, and there were also present Mr Edward Hoosen (vice- chairman), Sir Robert Cunliffe, Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, Captain Griffith Boscawen, Col Cornwallis West, Col Mainwaring, Messrs J W Lumley, Simon Jones, Abram Foulkes, John Harrop, Thomas Williams, John Hughes, John Ellis, Evan Roberts, J E Humphreys, W G Dodd, A 0 Evans, Christmas Jones, David Jones, John Jones, Boaz Jones, Dr David Lloyd, Richard Myddelten, John Roberts, Bennett Jones, W E Samuel, Benjamin Harrison, Gomer Roberts, R J Powell, W G Rigby, William Davies, Robert Parry, Hugh Hughes, F E Rooper, E W Thomas, Joseph Jones, Bennett Jones, George Cromar, Richard Evans, Owen Jones, James Fraser, J R Griffith, John Roberts, G T Harrison, John Allen, T H Mitchell; Llewelyn Carrington, William R Wilbraham, Thomas Williams, J 0 Jones, Hugh Hughes, William Jones, Howel Gee with the clerk, Mr W R Evans deputy clerk, Mr John Roberts accountant, Mr R Humphreys Roberts and surveyor, Mr R B m LU5ILEY AND THE CONDUCT OF THE CHAIR. "eNCALLED-Fon REMARKS." At the outset of the meeting the Chair- man, remaining seated, made a few observations with regard to the minutes of the last meeting. f Mr J W Lumley On a point of order sir, may I ask you to rise when you speak. I Mr David Jones (Llanrwst) I don't think the chair is meant for the Chairman to be stundiug up by it all the time wlw n- speaking, and I think -the remark Mr Lumley made was quite uncalled for (hear, hear). Mr Lumley: On a point of order, Slr- Mr David Jones (warmly) On a point of order, sir. I am moving a resolution. t, Mr Lumley On a point- Mr David Jones Take your ebair if there is one, please. Take your seat, sir. I claim my right to move my motion (hear, hear). C, Mr Lumley I have a persoaal ex- planation (cries of (l Order," and Chair.") Mr David Jones Personal explanation is not very becoming of Mr Lumley. There were renewed cries of Order" and Chair from several members. The Chairman Order, please, gentle- men. Mr David Jones has control of the chair now. Mr David Jones then mored the rap- pointment of Mr John Blackwell, Hemdre, as a representative of the Council on the Board ot Conservators for the river Conway and its tributaries, as successor to his late father. He was a gentleman whom they all respected and a thorough sportsman, and would be an acquisition to the Board. Mr J E Humphreys seconded the motion, which was carried. THE FORYD BRIDGE. DIVIDED OPINIONS ON THE COUNCIL. ANOTHER LITTLE SCENE. A SNUB FOR MR. LUMLEY. A long discussion took place with regard to the Foryd Bridge question. The Clerk reported that he had received a letter from the Clerk to the Flintshire County Council, saying that he was instructed by the Railway and Parlia- mentary Committee of the Council te write to the Denbigh County Couiatil requesting them to appoint delegates to attend a Conference at Rbyl to con- consider the Engineer's Report on the 3tate of the bridge, and also farther requesting the Council to receive a deputa- tion from their Railway and Parliamentary Rates Committee on the subject. The 7th, 10th, or 14th would be convenient dates for the meeting. Mr A Foulkes moved that delegates be appointed to attend the proposed Con- ference. The question was a very im- portant on Mr Lamley J I rise now to a point of order, sir. Mr Foulkes Excuse me, I am in possession ef the chair now. Mr Lumley: I ask for the Chairman's ruling on the point ef older. The Chairman What is your point of order, Mr Lumley ? (laughter). Mr Lumley The point of order is this lir-is it competent for any member to speak to a resolution before yon have that resolution in your hand in writing (" oh, oh," and laughter). Mr David Jones Until a resolution is moved it cannot be in writing. It is all nonsense Mr Lumley (laughter and hear, hear). Mr Lumley I ask my question upon number 12 of the Standing Orders. (Mr Lumley then handed a copy of -the Stand- ing Orders towards Mr Jones). The Chairman Its alright; I have got it in my hands, and I don't think I want your support Mr Lumley (hear, hear and laughter). Mr Lumley I am entitled to your ruling on the point of order, sir. Mr David Jones Surely Mr Foulkes can speak upon the motion without having it down ? Mr Lumley I ask, sir, for your ruling on the point of order. Can any member who is moving a resolution speak to it before it is in writing in your hands ? (cries of order," and chair.") The Chairman If you will give Mr Foulkes a little time he is writing it now and I will have it in a minute or two. Mr Lumley If you will allow me I ask for'your ruling (cries of chair, ehair," and sit down." Mr Foulkes then said he was quite sure the members were aware of the importance of this matter so far as the western portion of the county was concerned. There was a ireciendous quantity of traffic on the bridge, especially during the summer months. Abergele and Golwyn Bay had suffered great inconvenience and hardships owing to the closing of the bridge. Mr David Jones seconded the motion. Mr Hooson said he would like to know whether they committed themselves to any liability by appointing a deputation. He would also like to know whether it was a private bridge and whether they bad had anything to do with the expense of it before. The Chairman It is a private bridge, but by appointing delegates we do not commit ourselves. Mr Lumley said he hoped the Council would not pass this resolution. It had been before the Council on previous occasions, and they had declined to take any part in connection with the matter. It came before them last time in the form that they should assist in opposing a Bill in Parliament which the private owner of the bridge was aiming to obtain, but in consequence of the opposition of Rhyl and Abergele to that application the Bill was dropped. Now he hoped the Council would Rot commit itself in any way in connection with this i ridge. If there were any interests directly concerned in this matter it was the landowners on the Denbighshire side of the bridge, repre- sented by Mr Foulkes, the mover of the resolution. He trusted that members were not going to support and to assist private landowners in furthering their interests. It was the interests of the county they were there to consider. The first point in introducing the thia end of the wedge in connection with the committal of the Council in matters connected with the bridge would be to appoint delegates upon the joint committee, and he trusted the Council would not commit themselves by passing such a resolution. Mr A 0 Evans said he wished to support thA motion for several reasons. First they bad heaid that they did not commit themselves in any way by appoiiit- iag delegates, and that was a good thing to be considered. The reason they did not join Flintshire in opposing the Bill in Parliament was on the ground of expense, but there would be no expense in appoint- ing delegates. They all knew this was a private fridge, and it was now a question whether it should remain a private bridge or become the property of some. of the local or county authorities. Mr William Davies, Colwyn Bay, also supported the motion. Mr Hooson I do not think this resolution should be passed without a stringent understanding that we do not commit ourselves to anything. The motion was passed on this under- standing. Mr David Jones Upon this question I beg to propose that the delegates be the the Chairman, Mr John Roberts, my friend Mr Lumley, Mr A 0 Evans, his bosom friend (loud laughter), Colonel Mainwaring, and Mr W E Samuel. Mr Lumley I decline to act, air. You batter put someone' instead of me (laughter). Mr David Jones: Nt, no be friends (renewed laughter). Mr Lumley I must ask you, sir, to stop these personalities. I have not come here to have any personal attacks made upon me nor upon anybody else (hear, hear, and laughter). The Chairman I am very glad Mr Lumlfty has referred to that. During my chairmanship of the Council I cannot allow any personalities during the meetings of the Council, and I hope every member will support me in endeavouring to carry that out (hear, hear). Mr David Jones I agree with you, Mr Chairman, and that will stop Mr Lumley (laughter). Mr Lumley: I must appeal to yon again. I think Mr David Jones' remark was a personal remark (cries of No, no "). It is not right, sir. The Chairman Come, gentlemen I must go on with the business. The names as proposed were then sub- mitted to the meeting. I Mr Lumley How many times must I rise to ask that mv name should be struck out? (laug) ter). or The name of Mr Lumley was then struck out, and the other gentleman named were appointed as delegates. COXWAY GUARDIANS. An application was received from the Guardians of Conway Union to increase the number of Guardians for that Union. There was no definite information as to what was desired, and the matter was therefore deferred. THB VERIFYING OF FARMERS' WEIGHTS At a meeting of the main roads committee for the Dtnhigii dittriet, 811 consideration of the In spoetor's report (weighta and measures), Mr W G Rigby proposed and Mr Wm Dalies aeoended, that fanners be invitod to bring in their weigfeisg machines and weights, &e., to be verified within 12 montbs from this date. The motion, however, was defeated, only three voting for it. Mr Hooson wished to know why in one part ef the county farmers weighing marehines and weights Ph tiald be taken in as trader's instrnmeBts whilst'it wae not so in the ether part of the eonntf. He did not think it was right that there should be one rule in oae part and another ia the other. Mr W G Kigby said he had aa amendment to propose te the report to the effact that the farmers be invited to bring in their weigials and w»ighing machines to be verified within twelve months from this date that notioos be posted to this .ff.ct; and that tha Inspector be instructed to carry oat the pro- visions of the Aol the same as in ether parts of the etunty. Hi was of opinion that te fari&A,ra were the meat bonent of any class, but it seemed to him that it woald be an advantage to them to have their weights properly verified. Mr H.OIOD seconded the amendment, Mr David Jones said he thouglilt Q retolu- tion of this kind would be most damaging to the farmers. lie wished to know whether it was the iatcntion that the farmers should be ce»p»lled to do this. The Ckairmau If the request is not com- plied with within twelve menths they may be doolared offenders and punished in the usual way. That is the aeaniag of it. Mr David Jonke: Very well. Upon being informed that that is so, I wish to propose an amoadmbut. 1 Mr Hoosen: I think Mr David Jones is out of order (hear, hear). Mr David Joaes: I am speaking against this, because if I don't apeak now it will be < passed. I am a small Tanner myself (laeghter), and if you pass this resolution it will be most damaging to the farmers. Mr Lumley )ir Chairman, I rise again to a poin of order. Mr Divid Jones: I think you better put Mr Lnml-y in the cbair (laughter). Mr Lumley I ask for your ruling, sir, on "numbsr 15 of the Standing Orders. The Chairman pointed out that the Standing Order provided that a member could opt-ak for not more thaa five minutes. Mr David Jones: Well, then I havn't spok-n oue minute (laughter and crias of "O-dur" and "Chair"). The Chairman I think Mr David Janes has had his say (laughter). Mr David Jones: We keep weighing machines to weigh and ftjed for tbe stock Mr Lumley I riee to a point of order, sir (renewed laughter and cries of "CLair, chair "). The Chairman: I must keep order, gentle. m-n, and I tbisk we have had titough discussion upon this amendment. b Mr David Jones: Will you give me one minute ? The Chairman: No, no; it wculd be against thv Standing Orders, The atneadment was then put and carried by 29 votas against 16. Mr David Jones: I beg to give notice that in twelve months I will move that this r^solu ion he rescind"d. THE PREVALENCE OF SHEEP SCAB IN WEST DENBIGHSHIRE. Mr Gomer Roberts called the attention of the Council to the report of tbe Chief Inspector uader the Contagious Diseases (Animals') Act, with regar i to sheep scab, which had been reported to exist on 83 farms in tie Western division of Denbigh- shite, This report shewed that a very serioas outbreak had existed within the last quarter, They were wtoll aware that there was a joint area with other counties fjr the purpose of dealing with abrop scab, and the committee for the Denbigh district about twelve moaths ago passed a resolution sup- porting the application of Merioneth to come within the area. Thousands of sheep were broeght from Merionath to Denbighshire to be fed. and it was a great drawback to effectively dealing with sheep scab that Merioneth was Got in the joint area. The Sheep Scab Joint Committee and the Main Roads Com- mittee for Denbigh distriot met on the same day, and he (Mr Roberts) went along with Mr Thomas to the Joint Committee meeting to support the application of Merioneth, and de what they were instructed to do. Ha sent a telegram to the Main Roadp, ete., Committee to the following etf..ct Joint Sheep Scab Committee strongly of opinion that certain hills where scab had broken out during the past quarter should be dealt with by regulatioBs for suspicions areas." He was sorry, howsver, that the committee did not take aay notice of the matter. Mr Robwts oalled attention to the fact that the ftes to the veterinary surgeons under the Con- tagious Diseases Act ia West Denbighshire amounted to £66, whereas in the East end the amount was only X13. He thought it was high time for the committee to take the sitsatior- into serieus consideration and act thereon, aRd he would propose that the olerk be requested to call a special meeting of the Contagious Diseases (Animals') Committee for the Denbigh distriot fcr the purpose of taking into consideration a letter received from the Joint Committee and other maitera in reletioa to sheep scab. Mr John Jones seoonded the motion which was carried. Col Mainwaring: If this meeting is held they will have no power to aet will they ? The Chairman: Yes. Mr John Roberts I take it that the main roads committee is the executive committee and has fall power. With this ameadment the report was then adopted, on the motion of Mr Hooson seconded by Mr David Jones. COUNTY BBIDGJES IN RUTHIN. Upon consideration ef the letter of the Town Clerk of Ruthin off-bring to eater into a eontract for repairing the road approaches to the county bridges within the borough for the year, it was resolved that the Council eater into a contract for the repair of these approaches during the year ending May 3iat, 1902, for the sum of L15. CONDITION OF DENBIGH AND RUTHIN MAIN ItOADS. The District Surveyor reported upon the main roads repaired by the urban authorities of Denbigh and Ruthin respectively as follows.- DENBIGH BOROUGH. The main roads it this borough are in a satisfactory state of repair with the exception of the Graig road, which is not quite satis- factory, the Maeadam whieh bas been laid npoa this road in small patches has not set at all well, the sides and ditches have been in a very untidy state during the last three months. Those parts of the Trefnant road which have been iraoadamizsd with Gwyddelwern stone roll in with the steam reller are in very good condition, but there are some lengths of this road whioh have not yet been maoadaanzed, and these parts are COBse- quently getting rathar tbin and the section is somewhat flat. A new footpath or causeway has been con- structed on the side of this road over 300 yerds lovg. The Gwaynynog road has been very dirty, aud I am of opinion that the limestone used in repairing this road is not strong enough to bear the weight of the steam roller. There is a very large quantity of ditch cleanings and road scrapings now lying en the sides of the road, which give it a very untidy appearance. I would suggest that the ditches and sides should be cleaned earlier in the year, the farmers would then be more likely to carry the cleanings away. RUTllI BOROUGH. The main roads and road approaches to bridges in this Burangh are in a satisfactory state of repair with the exoeption of Mwroc strai,t, which is not quite so satisfactory a& It was last year. Ia my opinion all tbe main streets in the town should be repaired with Gwyddelwern stone. If this were done I feel sure that the streets would be much cleaner in the winter, and there would be far lees dust in the summer. FOOTPATH ON MOLD ROAD.-ThiB footpath requires a few loads of stone chippings spreadiag upon it. The curb stones also require attention. MAIW ROADS OOMMITTEE FOR WREXHAM DISTRICT. Mr W E Samuel moved the confirmat.ion of the main roads committee's report for the Wrexham district, and in dciag so oalled attention to a recommendation of the fiaanoe committee that they approve of the payment to the District Surveyor of the sura of X2,-), in cecsideratinu of extra work and ef pocket expenses incurred in superintendiag repairs referred to in his report. Had this work been done by contract it would have eost a considerable amount more than it had. The Surveyor bad in many instances been working up to 10 p.m. Mr J W Evans seconded and the report was adopted. THE TRFATMENT OF INEBRIATES. At a meeting of the Inebria ts Act com- mittee it was resolved that the clerk COKI- muuioate with the clerk of thu Nortkants County Council asking him to inform them what would be the weekly charge for main- tenance at tha reformatory thty propose to establish in their cuuu'y. It was also re- solved to ask the Chief Constable to supply the com mi tee with information as to the number of pt rsona in this county who would be likelv to come under the Inebriates Act. Col C-rowailis West, as chairman of the I committee, said he had been told that there was to be a conference of all the counties of J Nort Wales at Chester within the next few months. He was very glad of this for it would enable public opinion to make up its mind how tar that Act could be carried out. Personally he did not think the Act went far enough, because the fact that a man was con- victed three times in a year was not the only criterion as to whether a man was an inebriate. Mr Lumley Is Col W ;st in order in- CJI WEST: Very well, I will not continue any longer. As Mr Lumley is so very auxions to hear himself speak I will sit down (loud langhtt-r.) The report was then adopted. FINANCE COMMITTEE'S REPORT. THE ESTIMATED BÁTRS. la moving the adaption of the Finance Committee's report Mr Simon Jones said the credit balance brought over from last year into the present estimate amounted to £ 13,809, but this amount included Asylum loans to the extent of X6,114 There was a balance on the general fund of £ 6,070. The ex- penditure for the quarter just ended, and keepiag the Asylum loans in hand, shewed a net balance in favour of the county of £ '2,744. The estimate provided for a loan for Rossett Bridge cf S500. An important application was heard by the committee from the directors of the Tanat Valley Light Railway Company for an additional loan of Y,1,500, making a total, if the present appli- cation were granted, of zC4,500 contributed by Denbighshire to this undertaking. They would observe that the loan was reoom- ineaded on condition that the directors should pay the county 5s per cent therecn above the amount paid by the county itself. The estimated county rate for the current year for general county purposes would be 5 i in the £ for intermediate education d, and for technical instruction -1-d, which in- 2 cluded a farthing for agricultural purposes. The Couaty Acoountant had prepared a useful table of the rates levied from 1890 np to the present time during periods of three years. They would ste that there had beon a gradual increase. For the three years ending 1892 the general rate was lod, for the next three years it was Is ;i (which included th for intermediate education). For the period ending 189S the rate was 18 2d gd, and for the period ending 1901, Is 5d. The increase oanld easily be accounted for by the large iacrtase of loans, increase in the coat of repairing roads and eo forth. I Mr Christmas Jones seeended the adoption of the report. Mr Foulkes said he wished to move an amendment to the effect that the Council agree to increase the grant to the Agricultural Committee for Bangor University College from £ 300 to £ 400 in order to provide exhibitions for farmers' sans and others from this county. The Clerk explained that this could not be done unless the matter went to the finance committee first. THE WEST DENBIGHSHIRE CORONER'S SALARY. Mr Rigby moved as an amendment to the finauee committee's report that the question of the Coroner's salary (West Denbighshire) be referred baek for further consideration. Mr Foulkes seconded. Mr Rigby said he censidered the circular letter which had beea sent to each member presented a very strong ease in favour of increasing Dr Hughes' salary, and he hoped they would take a more favourable view of the Coroner's application. Previous to the Act of 1861 the Coroner received 6a 8d for every inquest he held, 9d per mile for travelling and other allowances, made by looal authorities. Since 1861 the salary had be«n fixed at X56 per annum, and he maintained that this was not a fit salary for the dignified office and position of Coroaer. When they csnsidered that a Coroner must be professionally trained, either as a doctor or a lawyer, he thought it was an extra- ordinarily mean figure to fix as salary. The number of inquests held during the last five years was 111, which would amount to 51s per inquest. The Coroner now received no travelling expenses nor allowances. Sir Watkin Wynn asked whether they were in order in discussing this matter now. The question could only be referred back, and until that was done it could not be dealt with by the Council. Mr Rigby's motion upon bsing put was lost, 15 voting for it and 21 against. Thefinanee committee's report was adopted. "A DEAD LETTER." The District Agricultural Analyst reporte that no samples were submitted for analysis under the Fertilizers and Feeding Stuffs Act, 1893, during the quarter ended March 3lst, 1901. THE PROVISION OF STEAM ROLLERS. In accordance with notice Mr David Jones moved that for efficiency and economy in repairing and maintaifling oar main roads it is desirable to purchase steam rollers, and that the matter of the propriety of acquiring same be referred to the two main roads com- mittees, and for those committees to report thereon to the next Council, ihis matter he said had been discussed in the Council for many years, but there had generally been a difference of opinion on the subject. For this reason he had included in hi3 motion a proposal that the matter sheuld be discussed by the two main roads committees. He was proud of the county of Denbigh, and equally proud of being a member of this Council, but he most say that if they compared the roads of he county of Carnarvon, he was ashamed of himself, and be defied any offieial or member to say that the roads witbin the district controlled by the Carnarvon County Council, were not far superior to the roads iu the county of Denbigh. He did not blame the Surveyor at all, for he believed the only reason for this was that their roads were not steam-rolled. Mr William Davies seconded the motion. Mr Samuel said that about four yeats age a committee was formed and went into this matter thoroughly. In Cheshire they ex- pended £ 86 per mile in making their roads with steam-rollers, whereas in Denbighshire they spem t40 in one dishict and X23 in the other. What they ought to do in West Denbighshire to improve the roads was to discard limestone. Then they would have good roads without going to the expense of these luxuries in the shape of steam- rollers. Mr Rooper said the cost in Cheshire was not duo to the steam-roller but to the increased eost of road metal. In Cheshire there was net a single stone produced in the county. They had to import it all at enormous cost, and re beii ed ;lÍ{ed out at about 109 per ton. Th" maj ri?y of the reports th.y rec-ivtd from o ij r counties were in favour of steam-Mi-^s, and he thought it was quite im* a freih committee fbould re-consider the whole quest-ion, Tho station was t. r carried. MR LUMLEY AMENDS THE STANDING ORDERS. Mr J Watkin L'lKsn^y ti-ovec that certain alterations be made in the Standing Orders with regard to the holding ..f tht of the Council. These altf-ration*. w. r. to the following effect" That in arv y-ar which is not the year of ele tioij of COUttí Coun. cillors there shall b f. Gr fix-- Ii eatings of the Council, to be held f n tho Ian Friday in April, July, Oolob, r, &ud Janusi" at the following places.— Afc W/fxhsm is* April, Colwyn Bay in July, D nbU-h m Octcber, and Ruthin in Januar; Thst uny year which is the election u' Cunl C-?t.iioillors tfi. re hall b,, fiv- ffi"')ng.,as.toj;"w'At Wrixham in De bigf 'n April, C., 'I w'n Biy in Juiv, VVv jijan- October, atd Ruthiu in Jan "iy Mr Gamer Robrr L ni on. Col -Algiuwari,-i;e kbe the eff-ot it thesa altera'ioi g. Mr Lumity: I x m ry s rr Colonel Mainwariog catn The is sia>pi*; it a a, io- I W years with one extra in etii, I i o ut the Colcnel would h&v ■; t'at. Cut Mainwaring Dn nfce v -sonal, please (hesr, bear). Sir Watkin Willies Wyr,u f-ad hat by the ola regulations ther- Wi- re i -0 m etings in Wrexham. The Wr. xbam m a con- tributed one-half of tee r teabl*, "aiu of the county, aDd by this new arrangermfit there would be three meetings on this Si"f of the county and osly cm at, Wnkm. He would propose that IW.> of the stings should be held at Wrexham. Mr David Jones ee<-ond?d, and -aid he hoped the meeting would not b* m from ColW5 b Bay, for the ba rc,% or had a better attendance than the; b-d tfer-. H i1 not think it was faIr for Mr Lvmle-; to Ea-ike charge against thr luielliKuse^ o' L lonel Mainwaring. He tho,iii, t it was yty un- called for, and he could n-t sit cown without remarking upon it (btar, hear). Mr Simon Jones thought 'ho b-st course would be te refer this matier to the Standing Orders Committee. Mr Lumley agreed to this, and it was carried. THE TOWYN AND LLANSANNAN RUHWAYS. A renewed appliea ion was r.c..iv.d from the Asaph (Denbigh) Rural C unoil for a contribution towards the Towyn and Llan- sannan highways, and was rtfeired to the Main Roads Committee. The reply of the Llangollen Urban Counoil to the resolution passed by the County Council on Febrvar* 5 h, re e.rtrac s for repairing main roads and approaches to county bridges, was also referred to the Main Roads Committee. DENBIGH COUNTY SCHOOL. A lettar was receive from ti e Governors of the Denbigh Cúuny Suboul inquiring if the County Council would be good enough to grant to that school some of the money which they have in their hands for the purpose of instructing the scholars in agriculture. Upon the motion of Mr W G Dodd, the matter was referred to the Teehaical Ioatrnotion Committee. SEPARATION WAlTTEDr' A memorial and application of the owners and ratepayers of Llandrille-yn-Rhos and Eirias in favour of separation from the Urban District of Colwyn Bay was referred to the Local Government Aet Committee. TREATMENT OF TUBERCULOSIS. An invitation was received by the Council to send a representative to the forthcoming Congress on Tuberculosis to be held at Queen's Hall, Lotdon, on July 22nd. There was a membership fee of .£1. Mr A 0 Evans moved, Mr Docd seconded, and it was carried that a representative be sent. Mr Evans: Then I move that the repre- sentative be Alderman Lumley. He will make a very effective member aud will be the means of advertising the Council at the Congress (laughter), Mr Howel Gee: Evidently this is not meant seriously, Mr Chairman. Will yoa put it up again? (laughter). Mr Dodd proposed as an amendment the name of Dr Evans, of Wrexham. He was a gentleman who was well qualified for a Con- ference of this kind. This was agreed to.