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DISTRICT NEWS. CADOXTON. IITHEXDIUAXT BBCCBSS in Gardening Opera- tions fellow the sowiug ef "OWEN'S GAKDKV ■ SBIDS," which grow vigerovioly and prodaee abandaat creps. Five Prizes, 60s, 30s, 20s, 15s, and 10s, open to all Wales, England, and Ireland, liTea for the best five speciratxs of Onions ¡ro'YoB from Seeds obtained from H.- J. OWKM, Chemist, Cadoxton. THEATRC ROTAL.-At this season of the year all places of amusement expect a continual "slump" in crowdrid houses, and const-queutly the managers do their utmost to place before their public that class of entertainment which experience has shown them to be most appreciated by thtir patrons. A good drama is always appreciated, and will be, so long as good nature and sympathy remain with us and the ehoice of the piece which is called the Life we live," as the bill ..f far for the working population ef Barry this week is a good one. The play represents a period when the working man was not so powerful as his descendant of to-day, and when, it. must be confessed, he had less sense. THe scene is principally among the mills in Man- chester, and the millers are chiefly the actors. There are some stirring representations which the acting makes real, though that is not so well assisted by the setting and shifting as it ought to be. There is one character in the piece which is thoroughly representative of a very common hum- bug ef to-day, namely, Jonas Redwood, who talks of the nobility of work and scurilists everything and everybody else. But his danger does not lie there. lie inaitea men to break laws, to do things by brute force, which will be always effectual in an anarchie country. Dick Redwood (Mr Charles A. Millwarol) makes an admirable hero, and has an exeiting time before the final scene. He is the soldier lover ef May Grove, an heiress (Miss Helen MeCulloeli), who goes through a gteac deal to prove that love can never die-and she does it. Phil Burchill (Mr F. W. Freeman) is nephew to the millowner and a bad man, who, unlike his uncle, is irrealtimabla. T rry UrDowd (Mr Phil Barraud), Polly Welder (Miss Nina Engel), and Nicodemus Noodle (Mr Harry Fenton) supply the cemic element. There is & very streng caste, and the opportunity should not be misat-d of witnessing so fine a reflex of the life we live.—-Next week ULas Adrift Hill and Mr Robert Ayrton's powerful Loudon Company, will appear at the Royal speci- ally with their formost drama, Saved from the Sea." The company eomes direct from the Princess Theatre, London, and should prove an immense attraction'. BARRY DOCK. MBTHODIST Faza Caultea, BOTTRILLS-ROAD.— Services next Sunday, n a.n:. and 6.30 p.m. Preachers, Rev J. J. Davies (morning), Mr W. G. He well (sveniag). ON FRIDAY EVSNIG LAST the Town's Fund Committee of the District Council met and decided to grant 12s a week to two new cases. UNIFORMS FOR PUBLIC SERVANTS.—At a special meeting of the Health Committee of the Barry Distriot Council, held an Friday morning, the tender of B. ani aud Co., Burton-on-Trent, was accepted for the uniformil for the Council's officials. The amount was 9141. Councillors Paterson and Mergau were the members present. The tender of Bailey and Co., Lendon, was also accepted for the fire escape. VOLUNTARY HOSPIT.&L.-Threo fresh patients have been admitted and three sent out oonvalescent since our last issue, leaving 14 in. One hundred and sixty-six poor sufferers have been treated in this hospital this year. More mon> y is much needed to pay the Christmas bills. Will all who oan eend a mite J If every one in tke distriot would deprive themselves one luxury for one day in order tr. send a trifle to help, the treasury would soon be full. BARRY. CONGREGATIONAL CHCRCH.—The services of this churoh are now being held each Sunday at 11 a.m. and «.30 p.m. at the Romilly Hall, Barry. The pulpit next Sunday will be occupied, both morning and evening, by the paster, Rev C. H. Shave. GARDSNKRS AND ALLOTMSNT-HOLDSXS are re- commended to apply for my new Seed Catalogue fer lSlg. Speciality in Seeds always fresh. Cata- logues free—W. R. HOPKINS, Pharmaceutical Chemist, II, High-streak, Barry. LLANCARFAN. TRBAT AND ENTSRTAINMENT.— The Sunday School iu connection with the Llancarfan Baptist Church received their anaual treat, consisting of tea, akil, &c., on Chriitmas Day, when a large number of scholars and friends assembled in orde- to partake of the good things which had been so liberally provided. The following lidies were most assiduous in their attendance on the little ones Mrs Edwards, Mrs Mazey, Mrs Hopkins, Mrs Ed Griffiths, Mrs Watts, Mrs John, Abernant; Mrs W. Price, Mrs Davies, St Mary Church road Mrs Howells, Llancadle Miss J. Price Griffiths, and Miss Edith Cooke. The treat being over, an entertainment was given by the Sunday Schaol, which consisted of choruses, duetts, songs, and recitations, all of which were goae through ver) creditably. The prize for an impromptu speech (subject, The Present War ") was won by Mr D. G. John, Llancarfan and Mr J. Ll. Davies took the prize for an unpunctuated piece of reading. The Rev T. P. Lloyd, the genial and respected pastor of the church, ably presided, and also acteri as adjudicator in the competitive item". The choir was under the baton ef Mr Rees Thomas and Miss J. P. Griffiths and Miss E. L. Davies acted as aoeompanists.