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WILLS AND BEQUESTS. Mr. Charles Grant Blairfindie Allen, of The Croft, Hindhead, and formerly of The Nook, Dorking, who died on October 25, aged 51 years, bequeathed the copyright of all his literary works issued in the name of Grant Allen, also the Consols and other securi- ties standing in the name of Grant Allen and the residue of his property, to his wife, Mrs. EHen Allen. His estate has been valued at £6155 3b. 3d. gross, including JE3500 19s. in net personalty. Mr. Phineas Cowan, of Linden-gardens, Hyde- park, and Mincing-lane, formerly an Alderman and a Sheriff oflhe City of London, who died at Buxton on October 22, aged 67, left property of the value of £43,895 17a. 8d. He appointed his son Lewis Phineas Cowan to succeed to his share in the part- nership business of J. and P. Cowan and L. Cowan and Sons, soapmakers and sugar refiners, of Ham- mersmith and Mincing-lane, and he gave to him so much of his capital therein as would amount to one- sixth of his net residuary estate, but the son must pay to his mother during her life interest at four per cent. on the said sum. and an annuity of jEaO to his son John Campbell Cowan, Mr. Cowan bequeathed to his wife JE500, the money and notes in the house, the cash at his private current account, and his lease- hold house with the furniture and domestic effects therein, and to his brother John £500. The residue of his, property he left on trust for his wife for life, and then to his children Lewis Phineas, David, Harry Douglas, Nina, Lily, and Evelyn, in equal shares, his son Lewis Phineas bringing into account the aforesaid share of capital. Mr. William Mortimer Maynard Farmer, of May- nardviile, Wynberg, Cape Colony, who died at 18, Bina-gardens, on September 30, aged 62 years, left an estate which hns been valued at 4d. gross, including net personalty of the value of £200,5 18s. 4d. By his will, which bears date March 21, 1898, he bequeathed to his grandsons Gerald and Brian Bernard £500 each, to his sons- in-law John Bernard and Sir Leslie each, to his daughters Enid Mortimer Bernard and Dame Elaine Maynard Falkiner £4000 each, to William George Anderson, named as an executor of the his indoor servants, £150, to his outdoor servants £100, and to Mrs. Farmer, the use and enjoyment of his house Maynardville. The tes- tator left his residuary estate in trust for his two daughters, but subject to the payment of one-half of the income to his widow. Mr. Joseph Stammers Garrett, of Blacklands Hall, Cavendish, Suffolk, who died on August 27, be- queathed £1:?OO each to his children, Lucy Eliza, Alice, Mrs. Ellen Charlton, Joseph, Isabella Helena, Blanch Edward, Mrs. Elizabeth Samuel, John, William Henry, and Alfred Ernest; his premises, called the Lecture Hall, the organ in the Cavendish Congregational Chapel, and JE1200 to bis daughter, Henrietta; £õO each to the Rev. — Pattendon and the Rev. Samuel Herben; and a few smalI legacies. His residuary estate is to be divided between his children. The value of the estate has been sworn at £27,506 7e. 7d. Mr. Richard Musgrave Harvey, of Portland-place and Mincing-lane, deputy chairman of the Public Works Loan Board, a Commissioner Income-tax, and a director of several companies, who died on November 10; appointed as executors of his will, dated March 21, 1893, with a codicil of November 22, 1894, his wife and his brother. He gave to his brother, the Rev. Charles Musgrave Harvey, to his sister, Mrs. Caroline Louisa Trotter, £ 1000« to bis nephew,. Ernest Musgrave Harvey, £250; to the Establishment for Invalid Ladies, 90, Harley- street, £.100; to each of his children to his wife the residue of his property. The estate has, been rallied at £42,829 16s. 4d., including net per- sonalty of Mr. Frank Hudson, of Godden-green, near Seven- oaks, a member of the firm of Hudson Brothers (Limited), Ludgate hill, London, who died on October 26, left property of the value of 5ø..lOd.. including net personalty of 15s. 6d. He gave to his brother Anthony Hudson .200, to John James Griffiths £250, and to his, wife, Mrs. Mary Walton Hudson, £1000 and his household furniture and effects, carriages and horses, and during her widowhood the use and enjoyment of bis. freehold property at Godden Green and an annuity of £4000. Should she again marry, £1000 per annum is to be paid to her for the remainder of her life. Subject thereto his property is to be held as to one-sixth on sundry trusts for his son Harold Hudson, and one-sixth each for his children Gilbert Hudson, Sydney Hudson, Leonard Lovell Hudson, Ernest John Hudson, and Mrs. Julia Speyer. The testator made no further pro- vision for his son Frank, who is a shareholder and director of Hudson Brothers (Limited). Ernest George Henry Arthur, sixth Earl of Lis- burne, of Crosswood, Cardiganshire, who died on September 4, left property of the value of £21,800 ,48. 7d., including net personalty of £10.3,17 10.. 8d. By his will dated September 2,1899, be save to his wife, Evelyn Countess of Lwburne, daughter of Mr. Edmund tVobyn, of Huntley Manor, Gloucester- shire, to his nephew Charles Henry Hall Monro, £100 and a pair of pas; to bis estate agent Robert Gardner, £200 to Frederick, Bichard Roberts, £100; and for distribution among his employes, £100 His furniture, pictures, plate, &c., are to devolve as heirlooms, and the residue of his personal estate is to be held on trust for his son Ernest Edmund Henry, now seventh Earl of Lis- borne, until he attains nis majority. The executors are Mr. Wflmot Ingli*<rJonM, of Derry Ormond, Cardigan, and lb. Frederick Bohcprts, solicitor, Aberystwyth. Colonel Lewie de Teiisier Provost, of £ lfords,. Hawkhurst, who died on October 26 last, aged 55 Srs, left estate which has been valued at £ 44,257 9d. gross, including £ 31,824 15*. in net person- alty. The testator bequeathed £500 to the vicar and Churchwardens of St. La whence, Hawkhurst, for the purpose of providing a new organ for the church. He bequeathed to Charles Easott £20, and to each of his servants of ave yeNM* service JE5, and he devised hie freehold estate at ElfOrds and all other his real estate to his wife absolutely, and he left his residuary estate in trust to pay the income thereof to Mrs. Pro- vost during her life and, subject to her life-interest, fOr his two children. Mrs. Sarah Ann Weldon, of Morden Hill, Lewisham, widow of )(1'. Charkft Weldon, of Cheap- side, Warehouseman, who died on July 18, gave to the London City Mission to the Church Mis- sionary Society te the Be8t, Bat- oliffe-hichway, £200; to the Mildmay Mission to the to the assistant clergy fund of Holy Trinity, Greenwich, .SMO; to her eon Edward JE4500 and her freehold premises, Brooklands, Reigate, and I. Selborne-road, Brighton; to her son Walter £4500 and her freehold messuage, Gutter-lane; and legacieS and annuities to herdaush., friends, and servants, Her residuary estate is to be held on trust for her daughters, Mrs. Ellen Waacb, Mn. Mary Toomer, Mrs. Lilian Goold-Adams, Ada EliMbetb and Ether Gay, and the children of her daugher, Mrs. Gather rine Myles. The estate has been valued at £ 105,112 I* 10d..

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