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ANDREWS' WINES AND SPIRITS. Choicest Quality! Best Value! Largest Selection Buy at -ZLIQIDIEZMVVS who are offering the Best Value in i 0 Choice Selected, Filly Matured WINES AND SPIRITS. SOMETHING iPECIfi.L Grand Liqueur Whisky, Guaranteed TWELVE YEARS OLD. ST. RAPHAEL QUINQUINA, THE GREATEST TONIC WINE OF THE AGE. An Infallible Remedy for Influenza, Neuralgia, Loss of Appetite, DebilitYyll Nervous Depression, &c., &c. Wholesale and Retail Dealer and Bottler ot i Bass and Allsopp's Ales, AND GUINNESS' EXTRA STOUT Families and the Tracl<' Supplied. A. ANDREWS' WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT, I THE "OLD VAULTS," DENBIGH. BARRON'S Special Show of NEW GOODS. LATEST STYLES in Millinery, Mantles, Costumes, Blouses, etc. Best Value in Town at BARRON'S. ASK FOR OBm. CAMBRIAN wlflRV TABLE WATERS. FROI THE NOTED ARTESIAN SPRING, ROTHLi Write for Partic-ulars- Manager, Cambrian Works, Ruthin, North Wales, 14 NOVELTIES NOVELTIES JONES BROS., %up I'M DE -α-r BI 5 BEE HIVE, DENBIGH, beg to announce that they have just xecaived an entire New Stock of Summer Goods, which they offer at MARVELLOUS PRICES. Grand selection of Costumes, Dress Material, Prints, Capes, Jackets, Blouses, &c. "GRAND DISPLAY IN THE MILLINERY DEPARTMENT, Hats and Bonnets, Extraordinary Smart. Enormous selectionof Sailor Hats, Children's Hats, Walking Coats, Pillises, &c. Splendid assortment of Gloves, Hosiery, Corsets, Silk Ties, White and Coloured Skirts, Veilings, Collars and Cuffs, Pinafores, Frillings, Fancy Fronts, Ribbons, c i i Belts, &c. (xrand selection of Gentlemen's Hats and Caps, Ties and Collar?, WThite and Coloured Shirts, &c. Lovely Range of Trouserings and Suitings. Fit Guaranteed. NOTE ADDRESS:- 1' JONES BROS., Bee Hive, Denbigh. 4({Am() TJEIOMA DA VIES, 2, Vale Street, DENBIGH the Oldest Established Butchering Business in the Town), Supplies MEAT The Best Quality, at Reasonable Market Prices. BEEF. MUTTON. LAMB, VEAL i PORK. Home Cured Hams and Bacon. Corned Bsef and Picked Tongues FRES MEAT OBTAINABLE DAILY. ORDELi'3 DELIVERED. 17fJ3jy5 ..I "I'.I G. LLOYD ROBERTS Railway Hotel, DENBIGH, 8gS to inform bis numerous customers that h has a Splondid Stock of the Finest WINES, SPIRITS, CIDER, and CIGARS, that oan be bought. Old Tom, John de Kuper's Geneva Gin, and Martel's Brandy. Ales and Stout on Draught and in Bottle HARVEST ALi-ain Caska at la per Gallon. Agent for Worthington & Co., Burton on Trent 1807a.o. "Come, give us a Trial ot our Quality." j Winners of the. Silver Medal at the D. and F. A. Show 1900. I CONNAH CO., j The Wheelmen of North "Wales, are making TREMENDOUS REDUCTIONS in the Prices of NEW MACHINES EXAMPLE-Druids, X7 17s. 6d. Royal Welsh, £10 Os. Od. Royal Cambrian, X12 10s. Od. All fitted with Detachable Pneumatic Tyres. £2 per Machine less than last year's prices. Quality better than ever. • Bassinettes, from 25s. Mail Carts, from 12s. 6d. For Sale or Hire. Repairs and Brazing a Speciality. Agents for Humber, Premier, Rudge, Crescent, Raleigh, Swift, Enfield, New Hudson. Pneumatic Safeties from JE6 10s. Od. Accessories at Factory Prices. Last year's Stock of Machines at less than cost price to clear. Second-hand Machines, largest Stock in the Country. Pneumatic Safeties, thoroughly reliable, from JE3 10s. Write forlists MOTOR CARS The conveyance of the future a Speciality, CONNAH CO., North Wales Cycled Motor Car Manufacturers, r 5, VALE STREET, DENBIGH, and RHYL. They are at scars who order our Machines. We well mount the Rider and consider their mean IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. LLOYD and JONES, VICTORIA. BUILDINGS, 126 and 2E, VALE STREET, DENBIGH, have pleasure in announcing that their First Class Furnishing Establishment IS now Open at the above Address. The attention of the Public is invited to the Extensive, New and Carefully Selected Stock of Drawing, Dining, and Bedroom Suites, Kitchen Requisites of all description, Overmantels, Mirrors, &c., &c. OFFICE FURNITURE. UPHOLS'IERING, FRENCH POLISHING, PICTURE FRAMING, REPAIRING, &c., done on the Premises by competent and skilled Workmen Antique Furniture Carefully Renovated. FUNERALS UNDERTAKEN. LLOYD & JONES, The Furnishing House, Denbigh 1436joIS IMPORTANT PRICE LIST FOB Spring Cleaning Time, &c., &c. EW READ CAREFULLY. Mixed Paints, All Colours, in I-lb. BRUNSWICK BLACK, BLACK LACQUER, and Tins and Bulk, 4d. per lb. BLACK ENAMEL, 6d. Bottles. 2 rMQ1M-i n_- A11 n Black Varnish, For Hurdles,Gates, p«Tin. &c.,6d. per Quart, Is. 6d. per Gallon. p«Tin. &c.,6d. per Quart, Is. 6d. per Gallon. Mahogany Varnish, Is. 6d. per Staining Varnishes, Mahogany, PlOt. Walnut, Oak, Rosewood, Yellow, Oak Varnish, Is. 6d. and 2s. per Ebony, &c., &e., 6d. Bottles, 4d. Pint. PAINT and VARNISH BRUSHES at various prices in great variety. Special Paris White FOR CEILINGS, 9d. per doz. TURPENTINE, GENUINE BOILED and LINSEED OILS (for Paints). BEST GLUE, 6d. per lb. Finest Soft Soap, 4d. per lb. Yellow Ochre, Red Ochre, Brown Umber, Lime Blue, Green Colour, Carbolic Soap, Chloride of Lime, Inspct, Powder, Wash Leathers, Spongeo, Emery Cloth. Also a Large and Varied Stock of HOUSEHOLD BRUSHES and REQUISITES. Jones & Co.'s Furniture Cream, Id., 2d, 3d., 6dc, and Is. per Bottle. HAT VARNISH, Black and Colours, M. and 6d. per Bottle. MINERAL WATER PRICE LIST: SO^WATER. POTASH WATER. SELTZER WATER. ] In Syphons, LEMONADE. GINGER ALE. LIME JUICE, &c. all at Gd each. Manufactured by Chemists' ^Erated Water Association. HARRISON JONES & CO., Chemists, The Apothecaries' Hall, DENBIGH. SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. HUGH WILLIAMS, Tailor and Draper, Chapel Place, Denbigh, begs to intimate that he has just received a bplendid selection of Over Coatings, Suitings and Trouserings ?or the present Season; Choice Selection of Fancy Vestings in all the Latest Designs. HUGH WILLIAMS, Tailor and Draper, Chapel-place, Denbigh. T. & S. H. ASHFORD'S List of NEW FRXJITS, &0. SEASON, 1900-1901. I FINE CURRANTS 5d. per lb. VERY FINE RAISINS 4d. per lb. FINEST CURRANTS Gd. per lb. VERY FINEST RAISINS 5d. per lb. FINE SULTANAS 7d. per lb. FINEST MIXED PEELjht 6d. per J b. FINEST SULTANAS 8d. per lb. JUL ■ Also Mixed Lemon, Orange and Citron, in 1-10. Boxes, 6d. each. A very Choice Selection of New Figs, Muscatels, Fiench Plums, Almond: Nuts of all kindf, Apples, Lemons, Oranges, Grapes, Biscuits. Cakes, &c., Crackers i. a Bon-Bon. Special Blended TEAS at Is. 8d., 2s., and 2s: (3d. COFFEE ftom Is. to Is. Sd. Ba,s & Co's. ALES and STOUT in Casks and Bottles. Whitbread & Co's. ALESSand STOUT in Pint Bottles, 3s. per dozen all in Prune Coadition for Christmas GTN l<?*9d 2s. Id., and 2s. 6d. IRISHand SCOTCH WHISKEY from 1B 9d to sf «d PORT and SHERRY, is. Id. to 3s. 6d. RUM from Is. 8d to 3s. 6d. BR&DY f^om 2s to 6s Od Your kind Orders shall have best attention. HIGH STREET DENBIGH, NO CYCLES CAN APPROACH the Famous R. & P." for Up-to- Date design and exquisite finish, and the price is right. 0 A&k for Catalogue and particulars ROBINSON & PRICE, LIMITED, CHATHAM STREET, LIVERPOOL, or LOCAL AGENTS CUSHION. 9, Clwyd Street, RUTHIN. 445jyl3 We respectfully request YOUR ATTENTION to the following facts If you wish to procure the FINEST GROCERIES, and at LOWEST PROVISION PRICES, you cannot do better than call at 'ol"" R. OWEN'S, ESTABLISHMENTS. Buy, Try, and Judge for yourselves. OUR TEAS will compare with any in the UNITED KINGDOM. Aho Special attention is given to the PROVISIONS. These Establishments are noted for giving satisfaction in 0 HOME MADE BREAD. FRESH DAILY.. Our Bread requires no special offers, as the quality is slicii that if ONCE TRIED, ALWAYS USED. Note the Address :— 51 & 53, HIGH ST., AND STAR SHOP. WAREHOUSES, DIAMOND BUILDINGS, DENBIGH. FASHIONS FOR SPRING, 1901. JOHN ROBERTS, 1, Castle Street, RUTHIN, has received a LARGE ASSORTMENT of Ladies' Hats, Toques, Blouses, Capes, & Jackets. All the NEWEST and LATEST STYLE. High Class Tailoring and Dressmaking. Fit and Style Guaranteed. 359uc THE OLDEST ESTABLISHED Boot and Shoe Warehouse IN DENBIGH. MRS. PRITCHARD (LATE Miss C ROM Alt) Boots, Shoes, Slippers, &c. DURABILITY, STYLE, COMFORT, AND PRICE, GUARANTEED. The "ARIEL" Boots and Shoes for Ladies and Children a Speciality. Customers can always depend on having good value for money. Best solid leather procurable used for Repairs. NOTE THE ADDRESS :— 13, rORTLAHD PLACE, DENBIGH, 2175ue Wynnstay Arms Rote), I RUTHIN. l FAMILY AND COMMERCIAL. I Under entirely New Management. 0 POSTING in all its Branches Billiard Table refitted with New Patent Low Cushions. MISS "COOPER, tmanageress, 1935s1 XJbLjbi KINGS OF EUROPE RIDE THE KING OF CYCLES. "HUMBER" Used by their Mejesties KINO EDWARD VII., The Kinga of ITALY, BELGIUM and GREECE, The Duke and Duchess of York, Princess Victoria, Duchess of Fife, &c. Artistic Catalogue free on application to W. BULLER, Denbigh. JAMES A. HUGHES (Late ROBERTS BROS.), Aerated Water Manufacturer. BOTTLER OF BASS & SALT'S India Pale Ales. GUINNESS' Extra Double Stout. Factory Place, DENBIGH. TO FARMERS. Being one of the largest Ale and Stout Dealers in the North of England I am enabled to supply good, sound BURTON ALE, At lOd. and Is. per gallon. QUALITY GUARANTEED. 1895u.c, S. A. WHEWAY, 12, Ruthin Road, & Vale Street, Denbigh, has always on hand a large and select Stock of G!ass, China, Earthenware, and Pannings. Also a good assortment of Tin, Enamelled, and Galvanised Ware. BASKETS, BRUSHES, COMMON, AND {FANCY FLOWER POTS, TOYS, DOLLS, I. and other Fancy Goods suitable for presents or bome use. Alto BAMBOO WORK. Our Toilet Sets a speciality, ranging from 4s. 8d. Tea Sets from 7s. 9d. All other Goods equally as Cheap. OUR AIOTTO:-Small Profits and Quick Returns. NOTE THE ADDRESSES:— 12, RUTHIN ItOAD, & VALE STREET, I DENBIGH. THE GRAIG BREWERY AND BROOKHOUSE MALTINGS, DENBIGH. PURE BEER Best MILDImlor BITTER BEEK in 4J, 9, 18, or 3G Gallon C&sL<& from'Sls, per Gallon, NOTICE. All Beers brewed at this Establishment are guaranteed Pure Extract of Best Vale of Clwyd Barley (carefully Ma ted at own Mailings), and choic3st Sussex, Kent, and Herefordshire Hops. ] Also D'Arcy's Dublin Stout, guaranteed to be manufactured from MALTED BARLEY and BOPS] only, without the use of Sugar or any I substitute whatever. < Certificate of Sir Charles A. Cameron, M.D., Public Analyst of the City of Dublin. "I have analysed a sample of the Stout. brewed by Messrs. John D'Arcy aDd Son, of this city. It is free from all kinds of im- purities, it contains a little more than three ounces of life-sustaining substances per pint. Of alcohol it contains as much as is usually found in half its weight of claret; but it Jontains a larger amount of food substance than is found in any kind of wine. (Signed), CHARLES A. CAMERON 62u.c. City Analyst. s. TTMILLER, GLASS, CHINA & EARTHENWARE DEALER, I Crown Square, Denbigh Foot Warmers, Hot Water Jugs, Coffee Pots and Jugs, Cocoa Jugs The Largest Stock in the Vale of Clwyd of Glass, China, & Earthenware. Toilet Ware, Dinner Services, and Tea Sets. Wedding Presents.] 1398m9 R. DAWSON, 46 & 48, FOREGATE STREET, CHESTER; AND 1 AND 2, WHITE HORSE YARD, Pawnbroker, Jeweller, & Clothier DEALER IN FURNITURB, JEWELLERY, SILVER, & ELECTBO- PLATED GOODS, PIANOS, FURS, CARPETS, BASSINETTES, &Q, 15s. 6d —ffood size British Plate Pier Glass, walnut tulip frame. X7 15s.-Unredeemed, Capital English Lever Watch, strong lSct. gold, Hall marked cases, open face. A perfect time- keeper, and a written 18 year warranty given. ..f 35s-— Lovely hand-painted, floral pattern, Stone China Dinner Service, quite perfect' A bargain. £ 2 15s.—Light running Bassinette, strap springs. 4 big wheels, well upholstered and pointed. 8s. 6d. and 14s. 6d.—Two good Grey Skin Hearthrugs, large size. X4 17s. 6d.-Out of pledge, Lady's Lovely 3-Stone Diamond Ring, heavy 18ct. setting, beautiful stones. 28s. 6d. The Pair.—Small well-made Chest of Drawers as dressing table, and wash- stand to match. X4 5s.-In excellent condition good Second- hand Parlour Sv.itc, couch, pair ot easies, and 4 small chairs. 24s. 6<1.—Useful Folding Bed Chair, forms single bedstead or comfortable chair, brass legs. £10 15s.—Well finished Bedroom Suite ia Mahogany, comprising large wardrobe with splendid canopy, full leugth robing glass, pair of enclosed tables, new design, and chairsjto match. I 18s. 6a .-Pretty pattern Square of Carpet with border, 4 by 3% yards. Only been down few weeks." THE OLD ESTABLISHED Meat Emporium, PEN-Y-BR-1 -N -io, DENBIGH, ROBERT ELLIS (Son of the laie MR. ROBERT ELLIS), begs to announce that he has succeeded to tht Business lately carried on by Ma. S&MUEL ROBERTS, and previously by the late Mii, ROBERT ELLIS, and that he has OPENED at the above well-known address, where by strict personal attention to business, judicious selection of Stock, and moderate prices, he hopes to deserve the patronage so liberally given to his predecessors. FRESH MEAT DAILY. GOODS DELIVERED DAILY. Orders by post carefully and promptly attended to. NOTE THE ADDRESS i PEN-Y-BRYN, DENBIGH- ( 14u. j R.D. HUGHES, M.P.3V FAMILY CHEMIST, j | DENBIGH. jA The Dispensing Department is under his own j Personal Supervision, and nothing but the mf BEST AND -PUREST BSUGS i obtainable are uoed for the COMPOUND-* N ING of — PHYSICIANS* PRESCRIPTIONS; i f J Sick Room and f I\iurs»es*y Requisites ] V Feeding Cups, Hot Water Bottles; lee Bags, Chest Protectors and Respirators, Sponges, Tooth, Nail, and Hair Brushes, Dressing Combs, and Toilet Requisites in great variety. Agent for ELLIS' CRATED WATERS in Syphons, and all Natural Mineral Wafers. 69u T. H. Roberts, Tailor and Draper, RUTHIN. GRAND NEW STOCK OF Spring and Summer Goods in the Latest Designs in Ladies' and Getitsp Materials. Patterns and Es timates UPON APPLICATION ). St. Peter's Square, Ruthin. 13j00 ■k