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BAURY SCHOOL BCARD. RESIGNATIONS AUD APPOINTMENTS. Welsh Teaching during Winter Months. EVENING SCHOOLS' RESOLUTION. SPECIAL MEETING TO BE HBLD. The Barry School Board met on Thursday evening in last week, under the presidency of Mr John Lowdou, J.P. There were also present the Rev Father Byrne, Rev W. Williams, Dr Lloyd Edwards, Dr Living- atone, Messrs D. Lloyd and J. Rees. COMPLETING AN ACCOTXNT. One of the items on the agenda was to aliix the seal of the Board to a mortgage deed for 1105 of the Public Works Loan Commissioners for the Cardiff and Barry Truant School buildings, this being a final account. The seal was fixed. MANUAL INSTRUCTION CENTRES. This Board has applied to the Board of Education for permission to borrow money for the construction of manual instruction centres. Permission was duly received, but owing to the fact that money was very dear the amount required, namely, £ 1,054 15s, was not borrowed. It was now stated, how- aver, that the Public Works Loan Commis- sioners offered the amount at the rate of interest of 3^ per cent., and the clerk was 4 ordered to take the necessary steps to com- plete the loan with the Commissioners. TEACHLVG OF WELSH IN NIGHT SCHOOLS. The Rev Ben Evans, secretary of a com- mittee which has been formed in the town for the purpose of making provision for the teaching of Welsh during the winter months, made application for the use of one of the schools in order to conduct the work of teaching the Welsh language in its different phases, and explained that it was possible the committee might add sol-fa and indus trial art to its eurrieulum. The committee had ascertained that it was imoracticable for the Board to teach Welsh to those under 14 years of ige in the evening continuation y n schools, and they would require probably four or five rooms for their purposes.—The Chairman It is a request we may reason- ably grant, although we strongly oppose the teaching of Welsh coming into the day school curriculum as an extra subject, be- cause we have found it already too expen- sive. It was a different thing, however, to teach it in the evening. They had tried it themselves, but could not get enough pupils. But as these gentlemen, who felt so strongly interested in the matter, were now taking it up, the Board should offer no objection Rev W. Williams moved that it be granted —Mr John Rees, in seconding, said lie,, was pleased to find a change coming over the members of the Board in reference to This question. Recently, when other gentlemen had written for the use of a room to hold an examination, the applica- tion had been rdued, and he would be pleased if the Board looked as favourably upon applications from bodies of ratepayers for a good purpose. He had himself asked for the use of a room for the benefit- morally and socially and intellectually—of the townspeople, but did not succeed.—Dr Lloyd Edwards Those cases are not on a par with this case. The resolution of the Board is that we grant it for educational purposes, and this committee is taking on work which some of us think ought to be taken on by the Board.—The motion was carried. KAKKY TEACHER IN AMERICA. Testimonials received in reference to Mr J. Lloyd J ones, who has gone from Barry to America to study under Mr Liberty Tadd, had been, it was stated, received from that gentleman, and from other distinguished gentlemen in that country, and were ordered to be referred to the School Manage- ment Committee RECENT SUCCESSES. Miss Fleming wrote in reference to the success of three girl pupils at Holton-road Schools, who had gained Howell School scholarships, and declared that great credit was due to Miss Pyke, who taught them, and had given them great attention.- Di- W. Lloyd Edwards also referred to the sue cesses, and declared that Miss Jeremiah, a Cadoxton girl, had also gained a high posi- tion, while in the County School scholarship examinations Romilly-road Girls' School had done brilliantly, having taken six, while Cadoxton and Holton also had one each.- It was agreed to give the sckools-Holtomt, Cadoxton, and Romillv.road-a half-holiday in honour of the successful students. ACCOMMODATION. The Board of Education wrote enclosing a complaint made bv Mr W. J. Jones that one of his children had been refused admission to Holton Schools, and asking for the obser- vations of the Board on the complaint. The Clerk had drafted a reply, which was read, stating that great deal of friction and trouble had arisen in consequence of the pat ents sending their children to this school instead of Hannah-street, and pointed out that although the accommodation in Holton- i road was for 629 scholars, the register showed 718 scholars, with an average at- tendance of 645. As the Board had severely reprimanded them for over-crowding last year, there were a large number of vacant places at Hannah-street and Cadoxton, where this Board required parents to send their children. The reply was approved. KF.MGXATIONS AD APPOJXTMENTS. The if-i^nations included Miss Jennie Williams, of Holton Infants' School, who] has, as we have already reported, been ap pointed as headmistress of a Bedford sehool. Miss Llewellyn, the headmistress, recom- mended the appointment of Miss Beatrice Janv-s fit the vacancy, and that nominee was .elected. Miss Eliza Morgan also wrote for a testimonial, which was granted. Other resignations were Miss Pinch, Romilly. road, going to coiiege Mrs John, married Miss Hetty William-, college Miss Verona: James, returning to Newport; Miss Kate Williams, college; Miss Agnes Green. Mr Evan Jor»t»?5, refiuning to Merthyr Mr W. J. David. college; and Mr Lewis Thomas, returning to Newport. Mr D. Arthur Evans, Treharris Mr Evan Rees, Cenarth and Miss Wilkinson were given appoint- ments to vacancies. COAL. The Chairman suggested that they adver- tise for their winter's supply of soal.-Mi- D. Lloyd: And get the tenders opened by the Board, not by the clerk.-Dr W. Lloyd Edwards All tenders have been opened at the meetings.- Mr John Rees Of course, it has always been done.—The Chairman If there has been any case where they have not, you should mention it, Mr Lloyd.—Mr John Rees It is a mean action to bring the thing up in this way.The Clerk I protest against it, isir.-The Chairman: The same rule has always been in force if it is not observed, members ought to draw attention to it at the time.—Dr W. Lleyd Edwards I think so, too. —Mr John Rees Of course. TECHNICAL AND EVENING SCHOOLS. The Chairman said that a letter bad been received from the County Council in re- ference to the above, but before it was read he wished to state that there seemed to be a general impression abroad that the Board had closed all the evening schools. The publio at large do not seem to realise that they had sought power from the County Council to teach 20 subjects, and that power had been given them; so it was really only their evening schoel work that they were stopping, and that work, as defined in the minute of evening schools, was divided into nine groups, eight of which came properly within powers of the Technical Instruction Committee of the county. If asked, he had no doubt the committee would grant them power to teach the eight. The letter stated that no grant would be given for teaching subjects other than authorised under the Technical Instruction Act, but the county committee learnt with regret of the decision of the Board to discontinue evening schools, and asked them to re-consider the matter. The Chairman What they mean is that the Evening Schools Committee should act for them as their sub-committee.—Dr W. Lloyd Edwards I would like to address you one or two words on this matter. I have been aroumd the town a great deal during the last c C5 few days. I find that people are quite aware that we are having our technical instruction classes as before, but they also learn with regret that we intend discontinuing evening continuation work. It is most impor- tant The Chairman I think you are out of order, and are travelling over ground which was gone over at the last meeting. You must address yourself to the nature of the reply to be sent to the letter from the county council.—Dr Lloyd Edwards I am using an argument about replying. This member again proceeded to refer to what members considered about the case, when the Chairman again called him to order, and asked him to confine himself to the answer.—Dr Edwards Then I move a resolution that we send a letter to the County Council stating that we intend calling a special meeting to re-consider the matter of re-starting our evening schools.- The Chairman I was going to point out that the whole of the evening school work will be taught by the County Council through their committee, amd the better course would be to say that the Evening Schools Committee, which has hitherto acted as a sub-committee of the County Council, are willing to take up all the subjects which the Board ef Education sanction for evening schools for and at the expense of the County Council.—Dr W. Lloyd Edwards May I reply to that, sir ?—The Chairman I suggest that it should be our answer.—Dr W. Lloyd Edwards: Then I desire to reply to that.- The Chairman Of course, you can traverse that ground.—Dr Edwards It would be perfectly hopeless -ecting the County Council to do what you thought they may do. The grants for which they can pay are under the Technical Instruction Act.—The Chairman: All the subjects are. Dr Edwards Even admitting that they can, is it likely that they will do it for Barry when other Boards in Glamorgan are going to pay their own way Besides, it is perfectly impossible for them to carry it on with a halfpenny rate. If you call a special meeting to re-consider the matter you will be acting in accordance with the wishes of the people in the district. I beg to move that we re- consider it.—The Rev W. Williams secon- ded, in order to have the matter more fully placed before them.The Chairman We called a special meeting and devoted a whole evening to the discussion of this question, and that is only a week ago.—Dr Edwards The least thing, when the County Council asks us, is to re-consider it.—Mr D. Lloyd I think that I came to a wrong decision at the last meeting on the matter, and I should like to have the matter re-considered.—Dr Edwards Hear, hear.—Mr John Rees I regret that I was unable to attend that special meeting of the Board.-It was eventually agreed ntttt con to hold a special meeting that day week. PUPIL TEACHERS. The Chairman was, on the recommenda- tion of the School Management Committee, authorised to affix the seal of the Board to the pupil teachers' memoranda of agreement in respect of the following :—Evelyn Wilcox, Hilda Morgan, Eva Price, Gwladys Davies, Mary Lewis, Eleanor Morris, Florence Williams, Margaret Roberts, Gwendoline James, Ada Jones, Edith Candlish, Evan Jones, Harry Haines, and Willie Warren.



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